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tv   News  RT  January 16, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EST

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ah, a deadline right now here we're not seeing a national tennis superstar know about the drug rich has been reported from australia are for a court upholds a decision to counsel his visa. ultimately, this means he will miss the australian open, which starts in less than 24 out of the stories that shaped the weak aeronautics international, high stakes told over ukraine between russia and nato have wrapped up with moscow. accusing the alliance of trying to wind back the plot to the cold war. nato understands the principle of the indivisibility of security selectively. if nato applies a policy of containment against russia, moscow will have to take a counter met with and cut all your pets and do star jobs. if you want to stay warm
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this winter. a major british energy company feels the heat for it. so called advice . while the price of energy goes through the roof, i think i've completely lost the floor on that one. i have to say, we're not. she paid it to me free in our in house because we're trying to get the cost down. you just think what else with well, it's been a really busy week. your world wide headlines here. we're not you international. let's highlight some of them right after today's top story. so tennis superstar novak brockovich has now been deported from australia. it's offer a court upheld decision to revoke his visa. he'll now miss out on participating in the australian open. in a statement, the australian prime minister said the protection of the countries borders was paramount. i welcome the decision to keep our borders strong and keep australian safe. strong borders are fundamental to the australian way of life. as is the rule
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of law. our government has always understood this and has been prepared to take the decisions and actions necessary to protect the integrity of our borders. daniel, is that it is out in sober for joker at shore. this australian open for sure, even if he was so appeal, which is expressed intent not to do already. it would be too late for the thought to be opened, which as you said, takes place in less than 24 hours. now the decision, all of those 3 judges only federal court of appeal was unanimous. the reasons for the decision they will give a little later, but they have upheld the decision by the australia immigration minutes, the arctic fork to revoke at joker, which is visa base, as he argued on the health and safety of australia. i'm the safety and security of the country's borders saying that his presence in the country would stoke in his appeal, and he vac cents a month and even according to him in fight civil unrest, the australia probably scott morrison, they're speaking very clearly mentioning the safety of the board of the security
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board is quite what this has to do with borders. i don't know, critics cannot say including this been president who was very scathing about the treatment, a joke in which received australia earlier today. it was very easy for us for a little for it is to say from the very beginning that okay, only vaccinated only inoculated people could enter australian territory. but it didn't say so. everything completely different story, including this medical exemptions i think was really and what's right for it is cumulative themselves was this kind of procedures pressing against your courage, missing the years. i think the decision is scandalous. i'm disappointed and i think it showed how the rule of law functions in some other countries, that is how the rule of law does not function. it isn't grad well to me how we have to totally opposed court decisions within just a few days. so there have been 11 days of physical and psychological harassment.
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what i know is that novak is always the 1st one to stand for the players, but none of us stood for him. be strong. rules are rules, they say then lose their own court. then find a way to cancel his visa anyway. so what rules were they referring to in the 1st place? oh, i forgot election soon. stay strong. within like 3 takeaways re from this court's decision. 3 peas if you like, politics, principal, and president. it's hard to argue this has anything to do with a, a rational concern of safety. joke about susan's being perceived as somebody who's infectious is going to infect people oppose a public health risk. he had, he actually turned out to be the winner if he were to attack the australian open and actually winner as number one, he's or he'll get $3100000.00 us dollars. so he's missing out on a huge potential pay day here. tell us more about the reactions to this while we're on the paid edge of it. she's serv. his dreams of winning a 10th australian open 21st grand slam our our shattered reaction though now we
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have to give credit has been very polarizing. we've had people saying both, okay, people have made sacrifices. australia has had one below us cobra death rates, partly because of their very strong rules, their stringent locked on rules, board of policies, rules the rules are, should be no exceptions. here are the people who have said, okay, this really about following the rules. he has followed the rules for entry. his filled in his forms is provided evidence of his medical exemption, his code infection. is this really about that, or is it personal? and certainly people on the street serv certainly following the 1st court decision . we're very passionate and very angry about the way he's been treated ah knoxville himself has said he's extremely disappointed with this decision, but he is going to respect the court's decision. is going to comply
