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tv   News  RT  February 3, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EST

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they were going to come over you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight 6 trade. countries in the west appeared to be warming to russia's next the vaccine was one of the world's leading medical journals states the job is more than 90 percent effective. in the e.u. the european commission president asad of vandelay and refuses to apologize for the e.u.'s slow job approval process despite heavy criticism over the shortage of vaccines in the blog. and russian opposition figure about me as sentenced to 3 and a half years in jail by moscow for it but have come to use in the west been hasty in condemning the ruling.
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waking you up this wednesday morning with your global news update it's the team headed off the international moscow ways good to have you with us. let's start off with some good news mosco has rather mexico has become the latest country to officially approve the russian code for a defunct seen with millions of doses set to be delivered in the coming months now that comes hot on the heels of a new study in the lancet magical jonell which was found sputnik seemed to be more than 90 percent effective on meanwhile over in europe hungary which was the 1st e.u. country to approve he has already received its fast batch of the shot as part of a 2000000 deal of the key states in the block france and germany are awaiting a decision by the e.u. regulator. anyone who applies to the european medical agency for approval is welcome i talked with the russian president exactly about this when they noted the
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good data today about the russian vaccine any vaccine is welcome in the european union but only ones that give the necessary data to the european medicines agency will be approved in. several weeks ago i sent a scientific mission to russia in order to exchange data with the teams the we saw today data indicating a very strong efficiency of the sputnik vaccine but we can distribute it in front and so the russian producers submit a request to our authorities it's normal it's a matter of health care responsibility where even before this lancet article russian scientists had been insisting that sputnik they was safe and effective and i didn't stop it from receiving a wave of criticism in the west though but it appears that the ice might be starting to melt and explains even some staunch critics are ready to give sputnik a shot. barely a few months ago the cure was sold to us says was the new disease they mocked sputnik we they don't ride did it they tried to turn it into
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a joke but with out of these 3 mass trial completed it sounds like the process hasn't run its course here america's top researchers say russia cutting corners to develop its coronavirus vaccine they're still trying to figure out safety and there they've approved it the irony is of course that these same people the same people who accused russia of spreading vaccine conspiracies and discouraging people to get the job the irony is often lost on these sorts this is c.n.n. in a tube so you know that they're trying to trash talk it when they start by calling it putin's vaccine which was apparently dangerous and unreliable reading between the lines this is c.n.n. now and somehow sputnik has become safe and potent one of only 3 vaccines with an efficacy of over 90 percent that's cheaper it's easier to produce
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and to transport and side effects don't include catatonic allergic sieges what the trials showed us 91.6 percent episodes of exceeding mind you want 48 percent efficacy for actually people older than 60 years old and also in the mob the important part of the vaccine it's affordable and it's easy to distribute around the world because humankind big scene because it can distort the last 2 plus feet versus minus 70 degrees celsius required by the u.s. but scenes and of course a one 3rd of the u.s. we've seen so when you combine safety africa's sea price and logistics you really have what i believe is the best of acute in the world and many scientists in the world agree the lancet medical journal has published preliminary results for things 3. trials of sputnik and their good side effects if any doesn't require a deep freeze so more widely available to poorer nations when russian scientists
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said all of this it was met with our roles and mockery but when other scientists say the same thing they all nod sagely in agreement this is clearly good news as these dual formulation vaccine is comparatively easy to manufacture and to deploy i mean they anticipated global shortage of vaccines and logistical problems in vaccination rollout it's interesting timing to now that maternal pfizer vaccines are experiencing shortages and disruptions sputnik isn't so bad after all it never was but politics is politics and a vaccine isn't immune to political trash talk as sad as that is around 50 nations have already preordered sputnik jabs and europe hungry was the 1st european nation to greenlight it and now the czech republic is looking to follow and its footsteps i know that sputnik is already i suspect being used in hungary and i have no
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objection to this vaccine being used in our country if the experts so decide he's still better than people dying here just because of a lack of vaccines so after months of denial and derision the pundits too are coming around it was easy to mock russian scientists it's harder to mock international studies hard science and that was enough of a jolt to convince even pundits to give scrutiny we shot in late january i took a test for coated 19 antibodies the results according to an interpretive scale provided by the clinic indicates that my antibody levels were probably sufficient to prevent illness the odds struck me as high but my own personal pandemic was nearing its end if you are asked. the average person before this pandemic how they thought the world would react to this this huge global health crisis they would probably have said by united we now know that that would have been the wrong answer
