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tv   News  RT  December 12, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EST

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u.s. drug regulator approved supplies or is coated vaccine for emergency use amid reports of the agency's head being threatened by the white house. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle that will save millions of lives and soon and the pandemic once and for all. the new though projects the use of emergency authorization saying that safety must come 1st and also wants to roll out certificates for those who have been inoculated against kobe and prompting fears people will feel pressured into getting the vaccine our guests debate the issue. is going to be sure you can get some good little information but one thing i would say to the european union is if you stop having so much bureaucracy and let those countries decide for themselves
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they would tom franks seems by now. that's true. and a street sign of the times the british city of birmingham gives wolk names to 6 new roads infuriating the anti p.c. brigade. this is art international coming to you straight from the russian capital with your live news update welcome to the program. the us hoot and drug agency has approved pfizer's code back seen for emergency use after reports that the white house chief of staff threatened the f.d.a. chief to approve the vaccine or resign. has praised the development. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered
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a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history it will save millions of lives and soon the pandemic once and for all in the u.k. people with a history of severe allergic reactions were advised against taking pfizer's coated job it comes just after the country began its mass rollout of the vaccine and in the us the f.d.a. revealed that 6 volunteers died during the trials which involved 844000 people the regulator insists that this is nothing to worry about 400 a placebo while the 2 remaining dusts are well within statistical expectations now more americans have died of coded than were lost finding in world war 2 and with 300000 have lost their lives to the virus parties come up and reports. we've got 15000000 cases of covert 19 in the united states we've got hospitals overwhelmed 107000 people are in the hospital at this moment doctors say these
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numbers are going to keep getting worse on wednesday there were more deaths from covert 19 on one day than there were on september 11th these are pretty big numbers that people are looking on at the situation and and just appalled at how massively coded 1000 has expanded throughout the united states how much the pandemic seems to be completely out of control now joe biden is promising that when he takes office he will tackle this issue for his 1st 100 days in office he's talking about a mask a mandate and i'm absolutely convinced that in 100 days we can change the course of the disease and change life in america for the better i'm going to ask for a mask in place everyone for the 1st 100 days of my administration to wear a mask that will start with my signing in order on day one to require mass where i cannot be the law there is some concern about how
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a mask mandate would be enforced around the country where there are states and localities that have mandated masks be worn we've seen kind of rebellion among sheriffs and local police officers who are refusing to enforce it for example in california this local sheriff referred to a mask a mandate as dictatorial he is expecting us to arrest anyone violating these orders cite them and take their money close their businesses make them stay in their homes and take away their civil liberties or he will punish all of us the riverside county sheriff's department will not be blackmailed bullied or used as muscle against riverside county residents in the enforcement of the governor's orders unemployment numbers in the united states are actually the highest they've been since mid september we had a situation where this we. 853000 people lost their jobs bringing the total number of unemployment to 10700000 according to the u.s.
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department of labor now despite this there is a deadlock in congress they're fighting over the stimulus package others not a clear agreement between the 2 major parties about how relief should be provided and of course we've got the 2 major parties blaming each other how many more businesses have to shut or how many more dreams have to be shattered. how many more people have to be laid off. before nancy pelosi and the democrats will act need more turned and looked at more time but we have to have a bill and we cannot go home without it things are pretty out of control the rival parties are blaming each other joe biden is promising that he will turn things around however there's a strong amount of opposition to the measures he's already proposing even before he takes office quite a problematic and serious situation here in the united states people are kind of confused about what exactly to do. to protect themselves you know also when i think
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many americans don't like to be told what to do so they've restrictions and they continue to fight the restrictions and by their doc. some of the states are stretched you know beyond capacity following every holiday there's it's a small surge and now it's a pretty big surge after thanksgiving there's still a significant portion of our population that doesn't get what's happening. while the u.s. is happy to resort to emergency authorization to end the pandemic as quickly as possible europe is urging caution with the head of its medicines agency saying that safety it must come 1st as well as rejecting the need for emergency authorization the e.u. is calling for vaccination certificates for people who've been inoculated and for block wide mutual recognition of coronavirus test result the aim of all this is to encourage eventual vaccine uptake and restore a cross border travel. right now the european union is working full speed to review