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a corporate with the court suddenly, authorities and, and return home on, of course, back at home, joker, which as we heard there from the sub in the president, has in views are not exactly perhaps as a matter of source, but certainly the perception has been that he has been mistreated, he has been targeting single doubt as a scapegoat to make an example of that spin. the sentiments are in his home country of serbia. i am revolted and angry because i did not expect they would treat the world's best tennis player like this. he did not deserve this additional, and norma would know what is going through is the frustration of our entire nation disorder. or if they had said from the beginning that only vaccinated people can participate, it would be all right. but at one point they tell him one thing, another time, something else, money to go. this is pure politics. the issue here are the principles we live for. at least as europeans freedom, fraternity equality or you know, i think really to something's up, we can and we're gonna quote why andy murray. he's
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a step in and said really from the situation there on eye witness. this is bad for everybody. this is about for joker, which this is bad for tennis, for the viewers who paid good money to see what are the world's top sports dos play and who of course, already returning their tickets, were seeing mass requests. the refunds have based on whatsapp on there. and of course by and for the australian government will be all positions saying that they've dilly dally. they've created confusion and control with the, with the rules on the should resign. really? there are no one is in there. sandra joker, which of course heading home are very disappointed. earlier in the program, i spoke with professor of sociology and a former sports and media lecturer. ellis cashmore ellis believes the australian government has made joker of it a martyr by supporting him. this is manifestly political decision as the world knows scott morrison has federal elections looming in about 4 months time. and he's been rewarded this morning with a response from the australian public,
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which seems to endorse the decision of yesterday and government to deport jock, which was the thing that the student government has miss dad. it said before alex hope, immigration minister said, i don't want to make a monitor out of our a hero who joked edge by allowing him to play, but by deporting him by excluding him from the the tutor. and he's done exactly that because an axis around the world. now we'll be looking at jocko vege and saying this guy's being persecuted for no other reason than the fact that he is exercising. individual liberty is choice not to be vaccinated. and of course, he will become a martyr after the 1st victory in the case where the joke of which was originally released from the detention center. we spoke to his dad and uncle who both agreed. the stock should be allowed to compete in the australia. i can see in my name, i personally mean isolated, you know, as a, this is a whole here, you know,
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the other side, as you know, just the. busy corner in december you know, and the, this is not a medical reason to get the luck sign before that if she has the good time hold on and he has a real, really heavy and we are so sorry. we like to australian people, but those other government didn't really wrong things to know. number one, in the, in the, in the dentist, one of the best force men ever, you know, this is, this is what he said is very said, let me show you samuel. i can't describe the feeling we never thought our son, the best tennis player in the world, would have had to go through this. especially in such a far away land, where he had already proven himself is the best 9 times. it's incredible that this has happened to him, but it has happened and it was in no way related to sports. it's old politics. he
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didn't deserve the visa refusal in the 1st place. we never had to deal with such politics. our politics is tennis. of course, we expect no fact to win his 21st grandson, and his 10th australian opened a top stories of the week here on our tea, the kremlin is insisting on a concrete response from the u. s. to has proposed security guarantees. washington says it'll give it in writing next week. now it does follow in depth talks between russia and nato. although russia said those negotiations highlighted continuing differences with ukraine, basically being the main stumbling block. if you wanna get the real scoop on this, here's our correspondence. charlotte opens, how do you solve a problem like russia? easiest on the fastest way is for a shot to deescalate it is russia that has to make a start trice, the escalation and diplomacy, or confrontation and consequences. that was the view from the us, a nato,
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after they held a series of meetings with their russian counterparts. on the one hand, they repeatedly said that they were there to find solutions on the other. that solution was some have suggested one sided. russia has to make giant strides towards reducing into military presence anyway, me, ukraine. if there is to be a di escalation of tensions for the russian delegation, the double speak was too much. we are fed up with loose dog ha promises, misinterpretation of what happened, that different forms of negotiations behind closed doors. we do not trust the other sites. so to see we need iron clad. waterproof bulletproof, the legally binding guarantees not assurances,
