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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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received but since then, seven letters of support and as well as seven letters in opposition, the opposition is primarily based on loss of impact and not wanting affordable housing at this location. off street parking takes advantage of the transit rich location. and also the project will help create a sense of place on the block. that concludes my presentation. i would be more than happy to entertain questions by the planning commission. >> thank you. project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners. this is the naked center. i like to have the architect come up and give you a brief walk through. before that, i thank the supervisors for their support of
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this project. also, sem, and assembly member mar. we have 15 members of support. these are members of the ocean avenue revitalization collaborative, district 11 council and the residents association. we also have -- i want to thank charlie for his support. terry valen from the filipino community center for his support and larkin for their support. i want to thank the housing for their support and the contributions from the mayor' house and lisa bagen from work development and the m.t. avep a. some community members couldn't stay out tonight. that's a long list. you could see the land deal. it is tricky. the community members -- i got to introduce the architect for
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this project. if you have questions, we're here to answer. we look forward to meetings with the community. thank you very much, take care. >> good afternoon commissioners. i like -- just take few minutes to describe in -- much less than five minutes the general characteristics of this -- affordable housing proposal. it is located -- >> can you state your name? >> pardon me, bob hernl. architect, her -- her man oliver . >> you may call this top of the hill ocean avenue. it is a transit saturated location. ideal it sooms to everybody.
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for transit oriented housing. i'll pit a -- a site map on the -- on the screen. >> it'll come up. the -- the footprint of the building is the most colorful portion of the -- of the drawing. ocean avenue is at the bottom. the firehouse is red of course. the failen -- redesign bus hoop, wraps itself around the firehouse to the left -- the green portion is a brand new plaza which happily has been -- has been miraculously funded. it becomes the front door opportunity for the new housing. the housing is full of color. the blue is the retail that was mentioned already overlooking
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ocean avenue, with a slightly lighter blue at the corner, which is hopefully a cafe. the -- the other colors represent point of entry and -- social -- social support services and the gray in the center manages the automobiles. 0 i know this is very tiny, but the intent is to -- to say a few words about context. the proposed housing development is in the middle. and you can see that it is massing -- and basic characteristics of very much in harmony with the proposed avalon housing which is immediately across lee avenue to the west.
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to the right of the proposal is the new plaza and the firehouse. good. this is the blowup of the footprint. the blue is retail. the plaza is to the right. you could see notation for community room, which would be shared with the community. at large. above that is a -- a green color which represents where people can enjoy entering the building off of the plaza. lobby and the support services and the cars in the middle. moving up to the podium level, the light green and dark green is open space. open to the blue sky.
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it measures about 45, 50 feet wide by 100 feet long. and it provides a substantial part required open space. the building's shape, c shape focuses on the plaza, so creates an overview and -- a visual interconnection between the plaza and the housing. rising up above the podium level are typical floors, the -- the yellow colored area signifies four apartment types, the largest one in the upper left corner, a three bedroom. just below it a two bedroom and overlooking ocean avenue are one bedrooms and studios.