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the safety of vaccines and make them available in these riches you see do we have the opportunity to reach an agreement on how to proceed with covies 19 vaccines and establish a common system for the validity of tests however opponents of vaccination certificates are concerned they will end up becoming defacto obligatory because people could be required to have one before being permitted to do certain things like travel my colleague union o'neill put the issue up for debate. i'm nervous about the idea of having these travel certificates all these certificates that say you've had the coronavirus vaccine because what that means is that actually will then end up being a coronavirus passport so i think the thing is to encourage rather to rather than to make sure people are automatically told they have to have it it should not be compulsory go green with the gentleman there no problem but for air travel. it
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should be made compulsory by the airlines to make sure that the people on the plane are sent to blah blah about really dumb eccentric that's actually one of the problems we've got with this. group who are going. to pull information about and so i think there will be more people who are going to pick who profession coming out to look you eat certain they're very concerned with how rich this client she has come out with who already. are right now because it's nothing against having vaccines are open but this it's really really helping us. put sir do your duty as a police. car isn't concerned the one thing i would say to the european union is if you stop having so much bureaucracy and let those countries decide for themselves they would have vaccines by now i think that's an incredibly dangerous thing to say this is been in the making for 20 years we've had a rolling review is this is going on this vaccine is safe the m h
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r 8 would not license this vaccine if they did not believe it was safe and the problem is when you start to spread those sorts of rumors that's why people won't be vaccinated and the more you tell them you have to have a vaccine and people believe that there is some sort of miletus thing going on then people will not take up that vaccination and therefore we undo all the good work that's been done to date certain conspiracy theories and go our bordering on factual know looking as if they're going to be happening and this is just going to fuel those more extreme conspiracy theories that one of the bill gates trying to use vaccines that plant microchips in people this is simply going to reinforce their fears isn't it yes i somehow i believe absolutely. i'm sorry. you shouldn't believe these people or assume who claims crazy ideas all the time in the coming months and years we will know about the long term solidity of that sank scene and all of the certification and maybe we'll need to do it again and maybe
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there will be a 2nd version at all and that will improve the years but we need to save the economy now. in germany the daily infection rate has been steadily climbing sense october that's led to a debate about whether to pull the plug on traditional christmas events and a bid to keep people safe are to peter our reports from berlin. usually where i'm talking to you from would be the scene of one of the busiest christmas markets it's not to be this year there's no room at the inn for the christmas market due to the global pandemic but one thing that's a memory of christmas past is the smells of mold wine the still on sale at the restrictions on selling alcohol will harm my business we will leave the lots of income as things stand we can stay here until the 20th december maybe we'll be allowed to open up again after the lockdown is over but the sale of
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a cup of festive cheer is causing a divide in the country though while paws and restaurants of being forced to close on the germany's locked down lights mulled wine in the stalls have become a place to congregate prompting some politicians to warn that they may be leading to the spread of covert 19 across the country the old wine stands subvert our contact restrictions i don't understand why the city of cologne allows this in the end this will lead to new infections and that's it will be time for that later when we are vaccinated the owners of the stalls disagree though. i think we should do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus we wear masks and observe the timi to distance rule and disinfect our hands even germany's most famous christmas market in nuremberg is closed they have had to make changes to traditions going back to the 16th century with this year's chris kindle christ child opening the advent season from a local t.v.
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studio. this year everything is different the coronavirus crisis is preventing us from doing many things in the run up to christmas such as advent celebrations and gathering at the christmas market. lockdown restrictions that were brought in back in november haven't had the desired effect in getting the number of cases of covert 90 down that means that the federal. government here in berlin and the leaders of germany 16 states are going to have to thrash out a new set of restrictions even if that means putting christmas spirit on hold it's fought drink this nice mint as hard as a tease and i know how much care has gone into setting up the mood wine and waffles tat it's not compatible with for it to be a greet only take food away and it is home and really saw it from the bottom of my heart that is the price we pay is $590.00 deaths a day that is not acceptable but. obviously the public don't want to
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cancel christmas but i spoke to people here and asked them what they thought about these mulled wine stalls being no it's not very christmassy like to try to find a balance between not being scarce and. trying to have a good time maybe i think it's not good that it's do open at the same time is a little bit sad because it's christmas and they're very won't be together and enjoy this time. it is a bit sad that there's not so much to do at this time but i think we need to be cautious and i suppose those few places with mulled wine should remain open it's clear from on blue merkel's address to the bundestag that the chancellor wants to see things go further sacrificing christmas spirit in the name of safety feature all over r.t. . 6 people were injured after being struck by a car at
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a black lives matter protest in new york on friday police confirm that the injuries appear not to be life threatening the rally was held in solidarity with people jailed by immigration and force there's and driver of the car that plowed into the crowd was arrested witnesses told us what they saw. our people got hit our people got hit by cars for us to doing a peaceful protest we had those biker cops behind us the entire day the by cops the bikers they were behind us the entire time they could have prevented it if they did their job to let you know where peacefully watching the turn around i see a car coming sadly they did this to pass but i think that there's an easy way out the way you are saying that the car started just getting. like smack in. the british city of birmingham has been branded it woke well for the way it's named 6 new streets these include diversity grove a quality road and humanity close
