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teach. ratios. day moscow time when the news from us today debate rages in france as it's marks the death of a man accused of genocide and whose wars cost millions of lives we looked on whether to centuries on the polian merits today's fair and celebrations for me used to a hero he did a lot for the evolution of france but it cost a lot of freedom and of sacrifice of the human level 2.5 p.c. he's big mistake may be to have reestablished slavery. new york's governor touches a raw nerve by advising unvaccinated people to avoid their grandparents amid allegations his own mismanagement to blame for nursing home deaths we hear from an activist who lost her father at a care home in long island. has more u.s.
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states barred transgender participants from competition the kansas governor vetoes about and claiming it sends an unwelcome message you put it up for debate. this is just a story to. probably tell you that these women not only think all the other women don't want to see. this you do to. my daughter and that's not transphobia just common sense. or good afternoon from russia than this is out international law from a world view sage q kevin over here for the next 30 minutes in school to the company to. france's most famous general is waging wars beyond the grave on the cultural front as the country pulls out all the stops to celebrate 200 years since . death debate is raging about whether or not it's high time to cancel the emperor
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seen by many as a genocidal tyrants to blame for the deaths of millions on the other side of it is fans to this day hail him as the nation's greatest ever hero shall i do when city enters the fray in paris. napoleon bonaparte it's a name that everyone you know is a french emperor cuoco of nations 200 years after his death and his ideals still shape france but wasn't a polian a hero or a villain i'm pretty good a bit of both because he did good things he did a lot for the evolution of france but he also destroyed countries during his conquests in fact so it is a bit of both. i would say he did a lot for france but obviously he made mistakes too from a foreign policy point of view this is one detail his career in fact he invented everything through the civil code so indeed like all great man he did things that
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are good and others that are bad and i think he did more good than bad for me to a hero in the 121st century napoleon's legacy seems to be on shaky ground critics have described the french leader as a racist sexist desperate and there is plenty of evidence to show that napoleon wouldn't cut the mustard in today's world. for the 1st time in history we systematically used a racial criteria for gassing exterminating a civil population in a manner that was the most economical most rational at the end there were several 1000 dead maybe some tens of thousands of civilians dead murdered in this way simply because of the color of their skin because of the fact that napoleon had reintroduced slavery in the main french colony. despite the mounting case against new polling events all planned in france and belgium to mark the anniversary of his
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death there is no question of allowing this anniversary to be stolen from us people know perfectly well that he reestablished slavery but you can't reduce him to that no other figure has marked history like him while some former french presidents have shied away from comment. orating napoleon president might call will not he's due to lay a wreath at napoleon's to me in paris and to make an address to mark the anniversary trances in fact the only country in the world where slavery was really established after its was abolished nobody has ever since such a thing and i were president the president of the so-called human rights would like to celebrate somebody who was associated with so many crimes that is acceptable is a day of shame mr merkel is not only making. a mistake but also
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a political one that is going to be. 'd even for the elections he also says it is ludicrous that france continues to celebrate a loser pretty well but it was a disaster. because even if you don't care about black people in the corridors even if you do that if you don't care about your. friends who lost 1000000 soldiers. which is a lot and for nothing. because of the debt of the day he lost everything for example for us all under. which was at this time 20 percent of the united states that was lost because of look for trends had many irons in the ocean like sition rust there and all of that was lost even a racist or a nationalist person should say he's a because so does that change people's opinion of napoleon i don't think that we in these cases yes because in a way he helped france with certain things but it cost
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a lot of freedom a lot of sacrifice that the human level to pay them off it's obviously his big mistake maybe to have reestablished slavery but also he brought a lot to france who though his initiatives especially at all levels of administration and then he may have helped make some progress in certain countries maybe. university history professor john laughlin claims many of those seeking to cancel the emperor now are ignoring certain values maybe they got in common with him. the fact is that he is a product of the french revolution and so the left if you like which would want to cancel him and dethrone him for being a racist or whatever. unfortunately is in a rather paradoxical position because of course the left supports the french revolution of which napoleon is a product domestically it is undeniable that his influence is immense everybody
