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tv   News  RT  October 7, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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in the headlines this wednesday russia slams the report of the global chemical weapons watchdog the russian opposition figure election avani was poisoned with a nerve agent. bringing in a new round of sanctions and. its purpose is obvious denigrate russia with unsubstantiated accusations and thereby create a far fetched reason for introducing another tranche of sanctions against our country. new in the chief of the o.p.c. . he's been barred from speaking at the u.n. security council about a controversial probe into alleged 2018 chemical attack in syria it's letter from the russian side. with pride like the olympics that's how the u.k.
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government is saying it will look back on its coronavirus response despite britain having the highest death toll across europe and seeing a new surge in hospital admissions. bus to the u.s. 2020 vice presidential candidates mike pence will go head to head in the debates on wednesday the race for presidents been characterized by name calling and a blame game so far at least a little to educate voters about the policy. good day for russia the 7th of october just to midday. and here it artie's world news center with the latest 1st developments to tell you about in the saga of the russian opposition figure election of the global chemical weapons watchdog o.p.c. w says that traces of a nerve agent from the family have been found in a van these biological samples but russia's representative to the organization
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islam the claim. until you're given documents materials samples material evidence we will consider all that surrounds this incident an unbridled propaganda campaign of lies or simply put a low grade provocation its purpose is obvious denigrate russia with unsubstantiated accusations and thereby create a far fetched reason for introducing another tranche of sanctions against our country while moscow sent several requests to germany asking for cooperation in the case but so far has not been forthcoming election of army fellow mark commercial flight in late august he received emergency treatment in the russian city of all of them was taken to germany for further care since then berlin's claimed that traces of a chemical nerve agent were found in his test results next to peter all of a break stone more the story for you today. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has published its findings from samples they tested from alexei
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navalny the results come as too much of a surprise to many the o.p.c. w. found novacek was present in those results in a detailed analysis was sent here to germany where berlin has been demanding answers from moscow but using o.p.c. w. findings as the foundation for allegations is unlikely to sit well in the russian counter so it is in fact even tacit cool story initiated at the behest of berlin by its your atlantic allies together with the leadership of the technical secretary and of dio p c w it has continued in accordance we did preplan conspiracist scenario with the e.u. council set to meet next week to decide what their reaction to the novell new report will be the german government demanding serious consequences for the use of a chemical weapon this o.p.c. w. reports could have far reaching ramifications peter all over r.t.
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early. yes the mention of those headlines is. in the news for another reason to. tell isn't this to tell us what the other is than what's up a mo while in what seems an irony if the u.n. which is an organization is all about bringing together international voices about discussing difficult topics it has in fact barred the former chief of p.c. top you from speaking to the security council now i say to stalin he is a brazilian diplomat he was in fact the foster director general of the chemical weapons watchdog between 10072002 he's really a figure of authority say he was invited by moscow to speak on the alleged chemical weapons the chemical attack in the syrian city of doom up 20 but at the last minute essentially he was disinvited by the u.s. u.k. france belgium and a stone russia called this a shame they published a study reading the speech he was scheduled to give and said the following. what
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happened today unfortunately is yet another sign that western delegations are afraid of hearing the uncomfortable truth you want to silence objective facts that could destroy the picture you have painted of the atrocities of the syrian regime and the infield ability of the o.p.c. w. but it is already clear to everyone that it has little to do with reality i am wondering if you understand what an unattractive light you know appear in the eyes of the international community in general what happened today is a shame and a disgrace. so do we know any more detail about what exactly has triggered this what the studies really said to kick this all off so in the speech he was going to speak what numerous whistleblowers puled. who cover up of these events in duma just a quick recap of the images of civilians washing out their eyes throwing out the mouth of march investigated and officially placed the blame on assad's government
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this then stopped of course as the basis on which the u.s. u.k. and france conducted asteroids but in the following months and indeed years a number of former employees came forward these are people who have been on the ground who've been partizan painting in these investigations and they said what we saw doesn't support the official narrative even more sensational they claim that any dissenting opinions or evidence were actually removed from the final report under pressure from the top this is just a small snippet of what was said. the serious questions are now being raised whether the independent impartiality and professionalism of some of the organisations work is being severely compromised possibly under pressure from some member states we've got lists of whether or not this is substance to the concerns raised about to pursue the obvious behavior in to do more investigation hearing
