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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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whether it is your dad, mom, friend, a sister, grandpa. they taught you right. they thought you had to be loyal. you have to love your team. to a man on this team, to a man back in august, you fuel and energized this group all the way through september, and through the epic month of october, and what is one glorious day in november. you have but one responsibility, and you owe it to the person that taught you the good book of the san francisco giants. you need to pass this story on. keep this love alive. when you tell the story, simply tell them, we are the giants. we are san francisco. we of the world champions -- we
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are the world champions! [applause] >> please welcome tim lincecum, brian wilson, and matt cain! [applause] before they come up, i want to say one thing. before the last game, we were having in texas, and he said, this story has been written. please welcome brian wilson. >> i am not a man of many words. i did not really know what to say. i am having a mini-heart
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attack. maybe it is the smell of prop 19. i am not sure. thank you all. you are etched in history. you had our backs from day one. i would also like to thank the mayor for allowing me to try to take the reins. i do not think i am up for the job, but i also have three words. i know the man who is. where is the machine? [applause] >> like bryan and machine, i am not a man of many words at all. i do not talk much at all. just coming out here and seeing you give us support from day one, from spring training through august, all the way to
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texas. seeing black and orange out there was so awesome and fun and exciting. it made us so much more comfortable to play. all i can say is thank you. go san francisco. [applause] >> wow. it is a lot more wracking than you think. first, we want to thank everyone who got us here. we all have someone help us, whether it was our mom, dad, pitching coach, the coaches that we have now. they had a huge and in this. we want to thank them, our wives, our family, love the ones. we had a little talk. i said if we do not do as good
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as we did at least last year we will be a failure. we changed that and we did a good job of it. you all have waited so long for this and we brought it home for you all. thank you. you are the best. [applause] >> 3 staples in this franchise for a very long time. i get the privilege of introducing three hitters. you will hear from all three of these gentlemen, aubrey huff, buster posey commac and, and fr sanchez. [applause]
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>> san francisco giants. world series champions. let's enjoy this today, tomorrow, a week, maybe a month, and then let's get back to work and make another run at it. [applause] >> this is unbelievable, guys. first of all, i want to thank god for putting us in this situation and blessed us the way he has. i want to thank my family, my wife and my boys. my teammates. i tell you what. when i got traded over here, it was a tough long road, but our trading staff was unbelievable. kept us all on the field.
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a quick story -- when i was down earlier this year, sabs came in and said what are you doing, why are you upset? the season is not over yet. we traded for you for a reason. that picked me up. all the coaching staff, everybody, we made it happen. as you know, i grew up a dodger fan, but right now and forever it is all about the san francisco giants and our world series, baby. [applause] >> san francisco giants are world champions. i am a part of it. i cannot believe it. nine years of my life. dead last our fourth place, this organization has the hard to bring me here and give me a chance. here i am in front of you
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beautiful people. you deserve it just as much as i do, trust me. i have a present for you all in san francisco. i am sure all of you have heard about the rallying song. i know this is a family event, but if you have seen zoolander, i have a special talent just for you. [applause] >> world champions. we will do it again, baby. san francisco, i love you. thank you very much! [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, congratulations to the giants of 2010, and to you, i have the sound that you made at at&t park in the world series echoing in my head. we need it another few times as we face the winter ahead of next season. let's hear it again. let's go, giants. let's go, giants. >> let's go, giants. let's go, giants. let's go, giants. let's go, giants.
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let's go, giants. [applause] >> one more word from andres torres. >> i want to wish my wife happy birthday. i love you. many more. >> thank you all for coming to andres torres' wife's birthday party. i cannot wait to have another party next year. ladies and gentlemen, three and half months, pitchers and
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catchers report to scottsdale. and the giants will try to do it again. we will see you at the yard. the giants are the champions of the world. congratulations and thank you. [applause] ♪
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♪ i left my heart in san francisco high on a hill it calls to me to be where little cable
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