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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2020 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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companies want us to feel good about products while the damage is being done far away this isn't just going to look. on just. so when a. return of the restrictions countries in europe begin to limit liberties as surging kogut infections make an unwelcome reappearance. also this hour making a stand german region spring to the defense of the north stream 2 gas pipeline project for russia despite calls to scrap it amid the fallout from the ball nick case will strike a defiant tone. i don't find it very nice that they're trying to tell us what to do it's really shameless the way the united states is trying to make great german longest and european interests so their interests come out on top.
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and donald trump lashes out at what he called the left wing propaganda being taught in schools claiming it's fanning the flames of hate being seen on the streets debate the issue. all idea of critical race theory the only thing that it does is it gives people of color an excuse to try to not try hard this idea of colorblind list in the here in races. you're watching are to international bringing your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. british prime minister boris johnson claims a 2nd cold wave is now inevitable in the u.k. which could mean another national lockdown is on its way. i.
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hate protests today in central london against any new lockdown measures has resulted in clashes with police the demonstration took place despite a ban on a large social gatherings and activists form human barriers to provide police for making arrests meanwhile elsewhere in europe countries are seeing record infection rates spain is currently the worst affected its reimposing a partial lockdown in madrid from monday that announcement was greeted with fury on friday with hundreds demanding the resignation of the regional chief r.t. is ally looks at how european countries are trying to cope. for health organizations latest coronavirus claims make for grim reading it reports that weekly cases across europe now higher than during the pandemic speak this is them the case numbers however should serve as a make up call for all of us. old told these numbers reflect more comprehensive
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testing it also shows a lot of ingrates of the information across the region fear of him center for disease prevention and control agrees that while more testing played a part in these high figures it's not the only reason why the increased testing contributes to better awareness of all ongoing transmission it is not the only reason for the increase of $1000.00 cases which is also linked to the relaxation of physical distancing and other preventive measures while you know all the prospects of reintroducing tough new measures here in the u.k. localised searches have been put in place in different regions of the country meaning more than 10000000 brits are now effectively in a new form of lock down the north east of england is the latest restriction we. residents should not socialise with other people outside their own households all support double. hospitality food and. would be restricted to table service only and late night restrictions of operating hours will be introduced so leisure and
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entertainment venues must close between 10 pm and 5 am how we can tell our system is a joke the whites were keen to get tested everything the government spy could do inside much but they do mean that you know everyone just starting right now because of the crisis but there should be more support. but in the communities because a lot of people really are struggling i love the time able to come out of their houses to get test prep might be swayed into government you need to be well organized and you need to provide more testing centers with abductees the going to the movies the going out incident popping up on the wall the u.k. government has spent the last couple of months focusing on more localized measures reports of consistently been lurking but a nationwide lot could be reinforced once more britain's health secretary hadn't done anything to back away those rumors the last line of defense is full national action and i don't want to see that but we will do whatever is necessary to keep people safe in a very difficult pandemic across the channel france has broken its own record for
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cases in one day with over 10 and a half 1000 rights up in a single 24 hour period and the country's prime minister has been criticised in some courses for suggesting that everyone would just have to learn to live with the virus he's also now being sued by covert survivors and relatives of the victims for the way the government handled the crisis which is striking since his arrival is that there is no strategy whatsoever in fighting the pandemic this country is being managed not governed. meanwhile in spain another european country devastated in the 1st wave lockdowns are on the way back in madrid while health organization the said the different nations can have different approaches depending on their own unique circumstances but one thing must remain consistent and that's the quarantine period last in 14 days knowing the immense indeed. and societal impact even a slight reduction in the link of current time can have and giving the figures i
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have just mentioned the concept of current time must be protected initially adopted clarified and vocal many gaited we doat any ambiguity to the people a month ago the prospect of 2nd lockdown seemed only a remote possibility but today it's looking like a question of when and not if countries bring them back shattering already suffering businesses and inflicting more social and economic pain on people already worn down by restrictions on the lives. of 2 london. calls have been mounting for germany to ditch the north stream to gas pipeline project with russia in response to the reported nerve agent poisoning of alec's in avani berlin says it has evidence they promised kremlin critic was targeted with never choke moscow rejects all claims of involvement and says it can't investigate without being given access to berlin's test results meanwhile the heads of key german regions have come to the defense of the major energy project the bad one is
