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here in los angeles they were going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight straight. a fraud true speech weener meaning. towards a 5th day with both sides accusing each other of violating the cease fire armenia launches a criminal probe into the use of syrian militants by turkey fighting alongside. we hear from senior figures from both sides of the conflict. is the. islamic militants. we don't need any mind to believe. because we have much stronger. on the program with. taking its toll on health care systems around the world a new survey finds that
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a large number of nurses in from ready to. welcome to our national my name's you know 30 minutes of news on views start. the faltering ceasefire in nagorno-karabakh is in its 4th day with armenia and azerbaijan again accusing each other of violating the truce amid a series of shelling attacks on saturday however the 2 nations which border asia and europe agreed to lay down their weapons on exchange prisoners and those killed in the fighting meanwhile nearly $700.00 on exploded munitions being found in the disputed enclave on the armenian prime minister has warned of a potential humanitarian catastrophe. the government for its part reported that
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several of its own regions had been shelled by a coup also accuses army of bombarding the 2nd largest city in the country killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens we're looking here at the aftermath about attack your denies the claims the car about conflict stretches back more than 3 decades although the region is populated mainly by ethnic armenians it is legally part of azerbaijan. in armenia launched a criminal probe into turkey's alleged use of syrian mercenaries for your of on ses are fighting for. the claim has been backed up by russia and by france which both describe the fighters as terrorists correspondent who spoke exclusively with the armenian president our men circusy and you can watch the full interview there on 20 minutes from now here in r.t. here is a preview. in and of course turkey is the one that brought. islamic
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militants and terrorists into was a bug of course as you were usual turkey was doing the you need an excuse why on earth you are going to go to one of the excuses what there is are a brother's well doesn't work in the new world because you are the grabbers go up to central asia mongolia to the north of china are you are you are you ready to into if you were any problem that you were at the graduates will get there or maybe yes you see if i look. modern turkey i mean 360 degrees to you that turkey has problems with the problems in egypt it has evolved to leave via oil is it that they grow theirs or something else it's a different story that's one second there was speaking about p.k. fire there is absolute nonsense 3rd one there was speaking about the pipelines that are running from 2 to the b.b.c. as an oil pipeline it's why i'm so. they're referring to this because. the
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motivation was that our media world will heed them and we're here to protect them i'm sorry where's the logic if i mean it had to hit that pipeline and they should have hit that 20 years ago 20 years ago that when they were starting to build the body plan a puppet of a couple of shellings would stop the pipelines being built armies didn't do that and they didn't do that more than 20 years no shelling and no one bullet was fired armenians allowed the armenians allowed to budge on to build the pipelines to sell their oil in gaza not only theirs but from sweden and also from from the central asia make billions of dollars and they use that billions of dollars and buying billions of dollars over with our men and they use that against gordon to cut a buck and that brings 2 to a conclusion billions of dollars so that's money and turkish support bombing
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interfere support has created and with money enter your support you can come over any more the raid air defense system that they're going to cut off had earlier my colleague neil harvey talked to the spokesperson for the azerbaijani ministry of foreign affairs told us the is your response and turkish involvement in the disputes. this at this information and on occasions about tookie support was a partial let me also make it clear that yes turkey and azerbaijan we have a good cooperation in various fields including the military spheres this is something that has a budget has with the other countries as well but it doesn't mean that turkey supports us that wasn't on that last route 1st of all get the support is more also for us we have been witnessing this support all the time and currently as well but currently it's as if a johnny army fight against the illegal presence of the army of armenia on our own soil ameena claims that took its fighter jets
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a been involved supporting as a body show on what's your response to the paper news that our media has been spreading even before the escalation in the region well if you ask me the question why 1st of all we don't need any fighter and militias on our soil because we have large strong and professional army which is able and capable to defend its own integrity within it is not very good and i for this it's kind of an uneasy situation because of the underlying problems what about that in allowing the people of the disputed region to decide their own futures what about the claims for independence and i'm going to make up our surroundings because raise our children who supposedly just this is the part of the international recognized centuries of us of which i'm 2nd about the armenians living in this century and they are right represent the nation of sufism a nation does not mean that procession separate emanations does not mean independence so what we say of course we can grasp of that of