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and if anything the past year was a chaotic free for all a rat race where everyone is for themselves it's nice to see that at last good sense and reason are starting to prevail over propaganda and politics i think the whole cold story has been terribly pleased to let you sized. the verb levels and not being clear which with respect to both lockdowns and with regard to vaccines and its tragic because it is destroyed good scientific. anita's all that allegations against stock scenes which are not scientifically substantiate the dates of published in the lancet show that sputnik is a good and effective vaccine likewise i mean last week we saw really wild allegations from some senior european union politicians making be so assertions
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about the. oxford socks in which they could not substantiate. a shortage of corona virus vaccines in the e.u. had slipped pressure on the european commission teeth i 17 and has defended the block's relatively slow rollout saying it would not compromise on safety but even help prita seso song cloete unka has criticized her handling of the vaccination program. i believe it all went too slow it hasn't all been done with the maximum transparency even though that would have been a difficult task. let's go live now to our europe correspondent plea to all of the hardest working correspondent around i mean we've been talking about this for days now peter why is this dispute around vaccines in europe still ongoing well the e.u. vaccination program is widely perceived to have moved at
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a glacial pace we heard john claude younker there saying that he thinks it could have gone faster the person it seems that doesn't think it's moved far too slow is the current incumbent of the job of e.u. commission president on the line she says that it's being purposeful that it's moving in the right direction she certainly doesn't think that it's being slowed that any delays have been because the e.u. didn't want to compromise safety. some country stary to vaccinate a little before europe it is true but they resorted to emergency 24 hour making authorisation procedures the commission in member states agreed not to compromise with the safety and efficacy of requirements linked to the authorisation of the vaccine well that comment is being seen as a bit of a dig at the united kingdom which approved with the urgency measures both and astra
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zeneca vaccines in record time the prime minister's spokes person in london has said that at no point were was safety compromised in all of the corrective measures were followed new coolness were cut and new students were left unturned and the coming was based on an extremely thorough evaluation of all the data from the clinical trials. well the european union medicines agency the e m a approved the astra zeneca vaccine for use in everybody over the age of 18 on friday of last week however while it's being given may approval member states have suggested they don't want to give it to those over the age of 65 based on the day so all the the lack of data for that demographic that was provided to the medicines agency germany were among the 1st to suggest that they wouldn't be giving it to that age group poland of also followed but the most shocking comments of come out
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of france where president to manual mike rogers waded right into this and gone as far as describing the astra zeneca vaccine as ineffective when it comes to use for people over the age of 65 or 65 and above. those claims have been roped in by scientists suggesting they've got no idea where it's plucked that quote from suggesting that the french president may well be taking part in what could be called demand management when it comes to these statements. why looks like the e.u. like any family with lots of members finds it very difficult to agree on anything that was reporting from an entity. while in the meantime a man in the u.k. has been left to the bitter taste in his mouth off to being arrested by police for giving out free soup and local park and it was apparent on the grounds that he was violating covert 19 rules nick smith had been serving soup as i said to vulnerable
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people at a makeshift kitchen he'd set up in his local skate park but the sussex police force and stepped in saying that any gathering of 2 or more people breaks the current coronavirus cobbs smith though claims people think charity work when you volunteer activity is exempt from that rule but the police beg to differ. officers in gauge with the parties involved explain the restrictions in relation to the look them and encourage compliance with the government guidelines the u.k.'s current knock down is set to finish on march 31st the country recently became the 5th in the world to register 3000000 coronavirus cases with more than 100000 deaths were a woolford or throw food by britain believes that in this case the u.k. police what overzealous. there is a clear guidance in the restrictions and that means the voluntary sector those of us that involved with feeding people in
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a crisis are exempt from the regulations that the most of the public are have to adhere to people arriving for soup catching a kitchen is acceptable as long as they get their soup and then they move on this was an open environment a safe environment it was within the guidelines of ovid for the voluntary sector and frontline services i work with another organization called street kitchen and street kitchen operates across 7 different districts in london on the streets feeding people in crisis in exactly the same way that this man was helping his neighbors in his local community what's really happening here is that the police in different areas do not seem to be aware of 'd what's happening in other areas so they're all misunderstanding the regulations.
