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showdown brussels pressures reluctant members to open up their borders to get the block back on the move but 6 key states say they're staying shot. across the atlantic half a 1000000 american covert deaths and counting yet no mass vaccination in sight but despite the storm president biden escapes the criticism previously leveled at donald trump's handling of the crisis. and we hear from a canadian man who received hundreds of death threats and felt forced to move across the country after testing positive for coping. very global news an international insights this is our team from moscow welcome to
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your world update this out 1st for you the you is urging 6 member states to ease their covert control measures in particular bans on entering or leaving countries that cause border tension and disrupt economies the commission's given the state 10 days to respond with the details he is paid to roll over in berlin. the e.u. commission currently at all do with 6 member states who have unilaterally put in place border restrictions of one type or and other in order to try and stop the spread of covert 19 whether that's the spread of the virus in general or the stop of the spread of mutated versions particularly here in germany that's been a top issue you commission are buying up though they're not happy with the situation the commission has been clear without a coordinated approach among 27 member states we risk fragmentation and disruptions to free movement into a supply chain is something we have witnessed again in the past 2 weeks so who's on
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the naughty list belgium germany denmark hungry finland and sweden have all been given it 10 days to provide a good reason why they put these restrictions on freedom of movement in place or to relax the restrictions that have been put there the e.u. commission's unlikely to win easily on this one we've heard from the german side who've defended their move these measures obviously put a massive strain on border regions commuters and the transport of goods and the single market but the protection of our citizens aspire amount finland has also issued a statement saying that yes they recognize this is far from ideal but they deem it necessary the recalcitrant member states of all received letters this week saying that they a means that they are trying to achieve can be reached through different means we believe that the objective justifiably pursued by germany the protection of public
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health during the pandemic could be attained by less restrictive measures here in germany any travel is coming from the czech republic from slovakia or from the tirol region of austria where you've got to provide on arrival at the border a negative covert test that resulted in these huge tailed by. acts of traffic causing real disruption on the border with germany brussels is essentially fighting a battle now with the member states over their. national interests they want to keep covert out of their countries but the e.u. has a duty as it sees it to keep freedom of movement going within the block and those 2 things coming together over this pandemic well here's some of the reaction we've been getting to the us from political commentators. in the eatery and. there were 4. trucks an hour waiting to
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head to from heat to house to have because it wanted to call it proximity to have a negative test i mean if we are inside a european union if we are inside a human where all this is the scene. i don't understand why there are subsidies be problems and if you want to be in the united states you are. sometimes explains is not the. correct way and it seems to me that the e.u. is only as usual. i have been to live in europe and even your habit of being the lead in. this. and there is only the elections in the elections and the nobody knows how much the bow of the your opinion you know has a will in their lives including for this question well at least in principle
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because you can deal. with see what happens when they do begin to have them when they do the. village your budget of course the guns will be seen so you can do anything you little freedom with. the design belgium's flanders region are accusing astra zeneca of leaving them in the lurch after the firm notified them it wouldn't be able to deliver an agreed number of covert showed the flemish health minister mentor the shortage and also took aim at maternal for delays in delivering their apparently there are 3 vaccines available to belgians pfizer medina and the oxford astra zeneca job the country's also ordered more shots from other suppliers which are still undergoing trials of people wishing to get a job don't get to choose which one they'll receive and they won't find out which one they get until it's about to be administered we asked people in brussels what they thought of that. we hear different created for different vaccines that one is better than the other and reports to that effect if people aren't informed and if
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the information is withheld i understand why some people are refusing to make their own choice it's understandable i think we don't know much where we are being given a little information but there are certainly people who are suspicious and the lack of information doesn't help. the situation is very strange is we don't know what we're being inoculated with if it's good or bad that's not the question it's not a problem for me but i can understand it could deter some people out of one brussels intensive care unit says not giving people a choice could adversely affect the belgian vaccination program. they did their vaccination is important but it's also something you have to choose just self and this is a personal decision to move to the vaccination so therefore i think that it's quite important to get informed of the vaccine now to be concerned over the last couple of weeks was that the information spread all over the media and even in the
