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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> transportation agency board of directors.
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on behalf of our board and the entire agency i am delighted to welcome our newest member, director cheryl brinkman. cheryl brings a wealth of advocacy. we're delighted you are here. director? ms. brinkman: thank you very much. i'm delighted and thank you. chairman nolan: thank you as well. please call the role. >> director beach. director sbeach anticipated. director brinkman >> here. >> director heinicke. anticipated. director lee? >> present. director ohka? >> present. >> mr. chairman, you do have a quorum. announcement of prohibition of sound-producing devices during the meeting. please be advised the devices are prohibited at the meeting. any american responsible for a device going off may be removed
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from the meeting. please be advised that sell phones that are set on vibrate do cause microphone interference, so the board request that they be plasted in the off position. august 3. chairman nolan: motion to approve? all in favor say aye. >> item five, communications. there is one that i am aware of, mr. chairman, before i turn it over to you. please be advised that the closed session discussion with mr. forge has been continued to a future meeting. so that is off the agenda. chairman nolan: if anyone -- is anyone here to speak about the parking meter issue, with the bagging? >> >> that item has removed. think director lee suggest we send that out to the governance committee so that won't be on here at all. this board will have a workshop on september 21. that will be an all-day event
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starting at 9:00 on the second floor. and the public is welcome to attend. we do anticipate that will last all day. the agenda has already been published. is that correct? >> yes. chairman nolan: ok. any unfinished business? >> item six, introduction of new or unfinished business. chairman nolan: director lee? director lee: i have something. i would like the staff to take a look at the corner of mason and broadway. where the cable car stopped, we had a fatality several years back. there was a stop sign going northbound. but i noticed on thursday that in front of the stop sign is a sign that describes the type of stop. i guess the cable car information. but it's in front of the stop sign now. so if staff could take a look at that and get back to us. i'm worried about if being a safety hazard. >> thank you very much. yes, we'll take a look at that
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and get back with the board. chairman nolan: one thing from a past meeting that i had asked staff, members, consent to do a review of the citizens advisory committee recommendations to see, you know, the -- the suggestions that they had made and whether we accepted them or rejected them or partially did so. and i want to thank ms. boomer for outstanding work as usual in preparing that for us. the outcome, as it was, we've accepted the majority of recommendations from the citizens advisory committee. always talk about how thoughtful those recommendations are. and this agency agrees. a lot of work in that. i do appreciate that. does anyone else have new or unfinished business at this point? ok. welcome, director beach. thank you. so with that -- [inaudible] >> good afternoon, mr. chairman, and members of the m.t.a. board. i would also on behalf of the m.t.a. staff like to welcome our new director, director cheryl brinkman. we look forward to working with you over the next few years.
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i'd like to begin my report with recognizing our staff for outstanding service and contribution that they've made to the agency. our first award goes to debra reed. debra, could you please step up to the podium? debra serves as our secretary for the citizens advisory council and has been with the agency for five years. as you know, the c.a.c. is a 15-member board that has four committees and one full c.a.c. meeting each month. when debra began supporting the c.a. crmplt, the position had been vacant for several months with no direction about how to proceed. and debra took over the reigns and figured out how to get that job done. she goes beyond the call of duty to keep all of our meetings on track from scheduling topics and speakers to c.a.c. members' requests for information. although the job is very demanding, debra handles it with great grace and quiet dignity. her commitment to the agency is exemplified by the long hours and weekends she spends to keem
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the c.a.c. formed of the m.t.a. initiatives and business decisions. recently, unfortunately, debra announced her retirement. and we wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for her contributions to the success of our agency. the joy of debra's life is her family. she has three daughters, one son and grandchildren. debra's mother, who recently turned 89 years young, is here today to support her as she receives this award. and i see we have roberta boomer here, our secretary to the board, who will present the award to deb rafment roberta? . >> ms. reed, it is my pleasure, really, to give this to you, this certificate of appreciation presented to debra fleed recognition of your dedication to improving the quality of life of the employees in the municipal transportation agency and the residents of san francisco by the san francisco municipal transportation agency. we will miss you greatly. i have counted on you. you have been such a pleasure
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to work with over the years. and the c.a.c. will not be the same without you. [applause] >> i just wanted to say that i'm awful proud of my family's history. my mother was among the host of women that ran the municipal railway, as it was called back then, during world war ii. and she served as a conductorette for the macallister and hayes street lines when they were rail. and my father retired as a mechanic of the rubber tires during the 1980's. so i was really delighted to get a job offer from the city and county to come and work for the sfmta. so it has certainly been hard work. but on the other hand, it's