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the appearance of the building is -- overlooking ocean avenue is the lower image. you can see that it -- it sports four bay -- vertical bay windows which harkin back to the basic voke marry of much of san francisco and sets up a rhythm had is -- matches the typical parcel size of san francisco. the bay windows are about 22 feet on center rather than 25 foot typical parcel size. the right hand of the building lifts and becomes very colorful and marks the -- the point of entry into the new public plaza. the plaza is seen a little more
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clearly in the upper sketch, where the cafe leads out to chairs and tables and -- a future farmer's market. in all, it is -- in all of its glory up closer is the -- is the overall image and character from ocean avenue. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> like to open it up for public comment. you have one speaker card charlie shamas bow i think he left, he had to heave early. put it on the railing. >> i notice. does the mafere's office of housing, do you want to speak
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first? that might be a good idea. i'm sorry, i forgot to recognize nice you both. that would be great. yeah. >> thank you. >> from the mayor's office of housing. the may's office of housing, we really urge your support of the particular support or the conditional use p.u.d. not only is it a key project in the balboa park stationary plan that you're very familiar with. it is a -- a, a key revitalization to ocean avenue and of course in our interest, it is going to bring battly needed affordable housing to part of town that is not usually common -- or affordable housing is not common this is a good example of a collaboration of city departments. not only is it land known by e.t.a. and the development agency, we're working in conjunctions with the office of work force and chick development as well as the redevelopment agency m.t.a. to fund raise
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money to be able to -- to -- for the m.t.a. to relocate the loop and relocate the housing. m.t.a. actually did recently receive a coom mittment of 6.8 million of federal funds. they're, with the -- with the sale proceeds from the redevelopment agency, they're fully funded to relocate their loop and we also have a commitment for the open space plaza, so the project is really coming to fruition. we recently. our office committed $5 million of financing and they're about to apply to -- to apply for state financing. it is under way, if you approve this request. >> thank you. >> captain and commissioners. lisa pagan, with the office of work force development. i have been working for the past 5 1/2 years on the loop, the
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various land transactions and developments that were called for the in balboa station & plan. i wanted to -- to read a letter and then submit it for the file from our office. our office has worked -- aowd has worked before -- before i even started in this position for six years to move the proposed multiple loop projects called for in the station area better neighborhood plan toward construction. we're a big step forward today if this is approved. we strongly request the support for a conditional use authorization and redevelopment of ocean avenue. this is a corner stone project within the balboa plan. this development provides needed financing, to m.t.a. to allow the existing mull line bus lay jofe and transfer station to move off the western portion of the site on to a smaller eastern portion of the site, freeing up
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land for both the proposed new housing and retail development, but also as you have heard for an incredibly important public open space plaza. it will ket it to the proposed clean and the housing adjacent. approving this authorization allows these other important civic projects to move forward as well. the ocean merced ingleside neighborhood is extremely underserved regarding affordsable rental housing in particular. this is an ideal location for the proposed handsomely designed mixed use project. the development team comprised of the housing fail yachts of mercy housing is extremely experienced in developing and managing quality affordable housing throughout san francisco and -- and the region, in terms of mercy housing and has shown their commitment to work very closely with the diverse community, which is the o.m.i.
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so thank you, and we hope for your support. >> thank you. i like to open it for public comment now. >> my name is lambe, i come from hale avenue. i got 457 person resident in ocean district to -- to build this building. the reason is the proposed location is the traffic due to attending nearby city college of san francisco. beth streen are coming into the living area. in addition to a project of approximately 50 units of housing has been approved by nearby adjacent property on ocean avenue. the two projects sticking together will generate over 120 units of new housing with hundreds of new residents. the proposed project is
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comprising 64,000 square feet. it doesn't need more development and congestion. we got the safety and welfare of the citizens of the area is -- is of paramount concern. given the budget constraints for san francisco, we especially [unintelligible] more people into this area will serve to strengthen police service and potentially effect the people in the district. the sponsors indicate they will not provide any security for the project and that the resident will be responsible for their policy. this is an acceptable -- but the public policy and housing. studies such as -- such as this study demonstrated, it is a policy to concentrate low income housing into a high density area. this increases crime, the great neighborhoods and by virtue of the setting or by the inhabitants. it is to integrate low income
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subsidized housing and to get the low income housing unit within -- within another area. this proposed project is by policy and does not refer the conclusion of contemporary study that recommends more branding of housing level, and within a committee -- commit with respect to publicity and subsidized housing. regarding the parking, the proposal for the construction of 71 units and in the, and only for parking space and one ship car space, this is sufficient packing and will lead to congestion. norm five, regarding the leader. this project will promote literally into the loop and it is likely to increase the problem in the area and in addition to the buildings if the area. this is not conducive to improve the area. we have more people, more than 10 people come here to say something. so -- >> please stand up.
