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tv   News  RT  January 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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it's true isn't. it. was. the stories that shaped the we can r t the us house of representatives impeach is president transformed president his 2nd time but while many on the floor can't wait to see their parkas him others say it's more about revenge then justice. rush approves clinical trials of an espresso version of its covert vaccine dubbed sputnik lighted aims to meet rising global demand. and grim footage from a german predatory empire like the extent of the resurgent pandemic in europe as well it is accused of stockpiling vaccines of the expense of the e.u. members.
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of i will welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international with me here arun. just days before leaving office donald trump became the 1st u.s. president to be impeached for a 2nd time on wednesday the house of representatives voted to indict him claiming he for men to last week's riots at the capitol building but almost $200.00 congress members came out against the vote arguing it's no longer about justice but revenge it's now up to the senate to decide whether or not to convict the president on charges of inciting into an insurrection and despite democratic party calls for urgency the trial it won't happen before trump leaves office on wednesday however it could eventually see him banned from ever holding public office again laura expert charles rose explains how it could determine his long term future. since he
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will have already concluded his term what conviction in the senate would do is open the door to an additional vote on a majority basis only determining whether or not he would be banned from. future public office and i think the odds are very hard that that goal would be successful if the larger hurdle is 1st accomplished of an actual conviction in the son in the state prosecutions if they make it to trial there's absolutely no bar he can't be pardoned for it at the federal level and if the state of new york for us it were to decide that they were going to proceed forward with indictment in trial he would get his day in court just like in you know the defendant well as congress prepared to debate impeachment these pictures went viral hundreds of national guard troops leaping on the floor in the capitol building with many online i think to think of the government looks more like a military base that stations that are around the clock following last week's riots
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which is a problem to be impeachment proceedings the president thinks those involved will be punished and promised a peaceful transition there is never a justification for violence those who engaged in the attacks last week will be brought to justice in washington d.c. we are bringing in thousands of national guard members to secure this city and ensure that a transition can occurs safely and without incident the efforts to said sir cancel and blacklist our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous. also height of rock quiets week on line mainly because he was cutoff by the majors social networks he's been permanently found by twitter not tied to his facebook and instagram account seemed to be back online on friday early this week i spoke to
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a legal internet on pub politics experts about whether or not the platforms themselves have become too powerful. they just won an election they're going to see how far they can push this this is a stress test to see how far the law will go how long how much people will tolerate and are going to go as far as they can because drunk with power of they know which way the wind is blowing donald trump is no longer going to be in the white house almost all of these companies face antitrust suits that are going to be decided by the biden department of justice and so now there is going to be less of a priority to maybe make these arguments internally that donald trump and his account should be protected but these are self interested actors it is all the years that they have now controlling pretty much the entire communications system all over the wall but it will be a mater of telling the full censorship pool be move on to other parts of democratic party companies like twitter facebook anonymous and can do this to their own
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president and they do it anywhere in the well to any government they don't like. oh certainly so. they that the largest problems within these companies is that there really is no actual basis for which they are operating there is no bible there is no constitution there is no their terms of service are often edited and malleable and even then subject to vague enough to be subject to the whims of internal discussions within the company this it means that we have to rewrite the 1st amendment in this country because this is a quote private company that 99 percent of all the people on the planet use our laws are outdated and unless that is changed nothing will change at least in this country now the question who should be more the rating perhaps the saudis this should be a form of duration but it needs to be transparent so the state of affairs at the
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moment they don't know who'll make those were the rationed do you think they created they intended to end like this with a massive bans and censorship. of course absolutely look there was so much involvement in not only private equity but in government sponsored this was never intended to be good at those just the internet giants of being exposed for all the actually are this is a mission statement to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers now people used to believe this does anyone believe that anymore i don't think so the question that i have is are we now bifurcating the internet are we going to totally solve select from the point of adolescence or before or to be handed down by our parents to our children that we now only go on social networks and only interact with people and they're only hosted on servers that either are liberal or conservative or possibly even more