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been a great pleasure, an enlightenment. and working with such a talented group as the citizens advisory council and staff as well. so, again, thank you. it's been an honor and a pleasure. thank you. chairman nolan: thank you on behalf of the entire board. [applause] we thank you for an outstanding job through these years. it was great to meet your mother and sister here earlier. i hope you enjoy your retirement. you're always welcome to come to our meetings here. probably the citizens advisory committee, too many thank you, ms. reed. congratulations. [applause] >> our next award goes to jennifer. jennifer is an accounting supervisor in our finance accounting division and has been with the agency for five years. she is being recognized today
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for her outstanding performance in completing the analysis of the m.t.a.'s 20 bank accounts with the bank of america. she was able to determine if banking services were needed in her review and the closeout of unnecessary accounts. she consolidated accounts resulting in the reduction of our bankees. in addition, as part of the proposition 8 mandated chart of accounts and budget restructuring project, jennifer worked tirelessly in detailed analysis of several special revenue funds that were repeeled with many challenges, she was able to successfully complete this project timely and close out the fund balances of these accounts. our director of finance is here to present the award to jennifer. >> thank you, mr. ford. good afternoon, everybody. i'm honored to be here to present this award to jennifer. jennifer is a new mom. and so she's very busy with that effort. but she also was given a chance
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to move ton another department and she's confused and stays with the m.t.a. so thank you for your loyalty and your hard work for the agency. chairman nolan: on behalf of the board, congratulations and thank you for your very dedicated services. >> yes, i would like to say something. i'm very honored to receive this recognition. and i would like to say that this belongs to all of our division in accounting. i especially would like to thank you, staff, and the financial reporting team, the whole accounting division, and the other co-workers in the organization. this is really a team work. we spent a lot of time to complote a task. -- complete the tasks. and i will continue doing the
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hard work. thank you very much. chairman nolan: thank you. [applause] >> bring announce the next award, i see that we've been joined by the chair of our c.a.c., daniel murphy. i know he wanted to say a few words regarding debra reed. so we'll go back to debra reed. debra, could you step back up? i know daniel wants to take a few pictures with you and say a few words. >> good afternoon, mr. murphy. >> good afternoon. my apologies to the board and debra for being late. i have just moved. and it takes a little longer to get a taxi from where i live now. but i just wanted to say thank you to debra for your years of service to the citizens advisory council. she has stayed late at many of our meetings and has on one or two or perhaps hundreds of
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occasions accepted agendas from me which were coming right up close to the zed line. and she had to really hustle to get them posted. you know so that we would comply with the brown act and the sunshine ordinance and all of that. and she would be running to the library at, you know, 4:59 p.m. we appreciate all that effort. there were any number of times when debra said to us, we really, you know, need to do in a little better. and, you know, we tried. but the fact is i'm just not very good at this. she rolled with the punches. we are enormously grateful to her for her service. we will miss her terribly. aside from all of the hard work that she's done on behalf of the c.a.c., she's always been a sunny presence at our council meetings, even when topics were
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controversial and tempers were a little edgy. we're just tremendously grateful for her service. we wish her all the best in her retirement now. good luck, debra. >> thank you. >> the final award we will be presenteding today goes to hubert long. hubert is an engineer in our construction management area and has been with the agency for nine years. he assisted the construction manager on three major projects. the muni metro east operating and maintenance facility project. the traction power feeder circuits upgrade project. and the miscellaneous rail replacement projects. his assistance has led to a successful launching of the start-up of the muni metro east
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facility. and he has achieved substantial completion of the traction power feeder circuits project without incurring any major impacts to revenue service. and he had to conduct this with comprehensive coordination with all of our stakeholders to ensure that when there was a shutdown of service, that we were able to complete our im-- implement and complete our construction on time as it related to our miscellaneous rail replacement project. carter roha sn is here to present the award to hubert. congratulations. chairman nolan: good rohan. >> good afternoon, chairman nolan. directors, mr. ford. hubert is a model construction management employee. his drive, his tenacity, his willingness to go the extra mile just to get things right, and his style. he has an amazing style to collaborate with, both contractor and sfmta staff. we're proud to have him in our division, in the agency.
