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tv   News  RT  November 11, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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it is a fact headline stories this hour, riot police fired tear gas in the superior median crossroads accused the government of capitulating by signing a peace deal. but there are many and prime ministers say the fruits of the disputed region would have been lost. and officials in the u.s. state of georgia, confirm that a local recount will go ahead to 2 joe biden's noro margin of victory push for recounts in several other states, claiming the election was stolen and the creators are brushes. corona virus
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vaccine to start must distribution after phase 3 trials show. sputnik is 92 percent effective. hungry already stated it's ready to purchase the drug. you're not going to negotiate. simply by russia. i say she will be on the auction, or at least part of the production to a hungry fly from our international news center here in the russian capital. welcome to r.t. international. my names, you know, neal good to have your company. the armenian opposition is calling on the prime minister to step down after the signing of a highly unpopular peace deal with azerbaijan. street protests are now raging in
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europe against monday's truce for the disputed the likely in these latest pictures . you can see police firing tear gas on the crowd. throughout the day, hundreds of people gathered outside parliament in europe, singing the park with a capitulation. several protesters were detained and a police officer, reportedly beaten all parties. he has more for us from the protest. so a few 100 people are still occupying the street right next to the armenian parliament. if you look close enough, you'll notice a very heavy police presence. essentially, the security forces have cordoned off almost the entire perimeter around the building of the national assembly. here to prevent the protesters from potentially potentially from breaking in. also there's a lot of special vehicles here. you can see them down there as well. and just
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around the corner over there, we noticed at least one would say canon. so you can hear, i can't understand what they're saying, but you can clearly hear how high the emotions, how very passionate and heartbroken people are here because of that document that was signed because they don't see it as a peace treaty. they see it as a surrender, and a lot of people who have talked to here, they are saying that the incumbent prime minister, nicol passion is a traitor still and you could be pushing and betrayed us here, traitor. he's a peak. how he could do this to us have friends in karbala, a policeman. there is a friend of mine. i'm worried about him. you got there. it's about people who are gathered. here are those who love their homeland. who believe that these decision is a step in the bag for all armenians pushing on his surrender, our land since secret, and is now hiding. he's not going to come out and explain his actions. he in turn,
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is essentially saying that he had no other choice and that had he not signed this particular document, then it would have been u.s. . here's how he explained his heartbreaking decision. had the fighting, continued stepanek kurt martini and ask around, would almost certainly have fallen thousands of our soldiers with then who found themselves surrounded. they would have been a collapse. we had to sign this agreement, but for most here, unity is impossible. as long as nicole passion and his government are in power, i'm against donna reporting from yerevan in armenia. see, meanwhile, in those are, people have taken to the streets in celebration while armenians see their true selves. a defeat many is yuri's regarded as a victory for the gazans of seizure roll up
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on the new car a back treaty, elser by sharon will hold on to its military gains. closer mania is obliged to hand over 3 districts by the end of the month. it's been also agreed valid russian peacekeepers will patrol the line of contact between opposing forces on the roads linking the region to armenia, history. professor peter, because nick believes that if not for the deal, armenia would have lost considerably more. it's still a very tense situation. everybody is hoping that this ceasefire will hold and that russian peacekeeping troops will be able to do so they've broken 3, previous cease fires, none of which helped part of what the situation was that once the azeris,
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then they had a possible way to attack the capital in a corner, and that would have been a much more devastating defeat for the armenians and what they came up with here. so it's not a setback to the armenians, but it's not nearly as devastating as a total defeat would have been in moving on. it's just been confirmed that the u.s. state of georgia will hold elections recount just a few hours ago by the local secretary of state, their tails with my pen. killam, indeed can you just talk us through what's happening in georgia and how it fits into the bigger picture? well, we've got some new developments in georgia now. georgia became a swing state in the recent u.s. presidential election. generally, it goes for republicans, it's a solidly
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a red state in u.s. national elections, but in this recent vote became a swing state. and we now understand that this point, they're going to have a hand recount of the vote in georgia, the georgia secretary of state explained that this hand recount is triggered by the fact that joe biden's lead in georgia is so narrow that in order to confirm that joe biden actually won the state of georgia, which has 16 electoral votes that they're actually going to conduct a hand recount to make sure that they get the vote count. exactly right. take a listen to magically you actually have to do a full and by hand recount because the margin is so close right now. it's $14101.00, it's a big process to be a methodical process and it will be a process that i'm sure they'll be plenty of oversight. we want to make sure that both parties have the opportunity to observe this because we understand the stakes are higher. now georgia's law states that if the vote results are
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within point 5 percent of a difference between the 2 candidates. at that point they have to conduct a recount to confirm that the results are accurate. that's a low enough margin of error that in order to be sure they have to actually go back and have a recount. that's what's taking place there. now, the trump campaign is requesting a recount in a number of states. and at this point, we've got a number of states where recounts are not automatic. they're not automatically triggered by state law or by the narrow margin, but it's being requested by the trumpet, ministration in wisconsin and pennsylvania, we have the trump campaign, requesting a recount. and at this point, the trump team has, you know, a point of this guy, doug collins, to spearhead efforts to look into vote fraud around the country. trump claims that he has won the election that the results giving the election to joe biden are somehow incorrect. and that in order to prove that