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a nation with being that has its own integrity of azerbaijan if every group of people would declare with claim that they have the right process that nation can you imagine what kind of russia will have what do you see russia's role in peace efforts between us about john in armenia russia is a big player of course there russia's role as a many a considerable. i also have been between the silence between the bridge and are we now find a peaceful settlement. but unfortunately we have to say that i mean you know ignorantly. ceasefire ignoring that the. united nations security council resolutions as well as the new war is the savior of the international. 6 organizations and we want to see more active role of russia in the. resumption because. healthcare systems in europe are being pushed to the brink with record coburg 19 infection
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rates being seen across the continent in france medics fear they're not as well prepared as they were during the pandemic sensual spread. and once we don't have any nurses back in february in march we had an enormous amounts of volunteers the 2nd serious point is that we had help from other regions in march and april to today those regions are all in the red zone and with therefore not able to receive that same assistance so we have beds for additional kovac 19 patients but we don't have any staff to manage them and in fact a new survey house confirm exactly about it find that with the bun demick taking its toll many medical workers want out of the profession are to charlotte dubin ski picks up the story for us as the cars they make rears its ugly head the 1st sign of real strain was on the hospital's downs were posed people who wanted to show their appreciation and so started the class ok.
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thank you. now is the pressure on hospitals and stuff and getting all the clucking in the world isn't enough to boost the morale of traumatised medical staff and me serving his her and that more than a home for her this is a suffering burnout and many say they are ready to quit it's. conducted by 1 the national order of nurses 57 percent of respondents said they would be exhausted all 37 percent said the covert crisis had made them want to change jobs. this summer saw wave of layoffs and it became clear that the government will continue reducing hospital beds the thing is the government shot health workers in the back by refusing to admit that 31000 staff were infected with over 19 due to
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the lack of masks and medical robes many young nurses considered quitting the thought to themselves i won't work amid a staff shortage on a lower wage in terrible conditions risking the lives of patients i'd rather leave while i still can and many other moved abroad for example to switzerland or luxembourg where the wages for nurses a double worthy opened up their own practice where they themselves determine how much they work and get paid. it comes as the french prime minister issued this warning. the french thought too quickly that this virus was gone the reality of the 2nd wave is here they could be no more slackening. is in the country facing problems with a medical right the u.k. prime minister was raising about the fantastic any chests we will because our n.h.s. is the beating heart of this country he's the best of this country. it
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is powered by love. so under the course they were thinking of throwing in the towel last month more than 2 thirds who responded to a survey said they planned to quit the n.h.s. because of how close it had been term goals many said they would do this illusion and exhausted but there were other reasons too. 65 percent said a lack of personal protective equipment was a factor while 54 percent cited their inability to speak out. when we were left to work without the necessary equipment with patients who did not have covered one scene we could be the ones passing the infection to them for example university hospital centers knowingly told staff who tested positive it's nothing serious continue working when employees throughout france are asked to avoid any contact with people for at least 7 days at the same time nurses are told
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nope nothing serious continue no we disagree it contradicts our professional ethics because we are in danger in patients we will not put up with this when nurses are told to do more work extra hours work during the weekends it exhausts them and exhaustion leads to mistakes at work we don't want just because of fatigue because our management is exploiting us. medical staff have been vocal about the demands of this pandemic and while in some countries governments have put their hands in their pockets the bump up pay packets it's not nearly enough protests demanding more funding for health care and a better working conditions have sprung up across the continent thanks and praise from medical staff who have worked throughout the pandemic is always going to be welcome but medics want to remind people and a government that they owe no more for
