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it's reached an agreement with. the u.s. . a move. on
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the program we hear. about the possible. reason. for the program here. a new poll in the czech republic. those quizzed say they would be happy to receive. if it's approved by local regulators. we'll show you more details now with our correspondent. well the czech republic
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could be sent to follow hungry and start using russia's sputnik the vaccine before it gets approval from the european medicines agency the czech president zemin made the announcement he was also critical of the slow pace at which the e.m.e.a. approval for the sputnik v. vaccine has taken if the decision on sputnik the registration is made by our national regulator it will be enough to start using it as happened in hungary as for the european medicines agency it is very slow well new infections in the czech republic have started to relent in recent days that's following the country being gripped by a 3rd wave of the covert 19 pandemic now a recent poll showed that just under half of the czech citizens who were asked the question said that they would take the sputnik the vaccine without a.m.a. approval as long as health authorities from prague had given it the green light michel the e.u.
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council president has also been speaking he acknowledged that there is differences between member states when it comes to the use of russia's sputnik the vaccine there's a lot of pressure and politicians people are getting impatient they want to get vaccinated governments want to do all they can also control this insensitivity regarding sputnik the among you member states at the back end of last weekend spawn the german health minister said that germany would be looking to secure its own deal for sputnik the once the european medicines agency has given it the green light germany could have to set up its own deal of course because the e.u. commission joint procurement mechanism has already said they're not going to buy sputnik v. as it stands at the moment there's also been some comment from france when it comes to that announcement from germany last week the french foreign minister saying he thought that was a bit of a p.r. stunt designed to. give confidence to the local markets here in germany of course
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we have an election coming up in september he thought that was a bit of politicking from yen's spawn but he also said that he wouldn't rule out taking any vaccine based on where it came from said if it's a good vaccine it's a good vaccine but when it comes to the all important a.m.a. approval well sputnik the started being looked at by the european medicines agency on the 5th of march we're expecting that process to run through perhaps as long as the end of may once it gets the green light of course it can then be used all across the european union meanwhile austria's chancellor says an agreement spain reached with russia to buy a 1000000 doses of the sputnik medicine sebastian coe says it will turbo boost the country's vaccine program earlier last week the austrian chancellor also warned geo politics shouldn't get in the way of the vaccine approval process. was put new people have to queue up to ask for splitting to be it's a question of how long this approval process will last and for what reasons it's
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being protected i get the feeling that some are acting geopolitically here and i believe that when it comes to vaccination and public health care it shouldn't center around geo political questions but rather if a vaccine is effective and safe it should be used i personally share the opinion of the president of the doctors' chamber that the more vaccines we have the higher the chance to save lives and jobs in austria and get this pandemic over and done with. the president of the austrian doctors chamber thomas who chancellor because just mentioned told us why he thinks austria needs the sputnik shot. i think all over europe the companies are suffering and they would need more brick seen in they'd more rapidly we saw come to roost like the us who are in england. israel they could vaccinate within the sure to prove the time and the numbers.