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scientific world question whether some backseats were more effective than others some vaccines were inducing more reaction than others and therefore i think that information spreads all over the community and therefore people are questioning whether they can select the type of vaccine they want to choose for their future so it's understandable that people want to know exactly what they get spore we noticing it is a rush towards getting those of the one vaccine but he defied the rock scene and many people question whether they would accept the other warren meaning you know astra zeneca vaccine and therefore it seems that it's slowing the number of people getting being vaccinated. us president joe biden sold it all flags on federal property to be flown at hamas to mock the hoffa 1000000 american deaths from covert but it's kind of open reports media that are still glowing in that praise for his approach to the pandemic despite there being little difference yes to that of the
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previous administration. america's death toll from covert 19 is now more than half a 1000000 that's more than world war 2 and vietnam combined biden marked the occasion with a solemn ceremony at the white house on monday as more lives lost to this virus than any other nation on earth. but as rig knowledge the scale of this mass death in america. remember each person the life they lived on the campaign trail biden castigated donald trump for his mishandling of the pandemic he promised that when he got into office he would turn things around he seems to have tempered expectations a did as back in january he said he was powerless to change the trajectory of covert 19 and his anti co the defense has one key aspect where malice everyone would be mandated to wear
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a mask mask mandates mask mask implant or mask for god's sake. word mask if not to yourself if your loved ones while masks are proven to stop the spread of coded but is that it he's got the same advisor that trump had doctor now says will probably be wearing masks until 2022 do you think americans will still be wearing masks for example and 2020. you know i think it is possible that that's the case many hope that under biden massah vaccinations might save the day but so far it does not look that way the next few months masks. are the best defense against kuvin 90 biden even visited a farm a facility to show he's got a handle on things however he says that vaccines won't be available to everyone until mid-summer we're now on track to have enough vaccine supply for all of our work by the end of july seems like the amount of time donald trump that it took the
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child ministration to develop this vaccine which is record time now the biden ministration say says that will take just as much time in order to have enough doses to have had since november to start planning his approach to quit what did he do what did he spend november december january doing well he had a stack of executive orders waiting on his desk to sign it seems bizarre because we know that there are millions upon. millions of those already out there perhaps he's just lowering expectations now you might think that mainstream media would now lash out on biden just like they did on his predecessor remember when all the doubts were being blamed on donald trump but think again we see with president biden he's demonstrated to the country what a difference. the change of presidents has made president biden is confronting this enormous loss directly and publicly help americans heal on any front that
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something could show biden is uniquely qualified to do resident joe biden giving america a message tonight them and one i think the only this president president could give not the former one seems that joe biden is being judged by a different set of standards deaths are rising but he is not catching any flak oh well i guess we should all just get used to wearing masks for another year the major media isn't demanding the rollout 'd be sooner because there are guys in office and this is a media that said a vaccine would be impossible to get out in 2020 and made that happen and instead of the media focusing on what's happening with the bye to mr ation and their vaccinations instead we're seeing stories about joe biden's dog and we're seeing stories about him playing video games with his grandchildren if donald trump was playing video games with his grandchildren at camp david it would be a national scandal and they would say he has graham was blood on his hands of
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course and joe biden's read that he could play video games with his grandchildren at camp david and say that it's going to be till the end of july and we have another vaccinations you're the president united states make it happen that's what plenty of americans are asking but of course some media is now asking that because it's their guy and they're going to protect him and they're going to do their brand of meat bad journalism and it's all going to be fluff and softball and human interest stories for the next you know 3 and a half years. here to officials in china. when rioters stormed the u.s. capitol have been giving evidence of the senate's 1st public hearings into what happened on january the 6th but there were apparently major inconsistencies in their testimony as they blamed other agencies and each other for various shortcomings it also seems there was no contingency for such an attack and the hearing so far has left more questions than answers. police officers were not trained on how to respond to an infiltration of the capitol building. is that
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correct but. when you talk about infiltration you talk about a large insurrection like we saw in the january 6 know are all capitol police officers out there with riot gear. no they're not sir anyone from the department of homeland security contact you about a potential national special security event designation no i'm not aware of anybody from a d h s reaching out no one contacted me thank you and stayed with me senator no contact at all with me or my office. on january the 6th a huge crowd of mostly from supporters stormed the capitol building the rajah's were angry with the results of the 2020 alexion and claim the presidency had been stolen and the trumpet won the my face and that the resistance from security.
