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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 1, 2020 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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i'll take it and now it's time to introduce my besso mr donald trump thank you says very much as the. name whatever you want to name i mean i don't know how when i come that news that's dishonest telecom that a recorder or a network that's totally dishonest c.n.n. is you know 100 percent negative i clearly there's a change face changes so sometimes i say wow that's going to be a great story be a pretty good report and others good as you. will see what happens who knows who is a who knows what we'll see on the field it will be success. let's talk about tea and crumpets and scholars and london bridge and the.
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greetings and salyut ation. who controls the past controls the future who controls the present controls the past about wise and politically astute observation by the great prognosticator of us politics in the 20 percent true the one and only george orwell as been ringing in american ears up to the present the united states of america the brand name and cheap himself one and only donald trump stood in the hollowed echoing halls of the national archives museum and declared the following. we must clear away the twisted web of lies in our school classroom. and teach our children the magnificent truths about our country. we want our sons and daughters to know that. this is this is the most exceptional nation. in
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the history of the world. the most exceptional nation in the history of the world he says greeks mayans chinese incan romans de gyptian all child's play compared to the dynamism the last 250 years the united states of america but according to donald trump and many others that exceptionalism. is under attack and black lives matter and are destroying our streets and our statues because the true patriotic history of the united states is no longer being taught in schools oh my goodness what will we do that is the reason that all hell is broken loose in 2020 yes instead of patriotism and being taught in our schools about it has been replaced by cancel culture critical race theory and the new york times 1619 project and the dreaded teachers of howard zinn and his dreaded people's history of the united states but fear not because the great leader has a solution
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a pull proof answer to the great empty void of patriotism currently in us schools. the only path to national. identity as americans that is why it is so urgent that we finally. patriotic education to our school. under our leadership the national endowment for the a manatees is awarded a grant to support the development of a pro american curriculum yaz center the 1776 commission a presidential commission to promote a patriotic education brought to you by. tick tock. yes tick-tock i mean seriously after giving his blessings to the purchase of tik tok by oracle the intelligence or reports the president trumped demanded that the companies involved in the venture must pay the u.s.
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government 5000000000 dollars to fund his new as they say or at the authoritarian light national commission to support patriotic education. as orwell's the most effective way to destroy people is to deny in the blue to rate their own understanding of their history. and that my friends is why we must always study the past and continue watching the hawks. if you want to know what's going on a city street you want to see. them so you like to see the rises you always just stay i'll see you always throw strikes mass graves suggests least systemic deception is to late show which. so brings up the joke as. well that we're going to watching the hawks i am tyrrel the entire time and it's across and joining us today to discuss the $776.00 commission president trump
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president drums calls for pro america pro patriotism curriculum in public schools as author and professor of media studies at georgetown university the one and only chris chambers chris thank you for coming on today. thank you so chris 1st as a as a university professor a teacher but also a father whose own child graduated from high school just a few years ago do you find a staggering lack of patriotism an anti-american sentiment in our education system today was it in your son's history school books or. well i mean to read well what's being taught now is 1776 might. a lot of rote memorize the nixon and it's not without also the. dates and names a lot of old kind of troops that even you know the most i would say. who serve a bit of history departments in the biggest universities don't even follow anymore
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this is from the college level. to try to marry it's not in there you know so i mean we're. already and it's not helping a lot of kids who are going to college and are not getting indoctrinated. why while the. professors there get any. older white male professors who were giving them what they should have been getting through the 1st place with this sats and you know studied you know. borne out. studies of what different people's different trends awards. economic policies lack of economic policies so i don't you know this is just the. culture war red meat reaction and also
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a way of draining money from sort of to the. i think that you're absolutely correct in that i know that when i was in college i learned that rosa parks didn't you know not give up her seat because she was tired and you know herm k. 12 that's there by you told me and i was surely shocked and upset but i have a question for you in james loans famous critique of u.s. public school history books lives my teacher told me he could teach the 12 most used american history textbooks famously wrote that they are an embarrassing blend of bland optimism blind nationalism and plain misinformation weighing in an average of 888 pages and almost 5 pounds professor chambers what do you feel are the biggest problems with how u.s. history is taught today. will again there or you know our model or with whom. wonderful.