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a moscow court has given russian opposition figure aleksei avani a 3 and a half year jail sentence over alleged parole violations of on his lawyers have already said that they will appeal the decision well i'm joined now by our. i mean igor it's not exactly the most stranding situation here in russia but world wide a seems that saturn of honest cases hitting the headlines well it is it is absolutely one of the prison term for election of ali was announced reactions started to pour in international reactions i mean will be immediately and what i see immediately i mean it literally within minutes after the judge announced his decision when he effectively sided completely with the prosecution we've read the world we just started to i just started to read these you know statements released by the u.k. the united states germany france the council you are a breed you name it's really all of them sending essentially trying to convey the same message and putting a lexan of army on a pedestal have
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a listen. we reiterate our call for the russian government to immediately and unconditionally release mr no vani as well as the hundreds of other russian citizens wrongfully detained in recent weeks for exercising their rights including the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly today's verdict against jealousy in a violent is a bitter blow against fundamental freedoms and the rule of law in russia alexina valley must be released immediately the u.k. calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all like chain of ali and all of the peaceful protesters and journalists arrested over the last 2 weeks but this international rallying cool in support of election of ali didn't start after the announcement of the prison term in fact it began in the courtroom so to speak because it was a hearing like no other it was unprecedented for russia and why because we saw
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a motorcade of embassy cars bringing foreign diplomats to witness the hearing so they were there and according to a spokesperson of the most kuku this was something completely out of the ordinary like this is not normal procedure even though there was a statement from the u.k. embassy i think claiming the claiming the opposite but if you if you listen to the spokeswoman of the russian foreign ministry well she wasn't impressed by this cavalcade of diplomats at all. it was a positive mission this is no longer just interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state it is the south exposure of the west and it's a terribly sick contain russia in an unappealing and illegal way. so essentially here's the thing russia views of the situation in the world the whole legal battle over lax in a valley as something strictly internal a matter of internal affairs while worldwide it is viewed as something as almost
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like a leverage against russia to be used you know to to shame russia so so this is this is what's causing all the distress was actually said this is a russian city. being tried by russian law in a russian court so why is the international community coming out and being so quick to condemn men in tunnels that object while alexina vali has long been hailed as the opposition leader in russia although there are a lot of opposition forces who would disagree and they wouldn't put him so to speak as the unanimous you know leader and chief and so but when it comes to when you speculate about how just was the decision of course if you're siding with election or volley if you're his follower his supporter then you will view it as unjust because he has a lot of arguments including the ruling of the european human rights code when he says he was absolved of the crime that of that he's being sued. in russia even
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though he wasn't it was about more about the amount of years that you receive back into the food scene but let's not get into these legal details and trinkets so essentially the election of only received 3 and a half years so he had to the previous so he didn't get a new term he didn't get a new sentence he just had a previous one that he got in 2014 over after being found guilty of embezzle meant he got 3.5 years of suspended suspended terms with a 5 year probation period then he the prosecution said that he violated the probation period so they want to to be swapped for a real one and this is what the court essentially did they didn't issue a new sentenced. and on top of that the election of only having served around one year. at home and under you know under the whole conviction he so he will only have to he will have to spend in the real prison that just short
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of 3 years so there is that understand surely you the russian the russian federal prison service the release statistics just lately showing how many people like election of army are there each year how many of them have their suspended sentences swapped and you know world retracted and turned over into turned into real ones selection of only he's of course he stands out because he tries to be a political figure because he's an outspoken kremlin critic which are many and most of other people have the prison terms aren't election of ali still his case is not unique to russia and this is this is the message that russia is trying to convey subtly or through a look at some of the western headlines of. the house and a popular actuators around 4 percent that's a short that was in the studio with me many thanks well some countries including
