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if you get. it but again it was on the. midday moscow time in the headlines hundreds of millions of euro to controversial foreign consultants president across government coming under heavy fire then for its back seeing distribution campaign. microstate summary no turns to rush's coded shot after he were approved vaccines failed to arrive. and the b.b.c. reveals plans to reverse the dominance of american car selling extremely ambitious targets for itself to get children watching more british show. by their arts international that weekend live from moscow this saturday is kevin
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owen here for the next 30 minutes with the latest from our world news h.q. for you. france has suffered its worst week in the pandemic since november reporting more than 25000 new cases on friday and m.p.'s want to know why foreign consultants with deep ties to president mccrone pocketing huge contracts for a vaccine rollout plagued by delays and failures shallow dubin ski reports. as the vaccine rollout in france gains ground questions being asked about the role of private companies and consulting firms involved they said to be playing a major role in the strategy which to many has been a major disaster several companies were hired by the french government between them they have signed contracts worth millions and millions of euros the lion's share went to american food and the kings see the lucrative contracts signed with mckinsey and not initially disclosed to the public was supposed to help ensure
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vaccine doses could be transported across france work you might think is perfectly suited to france's loss network of civil servants so the fact that it's been contracted out to us firm is that many with a bitter taste in their mouths. in government as in our hospitals consulting firm serve policing public administration that astronomical cost why such contempt for civil servants what an admission of an effectiveness and helplessness and a whole state apparatus what is it for absolutely amazing what is mckinsey doing there we have a ministry of health a ministry of the interior and a ministry of defense that know how to manage crises if we know how to mobilize them this is decay of the state. mckinsey appears to be a particularly poisoned chalice the firm recently agreed to pay more than half a $1000000000.00 to settle lawsuits brought by u.s. states it was accused of fueling the opioid epidemic for its work boosting the
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sales of oxycontin a painkiller not a squeaky clean reputation for a firm helping the vaccine. it's a big scam yes for me it's a scam i don't have much to say personally but it's a scam and i'm not really surprised after all it's the government so it is bizarre it's not spoken about in the newspapers here you've spoken about it and we don't talk about it on television or in the newspapers the things that are said in our country it can mean nothing but in another country it's a scandal what can we do here in front of no government toying consultancy firms. uncommon these days but what has surprised me is just how quickly this appears to be accelerating calls government to sign some 575 contracts with consultancy firm since october 28th covering everything from economic recovery to.
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public sector. big business to be. for around 10 percent of their overall profits so how do people feel. especially since there was a call for tenders all of that was it for the french firms to or not because i don't understand why would it be a foreign group that would benefit from these funds that's the story you just told me something actually i trust the government listen listen fact. i think these are things to deserve to be thought about we do need a private company to think about how we do transportation we still have the french railways air france and gets in business i think we could use them more wisely more courage to do more for france 1st you don't for example he doesn't give enough to france we get the impression that mccrone is no longer the president he does nothing french government has played down the role played by groups like mckinsey
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consultancy firms have been used for several years by multiple governments when the elaborate and implement big projects require a strategic or logistical support and advice from what really got people angry here is just how close the consultancy firms like mckinsey are to president macrorie with toys going back many years and with such sons lining the pockets of a private american consultancy firm at the same time when the economy here is being laid low by the pandemic many are now asking questions so much even r.t. harris. san marino has begun vaccinating with russia sputnik vicodin vaccine after deliveries of e.u. approved alternatives failed to arrive the microstate surrounded by italy isn't an e.u. member so is excluded from blocked deals with pharmaceutical giants overshot supplies it had to go straight to getting a tiny part of each delivery to wittily but as
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a say that same delays the medical director at some reno state hospital told us there were no doubts about russian vaccine quality. we chose the sputnik vaccine because there is an agreement between us and italy through the european union for the supply of madonna and pfizer vaccines that unfortunately are delayed at the moment therefore given the excellent diplomatic relations with russia we have chosen to get the sputnik rebbetzin faster we saw some excellent reviews from renowned international medical journals like the land set or the spawn sanny in rome that have already tested the quality of this vaccine further officials say the russian major can eventually vaccinate some 15 percent of the population of around $34000.00 there are some renos labor minister also spoke to us and told us more about why they made the choice. being an independent even within the territory of italy and the european union we have the right to make
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independent decisions and have excellent relations both with e.u. members and countries outside e.u. borders at the moment europe showing an increased interest in the sputnik vaccine and we've reached out instead of staying only inside the e.u. markets we acted in the interests of our own citizens and i'm sure that over time more states will draw conclusions and make similar decisions for a part we have complete confidence in the russian vaccine we can see that technical administrative and bureaucratic this is taken with regard to the production and distribution of certain products significantly slow down the approval process in different countries so we think these processes should be accelerated due to the critical circumstances in the e.u. we simply did not have a vaccine and we had to make a choice. it comes as e.u. states also step up talks to try to get support make the austrian chancellor sebastian kurtzer spoke on the phone with him a potent about supplies as soon as the european medicines agency approves russia's
