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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2010 9:03pm-9:33pm PST

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city gay pride or any of those events, people come from everywhere. they come from australia. and you to accept certain level of i.d.s in order to do your business well. >> just recently, i was out in front of an event and there was an 18-plus. and because i just happened to be staying there, one of the security on staff said, can we get your opinion on something. they had a girl who was trying to get in. and she had a passport. it was a picture of her as a 7-year-old. it was the passport that she was got it. never updated her now that she was 18. any card reader that you can verify other information would have been really handy that time. commissioner joseph: that's awesome. >> they turned her away. they said we'd love to take it. but we can't tell if this is you. commissioner joseph: right. >> even if it was the card reader first california e-cards
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are 70% of the population they get in there, at least we have 70%. if it's one of those superdupre readers then the percentages can go up. it's better than what we have now which is nothing other than surveillance or get their statements -- commissioner joseph: and all of these card readers retain all the information? and they can tell you if the -- >> we don't know. >> we'll schedule this for another day. commissioner joseph: ok. thank you. thank you, officer mathias. commissioners comments and questions? anybody? >> there's a great event in oakland on saturday. and if you would like i will pass out flyers to make sure everyone's able to attend. it's going to be an afternoon and evening event. it's a water event. it's a swimming pool event, it's an entertaining event.
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it's a col di event. it should be quide quite fun. it's called sand by the ton. i can attest to the 300 cubic tons of sand that are bringing in. it should be quite a good time if measured by the amount of sand. commissioner joseph: commissioner perez? >> i want to instrite the filipino festival on april 13 and 14. i'm organizing it. so it should be a lot of fun. commissioner joseph: awesome. commissioner meko. commissioner meko: just wanted to inform you that we coupled more than a couple of trees. commissioner joseph: any new agenda items? >> cart scanner presentation. commissioner joseph: all right. anything else? we are adjourned.
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