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the u.s. have already suggested imposing sanctions on russia over the values case we spoke to our guest bush about thoughts on the whole matter. it's just the hypocrisy of the west as we know it and this is it at its finest how can the west give lessons that to russia when we see the way for example do you best the movement was treated in france 3000 political opponents during these demonstrations were condemned in france 1000 political opponents were imprisoned in a mineral management state saying is that the valley must be released why did he start himself by releasing french political prisoners and his political opponents not only should those countries those western countries respect the independence of the russian federation but they should also respect the independence of the russian judicial system and so this authority of the russian courts must be respected not all of the by the russian government but also by
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governments around the world and they cannot ask for a government intervention and at the same time that russia courts have the freedom to decide in judicial mattress with various governments or come out to criticize the kremlin and watch and treatment and more while they are acting as we could have predicted just as the kremlin has acted as a group. who questioned him in prison which is done everything possible to deserve the west meaning particularly states. and to lesser degree germany or ringleaders you know propaganda movie if there were fire russia and to draw attention toward. one scene with political developments in the west going back to the storming of the capital which was quite monsters compared to everything that's happened in russia in the last truly. well stateside u.s. president joe biden is facing criticism for not keeping his election promises he
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pledged cash strapped families $2000.97 a thunderstorm his campaign was only paid out $1400.00 leaving many disappointed. the bottom line is the job report shows we need to provide more immediate relief for working families and business is now finishing the job of getting people the $2000.00 relieved direct payment $600.00 is simply not enough to house tag biden lloyd began trending on twitter shortly after the announcement was made but the democratic party defended the move saying that the $1400.00 relief checks came on top of the 600 dollars handed out the full undertone. potest will build on the $600.00 down payment provided by congress last year sending an additional $4500.00 to households across america totaling direct payments $2000.00 per person while a recent poll shows that 60 percent of u.s.
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voters would support a $1401.00 time payment but the same number of people believe that the value should be vary depending on the recipients income now the survey also found that just over a hall full of 56 percent would be opposed to giving out handouts to undocumented migrants and the financial support can't come soon enough as another study released on monday shows the u.s. has seen a raccoon increase in poverty the research shows that it rose by $2.00 percentage points during the 2nd half of 2020 as the economy continued of course to feel that strain of the pandemic now that increase is nearly double the previous largest annual increase in poverty recorded back in the 1960 s. we heard from some people in the states about the stimulus payments. i agree with tad the $1400.00 stimulus how i am and i i hope it gets more targeted actually
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to the people who really need it i would see deep thought about it differently or at least presented it differently initially but i mean in the grand scheme of things i'm i'm fine with it installed but is it is it a surprise that joe biden and the democrats are keeping their word of course not that's what they're good at you know so that's that that's why they are you can expect that from these people they are not honest people i do understand that we've been getting into some pretty damn good and i am someone who is planting unemployment trying to get that thing left given that the democrats have the majority of the house and the senate they should be able to deliver on the $2000.00 which by the way president trump also that wanted you know to me this is just another example the democrats showing their true colors which is that they are a party of the ruling class just as much of this is the republicans in my own view they were afraid of their worst fear was that they would get a majority in the senate and then they'd have to do something for you now and now they're trying to find a way to back and maybe there's pressures being put on him by other democrats other
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advisers to do something else to do less so again i could believe that he said it in earnest but then for various reasons reneged big concern is to make sure everyone who needs it gets the money and if that means some people who are doing a little better get it as well that's fine i mean if you look at the u.s. compared to any other industrialized country the u.s. has given last money to people than any other country the government has done is lou is close to nothing is it could possibly do it has done down enough we have the wealthiest country on earth we spend more money on the military than pretty much every country combined. we could take care of people we could have a guaranteed monthly income make sure everyone else health care which is not the case make sure that you know small businesses stay afloat. and frankly we could make sure that everyone has everyone. everyone has.
