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tv   News  RT  December 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and an investigative news website claims to be blacklisted by british intelligence off to exposing government surveillance practices declassified the u.k. says is being targeted by the g. c. h q. a hunger is no make or resigns his seat in the european parliament ought to be in court. at a party in brussels that need you're describing as a mostly male orci to either diplomats were among the guests and iran ups the ante over the model of a top nuclear scientists following to hunt down criminals and seek revenge.
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make sure you never miss a story of the says national on welcome well to get us started. an investigative news website is claiming to have been blacklisted by british intelligence. so cool to declassify. the u.k. is known for exposing minute truck to the, to his as well as government surveillance. brings us the story, the classifier, the u.k. and the head of investigations. matt ken are these the former financial times, journalists, they've been blacklisted by g. c, h q and a number of internal emails showing that staff are being told not to engage with, that doubt that declassified u.k. blacklisted by g.c. age, kill britain's largest intelligence agency, internal emails from shell, which will not be engaging further with matt, can it declassified head of investigations, the day he published what the agency privately disparaged as a negative long read about his secretive school's program. according to, declassified u.k.,
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one particular line of investigative journalism is what got the backs up of a program run by the intelligence agency. looking into going into schools and teaching children how to conspire and brute force cyber attack. the website have also got quite a long history of looking at other aspects of the things that britain's military and government in general are getting up to. the older members question is assumed to refer to lifton and come on out by ease who completed typhoon conversion. training in the u.k. delivered by royal air force, henri of personnel. in 2011 to 2012,
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we've been hearing from joe that is groups like reporters without borders who have described this mode of operating by g, c, h, q, m, by the government as being trumpy. and this is yet another worrying example of the u.k. government, imposing arbitrary restrictions on media deemed to be critical. a champion moved as high, no place in british democracy for a few years though, all the criticisms that press freedoms of being clamp down on the side of the british government so far as this latest incident is concerned. it doesn't bode well for those who are concerned about press freedoms. we spoke with less of on ridley now, she thinks the targeting of declassified u.k. follows an alarming pattern of government cracking down on any form of reporting. they disagree with britain is a country which likes to pride itself in treatment of speech, and this goes completely against the grain quite why the c.h.p.
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was made. this decision is silly. it is a journalist's job to ask all could questions to be critical of the information. beatrice seems so, you know, journalists don't do their jobs to be popular. quite the reverse. and you know, this, this move has already been likened to a trophy and styled decision. and of course, this is what we've seen in the white house that when journalists upset president donald trump, they get blacklisted or are asked to leave the, the white house, press corps, and for g, c, h q, to do this, to journalistic organization is astonishing. the moving on a hunt,
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gary and member of the european parliament has resigned. after admitting to attending a private party in brussels. that local media are describing as an orgy. they got together happened last weekend to fire the lockdown and was broken up by police. about 20 other people. almost naked men were present at the party that was located above a gay bar to european diplomats were among the guests. the hunger and lawmaker allegedly tried to free by climbing down a drain pipe and police say he was carrying drugs. a passer by reported to the police that he had seen a man fleeing the lawn, the garter. she was able to identify the man, the man hands were bloody. it is possible that she may have been injured. wealth lean now according to were found in his backpack were in his resignation, letter, years of cher, who as a member of hungary's ruling fatah party, admitted that his behavior was irresponsible. he apologized for breaching knocked out rolls and commenting on the ecstasy pill found in his backpack. he said it's
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not mine. david coburn, a former member of the european parliament for scotland, says politicians who break the lock down rules are undermining public health efforts. but it's not setting a good example to the people in a time of america's general. going to have a good laugh. we're going to, you know, the congress, even though it is serious and as much is that people do what we set an example like that in order to go live there around their politicians are having a tremendous party while the rest of us i'm, i reach isolated when you look at my hear a lie, i never had hail as long as i was a student. i was, you know, barbara in months or, you know, i try to be the rules and set examples of those a little bit o. way by, you know, i think it's better people obey the rules overseas, but it's not to to do the opposite to what you're you're, you're selling to the public. the president of the red cross is urging governments
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to combat the spread of false information on covert fact scenes, which he calls a 2nd pandemic. francesca rocca said the public reluctance to take the job, could ultimately stall efforts to counter the virus. we believe that the massive coordinated efforts that will be needed to roll out the vaccine in an acquittal manner. need to be paralleled by equally massive efforts to proactively build and maintain trust. the red cross chief went on to cite face showing that in a quarter of countries less than a harf of people are willing to take a private facts seen. and as examples of fake news, he highlighted a popular belief that the virus doesn't affect young people or indeed africans, and also claims that the virus has disappeared. and the pandemic, a sofa, the director of health and cat, the red cross told us that he believes public acceptance of covert vaccines will have much, but it will take time. well, the reason one element, these is