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a cause and do less things turned around. your playing countries could see a whole sea of doctors nurses technicians and so many more leaving the service. so let's see what's going on. just over the channel from their hospitality firms in the u.k. are preparing a legal challenge against the government's latest coronavirus restrictions the rules include closures of pubs and leisure businesses in parts of the country prime minister boris johnson has the fended the new measures after a spike in cold cases. in this in the sense that i think they've closed the bars in paris and. berlin they've got the 1st few since she's 19 you know and so you know the. across europe and elsewhere you can see people tackling this in very similar ways. a 3 tier lockdown system has been ruled on for england with the country split into risk levels in high risk people from different
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households are banned from mixing in doors and in very risky loans that rule against mixing applies both in dollars in addition gyms as well the all have to close the city of liverpool is bearing the full brunt of the restrictions but there are pushing back we heard from a spokesman for the pub invest group in liverpool he stays the government has deliberately made the rules impossible to fall. it seems to be a bit. of many. that basically the of the bush to blame the bar manages to treat bush the blame onto was rather than the people sent in the loop through. the government has worked with and hospitality it's been split we could have avoided a lot of these problems now i think people's confidence is becoming more and more
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not because the rules are so on even you know in the hearts the hearts are to now the gate because of these rules are passed on manages this. abuse from the public who don't necessarily understand the rules that they have to. russia's foreign minister has words european nations too dull dull in their rhetoric against moscow circular for off for speaking a day after in you diplomats call for sanctions against russian officials over the alleged poisoning of opposition activists their lexing a volley. if people who are in charge of foreign policy in the west do not understand the need for mutually respectful dialogue with russia perhaps you will have to stop communicating with them it seems to be very serious now the alleged poisoning of alexander valley probably russia's most popular position figure continues deepening tensions between the russia and its european partners earlier
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on tuesday foreign minister sergei lavrov had a more than an hour conversation with the use high representative mr burrell explaining to him russia's official position on the incident and this is when he was officially informed about the sanctions ironically later we heard mr burrell saying that the u.s. interested in good normal relations with russia well good relations and sanctions it doesn't really come together very well and now we hear mr lover of make it up slowly clear that more sco is considering cutting off its official relations with the u. due to what russia sees as the unions an acceptable behavior an arrogant attitude and also missed a larger of continuous urgent europe of sticking with the international law i will not get into details but there are plenty of ways in which the european union is paid completely inappropriately in the move on the case all this comes after the european union unanimously supported to germany and france this plan to impose
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individual sanctions against russians supposedly being involved in their ledge poison in a leg say in a valley with a nerve agent we do not know the details yet it is unclear what kind of restrictions we're talking about but reportedly it will target 9 citizens of russia and it will again reportedly include traditional travel ban and freeze of assets this is what germany's foreign minister had to say we have initiated sanctions against individuals whom we believe to be partly responsible for this violation of international law it is important that the e.u. shows unity and. serious crime we did today all the stars are done all this 20th when alexander valley fell terribly ill while on a plane back to moscow they jet had to make an emergency landing in the russian siberian city of almost in a valley was immediately hospitalized in another response of condition so he was in a very very difficult situation his family and his supporters immediately started
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talking about poisoning but the russian medics repeatedly reported that no toxic materials were found in misson of ali's blog or urine samples but 2 days later he was transported to germany almost immediately after that we started hearing from berlin 1st and then from francis sweden that mr volley was poisoned with a substance from the nabi chocolate family and later the o.p.c. w. also confirmed it had just saying that that particular substance and lo belonging to the nova chuck family is not banned and now we have sanctions. the american pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson is posing clinical trials of an experimental krone virus vaccine after a volunteer felt sick. we have temporarily pools for the dosing in all our covert 19 vaccine candidate clinical trials due to an unexplained illness in
