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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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my speech will argue differently. if i did get everybody to do their best, thank you for taking your time to be here. i will try to be as brief as possible, but i of so much to say that i recognize in may be a challenge. i have never sat in the front. maxwell knows this. sit in the back. i want to thank you all for
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coming down here. as you can see, this may not have been the obvious place for a budget presentation, but in every respect is an obvious place. i spent a lot of time down here, because this is my equilibrium. i walk down the tender line and the civic center. when i think i am doing a good job, and when i think things are not going so well and that we have not made much impact, i come down here as well, because i meet people all the time whose lives have changed dramatically. i am very bless that you took the time to be here, and i am very grateful that so many elected officials are here, and over the course of the presentation, i will
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appropriately acknowledge all of you for the work you have been doing and the input you have put into our efforts. we are also here because we are at a remarkable crossroads in the city's history. i remember many moons ago meeting kevin when he was a supervisor, and he was reminded me the first real job he took aside from in association with his father who served as mayor for many years was working for then mayor dianne feinstein, who made a choice to clean up the central market area, too clean of the tenderloin, and i say that because it is a reminder that this is hardly a new place. this is hardly the first time the mayor has said we are going to do better, and i would imagine everyone will say, i ed