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don't are pink therefore i hope that it will be able to blacks in the europe is well within the birth short period of time we need to do this in order to overcome the pandemic situation as soon this post. the main problem is that europe didn't or that enough in time we would need more work seen now in or the blacks in need the population in the short period of time and that's not possible therefore we have very thankful and grateful to russia that we are able to buy your work seen and i hope that it will boost vixenish you. meanwhile the global uptake of the sputnik vaccine is on the rise india and regulators gave approval today while 20000 doses will arrive in the philippines this week in fact manila has ordered 20000000 doses in last month the vaccine was approved for emergency use in
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the country along with china as i see novak job which is already rolled out the philippine authorities aim to vaccinate up to 70000000 people this year and the country's foreign secretary told us about the importance of this deal. although from the start we have to control 'd 'd the. measure of control over there and there but i don't really turn to russia because let me her about the government there split nic i knew that was the one thing. that was unusual initially resistance because there is a you know or i shall an evening. or western men's of the old western friends. and those who are in charge the vaccines are wonderful munjal god has said you know there's going to be resistance or the like there is resistance to the chinese vaccines because we're not they're not known for for for medicines to be the public but i kept pressing and pressing and. i know we were
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a little late or i don't excuse myself i think we would not be in this situation if we had signed. firm commitments when we adjourned the whole cold war we never took sides well it's truly belong to the west of the alliance but it's true also 'd that we never took sides and that when the height of the cold war it was the footprints it reached out to russia to the soviet union and established diplomatic. because we knew that's the only chance. but today marks an important milestone in the easing of the u.k.'s cofield lock down non-essential shops on pubs with beer gardens are now allowed to reopen although with plenty of limitations that in place. has been out and about has nandan has now flock back to their favorite spot. well i'm here in the heart of central london for the grand reopening of pubs and bars and restaurants for the 1st
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time in what's been a grueling nearly full months today marks the 1st step in the forest johnson's road map out of a locked down in fact here in soho. is really quite excitable many people are really happy to be asked about for the 1st time after what's been a really miserable start to 2021 today also marks the opening of had dresses james and even nail salons as well it's also coincided in very mild and dry weather so the prime minister at this point is urging caution and urging the public to behave responsibly i've already spoken to some punters and they tell me that they've got a lot of catching up to do in fact as soon as the prime minister announced the hospitality sector would reopen for business most families went along with accepting these online booking so much so they were absolutely back to back and it seems as though the waiting list is around 3 weeks at least many venues they're
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also having a dish no logistical challenge and that is because they're imposing simply a 2 hour maximum for any customers using their facilities but it hasn't stopped london's business owners celebrating the good news today we've been planning this for a little while for a week or 2. their television isn't working the music working but the machine thank goodness is working and everybody is getting good coffee so we're over the moon. because police everywhere have diversified the until now so it's built. stuff tested once a week we also temperature check everyone that comes into the building make sure that their hand sanitizer. and we only me allow 2. clients in a time something that may take the spring out of people steps is the prospect of a key. $1000.00 possible where the u.k. is almost contemplating whether or not you have to prove that you have been
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vaccinated in order to then go into any sort of venue the government is thought to be weighing up the pros and cons of all of this but leading experts are raising new concerns saying it could be absolutely detrimental for trade and that many people be very uncomfortable disclosing their medical records plus there could be a whole variety of discrimination issues that come with that as well and many people have been very vocal in saying that this goes against human rights and liberty and freedoms but as of today it seems as though many people now conceding a renee king saying it's a price worth paying everyone should have the right to say what goes in their body i think equally a pope should have the right or any wish of the right to say you can't commit if you cannot have a vaccine. to keep it quite safe anyway but when they completely unlocks and then you allow to really from the 21st of june if you're low to actually socialize like that i think you'd feel safer if it was. in place i mean the great majority of
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people who use pubs of the vaccine until like age group is that yeah. where the least like likely to be affected by as well. because one thing people will actually be. want to actually get vaccinated because if you if you refuse somebody to go into the pub and in the past. of course some venues don't have the luxury of this outdoor spaces so they're still waiting for their grand reopening in the next few weeks in around may or so and still there is this walsh's optimising moving forward because boris johnson expects all covert restrictions to be lifted by june the 21st are still a long way off and the government has always maintained that this policy will be guided by the data and not the days never the less we are in april the 12 things are going according to plan and many are hoping it's going to stay that way. violent a race riots erupted in the u.s.
