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in many cases, foreign companies decided to stop working overnight, creating even more panic. a shoe shortage in russia. we went to doug, it's done looking for an answer, where some, 600 entrepreneurs are in the shoe business. moran july of is one of them. so so i'm sort of august, i was looking for so much could lou because before we shoemakers are going through hard times worrying about shortages of materials imported from abroad looms on them . loosen. gotten up of simple sort of mazano toxic to the mobile wooden useless women. the nicholas could completely shoot the place also, the fornia poodle, some more female liberal, both cordial, clear acoya no advantage short or that which i'm actually sure, no grain. you were so noted. was she more sim august jenica? terrible if did you stand on yours? that could be a new name to the solid, non polar resources more she thought shuttle nauseous, nauseous of, was it, mr. passing marable to moment. ah,
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the so. so the trickiest footwear component, previously, almost all were imported. but after the wave of sanctions in 2014, many russian companies began to produce their own. in addition, this factory cars, so mold quarters are coming from all over russia, which mariah is especially proud of. good, good spirit, good will, must be played willis, bruce form of lily tear producer, received a logo yet to so moves materially look suitable to him and listen to cheney pit not to live the cover to push for him with a thought. so could italia, no. a small pause in cuba peninsula, thompson, nego, the ocean. one of those little bit of controls learned oh, just little design with either the treatment because a bad urine shepherd woman mother went before them for the andrea
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used to work at the prato company, mariah met him in italy and invited him to doug. it's don. andrea agreed and has been designing shoes for a year now. he also trains a young specialists 15. what eligibility i meet on all if he had a miano lab yamaha younger choir. so chris longe a problem and what was the the brother. ok, but are sula. m let ecology on his tulare laughter. it's a dora equilla gary. why the makin idea of you? i mean dolores. stan, i'm walking your dog but counting. it's other than that. listen so any no, no, no gossip was it you are damaged courtesy i ran. josh, you call it was a good shabamo. andrea is clearly worried, but the director. yes. so it's not the 1st crisis of this thought he's experienced properly put, worked with the lucas was horrible about will, defunct food in the vertebral, but jump clear to just in the muscle is or was it is the water input know, was causing it is movable for the food was clyburn immune,
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the motion for some of us for those to do from global possible for doom. now they're planning to double shoe production. they've already begun hiring new employees. the main problem, possible shortages of components can be solved. competition would look like what it was, much of the pavilion performer when i should have was, was it for those from women clothes? was it company and put those little in the polls or total water shamira on the do. so this would present it to clear came new source and in the wake of sanctions food giants leaving russia or suspending operations including coca cola, pepsico and nestle, among other things, they're the largest producers of dairy products and baby food. will there be a shortage of dairy products and russia over some recorded? it's a joy because they're consciously just know, regroup briefly. say,
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john. john kapinsky, who's british considers himself russian farmer. he's been living in russia since 1991. he brought a collective farm in of letty, mere asian, back on its feet. today is the largest farm in the region, employing 200 people. it produces $65.00 tons of milk a day. cut over the gen chena monica previously, but suddenly, globally, di, him comfortable. dime core of dime her or she is bonnie me as the i yesterday on the door but a me pull to chime some molokai. 90 percent of the milk jones farm produces his by pepsico for making baby food. so news of the company's possible pull out was naturally a cause for concern attempts to code. just like how could cola only decided to stop making soda drinks and will continue producing dairy products. so sales of milk remain the same and no shortages are expected. the main problem for farmers these days is the volatility of the rouble nozzle, cham,
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boucher boucher medicament. given us to put us 10 to import me. oh no sir. we'll skis, edelmaier e cochran as a pot tom, tom ye ashore, facility elementary, div demeanor. you re mix at the taja, importantly civic there mean a subordinate to keep icici europa? yes. you subordinate at the wooded now course. now stall or not what is stability, misty? yes. bristol treated the body crushed mom. john son timothy, helps him faced the difficulties. he's now in charge of dairy production, and this is the 1st crisis of his career. monopolized sellable buying a put almost a yellow slur. so last, so the more so, so car from would not. i bought the name partners up chest. it's a national typically dylan norton adults that did the bid is to present with as a boiler and it did is to put on the same math, i thought on my so i'm not off on the portal. so now slows the guy new found not us . that's messing up the roller. no connection was when we took them in there. so i had to throw some rest on the point, the a thought a moser purchased williams. ah,