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>> they all -- they outsiders. because we -- i announce the names that can come 0 forward. >> i'm sorry, you give me the cards. >> charlie. >> no you give me the cards and i call them up. >> that's how it is. >> you allowed to call them. president olague. if she speaks for a group -- >> she wasn't speaking for a group. she spoke for an individual. she has the cards. >> thank you for clarifying that. >> yeah. >> and i ask them dorks they have particular issue or they just say no. if they just say no. >> you have up to three minutes to speak. so you could choose to speak the entire three minutes or just choose not to. it is up to you. but you have up to three minutes. >> let me ask them --
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>> okay. that's fine. >> you can -- will i be calling these cards? >> no. >> my name is eric. >> eric? >> yeah. >> good afternoon. a commission member. we have a meeting on july 14th. just about eight days ago. we already collect about 457 signatures which is -- we disagree about the proposal going on to about the parking space -- right now, we already get so hard time looking for a parking space, because the city college right there, to -- now there were 70 units right here, which is, with -- with time by -- by a motor board, like a
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common sense with the people in the building. they build 18 studios, 18 one-bedrooms. and 21 units two bedroom and 13 unit which is is three bedroom, if we pack it out, like about at least 135 parking space, not in -- according to those. and we -- so that is really conjested about the parking space. sometimes we have to park our car on the sidewalk and we get a lot of tickets going on right there. so please -- commissioner, please think about -- the issue of parking space and the & going to be like. safety issues. and like, also for -- in in front of the 2 four -- two four houses. they smoke weed there and union right there. so we call a lot of time about the cops and have the safety pass through a lot of time
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because they -- they got it going on on our neighbor right there. i hope like, thank you for your time and we consider it about the issues going on in the neighborhood. thanks a lot. >> thank you. ken wang. you have to pronounce. you have to -- scuste my pronunciation. i apologize in advance. ken kwan. you have up to three minutes, if you choose to speak for lesser time, that's fine. >> the project. >> if you could speak into the mic so we could hear you. just give us your first name, your full name. i'm sorry. >> my name is kwan. >> so we could hear you, otherwise we can't. >> my name is kim hun kwan. i respect -- the project, you -- the building. that's like four parking and --
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that's for parking. if this building is built, many parking spaces will be around the street. the reason is -- the low income families -- family and children that are 18 to 24 years old. teenager. i don't think so. they -- what they will do and then -- about the -- about the low income families. so this great problem. it is the parking space. many parts run on ocean avenue street. near ocean avenue. almost full. >> thank you.
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if this individual, we will be difficult to find a parking space every night. >> then the second reason is the security. the security -- the security is great problem. that -- i think that means we cannot control this. thank you. >> charlene yi. kwan chi lang.
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translator: translator: she's not satisfied with the huge building. the security is not good. it is difficult to find parking. translator: the teenagers always are by the street and are mokh smoking and sitting on the stairways on ocean avenue.
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translator: she's scared to talk to those people because they're so angry -- anger and she's scared to talk to them and she has a way outside and -- until those people leave and she goes home. those theme taking -- in front of her house, so -- i'm not -- acceptable and she feel very difficult. she's not agreed and accepted to those building. she opposite to this project.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> i live on hale avenue. she say, she agree to the same statement. >> okay. thank you. >> okay thank you. >> my name is shannon yi. i live in ocean. almost 15 years ago. she's living there 15 years and she has difficulty because all the time she has difficulty defy
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packing. translator: now because -- city college is nearby -- the stop, all of the packing occupied by the city college students so one more huge building will create a huge problem for parking. the oring, dofrle, maybe building building elsewhere and this is not suitable. thank you.
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>> tina chu. may hinge el. nahong. >> good afternoon. my name is fing ho. i say no, the first problem is the safety problem. the second problem is -- thank you. >> i'm tina -- i live in brighten, brighten avenue. i would say no for the project. the -- it is two years. and get in trouble for parking.
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two or three car and then it is hard to find a parking if -- if 70 units in the building only have four parking, it is really trouble for us. and 70 units and 21 unit for the -- for the -- for the 18 and 24 age. and for the -- for the safety and security for our neighborhood is there. so we say no. thank you. i am may. i live at 226 avenue. i live there 40 years ago. i come here and realize that -- the -- to my work really hard.
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lot of this. i save all of my money to buy my house and i think i will have a good life. >> to -- you got things. housing. translator: she know there will be a developer for a huge building apartment. she's very uncomfortable and can't live for three nights because of the security problem and also because the parking problem. translator: she at the time she
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working around 0 ferrell street. lunch time she eat a swand witch and somebody come and grab her sandwich and run into the low income apartments. she know those people create problems. now she know those people coming to her district. translator: she has a