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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2010 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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this would ease the permit burden for local produce. this'll be brought before you in the next few months for your consideration. commissioner antonini: thank you very much. he spoke about some issues that are under consideration. one question that have, and perhaps you could tell me about this. sequa rules may be accepted by the six supervisors, and overturning and other usage -- this is within the province of the city and county, and so i just wanted to find out if this is something of which we have control over, and the bar for
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approval or acceptance in those matters. >> i will look into that and bring you more information. >> thank you. >> the preservation commission was meeting but the only items that were important of the presentation on the -- are the presentation on still lake park. we will hear about landmarking the golden gate park. a commissioner was concerned about the boathouse, wanting to separate the nomination. the staff convinced him they could do that in the ottal nomination -- total nomination. they will hear this. and as ms. rogers reported, they
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did hear the path of gold lamp post. and i am not sure it was unanimous, but sentiments were expressed. they wanted to be able to specify a group on the lamp post. they did accept staff recomendations. >> thank you. is there any public comment on the director's report. >> good morning. peter cohen. two items. one was mentioned about the modifications to the housing ordinance of the city. in light of the earlier
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conversation about a project on the agenda, we have some trends in the inclusionary policy. i am happy to hear the commission wants to discuss this. it is a troubling trend for us. i want to submit -- a resolution by the cac that was adopted last night regarding the inclusionary housing policy. and some concerns and what we want to see. the other item, and i do not recall if this was specific, but there was an ordinance coming through here for the working block of upper market. lighting the commission was very enthusiastic about this. unfortunately, after this left
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the commission, there was a baton drop. the department transferred to the board. and you were missing some time in markers, and that the ordinance did not get to the land use committee before the recess. this will roll over into the new year, the new land use committee, this is a very new landscape. we see this cleaned up, and the commission has not been supporting these efforts. this will not be on the rails until late january and february. we will try to get this over the finish line. >> and is there any other public comment about the director's report? this is closed.
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>> we will move to the general public comment category. this has a limit of 15 minutes. the public may speak to this commission about items in the subject matter. you can't speak for up to 3 minutes, but the entire category has a time limit of 50 minutes. and you may not addressed the commission on items that are calendar today. >> i am from the libertarian party of san francisco. i want to speak about the request to include communications from the public. and this is not just to say that the commissions -- there is a
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letter received for these concessions. this does not include with the person said to the commission. unless you request that the communication be kept confidential, in which case it should be marked on the agenda that he received a communication to be kept confidential. the default position could be that the communication from the public is fully printed in the agenda. it is in the interest of democracy and accountability, for the members of the public to be able to see the way that other people are communicating, unless those people request that this be kept private. and i would ask that -- you
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place these on a future agenda. and i would also include in a telephone communication, the formal and written letters. thank you. >> todd? >> good morning. todd mavis, project sponsor and owner at 35 lloyd street. ever since the meeting, the neighbors have come before you during public comment, on november 4, and again on november 18. unfortunately, they have made several misrepresentations and we think that this is appropriate to respond to.
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the higher consultant said that we, as the project's sponsors, were being uncooperative, and unwilling to meet with them. this is simply not true. the project owners -- we contacted the neighbors every day, after the discretionary review hearing. we encourage with and to meet with us at the community board. and we were going to meet them -- and we suggested meeting with the planning department. and the planning department representative. and this was acceptable.
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and after the discretionary review hearing, we spoke to the neighbors with another meeting scheduled for tomorrow. on november 18, joseph butler came before you. the revised architectural plans that we had after the discretionary review hearing, we attempted to respond to their concerns and your concerns. we made a substantial change. they said that we were now proposing a couple of variances. the suggestions are not true. and in the revised plan, we responded to the comments about the building being too tall. this has a high of 9 feet, we lowered this by another 4 feet.
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we want to emphasize that in the revised program, we responded to their concerns, and in the next meeting, we will be meeting at 8:30 and we would like to invite all of you to be in attendance. hot it may be helpful to address your concerns as well as their concerns. thank you very much. >> other other items -- are there other items? if not, public comment is closed. >> i have a piece of good news that i would like to share with you. the challenge to the environmental market for
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octavia to be invalid. >> this is not major. >> we will now start with a regular calendar. item number 10. an ordinance amending planning, section 409 to provide clarity and technical amendments. >> good morning. this has been reduced by mayor newsom, in follow-up to the article four provisions. to create a new article four. the changing of all of the fees in the planning code was a big project. and some things we've noticed, we would like to correct.