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one of nobody's or goes we don't. and copays from him will be for 10 percent of the kapinsky farm milk is used by their cheese factory, which the families particularly proud of a produce around 40 kinds of cheeses, yogurt, butter, and kaffir, sealed at the hood, a championship melting for prison. it is nice not just with catch the shock john always wanted to get into the cheese business, but it wasn't until the ban on cheese imports in 2014 that he was able to do it. those sanctions played into his hands and to ensure they wouldn't be dependent on imports. they decided to buy russian equipment. sir, we'll skip over the run year week until she'll, she'll montage, design see another way russian banks raise the interest rates to 20 percent. the copies fear they'd have to suspend their new projects. this rate was beyond their means. however,
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loans for agricultural enterprises didn't become more expensive or kirk not sure go so darcy, oregon wrote with mr. i bought, you don't to vote dark. is magic hartford? i'm a younger group or the cheese, see ga, was immediately create an appeal process. yamagata g crap. miss rosner created an appeal process on us on the store with us about those lamps to finance or stuff. we're going to need them started stuff to probably isn't a part of their work for those. ideally for adela maria williams. is it well and you know, i didn't find the beauty industry was also hit by the sanctions. several luxury brands left russia at once and the largest us manufacturer, botox and fellows stop supplying its product. meanings that evoke us to kill and this is the current. can you say you wanted to pass which, you know was poison e, stop ross, past clickable. it wasn't, wasn't
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a shot by them or not someone actually with my man, but at the company come to stumble. it which insure our core if but feel if car the clinic, anything like that sort of percent of what a tory is put cash with discomfort. never check on that. when people scramble that i knew, pardon me, ease night, correct. what would they feel? it'll go behind it then you can now get numbers to call by the bush as a business process plan. where does now do you see what it is currently in your system that when she is with oh, by at the mall? is this a mutual personable, wasn't she? when the special military operation in ukraine began beauty salons, last comments? everyone was trying to save money. it's a
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total spock, i wish i thought the bullet locks in washington temperatures to find out. now, maria is fully booked again. prices are still changing, but there's definitely enough botox and phyllis, numerous companies supply them. the main cause for concern now is rising. price is not the lack of beauty products, especially if it's just not possible. it's a she was there a lot. they do smart. they with p a r. each with the principal. maria may have lost some of her clients, but not because of soaring prices. it's because of rushes decision to block certain social media. a book, a
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book she's in europe for ah, well john middle alex, she's just gonna let him live. nobody but i just want to tackle level the italian real name is logical. who's wealth of college? who is here with all each? yeah, it is public. is there to be a number sigma feel over the phone making a season? no, she did the with a, with a,
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with a deal. this would not have housing if nato vida didn't push this agenda. this war was that because i'm here this week, boston on a be a new will not but with, with mm. b a i n a
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a ah, with for only one main thing is important for knox ism internationally speaking, that is, that nations allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so all the slaves americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this. danger is boy man, that wants to take over the world. that was
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a culture strategy. so some golf out of it on your own, i not leashed off tim zebulon and tablet clock. nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it? the bar is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is bad shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion western sanctions have also put a total block on russian media in europe and america. the medical ration even
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allows calls to kill russian military personnel on its platforms. in response, most go below to masses, instagram and facebook for many russian companies. they were important tools for promoting their businesses. what organizational start up to them could view? i would have to sort of be sure, well, over that and your puffy, i'm sort of wasn't for kids not going to put the negotiation. he yvonne caller both owns a small furniture workshop in the moscow region, making metal frame shelving unit tables, closets, mirrors, and wood trim ball counters. his furniture has been sold, not only in russia, but also in germany. and america. news which is usually feasible or instagram, or still almost bonus to run the medical on what you are doing possibly before you start. uncle doreen. usually like i said, let me finish the video 4th of multiples. mother, it's like that if there's a brokerage for them even is transitioning to russian platforms and his social
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media managers are testing you options available. donna, a, come back and let her know what to do with a young. i'm with on the board. i'm a promotion was just romantics it wasn't showing up, but when 3 i'm thinks his cousin. but despite the crisis, yvonne has had some good news. your whole stay true was little push to the correct secure. you know, throw switch, i'm a bit sure what, what numbers to give putting that be at the moment when you get bottleneck. i want to confirm what it is william. just able to, yvonne expects more orders with i q's disappearance. he should get new customers. he's trying to keep his prices down so as not to scare them off. so what would you