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a lot of irregularities need to be proven by the trump camp around the country, they have to show that somehow results in state after state after state are not correct. so this is what the trump team representative, doug collins explained. we had to monday in the fool hand counts of every ballot cost each and every county in georgia due to widespread allegations of voter irregularities. issues in $3000.00 machines and poll, which access now since the election, the trump camp has been talking about irregularities and fraud in the elections. they've been talking about dead people voting. they've been raising this allegation of ballot harvesting, claiming that votes were found for joe biden. when it looked like he was behind, and the media has basically ripped into these claims as outrageous said, they are not legitimate, but the white house is standing behind it. they consider themselves to be the winners of the election despite, you know, joe biden declaring victory and the media declaring joe biden victorious,
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so at the moment recounts, are taking place in a number of states. the trump camp is adamant that they won, but it seems pretty universally in u.s. media and throughout u.s. society that joe biden is being considered the winner. so still a contested vote here in the united states. and you know, very interesting to see how this one develops. caleb, thanks very much for taking us through. got up. and one of the states where the president is seeking a recount is nevada, in the whistleblower has not come forward claiming to work for an election department in the state. his testimony appears to corroborate at least some trump's claims of fraud. i personally witnessed of people having multiple unopened mail in ballots to all the people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the biden. harris van were not allowed to talk to them on the we're not supposed to say anything added to the only should stress that none of the
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fraud claims have been proven. but there is no shortage of speculation swirling only a conservative as those posted photos claiming to show up since the ballots request returned by dead people in the state of michigan on another facebook post. it's gone viral, such as the person received 2 ballots in the state. of pennsylvania, big battleground state. there are plenty more such allegations seem to balance my name, but different versions. one hand, my middle name and my last name. i said with a 2nd, you can't see anything. the closest desk. ok, let's put things in perspective. the close 6, the closest desk was 30 feet to the far this test was probably 150 feet or over. officials in different states claim no significant election fraud was noted. pennsylvania had a free fair and secure election and the geishas
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a fraud and illegal activity have been repeatedly debunked and dismissed by the courts. hoaxes and nonsense don't buy into these things. the upheaval shows our troops persistence and unfounded claims of fraud and refusal to concede the election to biden or dividing, not just the country, but his own party. the number of political analysts for their views on those allegations of play. it unprecedented thing was done in this election, which was to pause legitimate voting in states where trump had obviously and miraculously only with absentee mail in ballot votes being counted ok. that's the only thing that made the difference in the state has had 100 percent turnout for biden. that's not equally impossible, even with the historical bent that goes towards democrats and in favor of democrat candidates on mail in ballots. and historically, here, whether people think trump is a blowhard,
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whether they think he's got hot blood irrelevant, is he the legitimately elected president and did buy them cheat? if those 2 things can't be answered conclusively, we need to investigate. president trump's made a lot of claims are for all this past 7 days, but as far as i can see, he's not exactly backing them. a concrete proof is a. well there's, there's tons of evidence and you can't possibly sigh all of the cases there is. there's, there's harvesting their ballots being dispensed with. his name on it. there are outlets that been cast by dead people. people that lived through the civil war. i mean, we have ballots. i mean, i assume they've been sent in 3 and 4 in the morning. they're being counted without any observers being out loud that witness the count. or there is tons of evidence that there this is going on. is can there's a laundry list that he can't possibly sightedness reach? no one thought that donald trump would win the 1st time,
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perhaps. perhaps there really was a real determination that he could go ahead and do something become president for a 2nd time. and a lot of people out there did not want to repeat. well, let's be clear, i think a lot of people thought that president trump had a chance of being reelected. but let's also be clear when we're talking about this feckless idea voters fraud. there is more chance of being struck by lightning after surviving a plane crash than there has been instances of voting fraud in this country. there's so much evidence you're going to be blown away that it be of evidence. you're absolutely wrong. all we have is the, are these i witness, but no hard evidence. donald trump has every single right to challenge any outcome that he wants to. he can call for recounts in any state that he wants to. but if he doesn't have evidence, the judicial process is going to take place and he's going to lose. so this is just another continuation of a presidency that's been rife with fantastical lies. and really making
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a mockery of the american democratic system in an effort to try to hold on to power . that is simply not his anymore. the american people have rejected donald trump as president of the united states. at the same time, the knives are right for donald trump, supporters left leaning media personalities of coal for them to be named shamed, done to held accountable for their choice of president employers. actually, they have to, we have to collectively, you know, just burn down the republican party. we have to level because if there are survivors, if there are people who weathered this storm, they will show it again. threats like these aren't only being heard from rank and file liberals. some of the loudest voices are saying, if you don't get with the liberal program, good luck finding a job. security sympathize with those dealing with losing is not easy, but one has to think not only about what's best for the nation peaceful transfer of power, but how any future employers might see your character defined during adversity.