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a new prime demick, a new virus that behaves in ways that we didn't know until a year ago. and we have been discovering it slowly, slowly by slowly and so science is adopted and it will be and communicating able being science is difficult. and that's why i think media scientists, the of a critical role to play, to try to explain in very simple terms that what is up and going why changes may be happening, people at the moment of a very high level of vaccine hesitancy. and so right now we see that the only 30 percent of population in many countries would actually be ready to take the vaccine . we know that these, these will increase time passes by and people get more confident. and i think we have a role to play, to ensure that people feel comfortable, comfortable, that people feel trust towards the air of authorities 2 words that the scientists and words that means that we putting in place to keep everybody safe from all around the world. iran is vowing to hunt down those behind the assassination of its
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needing nuclear physicist top officials issued a stark warning after the scientists funeral. iran, iran has stated before, is our definite policy independently give a reciprocal response to those who ordered and committed this crime with maximum pain. for the culprits, god willing, no crime, no assassination, and no foolish nation, we will certainly hunt down criminals until the end. they must know that they will be punished for their actions. it's not. the assault took place on friday when the scientist was traveling in his car tear on he was shot in and on bush and died of his injuries at hospital. iran has branded the assassination of state terror blamed israel and the u.s. . daniel, who comes up next reports on the shock waves that said throughout the region. dr. morsi, in fact, reside, it was different things to different people, to his family,
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a husband and a father, to his country, a patriot, a prized and respected scientists to others, though he was a threat, a man affectively in charge of iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. we don't exactly know what motivated the killing, but if it had anything to do with removing a supposed threat in the interests of peace and stability, the result so far seems to be the reverse of the streets, a boiling over with anger. well fuck resort. it was given a state funeral and granted martyr status. iran is out for revenge. some hardliners are calling for direct, massive retaliation against those who they think are responsible. even the strikes on israeli cities are on the table. life for an eye says god's law and to ron is in no mood to let this crime go unpunished. an image of around i have to know that the rain and the country's officials are brave enough to respond to this criminal
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action. when the term is raid the relevant officials in which part of this crime. but this is now bigger than just tit for tat violence. if wars in iran's alleged nuclear program was the goal that's failed, iran is government has vowed to continue this. scientists work with redoubled efforts should we will be more united will be more determined even for the continuation of your post. we will carry on with the power and the nuclear deal already in tatters after the us withdrawal is quickly fading. as the country's parliament looks, the stop inspections at its nuclear sites with the consent of m.p.'s to urgent action plans were adopted to lift sanctions in order to return to the era of the nuclear energy boom. and to stop surveillance by i.a.e.a. spies with biden's incoming administration aiming for a new deal with a rod in looking like they could get no deal at all by them. we'll have to
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put it in simple terms, apologize. some ways he will have to come up, perhaps with even more of a diplomatic concession than simply restoring the agreement. i think iran will need far more guarantees after all, even when president obama signed the deal. not all sanctions were removed and iran never of quite benefit economically hoped. and why would the iranians choose compromise in a rare moment of unity? they now have the support of everyone from turkey and iraq to the u.a.e. and even europe. we condemn this heinous murder and extend our condolences to the government of iran and the family of the deceased. the emirates condemns the crime of the assassination. it causes nor science to practice the greatest possible
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restraint. so as to avoid dragging the region to new levels of instability and threats to peace. this is a criminal act and runs counter to the principle of respect for human rights. the e.u. stands for, for every action equal and opposite reaction. it was clear assassinating a scientist on a radio in the soil would store up a hornet's nest of reaction across the region. and beyond 5, people have now been confirmed dead, including a child in a car running in the western german city of tria. the driver was arrested after crashing into pedestrians at high speed. more than a dozen other people are injured too. for in a critical condition. a 51 year old job uncertain drove at high speed along a pedestrian ised area in his s.u.v. . police have said the driver was intoxicated and may have been suffering from mental health issues. there's no indication that this was a deliberate attack. well, still it had a lot international. it's revealed
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a huge hollywood charity to help sexual harassment victims spend just a fraction of tenacious helping the victims themselves will head the claims the reaction and much more often push will break. financialization has its limits. the accounting tricks of stock buybacks and money printing their lives and in saudi arabia. we see a brilliant example of what happens when a country decides to go into financialization, instead of, let's say, diversifying into actual productive economic activity.