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we think he's done a well done job. thank you very much, hubert. [applause] >> good afternoon. i'm pretty much a man of few words so i like to thank the m.t.a. board for this great honor. i'd like to thank carter, john, and to you and others for their support. chairman nolan: thank you on bhaft board and the people of san francisco for your outstanding work. we appreciate it. >> congratulations to our awardees. the next item i need to cover with you is regarding the recent lifting of the bike injunction. as you may be aware, on august 9, mayor newsome was joined by supervisor mirkarimi, the san francisco bike coalition and the san francisco m.t.a. in launching the first san
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francisco bicycle plan project post the injunction. the project follows in order by the san francisco superior court that lifted its 2006 injunction which prevented us from immening -- implementing projects under the bike plan. neatly there after we announced an aggressive plan to move forward on 45 of 60 near-term bicycle projects as part of the full bicycle plan that will invest in and implement bicycle facility improvements and educational efforts, as well as innovative policies and programs to increase safe bicycling use in san francisco. the 60 near-term projects will add 31 miles to the existing 48 miles of bake lanes in the stay -- bike lanes in the city,. since the injunction was lifted last month, we have installed bike lanes on north point street from embarcadero to van
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ese avenue. an expected completion date is september 10. and then laguna honda beloved from plaza street to woodside avenue with a expected completion date of september 17. so we look forward to continually working with the community and our advocacy groups to further our goals and objectives of the bicycle plan. i will give you periodic updates on our progress on those 45 near-term projects. we're moving quickly ahead. the next item i have to cover with you is regarding our recent service restoration. as you are aware, on may 8 we had the unfortunate task of reducing the muni service by 10% system wide. and we did that by increasing headways and reducing frequency on various community lines and significantly reduced the frequency of service on our night oul service. in july, in conjunction with the mayor's office and the board of supervisors this board voted to restore service
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reductions that took place on may 8, due possible through a one-time funding plan from the metropolitan transportation commission, m.t.c., as well as the san francisco county transportation authority. so we were able to make that commitment of 50% service restoration on september 4. however, we went a little bit further and looked at our schedules and looked at opportunities to implement some efficiencies regarding our scheduling, reducing some of the standby time and some of the scheduled runs for our operators. and enhancing some of the driving time for those scheduled runs also so we looked at opportunities to really look at our schedules, using the information and optimizing those runs. with that being said, we were able to exceed the 50% and actually reach 61% this september 4 in terms of service restoration. part of this process was a
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signup that was conducted in august for all of our divisions and the operators. we had 1,907 transit operators participate in that signup. and of those 1,907 operators, 1,875 transit operators were available for revenue service on september 4. this past weekend kicked off the first few days of that service restoration. and to date we are proud to say that we are able to make 99% of all of the scheduled pullouts for transit services that were scheduled. i say 99%, but it was closer to 99.9% in terms of service restoration. and that was largely due to, i think, the attendance of our operators who showed up for work on september 4 and have continued to do so up to date. and we expect them to continue in that fashion. it's made a significant impact
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in terms of service quality that our riders so desperately need. we will continue to monitor the service restoration and the schedule changes through our line management and operations control centers. and in addition, we are going to also closely monitor our equipment availability, also look at our infrastructure and maintenance wave of activities to make sure we minimize any service disruppingses or potential service disruptions to our system. overall, i believe at this juncture the restoration plan seems to have been a success because there was a great deal of work that needs to occur between the actual board, approving the service change on september 4 -- i mean back in july. then the board of supervisors approving our budget. and then fast forwarding to pushing through a signup to place this in effect by september 4. as you are aware, the mayor has
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established a task force to develop plans to restore 100% of our muni service that has been reduced. and the first meeting of that task force will occur thursday, september 9, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in room 288 here in city hall that concludes my remarks regarding service restoration. if you have any questions, i'd like to take them on now. ok. in connection with the service restorations, we successfully completed the timely installation of new rails, bus shelters and traffic signals for the saint francis circle rail replacement project. we held a conference on september 3 for the completion of the project. we were joined by supervisor mirkarimi and director beach. they were both in attendance. and director oka, that's right. director oka also that's what in attendance. we truly appreciate their support of what was a very complex project that started back on may 8, and then concluded ahead of schedule and