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extreme versions of that that to me is a. vision that i think is something that is closer today than i've ever known it my laptop. russia has started testing a simplified version of it sputnik the coded vaccine with national and global demand growing that is so it's not just but make light pretext for a shorter time but only requires one dose instead of 2 its efficacy is the will to be around 85 percent compared to more than 91 percent for the full version meanwhile russia is the original coded vaccine keeps gaining traction globally mexico is now looking to buy tens of millions of doses and the president of guinea has become the 1st african leader to get the job. the sputnik the vaccine once scorned and maligned is turning into an international bestseller production is surging to an average of 130000 doses
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a day so $4000000.00 doses over the next month the vaccine has already been approved in algeria and argentina serbia bolivia other countries and move by as well lining up i can say the vaccine is affected more than 90 percent based on the trial doubts and also less allergic reaction that ability skill ability cost all these all the pet meter that are ideal for any vaccine to roll out. one of the sputniks biggest advantages over the competition aside from price is that it's easier to transport or to store so a simple fridge will do the 5 of them and then the vaccines they require deep freeze as low as minus 70 degrees celsius so cold storage which isn't widely available in much of the developing world which is most of the world this is a 1st world problem that they have it has to be stored so cold so we're straight in
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the ticking of us wells in america but for the continent of africa this is not even start you know even a place to start sputnik that scene is easier to just store it with maybe less you know sophisticated storage material for another way of getting it out to the population for the globe that is more excessive all is it's very important palestine the night the vaccine by israel has become the 1st in the middle east to greenlight sputnik the main thrust of the uniqueness of this would be worse in that it's using a genius. it's a lot the sims and universe has been used in both those as it is different in order to reduce the immune response to. the. search because of that they believe because it is a good chance to know that the difference is in the next in india the russian shot has just passed phase 2 trials without
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a hitch with only phase 3 to go well ready deals have been signed to produce 300000000 deuces of sputnik in india the phase 2 study in india showed a very good safety profile we are working closely towards fast tracking the launch of the sputnik the vaccine in india all in all few nations are putting all their money on anyone who saw that see anything could happen from supply shortages to unforeseen side effects like the pfizer vaccines allergic reactions which is why would make sense to make sure that you've got different jobs. meanwhile europe is suffering a new surgeon coated cases with france germany and spain registering some of the highest daily rate this week in fact a video emerged from one of germany's worst affected regions highlighting just how bad the situation has become some 300 bodies piling up in a queue for crime and torreon in saxony the coffin stacked one on top of the other
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are often simply labeled with the words covert and infectious risk it comes as the european union struggles to maintain unity over covert vaccine purchases brussels is urging member states to keep to the block's centralized distribution scheme but not all of them seem to be sticking to the agreement with more here's our europe correspondent peter all over. the european union's one for all and all for one vaccine plan is corp against the problem of members self interest when it comes to obtaining the jobs germany has snapped up an extra $30000000.00 doses of the pfizer and dern of vaccines being criticized by its partners for doing so it is selfish behavior to buy medicine by yourself disrespecting common decisions is another example of the german policy of respecting their own interests above the interests of other e.u. countries berlin insists it is playing by the rules and that those extra doses were
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be sent out on until the vaccine has been dispatched across the rest of the european union germany says the real problem lies with problems when it comes to production put it suited them we have ordered enough vaccines the question is how can they be produced how fast they can be produced and if we would have ordered more it would not have been possible to produce it quicker the shortage is due to the lack of production capacity it isn't just germany that's being accused of looking out for itself cyprus is courting israel for vaccine delivery say. saying that the european union isn't forthcoming with the north doses to provide a mass switch to rollout the initial indications were very encouraging but at some point there was a setback in its effectiveness 2 companies came up with the vaccine 1st phase of biotech can be done but the number of vaccines is not enough for rapid mass
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vaccination e.u. commission president has live on the line is telling member states to cut it out and to adhere to the plan that they all agreed on we have all agreed legally binding that there will be no parallel negotiations no parallel contracts so the framework we are all working in is a framework of $27.00 together we are negotiating together we are procuring and together we are bringing forward this vaccination process the commission aren't doing themselves any favors demanding transparency from member states when it comes to vaccine procurement when they aren't being all that clear on who will get what when the 27 agree that brussels would negotiate on their behalf the accusation is that that is being undermined by member states looking out for number one as we see the the e.u. were very slow compared to other countries both in their regulation approvals both