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a panel of judges chose the names from suggestions by the public though some have been quick to trounce the pex these new street names are completely vacuous was 0 connection to the people history or culture of birmingham another labor initiative the politicize ation of our landscape continues the art a meaningless banality of these new names speaks volumes about the new hollow normal anyway how about trust close compliance crescent wolk wash way i'm calling it now someone's going to put a d at the end of humanity close radio host and columnist john gone says birmingham should have chosen names that reflect the city's achievements instead. this is political correctness gone mad this is no flakes having a field day how ridiculous to name the streets in these close is in this way it's virtue signaling it's on sure it's not in june with most birmingham people it
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doesn't reflect what birmingham is well birmingham's becoming birmingham is a more thrusting city but we could talk about the achievements of birmingham and birmingham people this look and loads of people not necessarily people but organization bands groups great achievements they could name this after but no they want to slugger the deluded and the politically correct it's an absolute joke and i'm sure the brummie jordan are you working class birmingham people will be laughing at this as much as everybody else. nearly 300 dead seals have been found washed up along the shores of the caspian sea a warning you may find some of the following images upsetting scientists are looking into what could have caused the mass deaths one theory is that the seals were killed by a virus but researchers say they need more data before they can be sure earlier
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this year caspian seals were put on russia's list of endangered species. bushnell it is almost impossible to determine the cause of death of the seals at 1st glance the only fact is that remain there are toxicology viral logy and bacterial infections this will require special research and considerable special resources. still ahead joe biden's latest campaign does nothing to dispel fears the interests of corporate giants are being put 1st or that team obama is making a comeback details after next.
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banks are survival guide books they seem just like all the start simply putting all this it's. going to get. back to. oh no. this is a repatriation scheme look at the us in 70 years. philip to separate the treasury board.
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welcome back u.s. president like joe biden has unveiled his latest round of cabinet picks and i include yet another obama era official tom vilsack as agriculture secretary for secretary of agriculture i nominate tom vilsack an outstanding 2 term governor of iowa the best secretary of agriculture i believe this country's ever had he was there when the great recession was probably ruin america over 8 years she oversaw a record breaking investment to bring us back. the former governor was agriculture secretary under barack obama and his tenure was plagued by accusations that he favored a major industrial giants including months and to 0 supported a number of controversial measures including the expansion of genetically modified crops and helped ease industry restrictions by his cabinet has so far been packed with figures linked to big corporations former c.n.n.
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contributor jen psaki has been chosen as the new white house press secretary on austin's nomination as defense secretary has sparked concerns over his ties to arms supplier everything in all anthony lincoln's closeness with the big and powerful is being questioned over his nomination for secretary of state professor of political economy jack ross must doesn't believe the new administration will be too different from the one under barack obama. always appointments nearly all and now have been no retreads for your mom administration or pro corporate appointees you know it's not only that bill shack was dogged with doing what he had to do to run afoul of monsanto or g m o's but he was in a husband in this there i believe the head of the dairy council so or this guy has a long history of corporate agribusiness try and other positions revolving doors of the same thing and it's not mary convincing that they were going to have much of a change sure and if the appointments. are any indication of what the
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policies might be another is whether we're live nomics he's going to be obama on the x. 2.0 and then we better worry and i don't see your biden's policy is going to be very aggression in terms of a stimulus that's needed and if the democrats don't come up with the robust then list economic policy when viney thinks it often seems then they are facing their own anonyma get money 2022 congress. truckdriver say they're coming under increased attacks from migrants and coulée elect by comes as the bracks a transition period nears one driver filmed at this video showing men trying to get into the truck ahead of his own 2 of them an appropriate decked out at his vehicle i spoke to a great west the man behind a video about the situation in cali. peoples a trying to come across the channel. we call them immigrants
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a choice very many different tactics to actually bought the tribe going back and making shows smallman caught up as much as possible the systems of fitted within the channel tunnel actually make it much more harder because they can be detected it is 'd for sniffing dogs to sniff and who's smell people consider themselves inside the truck is an opportunistic and there is a failing of desperation of these people at the moment so. the main way migrants reach the u.k. is by boat it's estimated that a record number of landed in britain this year over 8 south and arrivals are set to discreate as the u.k. and france sign an agreement and november as well see more patrols and surveillance and u.k. home office also says it's invested millions in border security greg last again says tougher borders is one reason people voted for brecht it. is fairly evident
