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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 7, 2020 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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financial survival. when customers go. well reduce some lower. that's undercutting what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. and we're going underground as republican vice president mike pence and democratic senator prepared to go head to head in the 1st u.s. vice presidential debate of this election campaign tonight it's
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a debate that will arguably face more scrutiny than usual given the age of democrat contender joe biden and the fact that president donald trump was hospitalized with a virus that has killed more u.s. citizens than anywhere else in the world coming up on the show as thousands of nato troops warships and fighter jets practice europe's largest exercise in scotland is the memory of libya lost when it comes to the recent fighting between armenia and nato ally azerbaijan we speak to the azerbaijani ambassador to the u.k. about preventing the nagorno-karabakh war into world war and a leading voice on u.s. voter suppression supported by actor leonardo dicaprio greg palast tells us if u.s. president donald trump testing positive the coronavirus will change the outcome of the event this election. coming up in today's going underground but 1st amidst a global pandemic nato allies and their guns ships and warplanes are playing war in scotland as part of exercise joint warrior the largest of its kind in europe this is nato. you mean exit wounds after failing to win peace in its wars from
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afghanistan to iraq to libya u.k. pm boris johnson in the past 48 hours suffered a defeat in a london court over the bank of england's alleged stolen $1000000000.00 of venezuelan gold as he seeks regime change with his chosen president one white oh don't lead the nation with the world's largest known oil and gas reserves but another conflict involving regime change and with global energy implications is raging in europe they're going to car back in azerbaijan has seen fierce fighting and hundreds of dead nato partner azerbaijan and russian military partner armenia have been armed by countries all around the world including russia turkey and israel azerbaijan has claimed the war has been the sole result of armenian aggression and that they have not fired a single bullet it's not about winning war says a by john's a method to the u.k. it's about winning peace and death that i hear talk is i death joins me now from london ambassador thanks so much for coming on i'm going to actually start with the fact that the media isn't being allowed into your country to cover the war people
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might not know the history the regional tensions why you know allowing journalists from britain or any other country into azerbaijan i think this one's 1st of all thank you very much would like to start by 2 a very very brief remarks you measured playing a war on which are correct you know. it is awarded 'd region. by army an absolute russian and. 20 percent i want us to believe that we're this close sure. being as you know. we don't join the. ways that this graphic was removed from this all of. it's been a show. by army now 2 are using misao and. for a journalist. unfortunately it's not true. vanity the way the journalist
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would travel it was it hard or that has gone over the state a lot but what he died but this is the reality we categorically object to the very i you know deliberately take it for george and expose a denture was in bill lives and and or to be. i should say journalists have lost their lives covering wars in recent years they're trained to cover dangerous situations are you saying it's more dangerous than the war in libya the war in iraq the war in afghanistan that's why i'm adding journalists from coming to azerbaijan what i'm trying to say is that you know they are here. as chosen to ignore its obligation to short of journalists and to you this foreign journalists. are going to says we don't all see that there is no
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desire whatsoever the genocide to risk the lives we try to make sure that whatever we say or short the aussie. and i was all due respect disagree with you because i know. my good friend of all ali we used to work with me when i was in best. has taken several groups. over the line of call it but we try to do it with utmost record making sure that the short list excessive move us can watch the context of this conflict our early on on this channel i've got to ask you and obviously armenia deny that they're in the wrong what have you made in the past 48 hours or so of canada saying they don't want to export arms that turkey nato member because they are suspicious of the use of
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turkish arms. by the azerbaijan government in this conflict i can tell you all trite that is to specious by in area our suspicions why the canadian go let's live with this we are very much value of the support we receive from church but the support that we receive from is all for a diplomatic way to go and morally you know you kind of brought me back to something just. 'd as regards to winning a civil war and this is exactly what to do unfortunately if the national mediation through they always seem is what shares and other international has been unsuccessful still or what happened on the 27th meeting another stage of our meeting in russia guess what a state of waste then is oh god given right to protect ourselves the
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statement made by pres on sunday very dated to it to start with. was that we don't have a single military target character apart and this is indeed true because never in any case you want to when peaceful azerbaijani cities are peace infrastructure similar to production oh so i don't that's all i'm. 'd far removed from the line of propping up being held on the fire and under attack for one day he's already said and you are some of our cities we hold our fire legal motorists ok mommy i mean you have guys you know denies the gunge or attack i just want to get on to something more fundamental because there may be 1000 who have might have been sympathetic to azerbaijan and armenia in control of not going to karabakh defacto but what does raise the suspicions internationally has surely beamed this accusation that