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city of brooklyn center in minnesota following the fatal shooting of a black man by police. the man was shot in a car off to being pulled over for a traffic violation that provoked crowds to flock to the local police department and was looting in the area as well as clashes the national guard was deployed tear gas was used in santa is about 10 miles from minneapolis where last year the death of a black man at the hands of police led to nationwide protests but it wasn't just there it was race related on rest in california as well. the was. the art. of the light. rally had been organized online but it was met by a larger group of counter protesters from black lives matter confrontation
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descended into clashes with brutal fist fights. i want to let you go. and there was a heavy police presence here as you can see right here arrests we understand were made on both sides the counter protesters later claimed it was a big victory for black lives not so he said reaction from both camps. black like many other people here. you know what i like better students you know we all want to be treated equally that's what the k.k.k. never indeed. they may not wear the sheet. that used to but they were going to. and they also are still. in creating racism and trying to harm people of color but we spoke with the editorial director at the
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reactionary times julio rivera who believes the rallies were used as a pretext for the black lives matter movement to reassert itself. this is a some kind of a false flag because in seattle there was supposed to be a one of these rallies that never really materialized and what didn't materialize was a large amount of counter protests i think this is something that's being set up probably by the radical marxist that are behind black lives matter to just give them an excuse to go back out into the streets and cause problems this in this black lives matter movement just to speak on it broadly has never been about equality it's always been about black superiority we saw that last year and some of the videos there probably are a group of white people that all are frustrated at this point with the way that the media has been portraying race relations in america some of them may be extremist writes the crime assistant but some of them you know you can't argue with
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a white person being frustrated with the racial narratives in america that isn't racist at all maybe somebody who believes that black lives matter and white lives matter and all lives matter. the u.s. a state of shock and so has banned gender reassignment treatment for people under the age of 80 critics are proud of the move trans but journalists who reverse his sex change says it will protect young people from making a dangerous mistake. i reach about 300000000 people a year and help people every day who also have regret or have a story just like mine and want to do a transition so i've worked with a lot of young people who were diagnosed by a so-called doctor telling him that they had gender dysphoria have gone and met with the children and been around with them and none of them that i've come across
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had gender dysphoria that was a fox diagnosis one recent young man who started on hormone therapy at 15 had is told surgery at 18 contacted me at 19 and said he feels like a prank unstained monster in the arm that it's done is that it causes. many things real problems for bone structure oftentimes in a natural development of the brain is interrupted what we know from sweden is that after you go through these procedures share 19 times more likely to die from suicide than you would if you didn't go through the surgery so what they're doing is really horrible the arkansas governor had attempted to veto the bill although he was immediately overruled by the state congress hutchinson who's a republican had augie with such measure as a quote not the role of government but do you have my veto will could my republican
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colleagues across the country to resist the temptation to put the states in the middle of every decision made by parents and health care professionals they are console bill bans doctors from providing puberty blockers or genda surgery for children of old again the things such procedures a highly dangerous and opening promoted by big pharma and politicians. the truth is it does a great deal of harm to put children or alone blockers or give them hormone therapy before they're 19 years old and it really should be 21 years old before they attempt to put. any hormones in a young person's body and you know big pharma has a great interest in selling hormone therapy to people who don't need it the people who make the hormone blockers the advocates you know whether it's facebook or he said there are big platforms raise money for these advocate groups and
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i think it's horrible what they're doing and it's really political it's not a medical thing now it's become totally political because what they're doing is not providing medical care at all they're raising money for these activists to perform unnecessary surgeries and harm kids. it is art international a group of activists in the us are entering the 3rd week of a hunger strike over the saudi blockade of yemen the u.s. based yemeni liberation movement is urging the by administration to make good on its promise to end support for the saudi campaign yemen is now in the grip of a full blown famine after a 6 year military onslaught by saudi arabia those operations are aimed at propping up yemen's pro saudi government against the fighters which riyadh claims are terrorists and the war has directly or indirectly claimed almost a quarter of
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a 1000000 lives according to the united nations the crisis is worsening by the day but the saudi preventing vital supplies from entering yemeni points. now according to the united nations 2000000 children under the age of 5 will suffer a huge malnutrition in yemen this year if indeed the blockade continues that could result in 400000 deaths we can all speak with one of the leading activists involved
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in that hunger strike in months ali the general coordinator of the yemeni liberation movement thank you very much for joining us here in the international you've actually been on hunger strike as i understand for 2 weeks now has there been any reaction from the by the ministration to your campaign. we haven't seen any reaction directly from the biden and we've received a lot of support and responses from from congress like it had on. bernie sanders he campaigned day of paul's campaign and you know we've received a lot of support these are all congress people who signed on to a letter to urge the buy and this ration to end the blockade but we get to hear anything from from the administration itself i understand you have family in yemen can you try to give us some idea of what they're going through. i mean we should be talking to them you know i live in a lot more comfortable life but just from the from the images in the voice not that