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goal would also hold people back in a way because sometimes we try to jam tomorrow. to make everybody happy rather than trying to the universe go. truth universal that's when they stood universal because the 1st. you know that. if we try to find out if we don't even that with we dig that stuff up with no pain but with it it will be inclusive the interview thought is if factual is a reality notion of what this country is about and how it started and where it's going we can't just sit back and say oh we're going to try to satisfy everybody here. that's the wrong way to do it the right way to do it if the dig up everything no matter how ugly piece it together put it together so people can look at it and then you will see everybody's story whole right now we're not you know we were
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either trying to have one on one voice or talent points to before we even dig into the details that's a great point to bring up and i have to ask you know why is being honest about our nation's past and present sins just as important as honoring the nation's accomplishments and that's when we need to have both the good the bad why is that. well i mean it would have been better any of you know different parties have a different narrative different political leaders have a different narrative you know best what's going on here this has nothing to do hood you know the 16 maintaining. or time project really didn't start out of the curriculum or never really went with all of that way until people started. you know this is 13 especially african-american should look at but it's really about slavery and. the wind and oh the family are with what would be an even better united
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colonies dear with their i don't understand why the fact that you don't come to her still on it you know that's a fact that. it you know it's it's it's coming through that the rush to know what you do with their own that reality what do you do with those facts. well you know we need then to a narrative that's followed but you know i mean that's the that's the demagogues on the right. it's really sad at the end of it because i think we're getting lost in all this is exactly what you said it's like children and people growing up still need that base level of this is history is as we know what happened right now based on the evidence that we've accumulated based on the testimonies from the time based on all that business was your history of you can whitewash it in one sense and make it all golly gee great patriot and exceptional and at the same time you all you know you have to show the reality of that and it's i think it's dangerous when we
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get into that world where we're ignoring one over the other. very good and evil the good. the merrier. and the trials and all. that is wonderful what we're doing right there may be the wrong law one orange is the journey. we are you know i think i understand why. the. situation. there. and also. what he may want. all of them there. and they all have any opinion of why the war started what happened in
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reconstruction. and then. why their friend. in south carolina. was one of them when i didn't think that what he was doing was. that you that you're morally right there it truly is i mean look at the end of the day you cannot mandate pagers and the government should never mandate patriotism a government has to earn patriotism chris thank you so much for coming on a magic 8 in our audience today and keep up the great work out there. thank you. previously we covered the police shooting of lyndon cameron a 13 year old unarmed white autistic child just outside his home in salt lake city utah well this week the body can put age of the salt lake salt lake city police officers involved in the shooting have been released and the answers they provide just create even more questions r.t.
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america's natasha sweet has the story and a warning the video you're about to see may be disturbing. a 13 year old autistic teen is fighting for his life as salt lake city is now working to improve its police force according to the mother it all started after her son desperately need of help for his mental state of mind having seen the passion automatically thank you lori a barton says she called police to assist her with getting her 13 year old son lind into the hospital as he suffers from mental illness thanks. sensory disorder. but. it's like anything but instead when he ran away from officers one opened fire shooting linden leaving him seriously injured.
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the family attorney for linden said he's lucky to be alive after suffering pierced organs and shattered bones ago foamy page has been set up for linden's medical expenses bartlett said her son had threatened to shoot her male coworker and possibly had a b.b. gun but wasn't certain police chief mike brown responding to the incident say mental health is a. crisis in this country and too often officers are called to deal with difficult problems that are not criminal in nature i am very saddened by this tragic situation. the 13 year old boy was shot. and as a father of 3 young sons this is have a big impact on me personally the mayor saying their city is at the beginning of an evolution of change in the way they address public safety as a member of this community and as the mother of a 14 year old boy. i am profoundly heartbroken and i am frustrated it's not the only time officers have acted quickly during
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a mental health circumstance earlier this year daniel prude was killed by rochester new york police he was experiencing a mental health incident after ingesting p.c.p. officers restrained him and put a spit hood over his head after he began spitting it reportedly held pruett face down for 2 minutes 15 seconds and he stopped breathing this week subpoenas have been issued for the city council's independent investigation and you may recall in 2017 in miami officer was acquitted after shooting an unarmed caretaker of an artistic man the caretaker charles kingsley was even seen on the ground with his arms in the air while the salt lake city officers who arrived on scene did have some mental health training but were not considered to be specialists and authorities say that there was no indication to believe the boy had a weapon other than the mother's concerns reporting for watching the hawks in hostile suites. and they wonder why we want to be from the police as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the mandriva brand new
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portable t.v. which is available on all platforms you have no excuse not to download it and start watching coming up legal journalist molly barros joins us to discuss the latest on the great supreme court political square dance currently taking place in washington d.c. surrounding the greater village heard on the. alfredo seafarer stay tuned to watch .
