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the suggestion that we call it misinformation and. claim it as their own memory. countries around the world to change their tune on russia's vaccine after a leading medical journal publishes a study about its effectiveness. as a wave of criticism the president of the european commission refuses to apologize for the blocks slow vaccine rollout. and russia and the united states officially extend their major nuclear arms reduction treaty for another 5 years with moscow saying it's a step towards international stability. from moscow watching or to international with me daniel hawkins review author writes welcome to the program. and mexico and nicaragua are among the latest countries to
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approve russia's covert vaccine this comes as a new study in the laws that medical journal found sport degree to be more than 90 percent effective meanwhile in europe hungary which was the 1st e.u. country to approve sport mcveigh has received its 1st batch of the shot as part of a 2002000000 doses deal other key states in the bloc including france and germany are still waiting for the e.u. regulator to approve the job 1st. anyone who applies to the european medical agency for approval is welcome i talked with the russian president exactly about this we noted the good data today about the russian vaccine any vaccine is welcome in the european union but only once that give the necessary data to the european medicines agency will be approved. several weeks ago i sent a scientific mission to russia in order to exchange data with the teams there we saw today data indicating a very strong efficiency of the sputnik vaccine but we can't distribute it in front
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until the russian producers submit a request to our thora to use its normal it's a matter of health care responsibility of following extensive trials russian scientists said results showed sputnik we were safe and effective and stop much caution in the west however now appears to be a change of heart as morag as the f. explains. barely a few months ago the cure was sold to us is was then the disease they mocked sputnik we they don't ride did it they tried to turn it into a joke and with out of these 3 mass trial completed it sounds like the process hasn't run its course here america's top researchers say russia cutting corners to develop its corona virus vaccine they're still trying to figure out safety and there they've approved it the irony is of course that these same people the same people who accused russia of spreading vaccine conspiracies and discouraging people
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to get the job the irony is often lost on these sorts this is c.n.n. in a tube so you know that they're trying to trash talk it when they start by calling it putin's vaccine which was apparently dangerous and unreliable reading between the lines this is c.n.n. now and somehow sputnik has become safe and potent one of only 3 vaccines with an efficacy of over 90 percent that's cheaper it's easier to produce and to transport and side effects don't include catatonic allergic sieges once the trials showed this 91.6 percent episodes of exceeding 91.8 percent efficacy for actually people older than 60 years old and also in the lab the important part of the vaccine it's affordable and it's easy to distribute around the world we call it human kind of big scene because it can distort that plus 2 plus 8 versus minus 70
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degrees celsius required by the us big scenes and of course half a one 3rd of the u.s. would seem so when you combine safety ethic is the price and logistics you really have what i believe is the best of acute in the world and many scientists in the world agree the lancet medical journal has published preliminary results for things 3. trials of sputnik and their good side effects if any doesn't require a deep freeze so more widely available to poorer nations when russian scientists said all of this it was met with our roles and mockery but when other scientists say the same thing they all gnawed sagely in agreement this is clearly good news as these dual formulation vaccine is comparatively easy to manufacture and to deploy i mean the anticipated global shortage of vaccines and logistical problems in vaccination rollout it's interesting timing too now that maternal vaccines are
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experiencing shortages and disruptions sputnik isn't so bad after all it never was but politics is politics and a vaccine isn't immune to political trash talk as sad as that is around 50 nations have already preordered sputnik jabs and europe hungry was the 1st european nation to greenlight it and now the czech republic is looking to follow and its footsteps i know that sputnik is already i suspect being used in hungary and i have no objection to this vaccine being used in our country if the experts so decide he's too better than people dying here just because of a lack of vaccines so after months of denial and derision the pundits too are coming around it was easy to mock russian scientists it's harder to mock international studies hard science and that was enough of
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a jolt to convince even pundits to give scrutiny we shot. sputnik v. was waiting for me at my neighborhood clinic the job was quick and almost painless 3 weeks later i had my 2nd injection in late january i took a test for coffee 1080 bodies the results according to interpretive scale provided by the clinic indicated that my antibody levels were probably sufficient to prevent illness struck me as high that's my own personal pun dimmick was nearing its and if you are the average person before this pandemic how they thought the world would react to this this huge global health crisis they would probably have said by united we now know that that would have been the wrong answer over anything the past year was a chaotic free for all rat race where everyone is for themselves it's nice to see that at last good sense and reason are starting to prevail over propaganda and politics meanwhile the hour vaccines between britain and the e.u. continues the u.k.