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on your mcadam's from the wrong pole piece institute thinks senate hearings hold the value in this kind of case. i think it is fascinating over all these kinds of hearings with in congress are going to produce very little of any value of the usually involved in covering things up rather than getting to the bottom of things let's not forget from the beginning that some of the person who's in charge of security ultimately on capitol hill are the speaker of the house nancy pelosi and then senate majority leader you have a situation where they are all timidly in charge and it goes downhill from there it
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goes to this charge and arms on either side and then down to the capitol police chief what we saw in the hearings the other day is that the capitol police chief said that he urged the sergeant at arms at the house and senate side 2 days before the event to call in the national guard and that be prepared that was denied by the sergeant at arms by the way both been fired so there's a real discrepancy did they see this coming is it just the usual government incompetence in the agencies that we dump billions of dollars into or is there something else afoot if there is something else to put guaranteed these hearings will not bring it out. you know with all tea from moscow on the way as if getting sick with covert wasn't bad enough after the break we meet a canadian man who says he was forced to move to the other side of the country after getting death threats when he tested positive it's next.
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to an article of faith russian liberals through not like a lot of your till now russian liberals have been enchanted with the western so-called western values western ideological localism is changing its focus
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disparages tradition patriotism the family and even logic for russian liberals this appears to be going too far are russian liberals falling out of love with the west . all over again one of canada's covert victims has gone but the stigma attached to the disease is stopping many people from coming forward if they have symptoms. received hundreds of death threats off or it was revealed that he called the virus . a lot of people are so right about having kobe not because of it's going to harm them but it's because they're worried of what the the population around them will think when you shame somebody and when you have this big stigma on people for having called it a lot of people who are sick you know that might have a sniffle or a sore throat or something they don't bother going to get tested because they they feel like they're going to be shamed so or shunned and so
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a lot of people end up hiding their symptoms that's an issue because then you're not getting a true number on cases and and you know you have people going around spreading the virus not knowingly the they have the virus because they're too worried about what people might think that they have the virus. he says he began getting hundreds of death threats a day off to becoming infected in october with people blaming him on social media for the subsequent public restrictions the abuse even made him feel that he had to move to the other side of the country. people attacked me for no reason in new brunswick that's my hometown that's where i'm from there's a video that was on october 31st of me saying that i couldn't taste or smell anything and the backgrounds were a kind of the you tube video on this so that you know creates allergies where i can't taste her might you know my nose gets blocked up in and that's what i was relating it to and that's why the 2nd day i booked a task that equated still there you know it could be covert to it out of the state so i'm just going to double check i'm pretty sure it's not because my spouse days prior tested negative for covert $191.00 of the guys that was on the trip with who
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came home early from calgary he tested also negative for quote 19 which he actually had symptoms so i was like ok there's probably a very slim chance that i have 19 and when i was traveling from calgary back to new brunswick i was considered an essential worker so we were required to isolate and i didn't have symptoms at that time my symptoms didn't come to 31st and i was coming back to new brunswick on the 24th of october. russia segment of the international space station has started showing signs of age repairs are underway to fix 6 cracks that have appeared in the 2 decades old module but leaking according to the russian space agency was kosmos all the breaches have been temporarily sealed but further investigations needed air pressure has dropped inside the orbiting station but it's far from the emergency levels we spoke to a cosmonaut about what these leaks could mean for the future of the i.s.a.'s. shawl and yes the cracks have existed for some time now this is been long known and
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talked about to my mind they pose no threat to the team and flight security at least for now but this is an alarming sign it shows that the station this been functioning for 20 years in that cell is under extreme conditions there's such a thing as metal fatigue and in principle we can expect these inconveniences to repeat i'll give you an example the station goes round the earth every 90 minutes so roughly speaking every 45 minutes it's and said oh well it's minus 150 degrees celsius and for the next 45 minutes the station is exposed to the sun but the temperature gets much hot to over 100 degrees so just imagine for 22 years 16 cycles a day 6 temperature fluctuations will affect the cell up to 20 years and any kind of metal would get tired when it comes to talk of renewing the station maybe not change it completely but possibly it is running out of its resource in some aspects it was designed for a short term and the management team and all the countries involved understand that
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and that's why there are thoughts about how to proceed. israel's being forced to shut its beaches off for an oil spill that's being described as one of the most disastrous in the country's history expert system assessing the damage but it's expected to take decades to clean up. is the true spy the state of israel. dealing to get out the pollution to get money for. its funding or. give yourself more dramatic perceptive good beaches that is