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. first presidential debate and exhibited lots of like but not much one can argue neither candidate last night there was a perfect reflection of the nation's politics but the campaign coming to an end did the debates have any meaningful impact is there such a thing as an undecided voter. in their own beds or has. more behind for the few of us so.
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i don't argue. that everything is that if you. just city the commission did you can see more money as we move. from amman. you know my best. radio has really. been a godsend. but i need a lot of you believe you can only. give. me. your kind of. do you mean you think. you're serving our nation in.
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the showdown for the u.s. supreme court vacancy left by justice ruth bader ginsburg is one set for the record books democrats last like live to stall the vote is over there's no hope left for 4 republican senators to shut down a call for the vote senators grassley romney and gardner all support trump and leader mcconnell spurgeon in selecting a supreme court justice and it begins at the 2028 presidential election even though the options will start for democrats in protecting ginsburg legacy but also bad of obamacare gay marriage rights roe v wade and women's reproductive rights there might still be time for a last minute hail mary if truck pushes through justice but loses the presidential election democrats will be an i pod position to go nuclear and with tight senate races and democrats boys to pick up seats there are
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a couple possibilities to salvage the supreme court democrats are having talks of expanding the court by adding more seats which is perfectly constitutional. democrats could also push for statehood for puerto rico and washington d.c. providing for more democratic representation in congress and lastly they could add a rule change that would in the filibuster but all of these options are contingent on the result of the 2020 alexion in november democrats don't only need the presidency they need the senate as well both president trump and joe biden are very aware of this trump is using the supreme court nomination clock to his advantage he's ramping up a base let's thirsty to in women's right to choose he's speaking directly to the religious right appealing to a racist by fervently against civil rights and using fear tactics to drive up turnout providing he's laying trump flies bare from covert 19 to the economic recovery biden is also working to mitigate what looks like
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a crisis mode for democrats with a ship in the supreme court threatens everything he's running on the stakes they couldn't be higher for the supreme court the future of america and the republic for which it stands here to break it all down for us as legal analyst molly baron welcome ali. i. well molly it's a sad day depending on who you ask in america today mark but and of hopes for democrats of getting to for republicans to shoot down a vote on the next supreme court justice many democrats cynically assume that mitt romney will be the dissenting voice and he wasn't what does this mean in the grand scheme. of the grand scheme i think it all that ensures that whoever nominee is going to get confirmed and it's going to happen quickly given every indication they don't want to wait on this to happen and they want to get it done as quickly as possible snow what's going to be interesting though is that it snows for when they can get things accomplished when they really want to you know it's certainly a stark contrast to the and then president obama tried to nominate merrick garland
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they're like oh no wait it's 9 months that was one election year we can't have him in there. with the next president to you know no such qualms this time around that's for sure of these republicans but that republicans you know used to move on and then because the election was and i think that's going to draw some are what you're seeing now some democrats are they would be reading shows that you get it done when they want to get a budget brought up a great point there it's amazing that congress has the ability especially the sun up to do things because normally they just kind of don't especially under mcconnell are just it just doesn't really do much trump has options here are arguably the most options so you can choose to call the senate vote within the next few days which it probably is what he'll do is going to make the announcement by friday or saturday or you could do this during the lame duck session what are your thoughts on not only the timing of all of this you know kind of a hollow bellew over the scope of somebody and how will the potential tilt the court and essentially affect standing laws like roe v wade or that we've seen them
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rule on like regarding obamacare or things like that like how will his nomination affect the court. if it's you in so many ways i mean especially the fact that you know our did not want this by all accounts you know they're trying to say that her family was wrong and she didn't. pick the nominee so you you know you've got that you've got the fact that she was that republicans about what they did in 2000 that's what they're doing now that's galvanizing voters it depends on who trump picked i think that the overall goal it would indicate is that they're trying to move as quickly as possible i would think there's probably a lot of market research being done right now by both democrat and republican leaders basically determining what's going to galvanize voters the most do they want to pick a nominee that will roll republican voters so much they're just going to turn out waves in the polls if they aren't already in this name for democrats if they want to pick one that i going to be so polarizing to democrats that they're going to be like heck no we're just going to organize and we'll vote we're going to stop to this or if you do get your nominee and we're going to do everything we can to