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welcome back. now russians delegation to the global chemical weapons, watched all kinds of job many and all the members to stop using the o, p. c. w for political purposes, the own brutal campaign of the so-called poisoning of
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a russian blogger and in suing actions by germany and its your atlantic allies in the o.p.c. . w. is a way to use this international organization to exert political and sanctions pressure on the russian federation. on monday, 56 of the 193 member states condemned the alleged poisoning of russian opposition figure. i'll explain a follow me. they released a joint statement urging moscow to disclose the circumstances of what they called a chemical attack. so a bit of background avani fell ill in all growth started to meth, addicts, right in russia, and was taken to berlin for treatment. germany claims that found traces of an overtopping of agent in his body and allegation later repeated by w. . however, must go says its own tests found no such substance and that bullet has repeatedly rejected requests for lafferty. we spoke with alexander sold his russia's permanent representative to hear it up. you know, he thinks the claims against russia have a very clear political motive partners in the p. c.
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w, against further politicize new organization, which would create deeper divisions and interrupt a normal work in the search for compromises. different countries interpret provisions of the chemical weapons convention in their own way. we should prevent any attempts to spread one's own rules in place of the established conventions of international law. our western partners and the technical secretary, when it's convenient for them refer to confidentiality clause. under this pretext, russia was refused access to key aspects of the technical secretary, its report on providing assistance to germany in the event in the case. but when western countries are not satisfied, they forget all about confidentiality clauses. the chemical weapons convention and international law must be strictly complied with and only after that will have the confidence that we can overcome our problems and work together.
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as major embarrassment for a sexual harassment charity set up by hollywood celebrities with must of publicity . that's after it was revealed the time's up foundations, but just 10 percent of donations on actually helping women in its 1st year of operation tax filings show. the group raised more than 3 and a half $1000000.00 in 2018, but almost half of that went on salaries alone or with huge sums also spent on luxury resort conferences. in fact, just $312000.00 went actually to the victims of sexual assault or to receive the following response from the organization. our turn to 18 expenses were mostly related to our start up costs, such as legal costs and recruiting. start of that would establish initiatives that would be launched in 2019 times up was formed in the wake of the scandal over harvey weinstein. a former top hollywood producer, found guilty of sexual assault. the foundation itself claims it's gone on to help
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thousands of victims, including committing millions of dollars in legal and p.r. support. but lawyer money thinks the new rules are needed for such nonprofit organizations. i would say this really is not a good bottle for a nonprofit organization. 5 this is what i would call in a discipline profit and basically lost their way. and really were there to mission ones. and it seemed like the nonprofit was sort of using the organization as a slush fund. the golden rule for not profits is that 75 percent of its funding really should go to its mission. ma 25 percent go to goes toward the administration . but here, 38 percent went to salaries and with the c.e.o. should have done was to see this imbalance and actually take a pay cut. here's what happens is not profit organizations as there are. they're very sort of like self regulate. i think the best thing that a nonprofit actually can do is put their taxes like right on their web site for the
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public to see. and also, i mean, i think for these sort of large nonprofit organizations that you know, get a lot of media attention. you know, what they really should do is put sort of mechanisms in place where, you know, you have like an independent board. you have an independent auditor, you put controls, internal controls in place. russia is planning to launch its own space station. after 2024 months they have funding will run out for the i assess which is nearing already the end of that service life artie's it or sort of now reports on the shifting priorities out of course the competing powers out in space . the most expensive object humanity has ever built and it's approaching its inevitable retirement. and as it ages it ails humanity's home, away from home, the i assess is not feeling as good as it used to. so will there be life in space
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that we know of after the station finally goes off duty? how soon might it happen and how likely is that the technical troubles piling up could bring about its demise? lived on board of the i assess for 17 months. here's what he told me. there always were are, and will be some problems. the more complex technology is, the higher the risk of failure. during my 2 expeditions, breakdowns happened as frequently as sunset and we consider it something close to normal. if there's a breakdown, go to fix it, but we can't ignore the fact that the station has been in orbit for more than 20 years. and the recounts are quinces to that. russia is obligated to take part in the program until 2025. so to keep its presence in orbit past that it needs to devise a mission of its own or stick to funding the i assess indefinitely. and while moscow has confirmed it has a project of
