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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  May 9, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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unleash the corporate parasites in power today might think their 5th role will continue forever whether they're right or wrong we have to keep fighting question more. hello everyone let's take a look at today's menu to see what we're serving up on the press facebook upholds its ban on former president donald trump for now trump responds and some reaction may surprise you why does joe biden seemingly brag to a higher percentage of black and latino seniors have received the covert vaccine than their white counterparts these numbers are a sign of progress maurice cooper will be here to weigh in it's more than just porn sites that are complicit in poisoning our children and you may be shocked at some of the names will be showing to you lionel and lynn shaw have the details this was
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u.s.d.a. grade a. and what's going on at c n n. why do they continue to use ball garraty in fact curse words on the air or on cable we can say that it will take a lot i'm speedballs for let's see the press. oh yeah. as you may recall some 4 months ago facebook banned donald trump and this past wednesday their oversight board decided to keep that ban in place pending further review in 6 months as you might expect trump was outraged calling the decision a total disgrace to our country but you may not have expected this over at m s n b c where chuck todd was asking this question yeah just plainly what i was getting at there is is does donald trump have
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a case that he's being singled out by facebook and how about this from m s n b c correspondent kristen welker at the white house press briefing reading from a ted cruz tweet senator ted cruz seem to follow every liberal celebrity terms of social media to the beat. well in dark skin muslims believe what stopped. me coming to. catch me i'm about to fall over now speaking of former president trump he's just launched a new website where he'll be posting and commenting with supporters the address is donald j. trump dot com if you would like to check it out i think it's become clearer about fairness is overrated that was lester holt back in march admitting he's no journalist so this should come as no real surprise and just in the ceiling former minneapolis police officer derrick show over and has filed an appeal for a new trial 2 weeks after he was convicted of murder and manslaughter charges in
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the death of george floyd his lawyer says show vince ability to have a fair trial was affected by pretrial publicity we now turn to a.b.c. and c.b.s. to see what lester holt left out the lawyers for the former minneapolis police officer tonight are now asking for a new trial late today filing a motion on several grounds including what they claim is jury misconduct citing juror misconduct now the accusation comes after a photo surfaced of one of the jurors brandon mitchell at a march in washington last summer where floyd's family spoke mitchell can be seen wearing a t. shirt reading get your knee off our next giora misconduct it seems like that would be an intricate part of the story but don't bother lester holt he's appalled at all and from that vantage point he will decide what you need to know as he said without being fair now take a look at this the tone. of. the show they like the rose version. you know damn well your own power
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fired it needs a graphic sex and sex worker shaquille o'neal caught surveying his nose with his cellphone and then picking his nose and a t.v.'s paddle responded a core. only when it's not as if shaq is the only one who ever got caught. maybe shaq should have done what seinfeld did watch are we not human if we pick do we not believe. not. so true rules never mouth off in front of an open mike and never ever pick your nose anywhere unless you are alone and even then don't do it ok that was supposed to be funny this is not only not funny it's sad and scary we're going to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated this is vaccines dog dogs go back season
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vaccines dot gov that's why i'm asking people to continue to phone c.c.d. guy and the c.d.c. guys with the c.c. d. this has nothing to do with stuttering folks and these are just 2 small examples of many more that i can and have shown to you too bad the mainstream media couldn't care less. i said from the beginning. that we were going to fight this virus with equity equity for all it's not a fact a mom mistaken there are more latinos an african-american seniors that have been vaccinated is a percentage than white seniors these numbers are a sign of progress on that front as well. all right president joe biden bragging that white seniors have received their coded vaccinations at less of a percentage than their latino and african-american counterparts what has happened
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to this country joining us now are asleep are senior fellow with the national center for public policy research and co-chair project 21 national advisory board horace great to see you back bring me some sanity what that heck did we just listen to from from president biden. well i'm not sure i'm going to bring you any sanity because this is actually reminiscent of the old 20th century bigotry and apparently we've forgotten how wrong it was if you grab a lady off of a bus and tell her that she's not going to be able to sit wherever she wants in an open seat it wasn't wrong to do that to her if you say that you're not going to allow people to vote because of the color of their skin it isn't wrong to do that if you say to people you can't go to colleges or universities because you're black