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knows that the napoleonic code is still more or less in force that he invented or at least codify all kinds of other things including the administrative structure of france and obviously influence the army and the school system and so on and so on so yes he was a loser on the on the international stage because he was defeated. but he in a way he's not a loser really i would say domestically around the country his his influence for good or ill is undeniable throughout the centuries. in new york governor andrew cuomo the news again this time for insinuating that unvaccinated people could kill their relatives is after he himself was accused of allowing covert to spread in care homes with the state's high number of deaths and now revealed maybe you will get a long haul syndrome that we're not really sure what it is yet but a lingering consequence of cold. or maybe you go home and get your grandmother and
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wind up killing your grandmother that is if you would read mother survive whom was nursing home do you think the moment after he said that he was internally regressing setting himself up like that or is he just clueless i'll never forgive this man for making my friend die alone in a nursing home don't like wrong get me a grandmother. in march 2020 cuomo ordered nursing homes except covert positive patients because local hospitals were overwhelmed critics though say that decision increased the death toll among residents new york state has one of the highest covert mortality rates in the u.s. with care home deaths that are around 14000 governor has also been accused of hiding the truth but he has repeatedly insisted nonetheless he will not resign because he doesn't see the miscount as a cover up. years 3320 year he died in hospital died in
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a nursing home they died. tracy elevate our seniors trusted us to protect them and what do we can we get a governor that failed us that arrogant and makes these tone deaf remarks that continues to twist denies that he placed in the hearts of us the grieving family members we had our leaders are in hell to arm and the head of the and i each out in february telling us citizens that we knew that it was most deadly to the elderly back then in february so when you sign an executive order that lets a virus that is known to be the most evil to elderly people even with elderly people i don't want to sound dramatic but that sounds a lot like murder to me and we need to know why he did it was there a monetary reason that he did it all of this needs to be investigated and every time they think he might get away with it he opens his mouth and he buries unsubtle little bit deeper the fact that we have over 15000 angels on our side who never
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discount be angels. transgender females can keep playing women sports in the u.s. state of kansas after the state failed to hold the governor vetoing a new bill banning them from taking part of the bill previously passed by the state targeted males taking part in women's sports but it didn't stop those born female from participating in men's kansas governor laura kelly explained a veto. this legislation sends a devastating message that kansas is not welcoming to all children and their families including those who are transgender while already at a high risk of bullying discrimination and suicide kansas is an inclusive state and our laws should reflect our values this law doesn't do that since republicans couldn't stop abortions there aren't a transgender rights big win for the family and those athletes i am annoyed by this they have grown up as men head there's transfer of physical ability not
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a level playing field it's really stupid kansas should frank very governor for saving them from the stupid. the decision comes as 5 other states bring such bans into law $34.00 others consider it too we talked to lawyers stephanie hayden and also radio sports host other more about whether or not the issues a dog whistle for transphobia and who end of the day should decide if such athletes participate or not. what with the rights of women and it's also the nurse your new york times a couple sports on our radio show we spoke with female athletes interviewed that they have concerns for day themselves feel that as his arguments going on the board their heads will hear it stay to russia saw her there is that dangerous well this is a new who will take advantage of this and think you've got a good will of a lot of the society who really believes the situation here or there are you know deadly consequences what this is a ballot in my view is using the argument about access to sport transgendered women
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and bells as a whistle for transpo be at lest the real heya this not sick here of what people call biological men i would say trans women killing all 2 joy in female sports as a way of securing metals that they otherwise would not secure if they were competing against biological men in early sports i don't think there is you know there's there's not a trance flowbee in this and i don't think that it wasn't being entranced albeit that is adult was just saying that my argument saying there i don't want to see a man who's transitioned into female to greener and placed my daughter in the ring that's not transfer all the addresses common sense this is just a scare story which is broad town waltz again too. probably take the view that trans women are anything all the books all the women you know women
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sports of women's sports and i'm not saying that's appropriate in every sport that somebody who was formally male should be allowed to compete in some spots that would be ridiculous however if the governing body of the sport takes the view that trans women tranced else can compete safely and thoroughly then guys in lots of the den agree look at the rules who are bigger rebroadcasts have been brought in the states it's not their child's issue mero who compiz their high schools and universities how to lead or people who present themselves or to who approve feel to sell female today should be given the same rights and be there to be a team and sports is sort of being used right now and a lot to do that's fine or lesser in in the states and in the senate floor and under the golden rule in the end. it is so so messy and so dangerous politics