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not safeguards guarantees. russia was also accused of not being serious about finding solutions to ease the frictions as it continued to deny its planning to invade ukraine. moscow saddened for clear proposals before the meetings took place, outlining what assurances it wanted from the west for its own security. that crucially included nato slamming the door on membership to post soviet countries like ukraine, moscow old so hate out that meters idea of security, did not extend to non members union that nato expansion doesn't solve any problems of security. it moves division lines but doesn't remove them. so these are the other things to say. nathan lodgement is aggressive, absolutely not true. and nathan launch month has been a cornerstone for the spread of democracy and freedom across europe. nato regurgitated the line that it is not
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a threat to russia. moscow didn't agree. the u. s. and nato continued to conquer militarily, the territories of the countries included in the alliance and place offensive weapon systems there. this directly poses a threat to the interests of the russian federation. a final stab was made at finding common ground in vienna at the organization for security and cooperation in europe, a supposedly neutral ground where and fortunately, the language from country representatives was anything but it seems. reads were risk of war in the always sea area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years, the europeans also went down the smear campaign route, following a massive cyber attack and government sites in ukraine. the ease, top diplomat tinting one can figure out who is behind this strike. the hackers have
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not yet been identified. and while the west continues to state it is spread democracy in put security to countries, rushes foreign minister disagrees. the west went too far. let's be frank in violation of all international obligations and common sense they chose to escalate this situation. well, you see the west condemns violent actions against civilians. they condemn human rights violations. but when bloody codes are carried out by those who swear their allegiance to the west, the west embraces them. this is what happened with the ukrainian qu. many people died there, including at the hands of provocateurs and his crew was approved by the united states and the europeans just accepted that as fact. and no one is going to investigate the my down atrocities a mammoth week of talks has ended with well, a lot of hot air, no concrete proposals to move things forward. the only thing that they saw eye to eye on really was just how far apart they are and that it talks fail. the
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consequences could be catastrophic. charlotte, even sky r t. amsterdam, we discussed the possibility of nato's expansion into former soviet states with a panel of guests ukraine and even georgia. we would not be allowed to become a full fledged member of nato because they have internal divisions within their own countries. and that is stipulated in the atlantic alliance of nato itself. so until those comes, frozen, conflicts are resolved, and they cannot be admitted as a member. but you have the united states and nato moving nato forces up to uh, up to the black sea area. just the opposite and wanting to go into ukraine and actually do military maneuvers with, with ukraine and as well as georgia and, and provide a so called defensive weapons which easily could become offensive weapons. and this
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is, this is what moscow sees as a threat. it would be crazy for nato to get ukraine on board. it's a failed state. it is a funny follow common, dangerous democracy in the making as the american say. and it could turn into real war effort ukraine jones later not because russia would do anything but simply because to hold heads in key f would do something stupid to be alliance should be responsible and not take anybody and within the alliance believe me, several countries and not the small ones don't want you. great. again, of course there is an image that needs to be projected of unanimity, but it is not the case. and people realize in europe that it is very dangerous to have ukraine. and if only because of some of the whole hats in the west of the country that hey russia and i would do anything to stop the war. a british
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energy provide a found herself feeling the heat this week over. it's a so called advice to customers on how to stay warm and told people to cuddle their pets and do star jobs was part of a response to energy bills that are predicted to double this year. is our correspondence, shantia edwards, dashti. are you weighing up anything all heating is sales are predicted to sort of 2000 pounds a year. we'll fret no more as one of britain's biggest energy supply as has come up with no one idea. but 10 ways to save on heating cost, not to any layer up, get the hot right. going with install john on the dock work. how about a courtesy? it is a cutter with a cat. okay, i don't have a cat, but i do have this guy. another simple suggestion is to leave the often door open after cooking the capital of your kids, and eat a hearty bowl of porridge. and of course, make sure you have
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a decent pair of socks or flippers. apparently, all these are simple cost effective ways to keep warm this winter. but the company copy serious candidate. i think they've completely lost the floss on that one. i have to go to the people say, why don't shoot are we on today? try and not. i don't really free our in house because we're trying to get the costs down. you just think what else today? if that's true advice and you know i'd be slightly and salary by, i mean, i believe i know why would i need to stop my energy done? i put an extra jump on them and so yeah, i wouldn't want to be in. so if i, for any other company that doesn't say i wouldn't listen till i got fixed, a contract that would suit me. the advice and to customers comes as many households are extremely worried about rising energy costs. and despite that company