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it's not wrong to do that to those people because they were black it was wrong to do that because they were citizens of the united states cut to the 21st century you shouldn't have a government saying to people we're not going to give you the covert vaccine or we're going to slow walk it because your white it's not wrong to do that because they're white it's wrong to do that because they are citizens of these united states and our president who's supposed to represent all of us should know better than that calling america a place that is systemically biased or races and then favoring one racial group over another is reminiscent of the very history that we learn from with our civil rights efforts all of us are citizens and all of us should be
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given benefits shame shame when the government is praising treating one group better than another. and horace racial equity quote unquote under biden harris makes nearly every issue a racial one from vaccines to a certain rocky are stacking the supreme court and this in virginia although there's a lot of pushback a new racial equity push would eliminate certain advanced placement classes in the state's mathematics curriculum a major goal of the p.m.i. is to combat what they say disparities in educational outcomes between racial and ethnic minorities so in other words those who do better don't get to do better because it's not fair to those who don't do as well it's knots. they are pushing a way actual standardized tests there are a lemon ating mathematic classes so that students are going to graduate to compete
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in the 21st century global economy without the skills that they need because apparently if your mother and father aren't pushing you to do mathematics then it's too hard for you and our progressive friends including the president of the united states are saying it's ok let's just dumb everyone down i tell you i don't know what the right answer is how many white construction workers are we supposed to have how many black farm and we supposed to have in a free society you let people choose what the disparity approach says is we do know the answer we know how many white teachers we know how many black professors we know how many nurses we don't know those answers and it's dangerous when government starts out with the premise that it actually does know the answer that means there's not liberty that means it's not freedom and if we tell middle
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down america loses as a society yeah and you left out airline pilots they want quotas for that too god help us at heart. yes hard for you not to mention brain surgeons are if this was south carolina republican senator tim scott on april 28th in his republican response to joe biden's speech before congress i could call it uncle tom and the n word by progressive by liberals just last week a national newspaper suggested my family's poverty was actually privilege because a relative of the land generations before my time he's talking about a washington post hit piece questioning is family's history. but his experiences as a conservative black man they have to resonate with you i mean the media couldn't don't says horace and participates in it in many instances well that's why i love your program because shame on the media when the president 1st announced all of
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this racial equity effort the media should have called him out on it and asked how is this any different than original jim crow from the 20th century no you've got tim scott having to explain that he's been black his entire life and when he says that things are improved that they are better they decide they want to fact check him instead of how about fact checking kamel harris how come she gets away with calling america racist and bigoted what is it about her experience when she pretended that she was being bused as a child when we have no record of any of this behavior ever happening in the state of california where is the fact checking there it is remarkable how the media says fact checking for the right blessings and cheerleading for the left that's not the
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way a media is supposed to operate. i want you to watch angela rye on a.b.c.'s this week recently there is literally trauma i carry in my body i encourage you all to read a book called my grandmother's hands by reson i'm going to come who talks about how we carry trauma in our bodies white body supremacy black body trauma and police trauma it is not fair for us to allow for police officers to shoot and kill because they have an irrational fear of a black person or a person of color when you hear her say that again she's given a platform to say it over and over on multiple networks what do you think. as a sociological witchcraft you know there was a time when when you got sick you went to the local witch doctor and either they bled jew or they cut you are they ran some smoke over you and if whatever was wrong with you didn't kill you this probably would sociological witchcraft of today is
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just as bad is just as backwards and just as dangerous the whole idea that people in america today are being targeted because of their race when all of the evidence shows exactly the opposite is true let me just tell you that i really quit when my father when my father in the 1950s lived in texas and polk county it was legal there was no escobedo there were none of these other supreme court decisions that protect people when they encounter the police it was legal for the sheriff to single you out pick you up and put you in jail over night with no reason and no ultimate charging do you know what the consequence of that was the consequence of that was my dad didn't go out at night my dad didn't stand on the street corner my dad avoided it and the reason he did not because it was fair but because he believed it to day people are engaging in mayhem they're rioting they're
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looting you're engaging in arson and it's precisely because they know there is no risk there is no consequence shadows are the reason for not telling people what's really going on horace always great to talk to you my friend thank you so much for joining us. thank you for having me on. all right the escalation of the normalization of the sexualization of our children and all of society is speeding up who is behind this dangerous push and why the paddle blind all and lynn shaw explained it all next don't go away. just to unleash the corporate parasites in power today might think their patrol