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syrian rebels those who were once supported by britain against president asaad being important by turkey. to aid your government that is what is raising people's concerns in the global south is that true what's happening as far as president micro france is alleging i'm so sorry to say but i will support everything. you need to check your source when you have that kind of provision it's a fact the french president in venice everybody should check this source including the cringe at my words he'll be take a look there was this is a fake news with regard to the presumably turkish f. 16 shooting no it's you 20 media you are aware that our radar station is located like 300 kilometers away 'd from the zone of probably. do you seriously visage that such an advanced be so great
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a risk ration we don't ignore whatever ignore what happened just $300.00. airspace yes you know that except you're a treaty organization with regard to rebels. you know more than warfare basically visit it and get help for it or you. should bring a quartile in your level. and if you speak about share mental or. other by john which has a piece of the strongest military in the world as it actually read it. has no need or several 100. guerilla fighters and i'll explain you why they do not know how to read they do not speak the language they have come to the probably other but with different conditions. i really do not think that this is realist i also read some pieces with regard to some on need sources claiming to be might be used to
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actually pull that job protect and against aleisha or the for structure believe me you could talk to i know what the world besides the forstmann the state agencies do but dissipate that. site or be there is something else the oil companies had real security private security so the security is that and i feel they way it's a way we could have asked to could it be britain britain as i understand it is the biggest foreign investor in your country near him and your investment to britain i mean you're saying that britain could be hiring security contractors they could be syrian rebels or not isn't it and. while the fact some people were claiming that those. those aerialist would be brought wasn't watching also to protect the energy infrastructure i'm saying this is not the case where you get foreign element look at visits only so-called mercenaries it's also in a whole so called lower tier and that would bring to your attention has been
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publicly accessible videos on best social networks with regard to greek army liberties r.b.s. russian army and. georgian army resident hard to get into the region. but this is a. human ambassador there is a there is a problem with these social media videos what have you made of the social videos media videos it's purported to show it raining in of course the border with iran and troops coming some people said to fight on the armenian side you've heard presumably the iranian government saying no we like russia and the united states just cease fire and the escalation we're talking about up so. i can sell media with regard to me yes georgia. rose yes. i've been very far these are being confirmed to be all said why do you think from
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your point of view i mean here is suddenly caused this conflict as you know these big nato exercises are on in scotland i understand that there were other exercises that i mean it was supposed to be involved in niger azerbaijan was also supposed to be involved in some exercises at the council this week i mean you must be aware of the media narrative even in mainstream media and they took countries that. if as you suggest armenia is bent on destruction and retaliation against turkey would invoke article 5 which would mean nato would be brought in to what could be wild war 3 we are not talking about a group or 3 here who tell you that this should have been on and on forever we're talking about nearly 30 years and azerbaijan has been warning. that's what army needs during take a look back at the events of july acts who along with internationally recognized
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that's not the only place where the energy infrastructure. this is also a place where they try to i don't know about nature but that's of the try to track it collective security 'd treaty organization by leaving obligations all of us yes your contracts be the bookkeeper that's one thing and the other thing you know we have the mom but that sources or more or less people and or states who waved that there are certain there egypt we should all correspond troops relied on the west troops what are the sources that the that some of the countries are what this is what questions not all of those groups have been provided so are you from haiti can i tell you something i mean if you decide to cut it out you cut it out but i would like to read you to something that was bad 23 years ago by then
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president of army 1st post soviet president carter being out of. it's a piece that was old world peace time to get serious they're going to this hell was like oh the lines oh i would have him on that united nations reviser genocide i would have pushed hard to get those or why john i could have made proclamation us along the lines of a single legal kind of a plan. i would appeal to treetop sever i would be gone but darling site. eventually would have taken our. beasts now after the episode explores. lebanese army as being resettled in these areas and this is a direct violation of the 4th geneva convention 949 so all this things i just ran for a single i just designed for. this purpose is to promote well ambassador we're
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going to nami in perspective on saturday thank you so much for coming on going underground. thank you very much after the break of the u.s. presidential and tonight's vice presidential election debates a waste of time we ask us voter suppression investigator recently supported by actively another to caprio greg the last all of them all going to have going underground. nuclear power become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people are demanding the shut down of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous. power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is or powerline with the people this case
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demonstrates that struggle in the very real ways our struggle on oxy. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the streets many of them underage. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles there we're going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trade. welcome back the president of the united states maybe currently medicated in the white house but all eyes will be trained on the vice presidential debate tonight when mike pence and california death penalty defendant come all aras try not to shame the usa around the world as commentators believe last week's presidential debate did between trump and joe biden but all we missing something joining me now