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a study participant adverse events illnesses accidents it's true even those that are serious are expected part of any clinical study especially large studies. the johnson and johnson drug is one of 6 santy covert candidates being tested in the u.s. and it's considered one of the most advanced having entered phase 3 trials and washington has already promised the firm more than one $1000000000.00 per doses of the vaccine we heard from peter smith former vaccine safety advisor to the world health organization he believes multiple successful vaccines will be needed to meet global demand. i think there is pressure on all of a scene developers to develop 19 bank scenes as rapidly as possible because of the global emergency that we're in sometimes a little bit difficult to sort of compare directly between trials but the truth is that one effective covert vaccine is going to be insufficient to meet the vocal
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demar on so we really need a significant now but we faked it back scenes to the set me place in a sort of global vaccination program of quite a large number of vaccines to be used we need such vaccines in order to eventually vaccinate the millions of individuals who are going to require vaccines . the director of the world health organization has urged countries not to pursue a herd immunity strategy against the corona virus he said deliberately allowing the virus to spread among populations as dangerous on ethical. immunities i protecting people from a virus not by exposing them to it. never in the history of probably killed has heard immunity been used as a strategy for responding to an outbreak a little more than a pandemic it's scientifically and ethically problematic. but some
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scientists have argued that covert 19 should be allowed to circulate freely to a large population is to build up a natural resistance to the virus the idea was widely promoted early on in the pandemic in several countries including sweden and the u.k. being accused of initially pursuing herd immunity but no government has officially adopted a strategy. poppy to welcome onto the program not a panel of experts we've got professor dominic wilkinson professor of medical ethics at oxford university dr mohamed in the near of or all ages that lung cost university on dr robert gucci a sociologist also from lancaster university welcome to you all mohamed can we kick off with you herd immunity is it really such a bad idea. i think it is really a bad idea one of the primary reason is that we don't really know a lot about this why. we don't really know for
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a long the immunity was lost and not having long lost immunity mean that we will have to restart this process again and again on the yearly basis for example putting into the context we know that i mean against measles this is long lasting i mean once somebody is i mean i was once maybe that's what the rest of the life we can call it and we know what you heard of me by nature of infection against measles virus and we know that based on the experience you know that one of us is immunity against one of us is not long lasting the maximum we can expect is that we year so this mean that we have to go through this process so going to be very costly probably. dominic the w.h.o. chief seeds herd immunity is quote ethically problematic do you see this as a matter of ethics. well obviously ethics is right at the heart of these die limitless and the question is whether to act in one way or another way and whether
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we're that to pursue bierria forms of restriction on make to vittie and or to to allow people to live more normal lives and the big question the big unanswered question is what's going to be. what's going to cause most damage or least damage to the population. robert also joining is the w.h.o. it hasn't been perhaps as clear as and could have been particularly this week it also said that locke darren's are bad are they contradicting themselves how do you see this this advice. well i mean i think a lot of the information that's coming from governments and from world health organizations and agencies are really confusing for most people when we talk about issues of herd immunity for instance it's down to the individual to think that this is like chicken pox and you know when they used to have chicken pox parties and you
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bring your kids over so that the one kid got the chicken pox or they didn't have something later in life and that's where people are at this point because the communication that's coming from these agencies they're quite confusing about if a lockdown is happening or not if it's a good thing or not and now about issues of herd immunity and so it's coming down to who is communicating the right message and what is the role of the individual trying to protect their family do they think that it's a good idea if somebody gets chicken pox or they don't have it later in life do they get coated now and that's a really dangerous position to be putting individuals in mohamed increasingly people are looking at the example of sweden stockholm hasa and officially adopted a herd immunity strategy but that has been the result essentially in practice another dealing death rail it's almost 0 how they got it right through one way or another. well it includes people they have been claiming that there is no
