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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2020 11:00am-11:30am EST

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well know what i'm to most mission for peace, we follow russian forces and the going to cut it back to up hold a ceasefire between armenia and azerbaijan. something of a surreal experience because russian peacekeepers to have been together with is it about driving the troops? very close together and just in the neutral territories for nations to enter russia in the hope of securing a good 19 vaccine trial is in talks to take up the sport, make the job long it will be before the virus is bates. and i'm seeing february when 70 percent of the population will have gotten this infection, but this wires will never disappear from our population. it is another virus which
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we need to live with. the u.s. senate passes and i could see huge fines or even for those involved in sports. but the world anti-doping agency warns it excludes american sport while allowing international prosecutions to go good evening with the international now, it is a site that was hard to imagine. just a few days ago, troops from armenia and azerbaijan cooperating in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region, comes as russian peacekeepers arrive in the area to uphold a cease fire between the 2 sides. and if not reopen to the only road linking the enclave to armenia said this report where it's a russian peacekeepers. observation, post the cease fire monitoring station just outside of the now is it about johnny
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held. 'd city, this is something of a surreal experience because we see behind us russian peacekeepers standing together with john the troops very close together and just behind them are many and troops. these are neutral territories. these are areas to which is your budget and food as well as troops come to resolve their misunderstandings or disputes outstanding problems that may come up. so normally everything is on the control. if any questions emerge, commanders from both sides and from our side as well, settle issues. we have full mutual understanding. there is no problem working together. the day has also witnessed the opening of the corridor, the only route for the foreseeable future that link armenia to the pro armenian. what's left of the breakaway region of the gold in the we've seen
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a convoy head out from our media and the escort. 'd of russian peacekeepers towards stepanek at the the capital in the speech security of the area is maintained by the observation posts longer lashon corydoras and by military police as well as another mission simple. we must ensure the safe transportation of civilians and money to the cease fires with the end of hostilities. the most outstanding problem now is the issue of the area. it concerns the issue of the return of tens of thousands of refugees who've been forced to flee their homes, that out of their villages because of the conflict because of the sheer brutality of this conflict. and the now is getting them back. and this is something that the latrines because will help with it's a safe route for all these refugees to return to their homes. there's
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a lot of humanitarian organization presence here. the red cross, for example, which is overseeing demining operations, the exchange of prisoners, the exchange of the remains of fallen troops. and as we're coordinating the return help for all the 10s of thousands of refugees that are cooperation with both sides has been successful established. we have a productive partnership. everybody understands that we must bring peace to this long suffering land to do so with the recent events here, people react differently, some happy. some are neutral and civilians of course, gave us a woman welcome. thank god that the war here is over again side, then imagine unimaginable, just a few weeks ago. it is their budget and the military vehicle making its way into territory, held by pro armenian forces to negotiate,
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to resolve disputes with the armenian side through russian peacekeeper mediation against ever porting there with the head of the red cross, international committee has already expressed gratitude to the peacekeepers, we also got reaction on the streets of the armenian capital yerevan. this peace, the building roads providing security. this is excellent. and welcome the fact that peacemakers are in combat. it is better and then losing it all together. the only the help comes the better even better if they had come before we suffered losses. armenians and russians are brotherly people. the role of the russian peacekeepers here is especially important. well, to remind you then under the peace deal, both sides will hold on to their current military positions and that gives armenia control of the disputed regions, capitals to panic at as big. john meanwhile, gets the 2nd largest city shushi,
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which it took just before the fighting ended. armenia would also have to hand over 3 other districts in the region, 5 percent of deputy minister of the as a bizarre committee for refugees told us it will take a lot to rebuild the area. but he did say that despite the war, his people can live alongside armenians. everything is their territories which are under occupation, has been destroyed, literally speaking, raised as a ground. and so seen to do will be to assess the damage which was caused as a major, an economy and civilian ation. after peace deal brokered by the ration, how armenia is our leading edge at this audience as they're destroying everything. as a right janice, have no problem in living side by side was or mean. yes. you know, this takes place in russian federation in georgia, in ukraine and as a part of the world, if army in iraq will be able comply with is also commitments which have
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been adopted was, is afraid of traveler to graham and will ensure safety and security of our immediate community, if his able to leave is this far as citizen soldiers are by john. complying with national legislation of the republic of i said wait. we heard from mark almond, from the director of the crisis research institute in oxford, in the u.k., and he believes the mediation of the russian peacekeepers could be crucial in stabilizing the region. i think the likelihood is in fact, this will be a basic piece, but territories will be estranged and it will come to accept it. and in a sense, the problem before was that we simply don't mean there is facing each other without a mediator on the ground. guarantor or ceasefire on the ground. and now russia has