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apologizing for the l. judge suggestions, politicians to criticize the coal halted approach. it is lawful and insulting, but then with this government's lack of an energy strategy, you almost expected. those comments will be right by people who have to choose between eating and heating. if that's the state of the country we are now, and i find it quite depressing. being told to put on a instead of turning on your heating, if you can't afford it, at the time of such difficulty for so many families is plainly offensive. 2022 has already been given the total year of the squeeze of the one since a 2008 financial crash this year. wages will barely grow one at the same time. bill just by 50 percent around 2000 pounds. when britain's new energy price cap is 2nd april, this means in real time people actually get to pay cut in the situation. thing for the cost of living catastrophe. i think the hosting's an abomination. we had the way to use that you could possibly have in business like whole support from the
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government. so we've been forced to close our doors. we're only we're trying to close our way back. so we're hope, hotel and everything else. we use quite a lot of electricity and it's fine and i am terrified of the impact of businesses in the country. not just me. when i mean small businesses struggling, i just have to stop. we pay the bounce back later, the government and supposedly gave us. but we've got to pay them back. so all of a sudden, and i'm not going to do that, it's time to money and we were in debt anyway from the lock that i now they energy cost of solar and both electricity and gas t. sorry, i don't know how we supposed to pay them because we have no income and she's not alone. in fact, one and 3 people are worried that bills will become totally on affordable this year
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. and i'm thinking the government to the bill. labor also piling on the pressure for the government to ditch tax hikes and scrap v a t on feel all together consent to ministers council, the 0 carbon homes program. they bond on show when development they lost the eco insulation program. the tornado. within one year, they were, you see, you case gas storage capacity. i don't want particularly silly movement. the current foreign secretary claim solar panels were risk to domestic food production . now all of these decisions have made this country more dependent on volatile wholesale energy prices than we otherwise would have been right now. we know this means as extremely situate, extremely difficult situation to british household, but also risks making archways the british industry and competitive a talk, a combination of spiking prices, tax hikes, the looming energy big bills on the government's apparent reluctance to address these issues, may actually see ridiculous ideas like cuddling pat,
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how people overcome this on the upcoming winter has become a reality shock. edwards dusty r t london when a soaring energy bills and all the only issue facing the u. k. government, these days, a families of those who die during the you case. first lockdown of slammed an apology from boris johnson as an insult. that's off there. he admitted to attending a boozy downing street bashed during the national lock downs, ideal position. and even senior tories have since been piling the pressure on johnson some even asking him to step down train service here. and he said to me that he was, i don't think he can continue as lead to the concert of talking play minister, asking people to follow the rules again until his government reached it. when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 28th of may, 2020, i believed implicitly that this was a work event. made 2020 was a bit of
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a tough month for britain. much of it was paralyzed by the 1st national lockdown in door meetings between households was strictly prohibited. and we spoke to a man who struggled to arrange his father's funeral and had all the national locked . this is about rules and about who the host applies to become abundantly clear that the prime minister thinks that they didn't apply to him at the same time, but i was at my father's funeral. he was taking part in a, bring your own views, part number 10 downing street at my team will be allowed to invite up to 5 people at the geno. say that meant it was just myself and my siblings can attend. there is no physical contract. so we went out to hunt each other. even the vicar holding the ceremony wasn't allowed to shake hands or anything like that. and as soon as the ceremony was over, we all had to go back, came again. they were author issuing fines for people meeting outside people will be fined money for meeting up people being harassed by the police. if they hung
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around and parks that too long and the ultimate question, half of the prime minister is, why does he believe that the rules that he helps create that he made didn't apply to him. johnson's state that excuse i spoke a wave of means on line or even major companies. i ryan, i have been posting mocking images, but it's not the 1st part he gave scandal involving johnson. at the end of last year, pictures emerged on line, allegedly showing him taking part in several social events at downing street. of course, during the 2020 national lockdown called for the prime minister to resign, have been on the rise. it is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the press. you see now going to do the decent thing and resign. how stupid does the prime minister think the british people are right now? he's making fools of every single mp exceeded him earlier?