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caitlin collins just reported white house staff are starting to look for jobs. employers considering them should know there are consequences for hiring anyone who helps trump attack american values. find out how at the trump accountability project, the trump accountability project mentioned there was just recently found it likely with the goal. busy of naming and shaming those who work for trump's administration, so they can't find any more work. congresswoman alexandria causing a cortez also raised a lot of eyebrows with a tweet singing a similar to is anyone archiving these trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? i foresee decent probability of many deleted tweets writings, photos in the future. and who could forget the mainstream media trying to sabotage trump at every step of his presidency is one thing. but now many want to prosecute him. it's all very different to the message of solidarity and bringing the country together that we heard in biden's victory speech to make progress. we have to stop
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treating our opponents as enemies. there will be no blue states and red states when we were just the united states of america. maybe a supporters got the wrong idea because repressing red votes out of existence won't necessarily make them blue. all that it's really, terry and rage has been coming from the left, submit or else get fired, get banned, shut up. it's ridiculous and yes kind of scary because they're turning violent. are you saying people should lose jobs or not get future jobs based on their political beliefs? that's right. of the 3rd reich. nice career you have there be a shame if something you know happened to it and not a tool unhinged person. trump supporters. the conservatives have been canceled and banned blacklisted. the famed and smeared relate the last 4 years, especially by mainstream media, by far left agitators,
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people losing their jobs for simply supporting the president. people having their homes docks people being attacked. some supporters are, i've been through all of this, they've survived the last 4 years. they're actually when i've been seeing more and bolder, to get outspoken to stand up and to not be afraid of these tactics anymore. and the democrats, i believe, a lot of people do tend to have that we'd have a plan for a permanent democrat majority in this country. so republicans could never get elected in federal elections in this country. and, and they can, you know, sort of march in their one party socialist to tell terri and utopia another story tell you all. and today, the developers of the russian corona virus job, sputnik me said must about the nation will start nationwide in just a few weeks time. that's after some highly promising results from phase 3 trials.
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the publication of the interim results of the street to street clinical trials to convincingly demonstrate sputnik vaccines. intricacy gives way to mass vaccination in 19, in the coming weeks. thanks to the production scale up in new manufacturing sites seen will soon be available for wanted to put this against work makes it very clear . rush is getting ready for mass vaccination. what an exciting news. in fact, the drug known as sputnik is already spread across the country and we hear that russia sells of the broad its production grows drastically. of course we understand that developers and scientists struggle they face some difficulties these days. do tip and demick restrictions that affect the production process, but still russia plans to have 500000 doses in and is planning to start producing 6000000 doses of vaccine a month starting april. speaking about this vaccine,
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it was developed by moscow's gemmell, a research center, and it is and done a virus vaccine. and the scientists used this mechanism that was developed actually in the 1950 s. . and this is why russia was quite fast, quite quick to come to this idea. so this adenovirus serves as a transportation as a vehicle to carry genetic fragment from the deadly virus. the corona, virus, that causes call that 19 disease. and it is safe for the body, but it is able to make the body believe it was in fact it and made the immune system react and to produce an antibody to the faces of its clinical trials are now behind. meaning that it is proved that the vaccine is safe and it is currently undergo in phase 3 of the medical trials. it's mission is to study how
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effective the drug is and now we are receiving quite positive, impressive results. again, saying that these are entering early results, but still very positive. breaking the 1st interim data analysis of the sputnik vaccine against that 19 phase 3 clinical trials. and the russian federation demonstrated 9 to 2 percent. now this comes just after a joint project between pfizer and bio and their vaccine has proven to be over 90 percent effective. tell us more about that. yes, we hear that the vaccine that you mentioned. it's a joint germany american production indeed shows very good results. again, these are early results, interim results, but still the developers say it was 90 percent effective, but not everybody is fully convinced because some critical questions still remain unanswered. for example, whether this vaccine entirely prevents infection whether symptomatic areas might
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still be a cause for concerns in the future. or there was no information, in fact, even on the frequency of side effects or how severe they were. and we have few details on the vaccines safety profile, in fact, and we hear from pfizer. this is one of the companies behind these facts saying that all the data is going to be released in the coming weeks. so this is an ongoing developing story, and of course there are still concerns. there are doubts, there is criticism just like with the russian vaccine. it's understandable, but my humble opinion is that the more vaccines the better for the world, because russia was the 1st country to register the drug, the vaccine against call that 19, but is definitely the only country to work on the cure on the protection. but if we come back to sputnik be you actually shot or the placebo, i assume you're not sure. i am absolutely sure because yes it is. what is known as double blow trial,