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sent in peace. this means that there is a 3rd party that both sides are good relations with. and so i think it should be the basis of a stable future as was the risk of some foolish, all reckless act or somebody pulls against wrong. but i think that in the pair of a question with a situation where there is a neutral umpires or media that said that the 12th brics summit held this time among the leaders of the emerging economic powers has been focusing on how to confront the challenges posed by the corona virus pandemic is what russian president vladimir putin had to say a bit earlier. but i would like to emphasize that russia, along with india and brazil have secured agreements on the sputnik 3 vaccines clinical trials. also rushes agreed with india and china to open production centers for the vaccine on their respective territories. not only to meet the demand of our
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countries, but also other states. i think it's very important that we have russian vaccines in place. they work there effective and secure. the question is how to provide mass production. i would not say it's a problem, but it's an issue we have to solve it. in that respect, it's crucial to join efforts in securing masta 1000000000 circulation, which by the way, the 2nd and the coronavirus vaccine called epic back corona has now been registered in russia. a 3rd is also on the way. we're ready to engage with the brics countries in their production and implementation. we might, israel's prime minister, has already held talks with limited on buying russia's 1st registered cope with vaccine. sputnik, they who are not his port a slave to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has spoken via telephone with the russian president vladimir putin, about purchasing an option on the vaccine. he said that the 2 leaders will speak about this in greater detail in the coming days. sputnik,
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these clinical trials are about halfway through phase 3, and there have been no major side effects or problems reported about the whole formula. about 40000 volunteers are involved in the research about half of them have received the injection. and again, no major ill health reported we are hearing from producers that the vaccine has a 92 percent. if i can see, they are about 30 countries around the world that have already ordered the russian vaccine, one of them as role be leaving hospital here. address a medical clinic has ordered one and a half 1000000 doses. well, in russia, there have been almost 2000000 coronavirus cases since the spring and moscow has the highest number of victims. the republic of in eastern russia meanwhile, has become the 1st to impose another lockdown, closing restaurants, shopping centers, and also places of mass gatherings for 2 weeks. we spoke with some of the country's
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top religious on the developments of a vaccine. and when it could have an impact on the pandemic starts, and there are now 100 vaccines in the world. yours. the institute was the 1st which to quit. it had developed one, but this is very important. the vaccine was still unfinished. it was in the 3rd phase of testing, yet the president said that we have the vaccine. how come, you know, the political it that we need? it is politics, not science. i can just comment about the scientific part. we had the opportunity for quicker development because of that, you take the virus out of a cell culture and clean it. and when you inject a person with it, the virus won't multiply. and you say that long term immunity is formed. how long and how strong the immunity is, is still the subject of study? it is still a question. yes, it is still in question. but antibodies develop t.
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cell immunity develops, and we can be sure that a person after vaccination will be safe for some time. at least for half a year ago, it's the beautiful when will such a large scale global epidemic and get the because all through what i'm saying february, when 70 percent of the population will have gotten this infection. but this virus will never disappear from our population. it is another virus which we need to live with. we are dealing with a virus that adapts to humans due to its evolutionary orientation. so how long will it take it to adjust by orientation? i mean, the fact that it always infect the upper respiratory tract but doesn't necessarily infect the lungs and other organs. do we know that for sure, you know, you can consider it a hypothesis over time, it will more affect the upper respiratory tract and go less inside of your body.
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that's why the virus will lose its lethality, it will spread, and in fact, well, but stop killing. how many years will it take before it stops killing people over 65, the overweight people with diabetes and people with cardiovascular diseases. about 2 or 3 years will it's a duck to us in 2 or 3 years. i don't agree here. i do think that it will change over time. there will be more people with immunity plus vaccinations they will work to. of course the incidence will decrease, but i don't think the severe morbidity will, and the issue is not with the virus, but with the human body itself, we need to understand the corona virus does not kill you. it finishes you the world anti-doping agency is this bribed a new bill going through the u.s. is a power grab by the american doping authorities which could allow the united states
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to create liability outside of its jurisdiction were earlier. i discussed those concerns over the so-called broad chain called anti doping act with r.t. sport correspondent at our ship ski. well, the biggest concern is that this new act which is called the russian named after a russian whistleblower, basically applies to international culprits, but not the domestic ones in the u.s. . now they're watching entails up to a 1000000 dollar fine or even 10 years in prison for not the athletes themselves, but the entourage of an athlete, or even the government which is accused or suspected of adopting scheme. but the original draft of that bill included us professional sports and us college sports, but by the time it reached the senate, miraculously this part of the bill disappeared somewhere. so now basically it excludes all the majority of us professional sport. now this is one of the things that the world anti-doping agency expressed their concerns about. among other things, including, you know, how come the u.s.
