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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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our $2.5 million less. there are no cuts to the residential program. we are working on investing in residence. i believe in residential. based upon a lot of research and analysis. the cuts we propose, and the board will engage in a spirited discussion, and even if we had all the money in the world, we should not be wasting money on programs that are not working, because there are some programs that do not work, and i do not know i had to figure out a way to
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balance the budget. we had to cut some of the outpatient programs. those are not insignificant, they are different than last year. we've looked at offsetting those with a huge enhancement of supporting pachmann housing. there is a real narrative here. i hope you spend time with members of the board to see the connection. we had some tough love moments in the budget. it is so much easier not to make these cuts. i hope we have an honest debate about some of these programs. let's put it in perspective, this is 242 million.
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they propose to cut less than 2%. i know that you will hear dramatic devastating cut. we're almost there. we have some interesting proposals. this will save $7.4 million. we will put it back again. the chair will love this, i hope that he has a smile on his face. we did not touched this version. we look forward to working with you on this. looking at some other cuts, i could not do it. hiv and aids, we think we are in
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a margin where we can substantially manage this. there are some other prevention dollars that are worth having this. this is in a march and we can't work together. we have big contracts that will save $7.7 million. there is a new contract that will save $1.7 million. we restored a couple of the outpatient programs that you did hear about. we have enhanced the despite a million dollars. i appreciate that feedback and support. i believe this is in the budget. that we can advance it.
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their budget, six and a $62 million. again, substantial new revenues. we do not cut in home support services, we do not increase the copay. there is not a city that can claim that and i hope that we can get a thank-you card because i do not always get those not that i am looking for them. this costs money and it comes out of these other things that they are all criticizing. we want to prioritize this. no domestic cuts.
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no cuts to women's programs. none. [applause] we have some controversial cuts in nutrition programs. people can disagree. that will be controversial. this is the top of my list. here is in number. i am really proud of this. 4027. this is really amazing.
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my party has always been homelessness. that is what i care about most. we would like to reduce the population 39.5%. this is a number i am proud of. we are increasing support of housing this year by housing -- hundreds of units. now we have in our portfolio 4027 supportive housing units. thousands and thousands of human beings have to radically changed and this enhances the support of housing commitment in the city. i am proud of that.
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that is where we are. in many ways, i am in a lot better shape than many people predicted lots of hard work, a budget that was not balanced in the last few weeks but it has been balanced in the past 11 months. extraordinary leadership from our department heads. if everyone can give a round of applause? this is amazing. thank you. no one has worked harder than the budget director. thank you. [applause] we will see if you continue to say that after you see the details. our deputy budget director, thank you.
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[applause] thank you to the budget team. thank you for your support. the controllers team, thank you for all of your hard work, wherever you are. and to steve it is loves spending all that time with you, no one could do it better. [applause] who did i forget? also to mickey callahan and the entire team in the department of human resources. thank you for all of your hard work and commitment. [applause]
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to the great work of our assessor. you actually did something that was important. i talked about the great work of my favorite treasure. thank you for the support. you should see all the letters that i get from supervisor dufty. we have done a lot of work in the last couple of years.
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[applause] to our supervisor and the solar incentive and the work force training, the green financing. i really appreciate that. supervisor tchu, thank you for your hard work and your storage shipped. everyone that is coming in your office for help. i know how difficult it is to be president of a board.
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there are a lot of good grade of ideas. i look forward to working with you. i encourage you on the budget camteam. [applause] to carmen, a lot of the changes were because of your stewardship and the hard work and your commitment. this was a great decision that you made to reappoint avalos as
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the budget share. to have what he was able to accomplish last year and to know that he will be here this year, i know how difficult it is. i know the calls and the pressure you get. i know how difficult this will be. i want to thank you in advance for being willing to commit to this process and know that you have an open door and i am fully committed to working with you and doing what we can. i know that there is a lot that will be asked of you. thank you as well. >that is enough of me. to all of you for your
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patience, once again sitting through a long winded budget presentation, i get excited about these things. i hope that you can sense a little bit of that. i am very proud that we got through this rocky road. contrast this to big cities all across the state of california, the contrast this budget to the other cities. i am proud of san francisco, i am proud to be mayor of the city. i am proud to work with all of you to put together a budget that under the circumstances we can be proud of. thank you. [applause]
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charles bennett's high school dream was to teach in the old neighborhood. but without the money for college, all he got was the old neighborhood. support the united negro college fund. a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
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