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a new station in the works. the head of russia's federal space agency has said it's too early to write off the i assess just yet, because we're not cutting young. says that russia should think big on the scale of the solar system. there's no point in maintaining the station any longer 1st of all the americans ago in their own way. they've got different plans, and sooner or later they'll have no use for the i.s.a.'s. it'll be much worse if they move it earlier than we do. that'll be a punch to the girl. cause most of the energy a rocket in space corporation, a right to consider their own project. but i think having another orbital station is out of date, we need to go further to keep from the space race of the cold war 2 international partnership. and now the pendulum is swinging back towards an orbit. so free for all chinese concocting a space program of its own, the u.s. has announced plans to return to the moon and venture out to mars while nasa has been joining forces with private contractors. cooperation in space exploration is
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beneficial to assess experiences, proven remote of countries participating in the i.s.a.'s project. and it's also facilitated some political challenges here on earth. but that's a concern for the politicians with more than 20 years of operations behind it of the order nuff to be called a senior citizen in space station years. so it will have to be maintained until the tech of a new era is ready and ultimately left behind as a stepping stone to the next frontier. in the heart of new york thinking, a defiant approach to the locked out declaring itself, an autonomous zone exempt from authorities restrictions on public dining
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give me something i can generate. i can have work and just pay my rent and my utilities. so i don't have to shut down, so i'm not totally in the red where i have to walk to make up or say ok, you know, i'm sure they can find money to do that. we're going to look at what their lives are you supposed to know, run a business and everything like, you know, we've got 5 cars and i will get these people expect you to do it on me. if you're going to the holidays, you know, you're going to see the fans autonomous zone here. how you feel about it, how i feel? no, no. i don't think it's going to work for you. got fined for student albums.
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that's all from me for today. sean thomas will be taking the reins out the top of the hour i've joined. as for me, at this point, no one knows when the cold crisis will invade. however, it is undeniable that this whole crisis has negatively impacted the economy. what does it mean to return to normal? is that even though it will, the divide separating the rich from the here continue to update when things become more extreme, which leads to right? when not really in a good way. the reality is always
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be polite, never engage with baited or confrontational. get into any conversation or start answering questions. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich or if you're poor. you got one now. so you should be seen here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice, easy going to dig yourself.
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this is the kaiser report. don't forget to join our tell the group that's take a pill. joining the telegram group right now. stacey, hey, i'm going to show a little clip of a mean we were starring in. we get play that i got to play the cat, the cat dancer in the bongo player now. yeah. that was really fun. i liked it. oh, yeah, i get to play the cool bongo player, you know, nato, and a few more things to keep you informed of. and that is that, you know, we do have a huge spanish speaking audience as well. and there is going to be a conference in which we are avatars. speaking along with james la jimmy song,
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a bunch of cool people, andreas on, to not bliss in virtual space, but from argentina, or somewhere, a lot in america at le, big comp, dot com, l.a. b i t. c o n f dot com. and you could register for free there and the all the tracks are in english and will be subtitled there dubbed into spanish as well. so exciting lamone looking for the love being an avatar now. yeah, avatars are better because like, you know, my hair, the situation with my hair, 10 months until out down, people commented on it a lot in the comments on you tube and it's a big topic of discussion. stacy's hair should have its own twitter feed. right. speaking of twitter, i saw this little dialogue happen between andrew neil and danny blanchflower. as a b.b.c. presenter, i think he's now gone off on his own. is a journalist from the spectator and other, you know, right wing,
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conservative sort of press in the u.k. and danny blanchflower was a member of the open market committee in the bank of england for many years. so ok, he's a bet he's a central banker. danny blanchflower. an economist, an academic at dartmouth, and i really like him because he's always so open and honest. he doesn't try to be depleted us about what they do as central bankers. he agrees with what we've said here on price report, essentially. so and to neil had 1st tweeted dinner tonight with somebody who thinks he's a great market. do room said it is mad that the dow passed 30000 in current circumstances . i said no equity prices reflect future, not past 2021 will be a great rebound. i'm optimistic, u.k. stocks, especially under price. so engine yell like everybody else. what people are expected to do with the participants in an economy are expected to do through fed speak through the fed, manipulating prices. is that they're supposed to think that these are the animal
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spirits the fed tries to incur? well, it's funded. actually, stocks are mostly being driven by global q e, quantitative easing, which really has one major purpose, which is to raise asset prices. yeah, we've been talking about this for a while. dated by far is one of the central bankers who speaks openly and honestly about what's going on here. so who covers business a lot over there in the u.k. doesn't want to recognize that stock prices are a function of money printing. in fact, how much our stock price is a function of money for, according to recent analysis, about 50 percent of the dow jones is attributable solely to money printing not from earnings, which are in fact going down. but from stock buybacks and other tricks accounting tricks. so this idea somehow there's going to be a.


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