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economically necessary force but it's also necessary that we stay together with the russian it's a project that plays a decisive role in the framework of altered energy and climate policy and therefore we've come to the conclusion that we want to carry on with it and to those that advocate closer ties with russia. i say that the poisoning of alexei navalny with an advanced chemical agent is not a one off. now it's time to will pump russian gas to germany and then on to other european countries via the baltic sea when completed it will stretch 1200 kilometers 90 percent has already been built it finish it will double the amount of gas falling from russia to germany construction on it began in 28 but has been halted in a number of times with the us and some eastern european countries lodging objections washington slap sanctions on the project last year claiming it risks european energy security the german port town of sassiness has found itself at the center of
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the storm that's been threatened with crippling sanctions by american senators who has been playing a key role in supporting the pipe length involved in nordstrom to the construction but the town's mayor and locals remain defiant. she told them there a concern also getting gas from russia and i don't find it very nice that they're trying to tell us what to do here the project for the town it is a big thing it created a lot of jobs for locals and the town became a little more significant thanks to it and i want to see very clearly it's really seamless the way the united states is trying to many plea german long us and european interests so the insists come out on top. member martin those are believe scrapping the project would prove hugely detrimental to eastern germany. it is a big problem and i think. it was
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a lot from the line of the german government will be. played with the existence of people who are in east germany because anybody that tries are strong russia and these are friendly and very productive and i think the central should listen listen more to that. i think is the wrong way and especially for the people in east germany all those regions that will be more bitter effect than the west germany. 2 people have been killed and more than a dozen wounded and a mash eating during a party in the city of rochester in new york state a local reporter shared this account very very very heavy scene here and something like i've never seen before in the browser stor devastating just a little while ago when i 1st arrived on scene you can see that i heard and seen
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that the family was in and even a mother seeing my child would is gone quote unquote i took care of him all his life and just a very sad scene here in rochester new york. the shooting happened during a backyard party in the early hours of saturday morning the 14 people injured are said to be in a stable condition local police chief said the suspect or possibly suspects are still on the loose and no motives are known he also said incidents on this scale have never happened in the city before. this is truly a tragedy of epic proportions if you ask me i mean 16 victims is on the verge of going to work for we hear most of the night the neighbors should know that the neighborhood is safe there will be a large. lot of repetition has said washington's to blame for the fact russia's had to develop advance hypersonic weaponry the president's comments come a day after his american counterpart accused moscow of stealing such technology
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directly from the us parties are among coaster explains. washington abandoned the and to missile defense treaty with a moscow 18 years ago and that's what prompted the development of russia's and us hypersonic missile system according to vladimir putin let's have a listen so you're listening to the u.s. withdrawal from the antiballistic missile treaty in 2000 to make russia start its development of a hypersonic weapon we had to create this weapon to respond to the u.s. move to deploy strategic anti missile systems which could neutralize a no fly on nuclear capability the a.b.m. treaty was signed by the soviet union and the united states back in 1702 and back then it was designed in order for the 2 superpowers to have new clear parent c but in 2002 washington abandoned it now on friday donald trump boasted about a new weapons that had been developed by the united states saying there are no like it in the world and they he also accused russia of sealy us technologies
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during the barack obama administration let's have a listen you know they have the missile the super duper hydrocyanic i call it the super duper goes 5 times faster than a normal missile or a we have one goes much faster than that but russia got that information from the obama administration russia so that information you know that you know that russia got the information and they built it but we have no one that is much fish much faster than that that's like a slow missile that's like considered a slogan as our russian president said that the development of the country's most advanced a weapon system began long before barack obama's administration have let me putin said that on saturday while speaking with a developer of the oven guard that hypersonic missile system he said that for the 1st time in history russia possesses the most advanced weapons and there are no like them in the world just. now for the 1st time in
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a bold in history russia possesses the most advanced weaponry which is many times stronger more powerful fine. auster and more precise than all models that have ever existed no one in the world has this kind of weapon at least for now. so once again the us abandoned the a.b.m. treaty back in 2000 suit last year the i.n.f. treaty was also abandoned by washington the i.m.f. was of course intermediate range nuclear forces now this time the americans accused a russia off not following that i.n.f. treaty and the kremlin denied all those allegations and accused the us of trying to dismantle security pact in order to gain dominance now the only weapons agreement that's alive between the 2 countries at the moment is the new start treaty which has only 6 months left on it and russia said that it's willing to extend the new start treaty automatically without any preconditions for 5 years however the e.u.