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jab we spoke to one top austrian virologist about how the scientific community is responding to russia's development. albert. i think that the lancet publication shows that sputnik the is a high quality vaccine we have promising data 91 percent effectiveness which is high demonstrates this this is a vector based vaccine which means it is injected using a virus into our immune system to form immunity the difference between the other vector vaccine since would make the is that it uses 2 different viral vectors and this is important as in some cases the immune system can create antibodies to the vector making the 2nd jab less effective while splitting the has 2 different safe viruses it makes the vaccine more effective. story next about a german doctor who's refused to treat a female politician because of a political views the m.p. for the alternative for germany party the country's 3rd largest told us of
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a shock that when the family doctor told him he was taking a quote moral stand you know they cut off. due to chronic illness had to visit my family doctor had been seen for the past 2 years the conversation went relatively well and then my doctor told me that he would like to terminate the health care contract i was horrified and asked him why he replied that he had learned from the media that i was a member of i have day party and that i had been elected to the bundestag from the electoral district so for moral reasons he could no longer continue my treatment then i asked if i fainted now what would you do he replied that then he would have to help me as a medical emergency case and then i said that if he was alone in the room he could just close the door and you're in there sussed ation press only every 10 seconds. so the doctor's clinic has not yet responded to our request for comment but the insurance company in the case told us it expects patients to get the best possible
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treatment regardless of their beliefs and that the legal ramifications should be probed but as far from the 1st alleged discrimination against the members in 2019 and he was beaten unconscious on the street a year later the party leaders car was set alight a study found alternative for germany suffers the most attacks of any national party including physical verbal and property assaults the pay refused treatment by a doctor again says mainstream media ignored her case but nonetheless she's fighting for justice and. it's only right i represent the position of the i have a dear and i do not live here to right wing radicals in the i have there i feel a liberal conservative need so there was no reason to attack me personally alters ny further medical attention i consider this to be absolutely average really and cannot understand my case was covered by the media unfortunately not local but only
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alternative media were covering this story i actually sent a statement to the police with my lawyer filled a complaint with the physicians chambre and i sent a copy to aoki budden that in there because this doctor works under contract with that insurance company according to their rules such actions are prohibited since he's providing services under a health insurance policy so i decided to fight it and my fight continues. the b.b.c. is pumping extra cash to reverse dependence on american cartoons like the simpsons broadcast a certain extraordinary target of 90 percent of its cartoons being british and just the latest solve a very adult battle in the children's minds shuddered at the reports. let's face it cartoons shaped all of our childhood the simpsons tom and jerry rug rats the looney tunes you name it we've probably spent far too many hours glued to the t.v. . am.
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actually doomed according to the director of the b.b.c.'s children's department too many cartoons washed here in britain all while not british but i think we can do set our characters in the british setting or at least european when i'm talking now i'm saying what about roast beef instead of turkey we should be thinking about all these things children grow up with these cultures why not infuse more of our culture the drive us to develop homegrown animation series aimed at young says a 7 to 12 but should children be told what to watch in favor of promoting british culture or should kids be left to be kids just kind of shift focus i don't think the british people like identity because they don't have any call to speak like that in texas writing about london but they can step outside the experience which is still sad that they need to be understand which coaching isn't have that reach
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it from a young age sometimes kids like to hear something that so many are told to them at school when it's time to say something if it really makes any difference it's good to keep it to them to see the cultures but i don't think that's very depends on what the country comes around they can watch it every couple of it's pretty extraordinary certainly obviously as broad as possible it's going to be the best answer to anything the b.b.c. is even toying with the idea of recreating british versions of the world's most popular cartoon imagine if we could have a version of the seams as for children and families in the u.k. it would be amazing. but is that even possible it's come up with new things i think i'm kind of the age of remakes deceived on a lot and i cannot. so i quite like new stuff and there's new stories to tell and i think we've been through enough this year to nader's new stories that could probably come up but i would say that yeah would be great to see that like medium come to the u.k. and be more like british and that type of humor i don't know if that would go
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abroad don't you see climate change seems to be pretty well maybe the b.b.c. is on to something here after all there's been huge successes like peppa pig in fact it was so popular that kids across the atlantic were hit with the pepper effect and began imitating british accents it's all the 1st time that foreign cartoons have come under fire a few years ago critics lashed out at a russian cartoon musher in the bag accusing of having a more sinister side being wait for it a propaganda tool dealing with the kinds of. 7 things. but it really is something here the cartoons are really used to indoctrinate children's minds and promote interests 30 to start the better i guess . this is our international at the weekend thanks for watching coming up braces for a mass opposition rally later today again ups the ante in
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a bid to try to force the prime minister were across it. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there.