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is trying to make itself into the world. anti-doping police. let's have a listen in order along with a number of governments and sports arenas, issues, there's legitimate concerns about the roche and of act. in particular, it may lead to overlapping laws in different jurisdictions that will compromise having a single set of rules for all athletes around the world war 2. which is also to understand why this legislation excludes vast areas of u.s. sports in particular, the professional leagues and all college sports. if it's not good enough for american sports, why is it fine for the rest of the world? now the main mastermind of this new bill is traver steiger, the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency, and it's not the 1st time that tiger was, has been involved in some sort of rift between the usada and the world anti-doping agency. there have been cases where the u.s. hinted through tiger that they would even pull funding from water if it refused to play along. so basically, the only thing remaining for this bill to become law is trump signature and no one else. this will happen. brace ourselves for more drama in this again,
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just to remind us to alexi why it is called the act. now obviously this relates to go to torch and of who exploded the world of sports in 2016, when he made explosive allegations against russia against the russian government that it was allegedly involved in some sort of doping scheme hiding in the united states. there are rumors that he even changed his appearance that he had a plastic surgery or something like that. but the funny thing is there is a job going about now that the 1st person prosecute persecuted under this new act should be watching himself. since he claims that he was part of the state conspiracy and you know, going back, this is basically a criminal offense. now if this bill becomes law, but obviously this is named after him. i mean, the irony there is the sports rely on whistleblowers, don't know, but my exactly will discourage them from coming forward in case they get criminally prosecuted. and how is russia then reacted to this bill? there has been a reaction from russia through the kremlin spokesperson the meter to scald, who called this kind of move unacceptable. i believe we can listen to the critics, q.
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which we are extremely critical of any attempt by the united states to extend its jurisdiction to other countries. such cross border practice isn't acceptable. we disagree with that, and of course this can cause nothing but concern. it's not only just on paper looks like a unilateral decision to govern the anti-doping processes in the world, which is why those certainly unhappy but you mention it right. the fact that whistleblowers will now be afraid of being persecuted. this basically hampers the whole process of whistle blowing. if this bill becomes law where we discuss this with sports psychology and sociology expert as cashmore who will say things in this legislation could scare off potential whistleblowers. the irony of this, the absolute paradox of the center of it is that it's designed to try to control doping in the world and it will do nothing of the sort. in fact, it will probably have the opposite effect, because anybody who does decide to want to, to grass up in other words,
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to spill the beans, to inform, in other words on doping that they suspect is going on. well, immediately be held complicit in the action because they have a say, how did you know about this? did you ever do anything to contribute towards the doping offense? and if you did, maybe will now be you as well. so it will actually intimidate potential whistleblowers certainly not encourage them because there's no witness protection program here. and so really it appears to be the united states positioning itself as the world's antidoping policeman. i don't often agree with water, but i think that they will have something very strong to say about this because really straining on their toes. let's face it. another nice tonight, the outgoing u.s. secretary of state received a lukewarm welcome. as he kicked off a multi nation tour. french president met my pump after leaving calls for more restrained relations. as a whole is finding it tough to move on for years over the trunk. ministration have
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frayed relations with the e.u. that pushed some, such as the french president to advance the ideal of european court order. me, but even the prospect of joe biden, heading into the white house, is having little effect on emanuel michaels idea of european independence. the united states will only respect us as allies, if we are serious with ourselves. and if we are sovereign with our own defense, we need to continue to build our autonomy for ourselves. not grow. it was reacting there to an op ed written by the german first minister in it. she stated, europe remain dependent on us,, both american and european need to fully accept the realities of continued u.s., nuclear deterrence on the european continent, illusions of european strategical told me, must come to an end. europeans will not be able to replace. america's crucial rule
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is a security provider not call addressed this point. specifically. i profoundly disagree with the opinion piece by the german defense minister in politico. i think it is a historical misinterpretation. what this illustrates is just how i were not on the same page in new members, or when it comes to the future of transatlantic relations. even more so, it seems that for once in germany are in totally different camps. when german chancellor angela merkel welcome boy didn't victory, she talked about how, you know it's fronts. the united states of america in germany as part of the european union, must stand together to meet the great challenges of our time side by side. meanwhile, for also spoke about a change in that relationship, europe has changed in the last 4 years and has shaken off its nadir in terms of trade and has built common defense mechanisms. so this is
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a new ear and we need to remodel the transatlantic relationship with, a biden administration. but let's not forget all the internal who are in the e.u., mrs. one major point. what does the new us won't all given the u.s. is own internal divisions. what can it, even if this is not going to be plain sailing? resume, classic strategy of the us is a world. europe will be many more. europe was not a good move for. we had many illusion. maybe feelings about against rome, but i feel really it's not a good new and with the e.u. having just slapped for a teller, treat taxes on u.s. products in unlearning running trade. just mean there are choppy waters still ahead