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this would provide the corrections. the planning department recommends you recommend the ordinance. the majority of the changes will affect the readability. these are the requests of the controllers office. the carification -- clarification. to provide more certainty, that this will happen in a timely fashion. on the first page of the resolution, the last clause of the first page, discusses the exemption. the proposed ordinance is
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exempt for statutory review. this is seciotion 15-273 of sequa. this is mike yawney from the mayor's office. >> good morning. i am pleased to be here. i wanted to refresh your memory on this position that the ordinance is addressing. in the reform package that was approved in july, this year, and it seems like last year. one of these components was the improved reporting requirements. consistent with the state
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legislation, this should be provided to the board of supervisors pirie ahoy the funds will be expanded each year, and this will bring us into compliance with state law. this is for the land use committee of the board. we have the impact fee working, and what these amendments do, this clarifies, as part of the legislation, the adjustments and the impact fee. this will track the actual costs for building the infrastructure. they make sure that the annual recall inflation adjustments have been and are part of the report that is made to you.
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the planning commission and the board of supervisors here about what these adjustments are, and we're reporting on how the money has been spent. if you have any specific questions, -- >> and is there any public comment on this item? this is closed. commissioner? >> and if the legislation is passed, we have realigned all the impact fees and we have left this out of article 4 km we have
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the first instruction document. we have the-definition, and this is the first permit that is issued. and we have these permits. what this will likely be is the first of the foundations. and this is the back yard deck. >> the second question, toward the end, there are more substantial line-outs. some of the language is approved by the commission. this has been taken out. and do you lose any power over
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these modifications? this is page 43. this is on line and 10. >> what happens is that we inadvertently left out a provision of the market. this is for the affordable housing special use district. we are putting this back in the code. and there are no substantive changes. >> thank you. >> commissioner? >> i moved to approve. >> the motion is for approval.
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[reading roll] >> thank you. it passes unanimously. item 11 is case 2010.716 c for 1556 stockton street. >> a conditional use authorization request. this is for tony's a go go. it would also include pizza- making surervices. the food portion would allow take-out foot on site and food items. no alcohol would be offered. it would occupy 900 square
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feet, with no modifications to the store front. we have been allowed to operate without a conditional use authorization, after it opened in good fatith with a tenant improvement permit. this happened without conditional use authorization. we worked with the staff to legitimize these operations. we have correspondence in opposition, and letters supporting the project are in the materials. the staff believes these requests are compatible and they are for the following reasons. it would add to diversity in the
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area, restoring the store front. this promotes small business and it is compatible with the planning code. we are available for questions. >> project sponsor? >> good morning. happy holidays. we represent the owner of the business. the international school of pizza. the specialty food service, a retail specialty. food service. not a restuarant. the corporate name is international pizza -- part of the concept is to perpetuate
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traditional italian pizza- making. the method is known and is of the school, scoia italiano. we are here to seek the revision of a stop-work order. a planner approved this as a grocery store, believing the large areas are for the sale of projects, canned and the like, that this would be like the previous use, a grocery store. and the planner may have thought the pizza-making was only going to be a very small and accessory piece of this space.
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in reliance to the planning approval, and the issuing of all necessary permits, with the health department, work continued. and hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent. the true use is not a grocery store. and the planning department issued the stop work order. and this despite the stop work order, the planning department thought that because everything was in good faith by the clients, that they continued to open. and the zoning administrator -- they were allowing for this to happen. this is open, and this has been
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very well received. and the self-service food use, this is the conditional use. and a portion of the youth is allowed in a matter without your approval. this is in the north beach area. and there is no living space required. this is 5000 square feet. and there will be no liquor license of any kind. and we have five letters -- and the clients are very pleased with how they have taken the new usage. i would like to introduce you to one of the owners.
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it would be great if we could hear a little bit about what they are up to. this is effective find one of the store. >> good afternoon. i would like to thank the commission for allowing us to open with these improvements. this saved my partners from the tremendous financial burden. the retail pizza shop, this has remained open -- this has remained with open arms, and we see a tremendous enthusiasm for our sandwiches and slices. business has been exceeding our
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expectations. many chefs are coming to san francisco to be certified. this is by one of the most decorated peacemakers -- pizza- makers in the world. we offer children's classes. this is fun for the kids but sparks interest in science, when they see how yeast reacts in the absense of oxygen. this is how it grows. we are happy this is going so well. as italian-americans, we are
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proud to be able to participate in revitalizing north beach. and how proud we are to continue in this tradition of north beach. realizing this is one of the greatest italian sections in the u.s. thank you. >> is threre public comment? it is closed. borden? >> commissioner borden: this sounds of a great project, and there was a problem with the planning department. if somebody is hungry, i want to take a class in making pizza. commissioner anthony: this is already legendary. -- commissioner antonini: this
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is already legendary, and i like the idea of having a school. i think that this is going to be very great. >> the motion on the floor is for approval. [reading roll] >> thank you. you are on item 12. 2008.0197 e for 942 mission street.
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ok. >> i saw him earlier. >> can we call the enxnext item? >> we can't go to that. item 14? case 20010.0985 c. for 3489 16th street. >> sharon is here? >> she was in the back. she was. >> staff has gone to find her. >> can i make a public comment?
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>> no. >> 15. >> it's all 942. >> should we take a recess? >> a 5-minute recess. commission is taking a 5-minute


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