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cabinet office minister michael gove's says the bloc's recent actions have undermined trust the commission's move has provoked anger and concern across all parties and throughout civil society in northern ireland as well as international condemnation trust has been rooted damage has been done and urged action is therefore needed. this comes after the e.u. threatened to restrict exports of vaccines the countries outside the block to a shortage though it quickly backed down in one of the european commission's before sort of on the air has defended the blocks sluggish rollout saying brussels would not compromise on safety but even her previous. has his doubts. i believe it all went too slow it hasn't all been done with the maximum transparency even though that would have been a difficult task the e.u. vaccination program is widely perceived to have moved at a glacial pace we heard john claude younker there saying that he thinks it could
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have gone faster the person it seems that doesn't think it's moved far too slow is the current incumbent of the job of e.u. commission president on the line she says that it's being purposeful that it's moving in the right direction she certainly doesn't think that it's being slowed that any delays have been because the e.u. didn't want to compromise on safety some country stary to vaccinate a little before europe it is true but they resorted to emergency 24 hour marketing authorization procedures the commission in member states agreed not to compromise with the c 50 in advocacy of requirements linked to the authorization of the vaccine well that comment is being seen as a bit of a dig at the united kingdom which proved with the urgency measures both and astra zeneca vaccines in record time the prime minister's spokes person in london has
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said that at no point were more safety compromised in all of the corrective measures were followed. new cool news were current and new students were left unturned and the coming was based on an extremely thorough evaluation of all the data from the clinical trials the european medicines agency the a.m.a. greenlit the astra zeneca vaccine for use for everyone over the age of 18 in the e.u. just last friday however some member states of raised questions over it being given to those age 65 and over that's based on the data all the the lack of data for that demographic that was provided to the e m a germany was the 1st to suggest that they didn't want to give it to that age group poland have now followed and perhaps the most shocking comments have come out of france where the french president emanuel much as described the astra zeneca vaccine is quasi in affective against the corona virus in those age 65 and
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above well that those claims of being rubbished by scientists questioning where mr micron is getting not from and suggesting that the french president may be engaging in a bit of demand management with those type of statements meanwhile while leaders including the french president and the european commission head have published a joint article calling for a coordinated approach in fighting the pandemic the pandemic calls for a strong coordinated international response that rapidly expands access to tests treatments and vaccines recognizing extensive immunization as a global public good that must be available and affordable for all and my colleague andre farmer discussed at that article with independent journalist luke reveal he believes e.u. leaders need to sort out their own house before talking up international solidarity . the thing is that one news you hear my point is that i am on french channels or
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of on the i am saying and speaking about it i mean the suspect in this town not the ones to talk they should get to work and vaccinate 1st their own population then they can talk about the other internationally this is incredibly bad management on the side of the e.u. i think even in the subsidized press you know all the good press is saying it now about mr micawber to lay in an office that it was very badly managed simply they didn't signed a contract right contracts they you know pick they were completely wrong in every count now the about 2 percent of the european population as being vaccinated with 1st those so it's it's not functionally sort of the defense that we're hearing because look safety 1st we want to make sure that these vaccines are safe before we approve them including sputnik they know it was contracts 1st they wanted to get a rebate and that's what they said in the press that said all week the great
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argument was that together we could obtain a better price the problem is that the loss incurred every day lost is is so high that it was best to do like these trailers debate the high price 40 percent more to get it in time and to vaccinate as they do as they did 55 percent of their population yet. british man giving out free soup in a local park himself under arrest for apparently breaking code with directions. but even if. he's a man it's an abuse of power and i my front of him might. seem to have a heavy body and is directing a lot of civilians that love the hit the only family killings next smith had been serving soup to vulnerable people at a makeshift kitchen he had set up as a local skate park but the police soon stepped him we discussed the incident with mr smith i don't know the whys and wherefores of that kind of our action but
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that's kind of it in a nut show is a bunch of us or i serve up food some people are homeless some people become rich i know there are many laws and you know there's an awful lot of constraints and restrictions on us in society at the moment but there's just so many businesses that have gone down and this is just such an easy way to feed people and are i hope people take it up all over the place for a lot of people are going touch and said how would i do that in my town in this town and now those towns in northern england that we've been absolutely stuffed since before this began there's going to be a wake of of need and i believe we're in we need to learn new ways to interact with each other we need to learn new ways to support each other and i'm not really up for talking that much i document i like to just go do things and this was something i thought i could just do i'm not satisfied with very much that's going on are all it's that they seem to be an awful lot of efforts but it doesn't seem to have an