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from los angeles. legendary journalist greg palast greg thanks so much for coming back on so is there any point to really into night's vice presidential debate will it change the outcome of the november election i don't think it will necessarily change the outcome of the election but it may change the mate tell us who's going to be president joe biden is not exactly a spring chicken and we have an elderly president with a life threatening virus so whose life is president really makes a difference we've had too many vice presidents because of the sesame sions and other problems become president so i take it really seriously who is vice president of the united states before i get on to is going to when i have to ask one mainstream media question come on what has what you personally been thinking about the images that are being beamed around the world of trump's
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reshooting of wandering into the white house with coronavirus throughout the mosque and so on well ok he's playing to his crowd. somehow horribly we've made masks in america a political issue it's like i don't know maybe next week they'll say you know trump supporters shouldn't wear underpants or you know they should walk out with their without without the shirts and i don't know what he's going to come up with next maybe barefoot i don't know i mean what's the big deal where you mass but let's are there is this mismatch right there is this mismatch between liberal media going this behavior by trump is terrible and the reception from people in his base who say no this is a powerful president this is my president well there's just santa see look i was at a trump rally. before that the virus if the understand the it's a cult and so when the cult leader says drink the koolaid don't wear
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a mask the virus is nothing they believe that they have magic powers i remember during the liberian civil war one warlord a called buck naked by the way you know insisted that his soldiers go into combat completely naked you know that that because they had magical powers that would save them well we kind of have but make it president now saying you know you don't need protection ok but it is it's kind of cult like it has nothing to with science but it has to do with belief he doesn't have coded so he is putting everyone at risk in the white house might know where do you think is the last time you said on this show the trump though still may win the white house in the number yes what i'm very very concerned about is which other people in other nations may not understand we're heading into probable not possible or probable violence i'm very concerned i have a report of a target for basically embedded with the proud boys we're looking for real trouble
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not just on election day please understand it's we're going to have a couple of weeks of counting mail in ballots and there's just you know i predict a lot of mayhem from real evidence from within these ultra right groups which are going to try to stop the counting the mail in ballots because trump will win on 1 election day election night because his voters are voting in person democrats in the majority are saying that they're voting by mail so the obvious strategy is to disrupt the count of the mail we saw this in 2000 when roger stone a lead what was called the brooks brothers riot shutting down the count of the vote in miami dade county in florida the result was that the count stopped in florida the republican secretary of state stop. the vote count and so george bush became president by a just 500 votes endorsed by or supreme court so we could see a repeat of that attempts as he did in 2000 successfully to block the count of the
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vote through violence and i'm very very concerned about this so when there i don't care what party you're in i'm very concerned about picking a president by pilots so when we read trump tweeting or see trump speaking against mail in ballots it's a normal us because republicans have previously benefited from a long mail in ballots what he's really doing is signaling to people that that those mail in ballots are going to come in after he wins the in person vote on november the 9th i suppose in order for this violence of saying well what i'm very concerned is that yes signaling well it's all going to be fraudulent and we have a process remember the strange thing in america called the electoral college. to send delegates to electoral college and give them enough time to get to washington by horseback remember this is from. 2 centuries ago to give them time to get to
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washing by horseback they have the vote has to be certified in some states like florida by november 11th if you can hold up the counting and mail in ballots will never count all the ballots by november 11th and in some states later but the result will be that we have an incomplete vote most of the mail in ballots are democratic the legislatures of the states or to republican control can vote to send delegates to washington the electoral college either that or republican you know saying ok votes after this date don't count so trumpets one or of very likely that will say we we haven't finished the count we can't certify any aleck taurus to put on a horse to washington so you might have several states like washington michigan wisconsin where republicans are in charge but biden is still expected to win those states are simply not certify those votes not send delegates to electoral college which
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meets on december 15th. and that elects trump because then it goes to the house of representatives our congress where each state gets one vote now you may find this strange but california with 40000000 people has the same vote as south dakota with about less than a 1000000 people i know it's a lot of complicated plexi but understand american let elections are crazy complex it's it's not like britain or most of europe where you just you know kind of tally up the votes and say who's won we'll tell you that but then isn't that the argument trump could use this is all part of the organic rich tapestry of electoral development since you gained independence from britain i mean after all the d.n.c. have arguably twice stopped when he signed us from being a presidential candidate and maybe for being president trump is merely employing a different strategy to get to pennsylvania avenue well there's unfortunately in mind best occasions for b.b.c.