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on budget this september 4. and i think i'd like to take the time to thank both mayor newsome as well as supervisor elsberg for their leadership in terms of this project. they had significant impacts on residents and business owners in that area. and in the saint francis circle area. through their leadership we were able to work with the community and develop, one a good working relationship with the beginning. and it helped and carried through during the project when there were any types of issues to deal with. at this time, carter or john, if you have anything you'd like to add to this project, but it was a collaboration between our construction -- capital construction and program area along with muni operations and our sustainable streets operations. and clearly all boats got lifted in that intersection in terms of improvements for pedestrians, for transit users, for bicyclists as well as those
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who use automobiles. it was a significant improvement in infrastructure in that area. any questions from the board? chairman nolan: congratulations. you did a great job working together. >> and as if we didn't have enough on our hands, in july we announced preparations for installing new ticket vending machines in clipper fairgates in nine of our metro subway stations. i'm pleased to announce that we are proceeding on schedule with the first metro station civic center being operational this week. we are currently on schedule with that project with the
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remaining eight metro stations opening as follows. the week of september 6 we will be implementing the station up and running. september 13, castro and church street stations. the week of september 20, embarcadero, montgomery and for rest hill stations. and then the week of september 27, west portal and van yes, sir -- vanesse stations. once operational, customers will be able to enterwe are a tap of their clipper card. and our customers who maintain paper passes will be able to use temporary swipe readers which will be installed on top of the new fairgates. and customers who wish to pay their fare with cash will do so either by purchasing a clipper card or a limited use ticket at the new muni ticket vending machines. so we have a host of capital projects that are underway to rebuild the system and get us in a state of good repair. and the next project i need to
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bring to your attention is related to our california street cable caroline which will be a project that -- cable car line, which will be a project starting september 16 this year-long project will renovate the california cable car system as well as make street improvements on california streets. this project has an overall budget of $24 million. and it will proceed in two phases. phase one includes the installation of an 88 curb street and seier repair work performed by the department of public wrks at various locations. -- -- works at various locations. phase two will finish in the summer 20611. this includes electrical, mechanical, utility and street repaving work that will require a temporary shut down of the california cable line. there will be bus shuttles during this phase. and as it relates to the one california route there will be no impacts to that route. it will remain in service as it currently operates. however, another major project that is coming down the line as it relates to the muni operation as well as our traffic and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. the next item i need to present to you is related to our
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american recovery and reinvestment act funding. i will be asking carter to give you an update on these projects. as you're aware, we have been awarded more than $90 million in the funding to rehabilitate, update and renew our transit vehicles, facilities, and vital systems. this stimulus funding has enabled the m.t.a. to advance some key capital state of good repair priorities that clearly would otherwise have been deferred or delayed due to lack of funding. to date we have spent over 58% of our funding and have created approximately 800 jobs within the bay area. that being said, i've asked carter to give you a short update on the agency's utilization of the stimulus funding. carter? >> good afternoon once again, mr. chairman, directors mr. ford. the sfmta has received over $9230 million -- $90 million in
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stimulus funding. we received three grants totaling $90 million in the past year. in addition, through the california department of transportation we received $539 ,000 from the transportation enhancement funds for pedestrian improvements. the agency has placed these funds to good use. we've focused on 16 programmatic activities. and we've issued 14 contracts. four were professional services contracts, three were construction contracts, and seven procurements. and we also self-performed the maintenance and preventative maintnans for utilization of these funds. recently from the federal government we received word that the sfmta ranked fourth
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among -- fourth in the nation among top agencies in overall jobs creation through the use of the funding. a total of 1,833 jobs were created or sustained. and of that, over 800 jobs were created by the use of this funding. in addition, we received word that the sfmta ranks sixth among top agencies in the nation for total job hours locked. as of august 1, 1,025,000 cumulative jobs logged on our programs. and finally, on this sheet, we also were very successful in the participation for small business enterprise. we achieved a 15.2% in our contracting. the second sheet that i want to show you, there's a lot of information. but i think it will give you a snapshot of the programs that we utilize the funding for. the first group which is in blue are the federal transit repair funds. we unitize them for 14 of our programs ranging from the pl


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