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object do with the hunger and it seems more to do with like keeping people shut away or the police claim he violated locked our instructions by encouraging 2 or more people together but the author of food bank was in rate woolford believes offices were overzealous. there is a clear guidance in the restrictions and that means the voluntary sector those of us that involved with feeding people in a crisis are exempt from the regulations that the most of the public are have to adhere to people arriving for soup catching kitchen is acceptable as long as they get their soup and then they move on this was in an open environment a safe environment it was within the guidelines of ovid for the voluntary sector and frontline services i work with another organization called st kitchen and st kitchen operates across 7 different districts in london on the streets
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feeding people in crisis in exactly the same way that this man was helping his neighbors in his local community what's really happening here is that the police in different areas do not seem to be aware of 'd what's happening in other areas so they're all misunderstanding the regulations. new more contagious strain of covert 1st attack that in the u.k. is now giving scientists yet more grounds for concern if further mutations could make it resistant to the current vaccines well scientists have identified a new strain in both the british and south african variants the u.k. musician is believed to be far more infectious than the original one that started the pandemic has lead to higher restrictions and many countries banning travel to the u.k. over clinical villages to julian tang still believes the vaccines will offer some protection against the new strains. if i got this tribe of mutations there for 8
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for the full 175 or one position in brazil and south africa and now seems to be rising in the u.k. suggest that this pattern you take may be an addict and an adaptive response by the virus to the human population and if this prize very well be seen elsewhere as a mutations but as you know that there's a lot sequencing of it's positive sample same effect to pick them up earlier so we know that when the vaccines. are manufactured and distributed there's always a chance that the virus will mutate was that process is ongoing and if she does what we've seen now with this u.k. variance the factions are not completely useless they will still have some effect on the virus. while typed usually very and this is the free for katie variant to some extent although we know that if rachel came in actually used to fix it by maybe 40 to 50 percent but it's still better than nothing so i was still early
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people to get the vaccine as it's rolled out. the head of u.s. strategic come on claims america should prepare for a nuclear war with russia and china. to offer a short break. to describe the events being played out in the financial markets david versus goliath the rise of populist finance or the corruption of the financial system being exposed again one thing is for sure there is a strong demand to democratize the financial world the little guy demands also participate in big finance and government a long. time says the wall street was one of the last bastions of power to be overrun by the populist movement because of the high barriers to entry yes and that's right those barriers to entry
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have been eliminated because of free online trading because of all the stimulus tax that made a lot of people lots of free cash to have available to do something like this there's something apparently $65000000000.00 in the war cost of the biggest health plan in the world now which is right and wall street so they've got a law passed and energy and expertise to go after targets out there that they perceived to have stolen their money in 2008. will come back to the program the new start nuclear arms reduction treaty between russia and the u.s. has been officially extended for 5 more years most group prays that he goes a step in the right direction ronco sort of has the details. the treaty is considered to be the only remaining arms control agreement between the world's sue
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greatest nuclear powers and importance of this extension is the paramount of the already received phrase both in moscow and in washington and the agreement itself was implemented back in one see 11 and it's called the new strategic arms reduction treaty or the new start if you want to keep it short now the agreement itself it limits the number of nuclear warheads and their delivery methods as well that's both the u.s. and russia are allowed to have now the extension went into effect this wednesday and it will last for 5 years until february 5th 2026 not russian foreign ministry or according to them the treaty was signed without any amendments and cold as a cornerstone of international security. with a new storage extension this core mechanism for maintaining strategic stability is preserved on a strictly reciprocal basis limiting the 2 country's nuclear arsenals considering
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the special responsibilities the trosch and the u.s. carry as the world's largest nuclear nations the decision guarantees a necessary level of predictability and transparency in this area while strictly maintaining a balance of interests live near putin signed a bill extending the agreement just last week following talks with his united states counterparts joe biden now the new start treaty was indeed at risk of expiring after former u.s. president donald trump refused to extended without making amendments that were unacceptable to moscow now u.s. state secretary anthony blinken described this signing as the 1st step toward restoring u.s. leadership on arms control and nonproliferation and a he also said that the treaty will make the u.s. its allies and the whole world safer the u.s.