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give yourself for different research visiting them? do you have plenty of short term question? was you, did you seem you, would you be for when you're not the puzzling companies become quicker, comfortable just sort of from use mostly character per minute more became of clinical for was also when you should each merchantable school purchase proposal for the property. some large foreign pharmaceutical companies have stopped clinical trials of drugs in russia. so there's a chance there new drugs when reached the country, but they continue supplying vital drugs to russia. despite this, they have been long queues at pharmacies as people stock up on meds. will russia phase pharmaceutical shortages, a, the amidala company develops and produce his life saving medication. it was launched in 2014 post sanctions after it became obvious that as many drugs as possible should be manufactured in the country, rather than rely on imports. whispered filezilla himself, la are to put up
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a flat co orgy dogs or mush highly nico put up a project or will save more digits. supercharger many imported ingredients they used for making drugs, but there's no shortage. anons expected ingredients are mainly sauced in china and india. foreign companies continue to supply ready made drugs to russia. some drugs have vanished from pharmacies, but it's not because of sanctions. prince could pres one utility rescue more with his speech. the gospel shall molina or your problems. i will the moral problem. she has to no problem of priest me on that. i will the model car bolted, bizell hub. my program in europe comes dish problem. my in law of lost pulse. difficulties may arise regarding medication produced by a single foreign company with no russian companies licensed to do so. but this is where mandatory licensing might work. because with this, the government can give domestic companies the right to produce payton to ah
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reports, but a free gift company in oscar on but me and my attorney pretty widget slip is she sliding on the paper after i she, she just for a go tomorrow from a bunch of sales or business findings out? correct. i'd be really funny. near bulletin tonight. no, wilkins, this field of push near book came over pretty proper. she does of i need more than i do not going to need to have out it's and 01. yeah. you know, a possible source of last or that are shading the appraisal id to pay to park. i'm a dodge fans to produce about 1000000 packages of vital drugs this year. and by 2023, up to 4000000. the company is well placed to do so child care pneumonia store it almost not do it like games or summer boarding. you show boyer northwestern. yeah. push part about where you are on medication. almost all of them is immune each is an interesting issue. if you ania and latvia the seriously thinking
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of closing their borders with russia, this could isolate the colleen in grad region, which is cut off from the main part of russia and has borders with if you ania and poland. rushing trunks are already banned from entering the you and exceptions made the delivery of medical supplies, food and energy transit to callian grant is allowed so far a year and as space is already close to russian plains. the road from moscow to colleen and grad is now 30 minutes longer. planes have to skirt the european union and come in from the see about 1000000 people live in the colleen in grad region. they all worry that europe, my clothes, them off. the governor isn't a difficult situation with new problems arising every day. a need solutions to reassure the residence in the pony. so bring rather just pretty much the that the
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girl may were in moscow buzzer busty school, florida. and i should moses full name is up last year more sticky. a she think the missile to my daughter are still got our boat. it, it was 03 to the speed of, of to sanctions, cargo shipments plunged into chaos. it was impossible to predict whether goods will be shipped and whether they could be delivered to russia, navigating, ever changing laws and regulations is a challenge. a newish neurotic, shimmer them green from south them. nostra gue on which an, or it's a c, like we're honest, but i'm not based on the me. yes. and one of them, i didn't, you know, when i, when you, so i was, we just have to reach that. our goal to functionally is going up, is, can i say it was on? we were up the school. so it was a used a lot of messy but couldn't get off the call. what times you know, movie to store your beats or sleep, every man a slower power, bring scriptures are really my defend moore's mom. i was
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a bit you which or wouldn't colleen in grad region is a free economic zone. tax incentives and cheap loans attracted big business and several foreign automobile companies started assembling their cars in the region. but after sanctions who were imposed, the m w decided to stop production their dog also market were on laws. i will the balls and bring us call with norco this to process it and yeah, you could, if you don't know what's the transport quinn for those, i'm what i'm what it was or you're under after the 2014 sanctions food security issues became pressing for colleen and grad, the authorities have invested heavily in the development of agriculture. so if overland transit suddenly stops in grad residents will be able to provide for themselves aeroplanes, a foot to build a large dairy farm and it dried milk factory. greenhouse enterprises growing and the fishing industry is also 40 ahead. what did i say that i just saw on the floor?