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they send meaning they'll tell me that these are the graves that they had to dig up these are people that they that have passed their way in you know some of it is from you know communicable diseases like cholera and starvation and you know that should should never be happening in a developed world you know these are people that struggle to find water and and struggle to of to be able to afford food in just imagine that this is a constant daily life for people who are just are going to survive and as it online comes up people will be fasting but don't know when their next meal will be coming in or certainly the situation there in yemen has been described as the biggest is the biggest made humanitarian catastrophe in history i want to ask you all the focus alternately is on the saudis but what about the other side in this war that the who is the fight is this the u.s. in your opinion need to engage more closely with them now that they have been taken
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off the terror list. it's interesting that you say that the focus hasn't really been on. the saudis or i'm sorry that the focus has not been enough on the united states and saudis role in this we don't as emule of ration movement we don't engage in that rhetoric because we simply just don't believe in foreign intervention using starvation as a war tactic is a humanitarian war crime and only and we believe in the amulet gratian movement and ollie. that the people in yemen have the right to self-determination and we don't have any we don't have any right to be involved or feel that we have an opinion or feel that we need to intervene on their behalf that's not and that's not in our place to do and so we always just make sure that our focus as well as what we can fight and hold accountable to these politicians here in the belly of the beast
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which is in washington d.c. what about what about other world powers do you think they should be applying more pressure to end the war in yemen do you think. absolutely i mean we're we're not talking about just the united states who is involved although they are a vital supporter and a key supporter in this in this role i mean you know you have to involve the united nations france spain and in so many other countries who are also involved in in supplying arms to the saudi coalition but absolutely you know there should be a huge uproar i mean we are literally day by day watching the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and why are we not hearing from these world leaders why are we not hearing from from the from other nations who should be extremely outraged that this could be this could happen to any other country and we should all equally be as enraged and absolutely that the world needs to talk more about what's going on in yemen among saleh the general coordinator of the yemeni liberation movement
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joining us live from washington here on the international many thanks for your time and your insight we appreciate it thank you. this is r.t. international now it was 60 years ago today russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin became the 1st human to leave earth's atmosphere of course the flight brought him instant fame and even 6 decades on his name his smile his words a still proving to be an inspiration. yeah. you do it. of course that. well you're. controlled just a bit with this pilot but poised to become the 1st man in space to the rocket he
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yelled it. let's go. let's go yesterday. thank you. 60 years on from the flight the idea of space travel still fascinates so many.
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microgravity of the international space station can cause dizziness nausea headaches and other rather unpleasant symptoms so scientists have worked very hard on minimizing these side effects by simulating missions right down here on the they also use special to create the feeling of weightlessness as. the reports. i really can't believe that this is what caused us feel one day you know float around a space station it's. it's amazing you know i was told that those who take part in the study they actually have to spend here inside this tub from 7
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to 21 days and yes that means even eating and you're e-mailing. dry immersion in there of a neutral water snow can be fun in the beginning and i had fun that's for sure but the pleasure is they say words are pretty quick you know there's not so much to entertain yourself with on top of that the longer you expose your body to microgravity the more negative effects kick in. in space microgravity can have a serious impact on your body causing muscles to atrophy bones to lose calcium even your internal organs and eyeballs can change shape as far as and no vision also deteriorates if you stay in space for a long time. the experiment takes place at an institute in moscow known for long term simulations of trips to space
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and one of its trademark feature is this type compartment facility that is used to play out would be missions to moon and mars and see how crewmembers are going to act together in isolation and confinement so let me actually give you a quick tour inside. so this 1st area is a refrigerator facility and those are the actual fridges huge ones. those are used mainly for food because you have to realize that while in space no one's cooks you have to take food with you and. because of that it has to be frozen so here we have a storage facility here it's a greenhouse this is where they have plants this room over here it's obviously
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a gym. well this appears to be a kitchen i guess because of the microwave and by the way look at the c.c.t.v. cameras their average where all over so let's move on ok so this is were cars minotaur those who take part in experiments they live. so this is yeah this is the light control the mirror yeah. yeah it's not too it's not to be 3 crumpets space here but. yeah this is what you get when you are on a very important space assignment which are on the order of that in an enclosed space where they can't talk to the family the deprived of communications and isolated from the outside world they don't receive news and have no idea what's going on they can't go outside for a walk.


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