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will continue forever whether they're right or wrong we have to keep fighting question more. told the feeling to be going to. everyone in the room should experience flu go and you get it on the you know. the old according to gesture. welcome the modern world come along for the ride. and an ocean of stories even the news worth knowing can overwhelm the oh. you can even use your way i know you want it all so let me bring you the best. it's easy just. play. listen stuff
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put it online algorithms dictate what you get to want to go to portable dot tv slash download to get killer television it's completely free i'm talking award winning comedy awesome sports coverage inside so fresh still tastes like raspberries on a spring day take so hot they'll burn your face off thousands of videos more added by the hour did i mention it's free it's it's yeah it's 3 go go get it portable t.v. . say child porn discuss the problem and you may think the discussion would be limited to porn sites for the most part but that's not the case today more and more entertainment companies t.v. networks and universities to name a few are involved in the push to reach and to infect our kids with this trash
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joining me to discuss this further show the founder and executive director of lynn's warriors and legal and media analyst lionel of lionel media i welcome you both thanks for being here lynn let me start with you someone who's been so instrumental in the in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation through lives warriors tell us what's happening out there aside from the porn sites it's in books t.v. shows movies and major companies that i am i right. it is a runaway train steve 1st i want to thank you in our t. for talking about this subject because mainstream media they don't want to talk about this it are the true facts what's really going on out there in society what has happened and remember my my whole background is working my hope professional career in the entertainment industry so i've seen things 1st hand by virtue of what's going on in media entertainment industry financially in the last decade
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since we have so many of us have our own phones laptops. you know all that tech stuff we can create our own content therefore they are failing big time financially the entertainment industry so what do they do they push the envelope this content is on every major platform and they're not there are no consequences they are not held accountable child pornography or what we call c.-span child sexual abuse material is illegal nobody is being held responsible and what is happening and it goes to a big question about society looking at this content wanting this content and why is that is that they're making money off of this content no consequence is nothing happening they're going to keep pushing it and pushing the envelope because they want the money now absolutely it is so let me turn to light a lot of most people think that there are laws out there for hitting all this kind
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of stuff and the corruption of our kids are we wrong are these entities finding a way around existing laws i mean how could this be happening they're simply not being enforced you know when you talk about this steve most people say you you've you've got it all wrong there's no way this can possibly be so you know marshall mcluhan one time said very brilliantly that small secrets need to be protected but the big ones are kept secret by virtue of the incredulity of the. public enemy that the the question itself and the subject matter bothers people but here is the think you'll see every now and then somebody who is arrested and his laptops or devices are taken and they will find reference to child sexual abuse material see sam on his usually computer while they're arrested or perp walk how do we find this for huge platforms how do you explain that twitter in others are being sued by people saying take this down to public realizes and says care must be some mistake you
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must have some of the wrong you you must be not telling us the truth this can't be it is happening it's true yeah at angus sexual exploitation dot org they list what they call the dirty dozen lists 420-2112 mainstream facilitators of abuse and sexual exploitation taking a look we see names like netflix amazon reddit vera side and google chromebook how are these companies involved generally speaking. so i want to review the traditional definition of human trafficking is using force fraud or coersion to attain goods or services usually sexual from another person however during cold with the last 12 to 13 months at definition steve has changed i think a bit on why vehicle something moving and image is moving all of these platforms
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let's talk about google chrome over 40000000 children during code that were using google chrome on its habits and laptops for their education there were no safety filters were no on monitoring tools that children during their lessons were being deluged with images of porn or sexual frustration and google refused to turn on which they can very easily do any safety filters or monitoring tools so again if that in. we're talking out and image sexual in nature of taking on line can travel travel travel that is the new definition of human trafficking during the last about 13 it's an image remains forever can be even if you take it down and delete it it is still there it is shared by others and people are making money off of this and again because there are consequences there is no justice we do not have the department of justice you know prosecuting anybody there are these laws in place nobody is doing anything so it's up to us to all become warriors and take control