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well, the prime minister finally, do the decent thing. i'm resigned for historian. peace be forced to show him the door. so for once kind of prime us do the honorable thing and resign 17 april channel punch. got one thing going to play. you may have thought reach that and eventually you can do, you know, as go resign, play manager, he sorry, because he's been cool for any most. reside in my judgment on all the evidence that's concerned in the face for the last few months now. i think it's abundantly clear that bar johnson doesn't have an ounce of self decency. and him, leading by example isn't really key element of thought leadership. that is clear and not only this bar strong and not have moral leadership at the moment, but there's no pathway for him to get back. and that's why, for as long as he remains prime minister, i think we're going to stay in
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a state of limbo in this country and ultimately is putting more people at risk when you say those words out loud, that the government has done everything they could to save lives, the say little weights, these words that they can just hang a messaging throughout has been terrible. the following of their own scientific voices has been at best patchy and at worst they've gone against scientific advice . and the result has been nearly a 175000 deaths now, which is deep upsetting. ah, prince andrew, the queen's 2nd son has been stripped of his military hi holds all amid a high profile sex abuse case. you will also no longer be known as his royal highness in any official capacity. it comes off to us. judge refused to dismiss the civil lawsuit from a woman's sexual hu choosing much as they have sexually assaulting her when she was 17. right. now here's a statement, the latest statement that is from buckingham palace. with the queen's approval
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agreement, the duke york's military affiliations and royal patronage is up in return to the queen. the vehicle continue not to undertake any public duties on defending this case. as a private citizen, the case in question was given the go ahead on wednesday, it was filed by for junior due, frey. she says she was trafficked by convicted peter fall, jeffrey epstein and forced to have sex with the prince. that pertains property. the prince has denied all of the allegations. well, the allegations 1st off, it's around 2 years ago. back in 2019, the prince gave a lengthy interview to the b, b. c. in which he said he didn't even recall meeting his accuser. however, after that interview, he stepped down from public duties. but till now it's still been linked to a british regiments, including a holding a military rank of the iconic granite, the gods. earlier the british army veterans wrote a letter to the queen asking her to strip andrew of all of his ranks and titles with the military, former home office minister norman baker. he believes the queen has made the right
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but the thing that we're going to have a summer or a year old in pharmacy revelations that under require to provide evidence to the american coach, wants to define him as possible. so that's, that of course required, right, to say the legally people are jo proven guilty in this country. i don't even america. and therefore you could argue that could happen until the cold case happens. is you also refer to your veterans and many other myself to get him proper, really unjustly, distasteful, to carry on with that he started but you need all the remote a lot of the within to get to the queen and was not as though he's being fined or anything like that in britain, simply having what was given to him by the quitting taken away. or that story, wrapping up his allan edition of the weekly for the sunday program here when
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a r t international. thank you so much for sharing. it's fine with us here at moscow. it's been a very busy week for your wildlife headlines and other programs set to go in about half an hour. now look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to place trust rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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oh mm hm. mm. mm. welcome to was just almost a decade in confinement. julianna's sanchez is a shadow of dimension. used to be fighting against extradition, request to be not if they pass, taking a toll on his physical and mental health. well, also compromising week likes ability to continue its operation with only this ruling by british or to hampton over to washington. what's in store for one of the world's most recognized whistleblower.


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