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in the guardian and rolling stone that i did find that democrats are playing some of these games too just recently just in march in fact trump pointed to it he said the democrats challenged tens of thousands of votes in new york state that were mailed it because they didn't have a postmark from the post office not surprising the post office doesn't mark ballots in america doesn't mark employers in america with a postmark if they're pre-stamped i mean so these are the games of both parties play but in this in this contest these games will be far far more beneficial to trump and the republican party but both parties play the game you got it made it and but it's just this time in november mayhem challenges the ballots drawn into the millions millions of ballots are discarded millions in america millions and that will help the trump campaign undoubtedly now i know you
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are more into bon than usual you should always be on in demand. greg with leonardo dicaprio read tweeted something of yours tell me about to save my vote 2020 well with mr dicaprio's help hosting hosting a film that we made about making sure in america that you haven't been removed from the voter rolls i know it's crazy but we've had 16000000 people simply purge that is they are racists voter registrations 60000000 people in an assist this is concentrated in key states ohio georgia wisconsin michigan north carolina florida so it's hard to imagine if you're in europe that someone would simply say you can't vote anymore and people are going to show up surprised that they can't vote so i've got i've got the purge lists because i understand you've got georgia wisconsin north carolina michigan there are these lists that exist of those that
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have been deleted from the electoral roll where are they for the 46 of 8 and and who did it you better wait as who who purged these names well in the in most cases it was done by republican elections officials that there again a very unusual and unique to america or maybe red china and russia is that party officials partisan party officials are in charge of the vote who gets to vote they make up the electoral rolls where you get to vote when you get to vote which votes get counted they may think that's crazy but you're welcome to america that's our system and so what we were doing and what was initiating out of mr di caprio say is that our explanation and where you go to see if you have lost your vote so we created something called save my vote 2020 dot org and to warn people you've lost your vote. repeat register try to get your vote back now we have
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a super by the way i had to go into federal court get a judge to order the georgia secretary of state a very violently partisan official to give up the lists of people he removed from the voter rolls and the reasons for doing so which turned out to be quite our explicit that's totally specious i'm very very concerned when i did that representative on no doubt they'll say they were opposing the law i'm not sure where they were going to get the purged list i just very briefly obviously black lives matter has raised a consciousness about injustice in the usa do you think it may actually lead to higher purge rates of people of color on the electoral rolls because of course it's the people of color that could turn this vote between trump and biden well that's why we've issued these reports by the way issued by the a.c.l.u. the american civil liberties union and black voters matter have put out these lists because most of the people purged are voters of color and young people who vote
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overwhelmingly of course democrat so we are warning people there is a massive racial component to this america deal with this jim crow issue but now it's become partisan i'm not saying the republicans are trump people i mean that i don't know what's in their minds but i do know that they are working very hard to remove african-americans and young people from the voter rolls and that's that could make the difference in this election they've also gone after 18 americans rising new. voter population and hispanic americans well we're going to be speaking to some. supporters jump sorry get shortly i'm sure but the west wished. happy recovery from coronavirus greg palast thank you very much. you're very welcome that's it for the show will be back on saturday 53 years to the day the world woke up to live them of the us back in time revolutionary dr che guevara you can catch our interviews with che guevara's brother and daughter about how he changed just
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cuba but the world well you tube channel. as the u.s. economy was booming numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still has the lead up to the reality of the. financial inequality and the lack of affordable housing for a living minimum wage give many people new choice you know there's been a problem with the city can always turn every turn and we're always. requires. the most vulnerable or abandoned on the streets to become the invisible clerks.
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in the headlines this wednesday russia's slams the report of the global chemical weapons watchdog the russian opposition figure election avani was poisoned with a nerve agent moscow says it's all about bringing in a new round of sanctions and. its purpose is obvious denigrate russia with unsubstantiated accusations and thereby create a far fetched reason for introducing another tranche of sanctions against our country. new in this our former chief of the o.p.c. star he's been barred from speaking at the u.n. security council about a controversial probe into alleged 2018 chemical attack in syria it's led to outrage from the russian side. with pride.


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