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what your own inspectors have to say would be i mean portland for step in mending you're going to see this is damaged reputation security but study that saying all he wants is a forum for all voices to be able to express themselves that's clearly something that the un disagreed with but also let's just look back quickly to what it was that those whistleblowers said specifically the duty and felt to see reports on the instant interim report and the final report was scientifically impoverished procedurally irregular and possibly fraudulent. so you mentioned earlier the chief to walk 200212 most of the well while barring any from speaking might be seen by some as suspicious or. diplomatic for the president it might not have come as a surprise because he has previously paid the price for challenging official narratives so what was described as an offensive led by washington he was dogged by allegations of mismanagement of the back in 2002 but in
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a dramatic fashion actually the u.s. representative back then was booed when he failed to provide documentary evidence for the claim nonetheless as is often the case the u.s. prevailed was removed from the post and he said that he had a good to many in washington with his independence they wanted someone more. in that room and even while that he had stood in the way of washington's tough stance on iraq so stopping the story from speaking is of course comes as the as we were talking earlier finds itself at the center of this entire political saga regarding alexei navalny and some critics cynics would say with allegations now that w. is not is withholding key information not would not have been a good time for a former insider to come out and reveal but in the evidence is not always treated secretly and indeed sometimes it doesn't even correlate with reality criticism over and reverberating to this day the produce of a speech. next with
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a move on to some coronavirus brutal english hospitals are under pressure again the no seeing the highest daily tele of code admissions this sincerely june. on the heels of course of the revelation that the u.k.'s contact tracing up left off thousands of cases in this new spike comes as confusion in the british government seems to be continuing as well to show the reports and considering the u.k. government's response a cave at 19 pretty and probably wouldn't be the words on the tips of most people's tongues over the course of the year the u.k. has. thousands of people dying in care homes testin tracing deadlines set and missed the u.k. topping the death toll across europe plus of course britain being on the verge of a round 2 and while most people think the government's response needs to be completely written off it seems as though not everyone agrees it's been a failure i think it will be like the lympics that's when it's all over and we look back and reflect we will actually be extremely proud of ourselves some people might
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think a wooden spoon is more appropriate than a shiny metal especially considering the latest news that 16000 positive tests for private 19 have been lost meaning the super spreaders a blindly unaware this still spreading thousands of people blissfully unaware they've been exposed to covert potentially spreading this deadly virus a time when hospital admissions are increasing in the 2nd wave blunder after blunder critics say the government's not learning from its mistakes but as the country hurtles towards a 2nd wave of the virus confusion is still lingering in the guess with mixed messages coming from the power. the hospitality but as i understand it. apologies i misspoke today in the northeast new rules mean you cannot meet people from different households in social settings indoors including in pubs restaurants and your home you should also avoid socializing with other households outside go to
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work but stay at home eat out to help out but don't socialize kick start the economy but stay in your it's no wonder the country is confused especially considering the man telling the u.k. what to do is accused of being a tad confused one of the major problems is widespread confusion about the local restrictions people feel very let down a very frustrated very forgotten can we pin all the promo boris johnson after all these are unprecedented times far to go back to all that no prime minister has ever fought before and after months of economic paralysis boris johnson began to i'm not so locked down even though parts of the u.k. was still plagued with the virus and so the north south divide found its latest partition the timing of the lifting of national lockdown was london centric please remember this the next time you see politicians pointing fingers at our people on the eve of a 2nd wave many might think the government would know what it was doing by now especially considering it had around 6 months to prepare but when clarity has been
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replaced with confusion can the government really expect people to for the rules when it doesn't seem to know them itself to address the artsy. that's the picture in london the picture in paris well it's. really experiencing a high rate of covert 19 positives basically the migrant shelters it's really hard winter's coming a good snow road from the government to provide the most vulnerable with help we're talking about it after the break. it remains unclear who'll be the occupant in the white house this january what can be easily predicted is the state of the economy for tens of millions of citizens it appears what is called the case shaped recovery is permanently dividing the country
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and the house and you have. this seems to be acceptable for those who are. shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask.