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has put forth conditions that china must now also join and this for the soul of this will become a new trial after all arms control deal. still had on the program donald trump has academics and his science accusing them of radicalizing a left wing protesters details on that story and more after that's. democracy is driven domestically known internationally overseen efforts by international can eyes ations and governments to promote democracy in countries like iraq afghanistan see how difficult it is also with the it has to be reduced to mystically because always international actors need to be in the country $24.00
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seventh's to make a sustainable so any country in the world that's just the standard democracy is brute domestic sometimes of its national health mystically. the world is driven by shaped by one person. a day or thinks. we dare to ask.
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welcome back. claims the recent anarchy seen on the streets of the us is because students are being indoctrinated and hard left ideas critical race theory. the 161000 project and the crusade against american history as toxic propaganda the left wing writing in may of the direct result of decades of leftwing indoctrination in our schools. the subjects mentioned by trump are rooted in socialist thinking they examine societies through the lens of race law and power supporters say it's about righting the wrongs of the past we put the issue up for debate to see if that's really the case. we do want people to be judged by the content of their character but this idea of colorblind list is inherently racist and i'm a black man and that is what people are going to see in this society 1st and foremost so i don't want to be judged just because i am black this whole idea of critical race theory the only thing that it does is it gives people of color an excuse to
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try to not try hard and we have things like affirmative action and they talk about white privilege when there's 15000000 white people living in america right now below the poverty line that's almost double the 8000000 black people that are living below the poverty line so you go talk to the old white people about their white privilege and treat this country was stolen from indigenous people through brutal land theft and genocide from the lands of white supremacy and it was built off of the backs of stolen people from africa including forced rape and to come to tea of african women to create more property for a white man nothing that happened you know what anthony is referring to that happened hundreds of years ago is not applicable today we have a constitution that applies to a couple eyes to every man woman and child today it regardless of sex race creed religion jaffery body is protected with the same rights under the constitution in fact people of color get special deference because of programs like affirmative
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action listen you're going to pass and and i'm a hispanic american and i don't have these issues and i don't believe that i'm being that i need to fight for liberation and i'm a free man can you tell me which amendment gives black granite indigenous people special treatment in the constitution if you're going to reference this document back it up with facts otherwise there's been a lot of things even trump has done it trump putting but i'm not for hannity zones so predominately black and hispanic neighborhoods get special tax breaks to the middle of the country doesn't get you know 2 we don't you don't know what's going on and you're misrepresenting history and you're you're living in the past you're literally living in the past anthony. i have no problem with people who are actually trained and skilled in racism to train people in being anti racist because we know there is no such thing as not reason you're either races or you're into races people will say that all lives matter are racist and try to pull one group above the other that the definite the definition the appeared to me of what racism
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actually years. the clock's ticking on the hugely popular social media networks tech talk and we chat they're being pulled from us abstainers from sunday night on washington's orders the dramatic news prompted beijing to lash out china urges the u.s. to abandon bullying cease its run for actions and earnestly maintain fair and transparent international rules and order if the us insists on going its own way china will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of chinese companies. take talk has filed a complaint to block the trump administration from enforcing the ban the video sharing out has slammed the executive order as unjust and politically motivated under the ban no new users will be able to install the app but those who already have it will keep access until mid november the latest spat comes as tech stocks owner bike dance continues talks with tech giant oracle to sell it to us operations
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on mars also enter the negotiations with a view to acquire a significant stake it all hinges on whether the chinese government will allow tech not to sell its core algorithm to the american side president tom has said he expects a resolution soon. you could very quickly we have great company store can do is if you know about oracle you know microsoft has been in a row of the a c. whether or not they're continuing to be can go to wal-mart is truly a great company they're very much and they want to do something so we have some great options and if we can keep a lot of people happy but have the security that we need we have to have the total security from germany there is no telling what's wrong with you in the. deal entirely in americans favor to the extent of it. coal 'd technology which of course the beijing doesn't want to sell to the united states at the end of the day
