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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2010 8:00am-8:30am PST

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do you anticipate youtube veering into the public policy realm. google was google transit, where you google out the maps, where you figure to go from the east bay to north bay and which line to transfer from and etc. do you envision a day when you go to youtube to figure out how to fill out a form for food stamps or to fill out a form for subsidy for housing or kids to get grants for school? is that something that you guys, we have consumed time on politics, but do you see public policy and youtube being a part of that? >> i haven't done my share
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of homework, and looked into this. but my instintive gut is that it's happening in some way. the volume and vertical of the content on youtube and makes up this site. if there is a piece of content that's created in a form of video, whether picturial or public policy, if that exists, we have to think how to get people to access this and hopefully ly youtube is that solution. >> in the next 12 months what is driving your passion, and maybe the stock is driven by your comments?
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>> i think that being able to watch youtube on mobile devices, pulling out a phone and watching, i said this at end of 2006. and probably recorded somewhere, i said in an interview, i said in 12 months there would be more viewings on mobile devices. and i said this, and i think in a number of months there will be a lot of videos. because i think everyone is carrying around one of these phones. and all the phones have the capability of taking videos and watching videos. i think that everyone in this room 12 months from now will have something that is capable of taking videos and watching them. and i have to think that
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more people will gravitate to their phones than from their desk top monitor. >> thank you very much for being here tonight. [applause] thank you all for spending this evening with us, thank you.
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