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they, i think it is a show that i'm velocity is the national mark. i'm it completely on where it was sort of time as i got down to wish you would deal. and i did my plus a year on them, but it was a new as my one year for this fish factory, bearing the pancreatic name for the motherland, employs $1200.00 people. 200 of these fishermen. the plant operates a fleet of 12 vessels. the factory produce is $100000000.00 cans of sea food a year. has their version allows now all of it, all that efficient, like in violet, exist miano at them. what is your thought? causation, and push nego? to ensure stalks of can see food. a new supply chain had to be developed. goods had been delivered by road or rail, but now the manufacturer is switching to ferries. another headache. it became impossible to get equipment and ingredients needed for production. finance her. i land on the cello modification when you buy the mileage, the deal is a 1000. i'm better off than vinegar that i'm
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a 1000000000 the word authority from will started. i'm your part of our family was up for math and i see it in florida. master, much in them, available probably on us as a buffer. that's anemia, but it was always the number of preceded. they are those that i could ask as low as in dog or by the what will enough that finally got alternatives supplies are needed . frozen vegetables now come from serbia. negotiations are ongoing with iran for tomato paste and turkey. my supplies him. well, it is my throne fullness the brothers just lavinia mccarthy. shimeltonet. see what the need is when you took the course north nova. yet, soon as we did the latter, if nothing, if trouble. appreciative, pardon me. like you to consider that those affected for saturday night eating grad hopes, transit through europe will be maintained, and the route overland to the rest of russia won't be closed completely. but there's a backup plan. currently, 3 fairies are shuttling between colleen and grad and st. petersburg, another is expected to be launched in september for almost in that one process.
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only snow machine. yeah. so hard little self computer old number, but i know it's a g electric boy shaw. so both what i was asian i went to put that there were some updates to my shared common for me. in these difficult times, many russian companies are rearranging that are just sticks. i'm looking for alternative supplies of goodson materials. some have already found a way out, while others are still looking for one minute to resume the welcome to fridge. a couple of your i definitely know he's getting it. let me know my store to just like i was wants to participate. doors to lamentable company to ship you booted to pursue you're a hostile and was hoping years yield was the africa pulled sucks. yeah, she'll iraq both songs sung see near i bought it a tolkien instrument. leah politico de leon asi to huddle. she's tremendously just
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me don't impress voice bullshit. nasha productive notches seal. i should be able eat dog dog, no scotch trauma for call i did. you were at the new car last napoleon nor district you were pretty much with the issues that you left on the portal. but i need to sort of medicine, you might be looking for the machine a couple of know kind of what the dual within that put on the, put in your musical by i'm without it that, that there was some delivered there one more time than with no more than it, i'm not enough off that got that number to buy it here on the diet. more than what i see the monthly part of it. i only didn't push it to what i see that what but themselves, when you come, when you would put them through the employer, they've already got annual jacket price material. this is the team is martinez matched the pamela, because medulla, you must, in from the bluff that you'd get from just leave a broccoli, but look at the new toner, but it's a little more negative report at the little gear which you know, the same as in the name of the sheet yanagishta, so i'm trick, shoot at them with not in your mind for the seasonal pie. she sco price of id,
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but an appraisal. so i e are not asking you to get a quote with a little book discussion for a delusion. marshall, who is in rural locust. ah, [000:00:00;00] with with both both the models you need to do nothing
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with a, with a a, [000:00:00;00] with
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a personal number here. we go to with a doctor wrote a with a
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lawyer issue somebody over there. both those with talk to deal with, look out to you a the and i do so you know that way. i don't mind oh, when i went to the wrong one, i just don't a have to fill out. the thing becomes the advocate. an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, with amidst russian allied forces have taken the city of c that are done yet in the new guns, republics, the ukrainian forces have little chance of reclaiming the city. of the u. s. encourage you to ditch russian oil. president biden appears to backtrack on his own pledge, willing buying the fuel as a cheaper price on china and russia pledge to join efforts to tackle global challenges and promote a multi polar world order with welcome to r t international mon is peter scott's bringing news from all moscow headquarters, early this friday morning, we started this out with the latest on the war in ukraine where rushes report to


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