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in there are a vaccination campaigns and. again no surprise that there is unsaid disaffection we indeed have that across the across the whole front we have a very poor performance by the european union here but the central administration of the european union all they managed was to secure so the $100000000.00 doses for a population of $450.00 so taking into account that you need 2 doses per person this was one 3rd of the population for which the vaccine was secured because of some budget constraints it is official he said so no wonder the e.u. population is not very happy with that performance 'd in brussels despite the problems of distribution the european commission president is demanding that covert 30 africans are given to everybody who receives the job. it is absolutely necessary
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if you have been vaccinated to have a certificate this is a medical necessity a 2nd fresh it is. and this is a political and a legal decision what you are allowed to do with this certificate private passports are being suggested by other states too and poland vaccinated people will be sent q.r. codes to use public services without extra testing the airlines are also latching on to the idea a survey for australia's qantas that shows 9 in 10 people would get inoculated if it meant they could travel again however more than half a year of talks around the world have failed to get across the border deal and the head of the world travel and tourism council says introducing covert passports could lead to discrimination. and the dog we are it sure is totally against health passports ok and we believe that as well because that can lead to discrimination unfortunately the magazine is not available everywhere learned
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a lot of the violence in countries that they still don't have access to the vaccine i don't see that as the only solution mass vaccination should not be the only consideration currently we have a limited supply and we need to where it buys the more liberal groups we don't have to wait for seem to travel while at the same time people kind of still travel as long as you have for instance if you're coming in from this to nation with high cases of quality to earn this nation with lower case of course we will be helpful 2 percent and this is where we have a nasty in. a test made up before called the survey you're allowed to board a plane with a test in massive testing implemented before boarding or before flying. them in opposition figure alexina valley has landed back in russia and was immediately arrested by police on arrival we bring give you details after this
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short break.
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aesop's fables caution us to be careful what we wish for because it might just come true after 4 years of donald trump the democrats are trying on friendly retaking power in the united states is that a cause for celebration or concern. welcome back kremlin critic i like saying avani is back on russian soil and was immediately arrested by police on arrival they found he had been in germany receiving medical treatment after an instant's last summit in which he fell seriously ill during a flight saw the reports from moscow's winnick about international airport when of on these plane it was scheduled to land. but here i am. just to the southwest
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of moscow and around 7 30 pm local time russian opposition forgot it was a cue to land on that flight from belin however at the last minute we got word that all incoming flights were being diverted to other ports and the film is flight was set to shut me up to the other side of the capital now we've seen footage of him that disembarking the plane we saw him boarding a bus in will to be taken to a tunnel and it was on that bus that the he was taken in to police custody now behind me about an hour and a half 2 hours ago are once dispatched now it is minus 20 degrees i don't blame them a crowd of supporters had got that despite with ortiz all skin people not to gather on most of the seat for corona virus related reasons now the terminal is actually shock to everyone except the passengers who was very difficult to understand what was going on but we did see footage of people milling about in the arrivals who
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they were blocking the entrance stopping people who actually had flights to board so authorities were forced to push them out onto the streets it seems that around a dozen arrests have been made or of these people came here supporters journalists even some critics of novell and he was spotted as well had come here to new cover to see what fate awaited the 44 year old now we know he has been detained why well at the end of december he served out a suspended sentence on charges of home and not that related to the so-called eve for a shut case that goes back to 2014 now the terms of the us suspended sentence to mont it that he regularly report to an office but russia's prisons services say that he failed to do so on at least 6 occasions over the past here that was before he fell sick on that plane from siberia to moscow and even after he was discharged from. hospital. because of that he was actually put on the federal most wanted list and
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russia's potentially service said that they are now looking at potentially commuting that saw that sentence into a real time prison he said they gave him fair warning about the potential consequences of consistent evaluating his probation official warnings about the possibility of cancelling the conditional sentence and replacing it with a real prison term or issues for each violation byelection of only official confirmation of his treatment at a hotel in germany was not provided and the very fact of current rehabilitation procedures is not the reason for the failure to appear for a dissertation now this is not the only at legal challenge ahead for novell need the kremlin critic is also facing fresh allegations of fraud investigators say the key misappropriated always took $5000000.00 worth of donations that were given in good faith to his non profit organization and that could see
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a penalty of up to 10 years behind bars so a lot of people again i said have got that hit to see what exactly would be the situation it now seems clear that he will be facing at least he's been taken into custody and what out of woe what happens off to his will have to wait and see blessed us remind ourselves why it is exactly what's led up to this moment and why novell needs a ton to russia has gone to so much attention. all old.