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that. more inclined to want. in the u.k. than the rest of you have a genuine political asylum seekers they would probably claim asylum once i come in to anyone in the that they don't they just tend to back up and overload the immigration system and services within the you cut those eyes and struggle to keep up i mean if there were many ways the part of the reason we felt it to remove ourselves from europe is because we wanted the country wanted to try to control every crisis is one of the many factors. palestinian shop owners in all jerusalem allege that israeli authorities are using the pandemic as an excuse to drive their businesses under hundreds of stores have been closed for violating health ministry rules all flair picks up the story. the pandemic has left businesses around the world reeling but here in the bubble huta neighborhood in the old city of jerusalem that's only hot off the story over $400.00 stores and
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counting have been forced to close here leaving families who've worked in the shops for generations desperate normally at this time of year the streets are bustling with tourists and traders we're not far from the al aqsa mosque compound but as you can see many of the shops are closed and atmosphere is one of clue there on the go here somebody who once made 100 shekels now makes 15 or less that's life now it's very difficult is not like before now there's no way to earn money the jobs here are reliant on tourism and there are no tourists it's been like this for a year the coronavirus is of course the main reason but shop owners yes it is also under pressure from israeli authorities to move why well they believe that once they're forced out the area will be filled with jewish israelis or google business
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is not function here look at this coffee house it's closed and those that are open there are no customers they're not making ends meet and who is to blame the government of course there's the crown of ours but they make too much drama out of that there's only so much you can blame on the virus people want to work and they are working but they're not making any money the police say that some motions are flouting the rules by refusing to a face mosques the people here say that some people not true instead they say that the police are either preventing them from reaching their businesses under the pretext that they're breaking the coronavirus and quarantine rules or they coming up with other excuses to force them to close the shops. because we're arabs look at tel aviv no one gets fined there before us because we're arabs we get fined 2000 shekels and reporters fall for everything. i mean she tell you the truth it's racism if you go to the jewish parts of jerusalem many people there don't even
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wear mosques the stores are open people go to work go about their daily lives there for us it's different my wife had to pay 500 shekels because she hadn't put a mosque in correctly the old city of jerusalem is eerily quiet coronavirus has devastated business in the streets now is hardly the time to be playing politics or perhaps as residents here tell me it's the ideal time policia r.t. jerusalem. locals in the far northwest of russia were treated to a dazzling nighttime display in shades of green this was the site over more months the city is no stranger to the northern alliance but this display was larger and brighter than usual thanks to a powerful magnetic storm in the atmosphere. that's been our breakdown of the day's top news for this hour but i'm pretty can always had our website our q. dot com for the details on all of those stories and many more. rare
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it was a difference from there to paris gun for another researcher to be reunited with their american. troops weapons of mass you know they go to a new spirit and develop an area and. do that later marinated a good friend of m.t.v. has been presented to mobile devices in order to really i'm going to i'm going to come to you you don't need to be able to pick your mother mary that against alternative vision. if you start to question the regulator the excelsior airtight your mates at the time and it is where airfare made it up for you to media
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narrative the undercover and i'm going to destabilize the. area if you will get exposed to a particular case waves decontaminate my low self your eyes ears and for a minute or everything to. track down. where mary so you can defend yourself enjoyed revlon from the weapons of mass communications. thanks for the r.t. for your fear of the enemy of the interview earlier. joining me every 1st day on the alex sullivan show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbiz most i'll see you then.
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time after time say we're going underground years in the days since u.k. prime minister morris johnson's landslide victory in the country's general election a year in office arguably eclipsed by a pandemic that is not the u.k. with the highest number of coronavirus related deaths in europe coming up on the show 2000000 that's the number of u.k. families estimated to be pushed into extreme poverty by privileging the rich during coronavirus we talk to the united nations he would scream poverty special rapporteur about the prospect of a 1000000 more british children struggling to stay warm or be clean and i ask whether the boris johnson government is merely continuing what the un has characterized as an anti or ideological project to systematically him is
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a rage millions grand will a biden presidency be able to pull off the same p.r. conjuring trick that the obama white house did we talk to the white house as 1st official videographer and they both new liberal obama and anti new liberal senator bernie sanders all the some more coming up in today's going underground 1st with the u.n. warning 200000000 more people could be pushed into extreme poverty by coronavirus the scale of the problem here in the u.k. the world's 5th largest economy is becoming clearer u.k. antipoverty n.-g. o. the joseph roundtree foundation says levels of destitution could be set to double in the wake of the pandemic with 2000000 including a 1000000 children struggling to eat stay warm or keep clean but according to the un destitution was already rising before the pandemic when un special rapporteur on extreme poverty in 2019 for the bolster and claimed britain was in the grip of an ideological project causing pain and misery well now a successor in the v.a. the shooter joins me now from brussels and they may thanks so much.


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