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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2010 6:30pm-6:33pm PST

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and the beneficiary of public transportation, public schools, and public libraries. i do believe that public transportation is the way we need to be going. when we look across the entire district, we have some serious public transportation challenges. in the southeast part of the district in visitation valley, when you muni made service cuts, and listened to chinese seniors lament the fact they had to walk and an additional two blocks. when i am writing on the bus, i see a single mother trying to negotiate getting on and off the bus with several children. i would like to see a more comprehensive approach to serving the writer should -- ridership. >> transit first, absolutely.
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i have had the good fortune to travel to cities around the country in the world. paris and london have tremendous public transportation systems. let's build transit first. cars last? no. i do not think we can pretend that making it hard to drive and park will make it so that people do not need to drive their cars. we need to be realistic. i am pretty sure i know who passed the first question about living 3.8 miles away from the grocery store. it was my neighbor down the street. i live in a place where there is nothing at all. no one's needs can be met with in the walking radiance. with a lot of hills. we have seniors. we have people with needs. let's serve the needs. let's build the transit first. a lot more carrot and a lot less stick.
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>> as a member of the community college board, we were able to cut the parking by half. we were able to do that because we had three bus stops. in district 10, you will never see the concentration of public transit. it is another unfunded mandate and buzz word to say "cars last." where is the grocery store? the fact of the matter is for us to get adequate grocers, we either go to walgreens or go to the 16th street safeway or tehe+iĆ”>u? foodsco where you ct buy meat.
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it is a challenge to raise a family. you have to put in services first, public transit second, and then we can worry about cars. >> one reason why have the no. 2 endorsement from the sierra club was the we spend too much of our land and resources on cars. we have eight times the asthma rate. a shorter life expectancy year. we have to get serious about addressing that. it is literally killing us. we need to make public transportation and other alternatives more attractive. we need to redesign our routes. we need dedicated lanes for bicycles and transit.


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