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change the makeup and add more seats for this that the other so i think that there's. you know a lot for them to consider and that's certainly what it talks to talk about with roe v wade you know some of the nominees that president trump has put out there not the top enders but you've got like cruz the in tom cotton and they've you know. 16 and he got a chance he was going to pick judges that were pro-life as you well and certainly cruz and tom cotton said that they would overturn roe v wade in a heartbeat so that's galvanizing voters already in it in another it's much it's now and i think that if republicans are smart which it seems like they're trying to go this path of just getting it done with as little parts really as possible that's already so controversial they've got to pick a nominee and it's going to be more middle of the road i would think to try to fix the money that's going to recap to create a lot of controversy and slow down the nominating process and molly do you believe there is a valid argument to be made for going nuclear we talked about this a little bit but democrats have the option of expanding the size of the supreme
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court or adding puerto rico and d.c. to increase their leverage in congress do you think that that is something they're actually really interested in doing and also these arguments have come across every few years i think that right now we're watching them kind of take up just because of what's being faced by the supreme court but. 2 areas like the sea in puerto rico that have been trying to get representation for decades now do you actually think that we're going to be closer to that. you know that's a great question and i'm not entirely sure about puerto rico and d.c. if that would actually push their agenda forward because this is certainly an opportunity if they've got lobbyist in high places they need to be working those things right now but you know certainly when it comes to there's no question that there's democratic outrage and they've got to use whatever leverage they've got to try to you know push it towards their agenda but biden is already dead in previous you know times that he is not going to back the court that he doesn't want to tip for tat that you know if he does add more judges posing he does win the presidency
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his focus is going to be on stopping donald trump's nomination and if he doesn't land and certainly democrats have that option try to you know add more seats to the . add more states in order to swing it but you know biden our president can if the democratic side has basically said i don't want to support that because i feel like if we move that direction it's just going to create this animosity in the next time the republicans have the white house they're going to back the court in their favor as well but it will just keep going on and on forever but i think that there's a lot of press that is in democratic leaders who feel like adding those making those to you know they also adding you know stacking working a lot of hearts the is a way to retaliate and show that we do have some power because i think there's this big feeling that this is just the big this play of the republicans flexing their muscle it's just a big power play that they're in control and they're in charge and i think that's what's frustrating no matter who they pick no matter what nominee it's going to be frustrating to people who are looking for a balanced approach that hey you guys can get it done when you want to but you're
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not getting it done unless that it's your agenda and that agenda doesn't seem to be the american people it seems to be staying an hour and does that benefit the american people and that's what i worry about with voters are they really educated enough or critical thinking enough to realize the complexities of what this is this and could mean and just the you know. you talk about right but you've got immigration where you're that breaking families are you sorry i just no i don't but you greg only like when they're in the womb are you pro-life when they're at the border and it's you bring up so many great points and so much more to get into and i wish that america wasn't purposely dumbed down the way it is by our leaders to where they could ask those great questions and be educated by those things that you brought up and say we want this in the justice thank you so much once again legal analyst molly barr as always a pleasure having you on. oh thank you know. already that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are definitely not told we love love so i tell you all i love you i am
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a robot and i'm amazed the crop keep on watching all those hawks out there another great day and night everybody. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the day. thinks. we dare to ask. always be polite never engage with a negative
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a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney. to survive and territories. definitely don't want to go on the trial and the jumpsuit on cups. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich and guilty or if you're poor and. you've got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one now. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice easy going to dig yourself a hole. let's talk about tea and crumpets and scones and london bridge and the. oh.
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this is what's left of the ground that fell from this backyard it's really. the territorial conflict raging between armenia and azerbaijan as having a deadly impact on local communities partly reports exclusively from the ground. and also these are now into their 5th day with both sides rejecting calls for a cease fire to hear from people in both countries who don't want war. as an armenian i do not want to talk about who is right or wrong but i would like the issue to be resolved through negotiations i don't like what is happening many people i know were not going to the front line we don't want blood to be.


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