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election the visitors from the oceans coming up and there are millions and millions of people uses that it will be done. be very very upset because use the ball and also is the take off all social. thing but. the problem is talking about bailing out as well the chair is not a social media it is a means of all communication and also means of payment a lot of these small medium size the buses even big companies want to do business with china. so again a week at. t.v. it was the bubble that a lot but also or 'd 'd a lot of american business that. thousands of people have taken to the streets of bangkok demanding the resignation of the prime minister and reform of the monarchy
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protests have been building science mid july the biggest today it drew more than 10000 people it was last month but organizers are hoping for even more this time the calls for royal reform are particularly sensitive as criticism of the time monarchy can result in jail time professor of politics at the university of bath pack nothing wrong so the protesters will need to tread carefully. we have to pay particular attention to $1.00 very special subtle differences from previous protests and a day back in 2014 when the previous. democratic elected government was to the films this time to put a start demanding the right up front and change to the market system because of the nature of the moment he left but a new thing he is quite different from the previous came and then because he obviously has already sent arise a lot of policy in his own home and i would say the protesters should also be
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fairly mindful and careful at dealing with this new king because he's new and the way they offer he's doing things for him time enough and so the protestant need to test the waters and see what is the skin is way off doing things that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook for up to the minute reports.
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a new gold rush is underway in ghana thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich here is the book. that your. children are torn between gold. from me was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. to that the believe that you sneer those who really can show you. just be
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suitably. proud that i suppose you noticed us they have something. you know none of us stupina bill episodes didn't go to see you through the. during your force where you could be near my stuff mister if not thoughts about spirits i pity you it was more experienced than me and no. clue. for you to. sort of move to. the story q they were but what is. joining me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i'm done with a post some of this. oh it's bullshit. last time we chased. each one of them carrying 20 kilos 'd of drugs. to fence down. that they just stepped right for. it's free we have maintained all my little man david.
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i don't know maybe. i will bring. now more. i am. this is the kaiser report you know the economy is a man made structure. engineers financial engineers economic engineers thinkers. colossal 1st though mayfield over time what happens when the foundation
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of operates what happens when this structure collapses what happens when the simulation goes away let's find out from stacy herbert well max you know there was some art a few years ago when we used to be able to meet in person at that little art festival i think it was in miami we had some banana on the wall well you might say our balance sheet is looking like that banana meat republic budget deficit hits record 3 trillion dollars as us spends 100 percent more than it earns unfortunately due to helicopter money it is not unlikely that the exploding deficit will ever shrink again until the monetary system is overhauled so year to date and that we have only one month left in fiscal 2020 the us a spent $6.00 trillion and collected just 3.04 trillion which means that it's
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outlays are 100 percent more than its receipts many are asking why don't we do we even collect this 3 charlie and taxes why don't we just like print money for everybody right it brings up a lot of questions you know one thing is that the deficit is to new jersey and it's more than one percent of g.d.p. and that's true for countries around the world and some play 20300 percent g.d.p. but what's creeping up now is the interest on that deficit even at these low low interest rates near 0 percent interest rates that interest cost on the deficit is getting close to america's outlay for the military which is their biggest expense so usually what happens when in fact the interest on the debt gets to a point where that also equals your g.d.p. as a country you are technically in default and you are officially no longer a country what is left is a memory of a country you know where at that point in the game you know a monopoly if you play monopoly there's always a point a game where you realize oh somebody has a strategic amount of property on the board and they're going to win in what they. thing left for us to do is to kind of march toward the inevitable of losing and
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this is the problem now with this economy in the us the game of the us is now over because there is no path out there is no escape from the toxic debt there is no recovery at this point there's only how to manage the loss it's going to be economic collapse with honor if richard nixon were in charge and this were to be the ms ation of the economy how do we honorably fail of course on this debt the deficit gets added to the national debt every year like in i remember when it 1st hit a trillion dollars and we were like wow and then it hit 10 trillion dollars somewhere and then now it's like $2530.00 china is just like escalating so rapidly and who knows like the whole time when i 1st had a trillion people were shocked and scared and then when it hit 10.


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