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again so to the latest in the south caucasus as mentioned before the break there where the armenian president has discussed the national unrest with parliamentary group leaders the capitol bureau sees another day of mass opposition protest lightly calling on prime minister nicola to quit his controversial sacking of the armed forces chief a couple of days ago constantine rosko reports from the city the situation on the
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year of on streets is still volatile in opponents of the prime minister there pretty visible around here they camped overnight in front of the national parliament and with tents and barry kay's it's become the center of a street uprising against the country's leadership right now they're putting up a stage for a mass rally planned for this afternoon and we're expecting thousands of protesters to show up in nearby later on the atmosphere in the country remains tense after prime minister accused the army top command in an attempted coup the opposition that backed the military has vowed to put even more pressure on prime minister pasha now and remove him from power no matter what. the pressure from the public will rice and we will eventually make bus union resign a government that has lost cannot continue to be the government they need to have the courage to think like statesman enough like adventurous from the streets and to resign. at the time of the 28000 protests people were in
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a good state and now everyone is depressed everyone is shocked we've lost the war we've lost thousands of people we've lost territories in such a climate it's very hard to do something for a healthy society with a prime minister a parson and hasn't showed signs of backsliding either ask a kid. stake in armenian top military he wants to boot out the had of the general staff of their remaining armed forces who accused him of being incompetent something that the country's prime minister would have done easily in other circumstances but not at this forward the armenian president still hasn't signed off on that order after a meeting with the opposition leaders who are rallying behind disgruntled army generals so what we're seeing now is that the armenian top military and political elite as well as thousands of people on the streets have squared off and anticipation of a fierce battle for power. the country's been really on edge since november over a peace deal with as a buzz here about the disputed region according to cut about the government had
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victory in the war but end of the day armenians saw the agreement as a humiliating defeat and protesters reacted to the truce by stormy the government building in europe much of the current volatility has been filled to by a top level dispute over army weaponry the prime minister earlier claimed that russian made missile systems had failed in the war but the russian defense ministry countered that saying i mean he didn't even use that weapon in the conflict a lot of kids coming. up with that make a very good chance of getting divorced my mom. why that is candor is that fire did not explode or only exploded 10 percent. i. could tell you. the prime minister and the government of army are no longer able to make adequate
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decisions in this fateful and critical situation for the armenian people given the current situation of the oem forces of the resignation of the prime minister and the government. that the. outcome. we discussed the latest with the vice president of the country's national assembly and also an armenian left hand in general a veteran of previous wars in a gold a kind of. the regime knew that for 30 years the military has been poorly managed in terms of equipment and maintenance this led to the army becoming weak it isn't
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the army used to be and pushing and came to power without a team experience the prime minister was an absolute 0 in military affairs as well as in economics and politics and this management disorganization noncompliance with the mobilization plan the destruction of command and control systems and the dismissal of military officers all this led to the fact that the general staff lost all patience and demanded the supreme commander his resignation as he was destroying the army this destruction resulted in the loss of 5000 soldiers and tens of thousands of wounded. communion home. it's post-war turbulence when the military makes political statements it can only be called a military coup in the military must carry out its immediate task of protecting the borders of the republic politics is not a military matter our colleagues from other countries are emphasizing that this is
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unacceptable the prime minister has problems with a few military officials following the war and i must say the authorities and the prime minister are in control of the situation put in the blame on one person is wrong it's not fair and there are millions understand that and we all have our share of the blame for what's. dozens of us democrats have signed a letter asking president joe biden to give up his sole authority for nuclear launches donald quarter examines why donald trump is nuts for the democrats that's just an undisputed fact but it seems like they feel he isn't the only head of state who has lost a few of his marbles. you alone possess the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons this thing one person with this authority entails real risks past presidents threaten to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president's judgment nearly 30 democrats signed that letter which outlined 4 different ways to