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should be kept down to sports it is not the business in my opinion of a state legislature to start passing legislation restricting access to sport for any group in money feeling the way the should be dealt with is that each individual sport violates governing bodies should make a decision on what is best for the sport the some sports for example where it can be argued that the same call biological differences are not going to make a difference to how severe or certain way around at least one of the polls was that there would be a separate category 3 male female. the next category or the green have to caucasus solutions that are. looking to sporting going to view or forcing a lot of people who know about general interest as court want to get involved in it because it suits their examiner and that just is not going. to worry again perhaps
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it's the e-mail or at least the sports administrators what is best for their people and there are still work to be. a tsunami of infections has led to almost 400000 registered cases of code within india with over 3000 people dying every day it's a really unwanted global record hospitals are running short of oxygen still mass funeral pyres are burning almost nonstop and concern countries are sending aid. i am happy to help others during a medical emergency i myself tested positive for cover 19 and at that time the situation was very critical when i was discharged from the hospital i decided to create a water ambulance to benefit the people who are living in da lake i asked people to
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call me during a covert emergency i will definitely help them even if it's night. it is good for the people even then it is around delhi really need this ambulance because you are a medical emergencies it could be better for us in kashmir there is also a surge in infections and deaths and these ambulance could be used during an emergency related to cross the waters. when we find homeless people on the streets check their needs and help them live a dignified life we received information that this homeless man who has been here
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for the last 3 days is not well we're going to conduct a covert test for him and if he is negative he will be sent to a shelter. says the seriousness thanks for watching today this is arts international now coming up would you stick around after the break has a must a political survivor this is dead. well. in his view. over. the deadline to form a coalition government. should
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we interpret the recent f.b.i. raid on the home of former trump lawyer rudy giuliani a legitimate investigation into wrongdoing or a strong and very public political warning his former supporters the real target. the f.b.i. . well
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again the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has missed his chance to form a new coalition government the deadline expired at midnight tuesday so his failure to reach an agreement could now pushes look could party into opposition for the 1st time in well over a decade israel's but in political deadlock for the past 2 years during that time for parliamentary elections a failed to produce a stable government despite reaching out to rivals including the leader of a small islamist arab party known you know who was another day unable to seal a deal within the 4 week window granted by the country's president our sister channel r.t. arabic spoke directly to a former israeli prime minister ehud olmert he said now yahoo is nearing the end of his career. speaks 2 words was what everyone knows well you know easing in a very very bad situation he is at the very end of his career he's going to be
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kicked out from the government he's not going to be the experienced of israel that a sailor really 2 years ago and i was right in our last interview i told you he will not win any elections in even the elections so he was when the palais thing where we went to for the win the election complaints in 2 years because netanyahu couldn't win the elections and therefore when you don't we in the elections when you're in bed when you have troubles when you we have to stand in court when you have political rivals from all sides what is left for you to do is to yell 'd to shout to to show off. an elementary school principals under investigation in florida after spanking a 6 year old the incident raises questions asking why such punishments continue in a country that prides itself on being a beacon of democracy kellam opens got more. now you would think that teachers
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beating their students in order to keep them in line is a thing of the past and certainly doesn't happen nowadays well if you think that you are wrong a recent incident in florida caught on video sparked outrage here's what happened to a 6 year old girl who allegedly damaged a school computer and there is disturbing video this morning of a school principal hitting a 6 year old student with a wooden paddle now the video was recorded by her mother she came to the school in order to pay a fine for the damage to property now the mother did not speak english and feared for her immigration status so rather than intervene she discreetly took out her phone and recorded how the principal spanked her daughter with the help of another staff member nobody would have believed me i sick my daughter so old parents can realize what's happening in the school now the official rules of county school don't permit for students to be hit but apparently it does happen however many counties throughout florida do have official policies permitting the use of