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finally need while donald trump's political future is on the line as his impeachment trial looms the u.s. senate is due to start proceedings next monday for the 2nd time in as many years than president donald trump was impeached by congress last month over the storming of the capitol he's been charged with incitement to insurrection however his lawyers have denied that the former president whipped up his base and will argue instead that his trial is unconstitutional as he's already left office well if convicted would be barred from holding public office ever again he would also lose the financial benefits given to former presidents as well as secret service protection but while some predict trump's career is done and over with for good others are adamant a comeback is just a matter of time. well i think it's important to understand exactly why democrats
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are still going through with this impeachment a lot of people might see that the president trump is no longer in office and think that it's pointless but i think they're being very calculated here don't forget that if democrats successfully impeach donald trump he will be ineligible to run in 2024 and i think that's what this is all about so people might be talking about donald trump being over in politics but the democrats i think clearly do not think that and we also need to remember that a majority of republicans still think that the election results in 2020 were fraudulent you know donald trump being on the ticket in elections has made a huge difference difference for republicans and we just look and see what happened in the georgia runoff when trump was not on the tickets and republicans by and large stayed home so i think if anyone is trying to count out donald trump whether they be on the right or the left that's a mistake the reason why trump is hated so much within his own party is he's hated by the part of the party that's within the washington beltway he's hated by the elites of the party because the elites of the party are terrified populism they're
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terrified of a populist leader because they themselves are actually not liking the fact that trump is very well liked by millions of americans. who didn't come back yes he will not be impeached the votes are not there we already know that from a procedural vote that senator paul called for last week when only 5 republicans peeled away and the republicans are starting to feel the heat from americans for turning on trump so the votes are not there are running plea as has happened throughout the least the last 5 years or so every car in the democrats attempt to do something to destroy trub and out he only makes them stronger and i think this impeachment fiasco the sham will have the same effect for trump it will actually make them stronger in the end kevin is right they're trying to push. this populism out of the republican party bloodstream and they really want to get rid of it for them it is tremendous disruption because a tramp. represents something that they don't have any interest in they don't have
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an interest in him in populism or the. basic continued prem principles that trump supports which is america 1st they really only put up with trump because they had to because of his past. support so i think that that it's going to be quite it's going to have quite an agnostic effect inside of the party if he should try to run again even in 2016 week we can't forget that the republican party was not united behind donald trump in terms of the insiders donald trump with the take that was purely by the people ultimately with primaries in 2024 it's not going to be up to the establishment to choose who the next candidate will be donald trump is bond from most major social media platforms they were his main political tool to cut out the middleman the media he went straight to the people will the prevent him getting his message out in future it is quite difficult now that he's been boxed out all of the major social media platforms and really the media in general and they're the
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filter for the media so you know with all of these forces aligned against him it's going to be quite difficult to really emerge to reemerge i should say as a viable option is running against the entire political establishment the entire media which meant the social media that was meant to be running against basically all the powers that be and i just don't know that he has that kind of force to overcome such obstacles what are they afraid of why are they so afraid of them we can't have social media can't be on the media they're fraid of allowing him to speak they're afraid of allowing him to appeal that means there is a huge appeal that trump recreating to this day he still very dangerous was going to meet both within the democratic and the republican party he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future if you desire. that's all for now but we do hope to see him play.


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