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not just on that last poor point about requests from german authorities it became clear that berlin had said something to moscow but most of. the material that was said was so latino and substance that really it couldn't be considered anything useful or worthy of anything of cooperation never the last we see in the e.u. sanctions senior russian officials over the novell needs saga which looks like it might still be a continuing scene of army has been taken into custody and it looks like around that on the 29th of january a decision on his future will be made in court. honesty international has condemned the arrest calling it a political move saying russian authorities want to silence him and the council president has proclaimed the arrest of the opposition figure unacceptable calling
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on russian officials to immediately release him independent political analyst gilbert doctorow believes nirvana's detention was predictable. he reasons. so there's little surprises there are typically orange one is. here or there or on the conditions of his or they all. go to work is asians will go in this book owns the ones. that is a substantial. role of all this was invented in the worst moments of serve the purpose of going to russia or new war or confrontation. really was to find compromises with russia and to do it it was not the normal conservative or or loose political. or political use
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of our will why is. last. point tests were left stunned when britain revealed it was significantly lengthening the time between covert vaccine doses now a senior minister has hinted it might take even longer the government has said that people might have to wait more than 3 months to get the 2nd job far longer than the time scale in which the drugs have been tested but even that gap card apparently be fully guaranteed can guarantee that on fire for example you will be able to get a 2nd one we absolutely are aiming for that we should be able to deliver it and i think we can be quietly confident does the governments know something that w h o f d n pfizer don't while the seriously willing to consider gambling with the nation's health by playing fast and loose with covert vaccines this is dangerous 2nd shot as
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critical and 12 weeks already stretching it not sure what to make of this but this is a rare under promising rather than a real risk. but different vaccines have been tested with different lead times between the 1st and 2nd doses ranging from 3 weeks to up to 3 months the government originally plans to stick to the shorter timeframe but now says it's ok to delay for the full 12 weeks in order to eke out supplies to get at least some vaccine to into as many people as possible but that decision it was met with widespread criticism and concern from both the public and medical professions professionals a british doctor's campaign group has appealed to the health secretary to at least make exception for the pfizer vaccine which recommends the shortest gap between jepps and a statement the drugs affirmed points out that there's no data to say the 1st dose gives protection beyond 21 days british infectious diseases expert dr barrett punk
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says the 2nd job can't be held up indefinitely the 2nd dose is crucial in boosting the immune levels so if you are so optimally immunized and then you never get that booster that immunity will eventually start to frayed and you become one rable to infection we have to immunize as many as possible as fast as possible and i accept giving the one vaccine prevents illness in more people by using up the 2 doses to give to double the number of people accept that but if we then fail to boost their immunity is in a given time span then we may be losing the protective effect of the 1st vaccine that we gave if that is the case it's very unfortunate therefore the 2nd very extreme ought to be given within a good time frame not an indefinite time interval. many thanks for joining us here on r.t.
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international last fall from may but down hawkins will be here with the latest at the top of the hour. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. it seems inevitable the new security regulations fast into law in the wake of the events on capitol hill the original d.v.d. that was made to legitimize the so-called war on terror the patriot act you can no focus on domestic terror and how will the u.s. against the e.u. once.
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they're. right there the only jelly be there the new on ice cream however we don't have a medium want to do have trinity why not so that is what i'm pushing pushing society to create. it will be a laboratory. if museum will actually have. where you can go sit down in each presence could. know now but do you know what there's a real effort that's the best idea. in a given the i want to do you have one minute left
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