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corporal punishment elementary school principals are now able to paddle misbehaving students in marion county and many people at our morning news meeting wondered could bay area schools be next piece of video showing 2 adults at an elementary school in georgia prepared to paddle a 5 year old child it's perfectly legal in that state and in 18 other states 19 us states maintain laws allowing corporal punishment in public schools and almost every state keeps it legal in private schools now some say this is just part of the religious and traditional cultures of some regions throughout the united states but others say this is an outdated authoritarian practice pretty much child abuse and it has no place in modern education if our point is in giving indications who had children who would employ it reduces the amount of education and. mind set that a child could have while learning so i would say since the point of going to school been. well. we're dealing with
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a wooden board is counterproductive to all children having the possibility to excel in schools whether it's a poor school or very well at least will children do better when they feel safe people across the country have very strong opinions about this disciplinary practice i feel like that's sort of something that a parent should do like that kind of discipline should come from parents and teachers should. just shouldn't be allowed to do that it's not in their job description i will definitely make sure that those people go to jail because. i don't think they can buy in this is the answer for punishment i think that he said it was a lot of ways to. make sure that the kids that are in the house listen to the fact that beating children as a routine form of punishment in schools across the country certainly flies in the face of the image the united states has constructed for itself around the world the very sad thing about it is that i mean there are stork all reasons i'll put it like
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that for why re still having it but i think one of the saddest things about it is that there are over 2 dozen in other nations that will not practice until we will so that type of violence is going on in our schools and there's no signs that proves that this helps and as a matter of fact the top schools in our nation frown upon the use of the word employed so that kind of tells us something right there about its necessity. russia's branded france is someone who had some bus to paris as an e.u. coordinated political stunt it comes off to moscow place sanctions on 8 e.u. citizens and restrictions on diplomatic missions here in russia. in our opinion the fact that the russian ambassador to france was summoned to the country's foreign ministry is clearly part of a political stunt coordinated by e.u. member states and mostly repeats what was said to russia's representative to the u. so the bloc had previously levied sanctions against russia and some member states
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expelled diplomats over the jailing of election avani russia in turn placed a travel ban on 8 top e.u. officials in retaliation a move the e.u. president branded groundless moscow went on to stress though the move was an act of protest then it could be reversed at any moment we have repeatedly made it clear that it wasn't asked for started this war sanctions but attending moments we are ready to walk our part of the path to end this pointless confrontation in which there will not and cannot be any winners hostile policy towards russia has been pursued by only a small group of individual countries to their own detriment political. believes the e.u. simply follow the example set by the united states here. well again i mean the russians are logically not started the sanctions regime and the sanctions game so i would say the russians of change must know that and the europeans must know that too my problem with the hopkins is that they're terribly following the americans
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see the european parliament. elected or. at least part of his initial mistake. and see what the consequence of his actions will be the european parliament as. the giver the consequently world view and you don't think about what's going to happen to. these decisions. just in the. of course leading to the heightened tension between russia and the innate sense that there's a sea that depends on the united states and the steeds many changes. in the movie do happen in real sea but then of course you see the the business they just follow the u.s. 60 seconds of world news in brief for you and look at that mexico is promising severe punishment for anyone that was ended up to be found responsible for that overpass collapse in which 24 people died yesterday last evening the instance or
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pack train carriages plunge into busy road smashing into vehicles below dozens of people were pulled from the wreckage with more than 70 transported to hospital in mexico city mayor says there will be a deep investigation it was a pretty new line to only finished in 2012. let me explain what you see in here not go without a fight in east jerusalem things getting violent and outside the house of a family that faces a victualling the properties being reclaimed under a law making it possible because it was owned by jews before 1948 the family though and their supporters say the eviction in their view is unlawful. spain conservatives they're out in madrid celebrating why they've storm to victory in local elections the people's party more than doubled its share of seats after
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advocating anti lock down policies during a pandemic very popular now as you can see it got more seats than 3 left leaning parties combined. alerts the way the world is looking so far this when is a small selection of what we're talking about if you want more check out any of our social xeroxing talk on but for now for me kevin owen at 28 coming up to 29 minutes past the hour have a super day. so
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what males have tended to do and still do is we tend to we certainly have empathy all of that from but we also tend to who'd nurture through aggression so we create things like soccer and football and you know all of the various.


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