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again scuffles broke out between anti-government demonstrators and israeli security forces in tel aviv tuesday. hundreds gathered to denounce the government's anti coronavirus restrictions the protest is also demanding the resignation of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu they dismissed the government's pandemic measures as a distraction they say from corruption scandal while the prime minister himself has denied any wrongdoing here's what some of the protesters have been saying then. of course the 30000 in this crisis in order to remain elusive to avoid the to avoid this try and we are afraid it is trying to. create. a civil war between us 1st we need like we did it did we are all that he said will
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be there because the thing stealing our democracy easing. any he's a king who. is very strong very strong it will not stop until he resigns or moved away. and we get rid of him for ever turn to stay the pandemic in france more than half of people living in extreme poverty in the paris region in particular migrants have been infected with covert 19 aids according to do research out from the french a group doctors without borders. the shutters have come down the bulls across paris and it's in the suburbs all in a bid to fight rising infection rates of kobita 19 it's an epidemic this being described as moving too fast and while the overall positivity rate for qubit in paris is around 12 percent if you look more closely at those who live in perth
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carry a situation such as migrants it's said to be much higher doctors without borders that m.s.f. is now sounding in what it describes as being the 1st study of its kind in europe it found the positivity rate of covert 19 in emergency shelters and in food distribution centers was more than 50 percent the results show an extremely high prevalence the main reason is the conditions of shelters and been packed together which leads to clusters of infection in europe and france no other study shows this type of prevalence these types of figures on this scale can only be found in india or in the slums of brazil but that figure showing a positivity rate of more than 50 percent is an average m.s.f. says that in some centers housing migrant workers the rate hit 89 percent a worrying number in places where social distancing can be difficult in president michael's address to the nation in march he promised help for the most vulnerable
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with him on this. i want to ask for sacrifices to slow down the epidemic the aid to the most fragile should not be jeopardized for the most vulnerable the most destitute for the isolated who will make sure they can be fat and protected. so have they been forgotten all those people are usually. are forgotten. spontaneous camps. officially didn't exist there is no there was no special report. during the continuation during the pandemic to arrive to right or to arrive and we don't know exactly what we can do. she was and other temporary shelters have long been used as a base when makeshift camps have been cleared when the lockdown began in march here
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in france hundreds were moved into accommodation like that and now one of the idea may have been to offer shelter and to get people off the streets it may have also offered the virus the perfect grounds to spread the results confirm that the circulation of the virus was more particularly effective in the situations where the proximity was the highest that is to say when the person has to share a room kitchen with several other people in places where migrant workers are housed together around a 3rd of resident share a room with between $2.00 and $5.00 people at 50 share a room with more than 5 people in situations like this it's impossible to distance m.s.f. once a change of strategy we knew that this reception conditions would not work that it wasn't possible to respect very measures we have to change the hosting strategy m.s.f. is submitted its report to the ministry of health it's hoping by highlighting these
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desperate situations that there can be a changing here for those whose lives are currently being held in the balance. arty paris. and corona virus is turning its grip once again here in the russian capital although today's infection numbers are in fact slightly in the past 20 days figures have been steadily growing nonetheless just yesterday moscow recorded more than 4000 new cases so russian authorities are expressing grave concern over the growing numbers even though no new complete lockdown measures have been introduced yet where in masks in transport in public places continues to be mandatory and everybody older than 65 is being advised to stay home. fighting between armenia and azerbaijan of the nagorno-karabakh is still ongoing but they could be a glimmer of hope for pace manias leader now stating he's ready to make concessions in the dispute as long as the other side is willing to do the same isn't easy goes
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down off. the city of to panic at the capital of the nagorno-karabakh region has been awoken by the sounds of bombs this morning just once again in fact some people on the ground have told me that they've been kept away by the sounds of shelling all the way throughout the night but well the wrist some very very dim hope that the peace negotiations are not around the corner but at least somewhere in the near future the prime minister of armenian it has said that if i say or by john is ready to make concessions then well meaning is 2. conflicts should be resolved by mutual consent no go to look at is ready for it and will make concessions if as a bush john is also ready for them this is particularly important after the russian foreign intelligence service have said that they have information that hundreds if not thousands of syrian mercenaries taking part in this conflict members of one of the groups that they have mentioned in their report are the members of the
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notorious front and if this is indeed true then this is some very bad news for the region because i'm not sure front they are as radical and as extremist as it gets they were formerly known as the al qaeda in syria so there's that and also they're known to have tortured people to have eggs mass execute their hostages bomb civilian neighborhoods and some even allege they used chemical weapons against civilian population in syria so they really dogs of war at the same time turkey a country that's seen as by many as a main power that has a say as to which way this conflict in the go in a cab back fares turkey is sending mixed signals here for instance the foreign minister of turkey has said that well ankara is ready to work with moscow on resolving this crisis but at the same time he refused to acknowledge the equality of the warring sides when it's done to put. john on equal. footing means rewarding