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is on the brink of a nuclear war with russia and china that's the stock warning from a 4 star admiral charles richard america's strategic comanche the u.s. military must shift its principle assumption from nuclear employment is not possible to nuclear employment is a very real possibility and act to meet and deter that reality former u.n. weapons inspector scott ritter believes admirals warnings are a dangerous move. if the united states dare uses nuclear weapons against russian forces or on russian soil the russians will have no choice but to respond this is what makes the admiral's statements about preparing for nuclear war so dangerous because there is no way of containing it if there is a nuclear war between the united states and russia it will be a general nuclear war which means not only will both nations be a male it but the world will also be destroyed as we currently know it the united states identified russia and china as clear adversaries requiring the buildup of
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conventional military power to adequately contain the threat they pose both in europe in terms of the russians and in the pacific in terms of the chinese as things currently stand the united states does not have the conventional military force necessary to successfully engage with the guarantee of conventional big 3 either russia or china which means that should there be a conflict nuclear weapons would probably have to be employed on the part of the united states it will take some time but you know we have ventured to get through the cold war and i'm hopeful we will eventually get through this moscow has had back at criticism by the west of a court's decision to jail criminal critic accent avani and dismissing it as foreign interference and avani was sentenced this way to just under 3 years for breaking parole he goes not off spoke to saskia taylor about the reaction to the verdict. well it certainly gain some traction internationally it has been covered
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in russia for sure but the amount of attention it's getting from international sources it is almost like they are the russian media within minutes after the ruling we started to receive statements from all over the world from the u.k. from the u.s. from germany france the council of europe really you name it all of them almost following the same the very same time template all of them calling putting alexina value on a pedestal and calling for his release we reiterate our call for the russian government to immediately and unconditionally release mr no vani as well as the hundreds of other russian citizens wrongfully detained in recent weeks for exercising their rights including the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly today's verdict against gelatine a violent is a bitter blow against fundamental freedoms and the rule of law in russia alexina valley must be released immediately the u.k.
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calls for the immediate and unconditional release of alexina vali and all of the peaceful protesters and journalists arrested over the last 2 weeks when it comes to international support really this hearing it has been like no what no other one in russia has been unprecedented not because only because of its magnitude but also because the international community they got to witness the hearing itself right before it started we saw a motorcade of embassy cars taking foreign diplomats to the to to witness the hearing just imagine for instance a russian embassy car going to witness a julian a son cheering in london so that would that would raise quite a number of eyebrows in the west but this it was not one embassy was a whole motorcade from all over europe. you must. remember that one person at the press office and i
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hear you. right now you've heard of the speaker here and i'll read. it. when it comes to the reaction from the russian foreign ministry well it was it was quite expected i should say the spokeswoman marie is a horrible as she called the essential foreign meddling in russia's internal affairs it was in the process of mischa this is no longer just disappearance in the internal affairs of the 7 state it is the south exposure of the west in its attempts to contain russia in an unappealing and illegal way for russia its internal matters a russian citizen being world being sued under russian law in russia and for the international community it's almost like a like a lever to be pulled against russia and like to be used against russia and to get
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some political gain on the diplomatic arena so hard to say this is an internal issue so why is it that western nations have come out and it been so quick to condemn the verdict of sovereign country well it was quite expected because for them alexina vollies a hero the they are hailing him as the opposition leader if you are a supporter then of course you will view it as unjust yeah you will you will hear his arguments and you will disagree with the court but the court sided with the prosecution completely and here's an important detail the court didn't really give a new sentence or just reverse the previous ones the federal prison service in russia the release their own statistics showcasing that election of ali it's not he's not getting special treatment here of course he stands out of the crowd of other thousands of people who have their suspended sentences reversed because he strives to be a politician he. he is an outspoken critic of the kremlin so there's also that
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there's always that but at the same time again thousands of people yearly let me get this is printed sentences reversed for various violations it's important to stress that we're not talking about just the period of time when he was receiving treatment in berlin and upon his return to russia up until his return to russia it goes way before that apparently he was violating his parole conditions for 4 years and the government the government they treated the kind of got away with a slap on the wrist while not this time and while the judge decided to side with the prosecution. it seems the world health organization has finally visited a horror when the chinese city of was hard which has been at the forefront of speculation about the origins of covert 19 cars carrying the team members were escorted by chinese security forces as they made their way to the research center the w.h.o. mission to the city where the 1st class that of the current virus emerged is aiming
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toward then to fight what exactly led to the pandemic. to stumble where police have clashed with students and resumes were sparked by the president's decision to appoint a new rector at a top university a move students say is undemocratic tear gas was reportedly used by police with numerous arrests made the president has vowed to crackdown on protests. dramatic footage was captured the moment a space x. prototype gets into trouble above texas and eventually comes back down to worth before exploding you know mosques company hopes the vehicle will one day take people to mars it's the 2nd time in as many attempts that the rocket has failed to touchdown. and finally a bottle nosed dolphin called nick has been giving tips ahead of this weekend's super bowl when faced with 2 american football. with the name of each farmer still
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numb he prompts for the kansas city chiefs they take on the tampa bay buccaneers old son nick scott form he's correctly predicted the last 6 super bowl winners. but next with a full update on the global co-production roll out plus the latest economic news amid the pandemic at sea when i walk in 30 with the latest join us again that.
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this is boom bust no one business show you can't afford to miss in washington telling the game stop caper is not dying down it's us treasury secretary janet yellen has convened a meeting of officials to discuss the ongoing saga plus age of health passports among us for international travel will bring you up to speed on what could lie over the horizon and later on the pandemic has laid bare the do.


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