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meaning that neither doctor is no participants know whether they get placebo or are real vaccine. but i know for sure because i was so impatient actually that wasn't supposed to know that, but i was so impatient. i got a blood test and i saw that i got to bed is meaning that there wasn't placebo, of course. so yes, i'm one of the 10s of thousands of volunteer is taking part in phase 3 of the clinical trials of v. . and i got 2 short already and today is 53rd day of the trials and a total of $180.00 days still mourning to buy that off. i mean, they called me to ask me, how do i feel? i remember after like 1st shot, i felt really miserable. you know, i had some fever, muscle pain, and i had a and also the 2nd shot as well, but they didn't bother me at all because it didn't last long. although you know,
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i'm ready to pay this price to have antibodies or with russia's dealy, coronavirus infection rate, topping 20 fellows in the capital is rolling out new containment measures. let's go through them. starting on friday, restaurants, bars, night clubs. they all have to close by 11 pm. colleges and high schools are switching to remove learning. seating capacity in theaters and cinemas is limited to 25 percent in the hungry as among the latest european countries to impose lockdown and following a dramatic surge in cold cases. there it will last at least a month time curfew. the government is now preparing to import quantities of russia's covert vaccine. earlier my colleague spoke about those plans with the hungarian foreign minister peter c. r 2, who contracted cruel a virus himself and has been in quarantine for over a week. i usually run like 15 kilometers on the day. you have to reach, you know,
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i'm tired even not thinking about running. so when i do a little walk around here, i got exhausted. so it's, well, it's a virus which i would like to propose to everybody to avoid its symptoms with impacts. given that this is a global problem, one would like to think that it would be tackled better by countries coming together, working together, something they're always, they will know better than anyone, as a foreign minister. whether that's happening, having found the, the level of information exchange and cooperation look, i think you're totally right. so any time international cooperation based on mutual respect, it is not. and i think the political correctness judging each other during each other should be left behind. is the moment that king go out their countries on the political basis we should think about how to cooperate.
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that's why i think international cooperation would be extremely important when it comes to the vaccine, for example. so sometimes i have the feeling that the short of vaccines is becoming politicized, which i think should be again, we are crossing fingers for all companies and countries which are moving forward. we developing the vaccine regardless what they are. so we are interested in india, american, in the european, in their russian, in the chinese, in these really vaccine development and research to be successful. because the more scenes we will have is the better, you know, shooting with everybody, including russia, of course. yeah. if this is correct of reports, that hunger is going to be buying some russian vaccines in december the, like you said, you were looking at all the options. is there any concern though about how that will be met to response from other countries? because as we say, these things are often politicized lucca,
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these should be avoided. so now it's about the life of the people always, any time political aspects should be left behind. and this is the time we understand that it is realistic that indeed some small scale of the be launched in order to make the national national necessary clinical trials on tests back in hungary and as also they 2nd part of january might be realistic. does the buy from russia, but we are not going to negotiate and go about simply buying vaccine for russia. we are no shooting for my station. what the production or at least the part of the production to hungary. there is a company operating here in hungary, which has been producing scenes for other viruses and diseases. of course, they seem to be able to transfer their capacity in a way that they would be able to be involved in the production cycle. peter c r 2,
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speaking to r.t., and that wraps up or how for a global news bulletin. but if we want to know what you're thinking, i thera, but those stories, please do drop us a comment or 2 in our tease facebook page. why don't you and i'll see you again soon. this is our teachers. and when else so seems wrong. why don't we all just don't call me. i'll get to see her out. just to come at it and in detroit, because the trail went something like themselves, worlds apart. we just a little common ground. he
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exclaimed, joe biden, to be president elect come on group. that's not how it works. he's made that determination and we aren't there yet. was the election free and fair? and what is the possibility? have the country played election during the vietnam war? us forces also bombs neighboring laos. there was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know how much the mouth country per capita. all human history, millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. jordyn wieber. even today, kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago. is the us making amends for their tragedy and what help to the people need in that little land of mines?
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will soup will wish for sure. but do you love a boy who was sure i can board it doesn't actually matter the age to put a gun, the murder of those who knew me again, we will see in the movie it is with the it seems most news, but is the most severe some of it is in your speech, come on and use the of the 20th century was thing in order of revolution, the great depression and world wars, the 21st century of mental illness. those aren't my words. that's what surfaced some psychiatry to tell us. the only question is should we accept it as a fact?
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yes or no.


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