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of this and use safety filters and monitoring tools and teach our kids yet lie no you already address the double standard between individuals and they do what you know going after them appropriately but not going after these big corporations so. i mean what would legally speaking legally speaking what kind of hope do we have. very simply imagine steve that this was illegally obtained elephant ivory it's not of course but assume it was people would be screaming that this be sieved that any website that any online platforms that dared to traffic in elephant ivory it must be stopped if somebody were to say listen this is 100 years old i didn't purchases or actually produce it the same arguments are used regarding see sam they would say does it really matter because people understand that when it comes to elephant i've
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read that when you allow a commerce system to exist you are actually encouraging the illegal appropriation of these items in the 1st place so if we could just look and see sam child pornography which is what used to be called the same way we do as elephant ivory or or something that are taken from the rain forest isn't it. gets more attention i'm not saying that it doesn't deserve our attention but by. its absence absolutely absurd is what it is it really just gave us a website where we could go to if we want to get more on all of this real quick i think the best is end sexual exploitation dot org and also safety filters parents trusted adults educators protect young eyes dot com free apps free webinars free newsletters everything you need to read about tara to your child and what we want
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to do is engage educate and empower our children no embarrassment is allowed this is a crisis in america all right lynn and lionel thank you both so much keep up the good work on this. thank you thank you. from the radio person. yes we all know who you are. with. someone. like. you down the stairs and. soon i want to see your interest or your call me for your sake you are going to wreck your health. chris cuomo is known to many as c n n's tough guy who said all of that off of the air what it was called for a dial by some random person and said this on the air last july after president
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trump and dorst food products you tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic has got time for this. are you kidding me what cuomo tough and vulgar is he is is not alone in his use of this kind of language and c.n.n. here's jim acosta last weekend that's hail from the border didn't just border on b.s. this was us to a great day. and the reporter who wrote the story resigned claiming she was forced to make it up but the damage was done pumped out over the airwaves at the artery also known as fox news after the presidential debate in september of last year we got this from dan of bash you just took the words out of my mouth. high minded language i'm going to say it like it is that was. and you know we're on cable we can say that apologies for being maybe a little bit crude we're on cable we can say that true but why maybe anderson
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cooper can tell us and you refuse to do that and you're creating a whole new alternate universe of facts and that may be big in politics today but it's still frankly just bullshit no help from cooper he's in the filthy on air talk love to now the furthest back i could find this kind of c.n.n. trash was back in 2015 and don lemon i want to get this from media this is total b.s. excuse me the total b.s. part of me i did not mean it back then lemon gave an immediate very brief apology today c.n.n. talk show host and that's what they all are they don't bother and believe me if c.n.n. management has not given their approval to this kind of stuff or turned a blind eye to it the potty mouth trash talkers wouldn't be doing it yes this is c.n.n. the toilet bowl of cable news. and that's our show for today i want you to say curious and say hungry and of course you could watch full episodes at any time and see my give me 5 features and teatime exclusively on the portable t.v.'s download
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it now from your app store i'm sebald struggle see you next time right here on the press. * i like it when the hosts ask a question yes and then actually listens to the yes answer and then reacts to that at such a false dennis miller here i've got a new show. you
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guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape artsy is not all laughter all right we are a solid alternative to the bullshit we don't spew liberal or conservative and as you can see it is bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking ad lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all to look at world r.t. america is in the spotlight down every lead might have no idea how to classify as women actually took me way more time than i cared women. can you source the story about the fact that delayed maxwell will likely take others down i guarantee you there's a lot more going on. in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and protesters who are not happy this is what we're going to drill down on right here on news break sanchez where we really do believe it's time to do
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. this type of american is doing very well but then there's these guys over here who aren't doing so well but if you drill down to look at the real numbers especially the rent numbers right it's pretty bad there's people who are not paying their rent and say they're not going to be able to pay their rent for the foreseeable future. take a live news anywhere you can cause a delicate think you're on the line of video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket it's free interactive just our texas 2. 1000 the presence text videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for.
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the brushes celebrates the 76 some of the 1st 3 of the red army's victory of a nazi germany and the great patriotic war. was. to get the troops parade on red square and aircraft fly overhead as most go commemorates victory day for correspondence with the hearts of the capital following each and every detail.


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