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to navigate your buried in is offering e.u. leaders, his cooperation, saying he wants to reinvigorate bilateral and transatlantic ties to nato and the u. . yet it's clear all the goodwill in the world won't change the fact that there, remains vost ocean between them, shall it be, will ski, r.t., paris, reinvigorating relations or not. then the come home for us election is still being disputed and with donald trump and joe biden wrangling over, who will get the keys to the white house. many are looking at their campaigns at the moment for clues as to where the gains and losses were made. and whether the focus on identity politics was in fact, misplaced, or trump lost support from white men. a group he won decisively back in 2016, however, he gained 4 percent with the african-american and hispanic communities, and latino votes help swing florida. in his favor,
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asian american shifted even more to the republicans to their 7 percent rice. saskia taylor discuss the results with experts. identity politics really died in 26 years in the eyes of average americans. of course, not in the media, not in the far left, not the democrat party because they are, they remain so out of touch with real americans, that average america with normal people, really, people are only, it's as much as the left in the me, you know, the democrat party, double down on this narrative that donald trump is a racist, is this narrative that republicans, you know, hate minorities or whatever. a lot of people who aren't listening, i believe that a lot of people in the black community feel completely disrespected by the democratic party during this election. not only did they not respond to what we could expect in response our vote, they also began to put out the mercial that were disrespectful. it's one thing to say donald trump is racist, but show me that you're not racist as well. and i don't think the democratic party
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did i not suffer it caused a lot of people to, you know, turn their back on the party. well, i think the elections showed that many minorities got tired of this rhetoric. there's an attitude to believe that latinos, for some reason, they are a one topic community, which is basically based on immigration. and i think latinos got very upset about this because in the end, no matter where you're black, latino, or asian. i think we've got to move forward into the future in it when we see each other, beyond the color of anybody, skin and we're able to look at each other for what we stand for, what we believe in and not because we have a brown wide or black skin, which i think is ridiculous. it's important that we realize black people are not monolithic, and we actually do appreciate policy just because the president has your color or your compassion does not mean that your policies will benefit. you are always be in
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line with your views. well, identity politics win or counted at elections in the future. i think it's only going to lose. i think it's going to continue to lose. and that terrified there's a lot of people that terrifies a lot of very powerful people because they've built their identities on it, so to speak, they, it the whole, the whole identity politics. mission is something that people built a lot of careers on. all they talk about is equity, which is of course, stealing one group, giving to another for propping one group up over another sort of leveling the basically field by targeting certain groups now which groups deserve that is always going to be shifting. and i don't you politics is their greatest weapon to do that at the moment. so i think i do need a policy actually still stars a very powerful raul didn't know the electorate. reparations was due to people who were descendants of slaves. and so if that's the case and in african-americans began to swell around the issue. democrats, if i were in trouble need to back up the topic,
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we saw it in the election result that the voter, the american border is really interested in. what are you going to do for me? how my going to live another day? how am i going to put foot of the table? we have a lot of people that have like serious issues. and we need to just focus on the things that people are concerned about, the economy put in front of the table. so under it gets to school and being able to have a decent life and reaching the american dream. and that's how the news is looking. so far this evening here in our say good to have a company. we've got a website, so you sort of stories, you can always go that same and find the stories that come back again. and about how often
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the world is driven by shaped by our own person. who dares thinks we dare to ask
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during the vietnam war, u.s. policy is also bombs, neighbor, unless there was a secret war. and for years, the american people did not know how much it is officially a mouse heavily bombed country per capita in human history. millions of unexploded bombs still in danger. lives in this small agricultural country, jordyn wieber taliban. even today, kids in laos, fall victim to bombs dropped decades ago. is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy and help to the people need in that little land on seemed wrong. but all the girls, just all the world didn't get to say power. does they become educated and engaged equals betrayal?
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when so many find themselves worlds apart? just to look for common ground. timex kaiser. when we crossed the rubicon, let's ask stacey. well, you know, max, i came up with this idea because we were talking about crossing the rubicon on this weekend's orangeville podcast. and i said that basically bitcoin does not allow you to cross the rubicon and does not allow you to think that you alone. are you know, with filled with hubris and greed for power can solve all the solutions of the world. so we've crossed the rubicon in america, this past weekend. we saw, we've crossed the rubicon and the media is celebrating like living through the last
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days of the roman republic. and i was responding to this tweet from liz sly, who is from the washington post. and she said, u.s. officials have been lying to trump and the american people about the true number of u.s. troops in syria, an order to deter him from withdrawing them. according to the outgoing syria envoy, chum thinks it's only $200.00 troops there laughing, laughing, laughing out loud. that's crossing the rubicon, right to disobey the orders of the commander in chief. of course, you know, that term crossing the rubicon comes from julius caesar, who went to war with the gauls illegally us and allowed to he was a general, went to war and order to gain the public support to what he wanted to become emperor. so by the time he came back when he was at the rubicon and to cross the rubicon meant that he was about to become a dictator that the republic was ending and the empire would he.


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