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where our polluted it good in the works. and no get real. in the they came to us covered in tar and their necks inside and out were full of tar obviously we had to clear their breeding channels as fast as possible and after that we clean the tar from their digestive system we could tell you to feed them substances like mayonnaise which cleans the system and breaks down the tar i hope that in a week or 2 these guys will start eating on their own to that we can see that they are healthy and gaining weight and we are able to release them into the sea. came here to the beach today to clean all the tar built into the ocean and now it's all on the beaches we did work we came here to clean it up for the wildlife so that
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wildlife can continue living normally my heart wanted to be at the beach i came as soon as i was able to i want to help the environment damaged by the spill the oil the target king and the still coming to our beaches. used to be brutus you know we still don't know for sure we do go along. the beaches . because they're under the wall to. see if we do. you suspect that should be only for some reason was an excuse. maybe not but do we still knew exactly what was the source of these words as far as i remember this is the world.
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is the memory is austin tichenor. i must wait extra moscow so i follow the south thanks for watching i'll call embryo next outing updates as in 36 minutes see them . we're more politicized than ever we're more polarized than ever in the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. in him at a tronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging
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information. lost freedom of speech and social media bent censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online. the internet audience now totals almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active social network users but one wrong move from their pages deleted digital annihilation don't exist anymore. not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if even heads of state face the threat of being banned is there any limits to hold that virtual power. reasonable for a nudist but i will if reasonable way. the
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british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest or you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to him to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological torture of the sphere. disseminated within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years and how the victims say they still live with the consequences today. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't tailed. into the times when. because so many from you know to
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negotiate a market economy supposed me on the bus at us as me know what i was and that's important too you know thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption i don't know a lot of money was the other. bit of my own role but as a fellow mentor to this day mothers still search for grown children while looking in hope for their parents. how low in belgium the cross-talk were all things are considered it's an article of faith russian liberals do not like
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a lot of your putin up until now russian liberals have been chanted with the western so-called western values western ideological wolk ism is changing this woke ism disparages tradition patriotism the family and even logic like a russian liberals this appears to be going too far are russian liberals falling out of love with the west. to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guest paul robinson in auto where he's a professor in the graduate school of public and international affairs at the university of only what is also we have learned these and he is a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as author of the book russian conservatism and here in moscow we have to meet bob that she's a political analyst and editor at you know smee internet media project originally cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always
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appreciate it i was going to call 1st. in light of my introduction paul i'll ask the big question that i'm sure there's no easy answer but given that you're all everyone on our panel here is an expert in russia. are russian liberals falling out of love with the west because if they are all i can say is it's about time go ahead paul i say got started sort of yes and no but they remain committed to it an ideal of the west some sort of fantasy of the less they have which is so the west as it was until fairly recently but you do see a number of. now criticizing the sort of political correctness the west and the sort of coach and council culture and so on interestingly in the process they end up sounding extraordinarily like you know can so different far right people like exam to do good and some of the things that have been said like that could have
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come straight out of his mouth what's more significant is that coming out of the liberal camp which friend is a rather more shocking because as he said you know support of the west is very much a russian liberalism about it it's all very very closely associated historically with westernization and this idea that we should become a normal i.e. western country so when people start criticizing the west from within the liberal count. in an interesting idea logical shift you know blame but it also is happening in international relations we had a job. burrell the high representative for form of policy for the e.u. he was in moscow and that turned into a real fiasco because again lecturing about values about western values and that russia needs essentially big you know paraphrasing here and between the lines that you know russia has to learn oh oh bester in ways for it to be genuine legitimate partner of the west in this case particularly the european union your take are all i am going to liberalism consists on some very good ideas about the central role
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individual rights share.


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