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reduce presidential power over the nuclear button congressional oversight creating a special counsel consulting the speaker of the house why the need for all these new rules if the guy they say is bonkers isn't in the white house anymore the dems say they just don't want to repeat of the past 4 years but some republicans think the reason is a bit more senile i mean cynical sleepy joe wasn't just a political nickname it appears to be a governing strategy a growing number of democrats who are not concerned about giving joe biden the codes for the nuclear system it's not just republicans though back in election season one poll said most voters in a number of pivotal swing states felt they had to choose between 2 old guys who were both mentally unfit for the presidency and judging by biden's campaign trail it was making things easy for him self. i don't want to create it go when you know that you know thing no man has a right to raise a hand to
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a woman. other than in self defense and that's rarely ever occurs and so we have to just change the culture period and keep the punching added punching added. mr valerie and i'm. sure so the democrats might be scared with that guy behind the nuclear button but it's not much different than having biden at the head of their expanding war agenda the very same democrats for example are saying america's longest war in afghanistan should be even longer. to pull out within several months now is a very challenging and destabilizing efforts we've got to be able to assure the world and the american public that afghanistan will not be a source of planning plotting to project terrorist attacks around the globe there's the minimum i'm not sure we can do that without some presence there and there's this year's national defense authorization act which the democrats put forward to the military budget to a total of around $740000000000.00. today the house of
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a strong bipartisan message should the american people for service members and the national security are more important than politics they're clearly not trying to put forward some kind of pacifist agenda so why should biden be at the head of military operations but not have his finger on the nuclear button it could be because mutually assured destruction isn't fun for anyone but when the killing is going on far away anything goes. funny for now it seems one of the easiest ways these days for multinationals to look trendy is to make socially progressive changes to classic brands but this much loved mr potato head becomes the latest victim of the social justice craze seems growing numbers appear to be seeing through the marketing to me to poke reports if you somehow thought there weren't enough corporations using wolk ideology as a marketing strategy well know woke bandwagon is roll when roll and roll and we have some new passengers 1st off we have hasbro who have announced
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a huge change so their famous potato head toit. mr potato head to new york state well actually it's not any more 2 genders family structure be gone with all of that says hasbro no more mr or mrs potato head no it's just potato head a proper 21st century toy woke and gender neutral now kids of all ages and genders can aspire to be a plastic potato but hasbro isn't actually changing anything about the toy it's just a name change and if you think that this is kind of a lazy and shameless p.r. stunt well you're not alone. imagine thinking in the middle of a global pandemic what's really important is dropping the mr from mr potato head and making him gender neutral in case we upset a few woke ece mrs potato head has also been killed off she will be replaced by
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a sexual can of pringles but hasbro isn't the only one jumping on the woak wagon oreo have joined into with a very lazy 3 word tweet trance people exist seriously guys that's it any more genius observations like i don't know grass is green water is wet sand is coarse and rough and gets everywhere if you're going to virtue signal to promote selling your cookies at least pretend like he actually made an effort because unsurprisingly most people saw a right through the shameless p.r. stunt sudden and brave to point out the obvious trans people exist as a marketing tool for cooper asians i finished the sentence for you look we get it there is no such thing as bad p.r. but this whole war corporations thing is really getting old and quite frankly annoying we get it your woke just go broke already. levy without thought
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also talked about so far this weekend r.t. dot com for so much more for now though kevin always on the team sounding off of a great saturday.
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest or you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to him to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological torture of the cia disseminated from within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years and other victims say they still live with the consequences today.
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again a $50.00 us. whenever. you notice that i have almost lost what he does but i think it will be now most of it if i'm the last one but i don't want to get off this why is there no bit of. a bleed enough and then. some of that but enough of the most of it out of. me and you have a sense of that that unless it is yelling and screaming and. this is the latest in the good talk to me over the gleam in a c. c. list i wonder who'll be ducking the rams were going in earnest. money cannot and must as they see on. your i see a list.


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