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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> the planning commission is back in session. we would like to remind you to turn off electronic devices that may sound off during this meeting. you are now on item 15, 2001 market street. >> good afternoon, members of the commission. you have before you a request for a conditional use authorization for a plant used development to develop a mixed- use building at 2001 market street at the mouth of dolores street.
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the project would provide a 31,000 square foot ground-floor grocery store doing business as wholefoods and 60 commercial parking spaces. the project is located in an mcp3 zoning district in the market/octavia planning area. the project also includes a dr. ceqa findings. -- adopted ceqa findings. the department has received a lot of correspondence from the public. we received a letter from hbna who generally supports the project but has concerns shared by dtna and the market and octavia cac. those concerns include the inclusion very good at not being located on site.
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they support the original parking keeling which that was contained in the -- parking q language that was contained in the mmrp that is somewhat diluted in its current form. the loading at 14th street should begin at 9:00 a.m. or later, not 7:00 a.m. or later as indicated in the mmrp. edna the generally supports the 9:00 a.m. loading time as well. the department also received several letters from residents in the neighborhood. many residents south of the side are concerned about the impact of the parking and loading on 14th and landers streets. they do not want large trucks driving down through their neighborhood. grocery store freeloading in their minds is inappropriate use in a low density residential neighborhood. most, however, support the overall project but are concerned about the adverse impacts of this large grocery store would have on their
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neighborhood. neighbors are concerned about queuing on dolores street, a similar situation seen at nearby grocery stores. some residents feel is out of character for the neighborhood because it serves as a back up house for the grocery store. some do not think that another large grocery store is even needed at this groceries -- at this location, that it would adversely impact small grocers in the area. several residents of 2027 market street have expressed additional concerns about life in view blockage and general noise impact from a high density building being adjacent to their building. as indicated, this project is also well supported by a number of neighborhood groups, and i just wanted to call that out as well. i mostly focused on comments that were received since the report came out. the site is difficult because it
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is long and narrow with three significant street frontage is. given these constraints, 14th street is the most suited for back of house operations, which was its traditional function. the department designed the facade in such a manner as to give it the residential character and disguises function. we recommend a 7:00 a.m. delivery time to address noise impacts. we think that is adequate. the mmrp also includes a parking queue condition to address cuing impacts. we feel the language is more balanced and gives to sponsor a number of options for abating the line. the sponsor has declared but has a note on file that he is working with the mayor's office of housing to find a suitable offsite housing location of the neighborhood to meet the requirements. it is on don hall wholefoods will impact smaller grossers in the neighborhood, but -- is
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unknown how whole foods will and have smaller grocers in the neighborhood. it mostly contains a more robust suggestion about how this may or may not impact local grocers. i would refer you to that. in the opinion of the department, this news would complement the safe way that is right across the street -- this use would complement the safeway. a little bit of housekeeping -- the project specifies 107 parking spaces. the sponsor will need to remove two of those spaces. it was just brought to my attention. car shares basis -- car share space is due count against the parking maximum, two spaces will be removed against that. we have 41 residential parking
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spaces, 60 commercial parking spaces, and a total of three car shares basis, one required for the residential, two for the commercial. this concludes my presentation, and i'm available for questions or comments. also, i have victoria and gregory year from environmental analysis to answer any questions you may have as well. commissioner miguel: thank you. project sponsor. supervisor dufty. >> thank you again for letting me visit with you. i want to just state that i think this is a project that is a model on how it is thought to work with the neighborhood and the planning department. you know that some years back, i worked to get funding through the board through the upper market planning process because there was this a turnover of underused parcels.
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we wanted to have thoughtful input from the community. it was one of the most dynamic processes the planning department has seen with hundreds of people coming up to express what they wanted to see in the development. you have a project sponsored that has had over 60 community meetings over the past three years to dig down with community organizations, and many of them will be here. much of the support has been very nuanced where there are concerns that groups continue to raise, but in response to these meetings, over 27 changes have been made. i think they have tried to work with the neighborhood and to build a better project. i live in the immediate area, and i can tell you that i think there is room for much more dynamism. there are so many people who traverse this area with all five streetcar lines, all coming together there, and there is just not activation of that just not activation of that street.


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