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restrictions or back to level of lockdown that other countries have adopted but the have had all those control years that are acquired when might this be in fact national number of people gather but there were pictures weren't there of people in restaurants and cafes when essentially the rest of europe wasn't doing that they where in sweden oh yeah absolutely i think sweden is certainly of that he able. to compare at this point stages when we also have these stages off the front of me but certainly this is not an approach that will be followed because for instance at the moment if the baths are really low 'd that is probably proportionally it will be an inspection that we are seeing in other countries i mean we are in the 2nd of a we are not having as many that's as we have seen in the 1st one is primarily because of better preparedness at this moment so i think it is not your call to move forward because we don't really know what's going to happen tomorrow in this we do sports factor and so although certainly the swedish perspective is a very good very able to compare between but i think it is too early to really cold
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that they have. adopted the right approach and don't make there was a very interesting report published in the lancet journal about a man who got reinfected with kobe on his symptoms were where much wrong worse the 2nd time around this this in a way undermine the whole idea of herd immunity or that very into dental talking about one person here. well i think that the the huge numbers the massive numbers of infections and documented in fiction suggests that if reinfection occurs and if worst rian picture because it's very rare i think that muses he's encouraging that i guess the basic idea that we is that we hope to achieve some level of immunity within the population indeed heard level of immunity is just how do we get do we get the through a vaccine or do we get the true through natural infection and what's going to be what's going to cause least to our society's overall what do you think that's
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going to be do you think it's going to be waiting for a vaccine or will it eventually come before the. i don't think i don't think we know that as the w.h.o. has pointed out lockdowns are incredibly damaging each other ways and we and one governments are struggling with these balancing the damage from lockdowns with the with the damage from not look down and they can wean they can win the. day we have a decision they make their own their prices to be paid and it's extremely difficult to know which course of action is the right one and will probably only know in retrospect robert what they'll make was just saying that it opens up the point doesn't it of personal responsibility to a degree here in government count to everything if people i suppose are aware of the risk should they be allowed to go on to expose themselves to potential infection and take their chances and perhaps get out and you know the level of. well the real issue to this is the inequalities that lockdowns are showing at the
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choices that people have to make and you know a person who has to put food on the table like like all of us. may have to leave the house to to do that whereas some of us are either trapped inside i was shielded for 3 months but i was in a fairly good sized house and i had my family and everybody around it was healthy not everybody has that option and we saw that from the 1st lockdown so we have to be concerned about not just the emotional well being but the economic well being of the educational wellbeing and so those are the risks that people are are also balancing out and strangely enough we look at the united states and here but in the u.k. people's human rights they think are being violated by wearing masks or if they have to comply with a lockdown so there are so many messages going on from governments and from agencies that people are grasping at straws to understand is this about my rights to move about or is this about protecting the community the vulnerable the older
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the younger. government needs to come out with a clear statement of what it wants people do and stick to. mohamed there's a lot of hype at the moment about possible vaccines understandably several are now in phase 3 trials in different countries how long do you think the wait will be. yes absolutely this is the question that we have the what do you want to really hear the thing is that at the moment we have our own vaccine well that in phase 3 clot the last before that i would be presented to the regulatory bodies the real question of the reason is that hallmarks 'd action against and that can be demonstrated by only looking on the infection. and now. and. on their vaccines so that they're making the whole situation a little more complicated but all in all my anticipation is that given the scale of the violence that are ongoing and the number of vaccine is stage in the member we will have that i lost on one or 2nd vaccine that would be available to the
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regulatory body at the end of this year that would be the time when we would have at least one for one or more than one of axel and that means. we will be having the challenge is to be able to deploy in the state we're just running out of time to make to the last word to you we have about 30 seconds. this is probably sacrilege is asking as a scientist but what's your gut feeling as to when some semblance of normality is going to be back or kind of return to close to it. i don't think we know i think it's likely that the next year is going to continue to be very disrupted in all sorts of ways and because even need to think seen is available in early 2021 it's not going to be available to everybody and we still don't know. how quickly it will be possible to to achieve levels of immunity. so what's the.


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