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new york you boy the world must be on the side of those who are right namely on the side of azerbaijan and the longer this conflict goes on the most civilians suffer just to give you some perspective here is an eyewitness account from the azerbaijani side of the conflict. by john is fighting on its own land in armenia has occupied as a ridge on the land my ancestors died for this cause as you can see the armenians destroyed my house but i am not afraid of them see i am not afraid of them i can see the war we are not afraid on friday already the russian prime minister mikhail machinist and is expected to visit armenia as capital year of un and here on the ground a lot of people are telling me that they have a lot of hope that this visit will pull the negotiating process out of the bog. with a 2020 us election around the corner
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a debate season's in full swing wednesday's going to see the only vice presidential scuffle and with the 1st presidential debate already history although the weather the 2nd one happens or not remains in question after democratic hopeful joe biden said tuesday he wouldn't face off with president trump if he still has covert he still called to give us a closer look at the contenders. name calling personal attacks emotional accusations american society is now so deeply polarized between these 2 figures donald trump and joe biden the 20 twentieth's election campaign is looking more like a political circus than anything i'm not here to call those lies everybody knows he's a liar live use the word smart with me though never use that word because you know what there's nothing smart about you joe would you she was an excuse were you were number 2 he's putin's puppy you are a senator and the worst were as well as america is ever. to get any were due with this clown it's as if many people see this upcoming election as
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a showdown between good and evil if you like biden he's the country's only salvation from his racist fascist opponent but if you like trump only he can protect america's new greatness from his senile rival it's like a reality t.v. show where actual policy is absent from the conversation the thing is though if you can get past the rhetoric and the emotion is there really any difference between them from present in all that different from the obama administration in which biden was the v.p. remember the wall trump wanted to build in 2016 as part of his popular promise for a new stance on immigration. in penetrable physical tall powerful beautiful southern border wall was democrats quickly attacked as racist and along came the sad pictures of caged immigrant kids with trying to blame for their misery except some of those
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pictures were from 2014 under the obama administration that's right trump actually continued many of the same immigration policies from before in fact ice arrests and deportations are still lower than they were under much of obama's watch let's not forget about the peace promise made on his way to the white house i'm proud to have the support of warfare. generals active duty military and top experts who know both how to win and how to avoid the endless wars and echoed obama's 2008 election promises and also like obama has so far failed to deliver the difference here though is that the former president got a nobel peace prize in 2009 even though many of america's foreign entanglements worsened under his administration in 2016 trump even campaigned against the interventionist posturing of both parties but we will no longer use american military might to construct democracies in faraway lands or try to rebuild other
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countries in our own image those days are now over there's also obama's bloated budget deficit which continues to grow under trub the current president made tax cuts for the rich sure but the economy more or less continued business as usual until the pandemic when the debates come around again though one has to wonder if biden will be as frank about these parallels as he's been in the past the truth of the matter is you war you all know you will know when you'll got to what has to be done we can disagree in the margins but the truth of the matter is it's all within the wheel house and nobody has to be punished no one standard of living will change nothing would fundamentally change when your only 2 options in an election are so similar in terms of policy perhaps shouting racist or senile is the only way to keep things interesting. i don't call it a wrap it up this bulletin if you want to find out more of the big stories of features are talking about today check out any of our social media or r.t. dot com if you get a minute for though that's the way things look in from the news room so far at what
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time is it to a 27 minutes past midday moscow time kevin owen signing off for me in the tape of a great day. as the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of it is that we're not financially equality and a lack of political housing or a living minimum wage gave many people no choice but to just been a problem with the city knows turn to make china told me stay away i almost called to sins of the food that there is no answer because yes that requires resources the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible klux.
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seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just become active. and engaged because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells the bodies on the street many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge if you're going to 24th child here in los angeles they were going to come out you would see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle it remains unclear who will be the occupant in the white house this january what can be easily predicted is the state of the economy where tens of millions of citizens it appears what is called the case shaped recovery is permanently dividing the country and the haves and the have nots and this seems to be acceptable for those who are the outs.
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to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest michael hudson in new york is a professor of economics at the university of missouri kansas city and author of through give them their debts and in bangkok we're joined by steve keen he's a crowdfunding professor of economics on a tree on as well as a distinguished research fellow of the institute for strategy. and security of university college london gentlemen crossed up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate. ok let me go to michael in new york you know this just term the new normal is bandied about and what really worries me is that the people that use the new normal where it's a normal that is beneficial to them ok and they're not particularly concerned about it ok because i hear more and more talk read more and more about a cave recovery and that is it in mission defeat in my in my opinion because it means the if you have the k. and.


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