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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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at the same time, i think folks will said previously it was retail or commercial use. but change is inevitable. we can imagine with all the provisions with foot traffic as well as public transit there still will be a huge change in congestion. that is just something to consider. i again reiterate i am supportive. all i am looking for today is actually a reassessment and consideration for an alternate plan for that backside, and a better understanding of what the esthetics of the quebec there. it has been very unclear. -- of what the esthetics would look like back there. it has been very unclear. this is the loading spot right here. the two-lane pass is also for residential parking. there is only one spot for trucks to back into. if there is an acute -- if there
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is any queuing, the issues that have been raised will be even bigger. thank you for listening to me today. >> many floras, carpenters local. we are in support of the project. there are big parking issues there. back in the early '70s, i can remember my mom took me down there to buy my first vehicle. i remember my mom went down there. she parked on the sidewalk. i said, "mom, you can't park here." "watch me." there was never any parking down there. it was terrible. i do not know how i avoided so many tickets.
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even in the '90s, same thing. it was terrible. i am missile survivor of the area, you know? but it is a good project. i think they are addressing it. they have done their homework, it appears, getting support of the communities. i support it. thank you very much. >> my name is steve adams. i am the president of the merchants of upper market and castro. the merchants association has approved of this project. i hope you approve of it as well. we believe that the project will be a landmark building as the gateway to upper market and castro and the mission dolores neighborhood. it would also help with the vitality of that side of market street. you have safely kind of fence stand on the north side of the
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street. -- you have safeway fenced in on the north side of the street. we have vacancy issues in that part of market street. we believe that will help spur economic development and all the fun stuff that goes along in that park -- that part of economic -- that part of upper market street. i also want to commend the prado group. in 13 years, this is the first time i have ever seen a project sponsor reach out to every single neighborhood group, every individual. it is unbelievable. they should be commended to -- commended for that. i hope to approve this project. president miguel: rowland, russ dirges -- russ sturges, peter lewis. >> good afternoon. my name is laura rowland.
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i am with carpenters' local 22 in san francisco. there has been over 60 community meetings regarding this project. the general consensus is that this project would be good for the community. aside from building the project, there should be about 175 jobs created at whole foods market. those are full-time jobs, temporary, part-time. whole foods has made a commitment to hire local people from the surrounding neighborhoods for this project at the whole foods market. also there will be over $1 million generated in tax revenue and sales tax. we need this money in san francisco for our future. please approve 2001 market. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is russ sturgest.
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i am a city resident on 39th ave. i am also a member of carpenters local 22. i am involuntarily retired because of a certain lack of work. but that is not my main concern, although it is a concern. this developer has reached out to everybody. he has done, as far as i can see, what every group in the city wanted him to do. i think they deserve to have this project rapidly approved. we certainly need the work. i will not make any bones about that. we need it desperately. but this is the kind of developer we want. i asked you to approve this project. take you very much. >> my name is peter lucas. i am the president of the mission dolores neighborhood association. as you know, the 2001 market street project is a gateway to our neighborhood.
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within the neighborhood, which is clearly identified in our unanimously adopted historic service we have our first meeting with -- are unanimously adopted historic boundaries. we have our first meeting in 2008. it was an interesting and productive process in the last two years. in that general meeting in 2008 at dolores park church, a lot of people showed up. people did not like the original design of the building. that has been solved now. we now endorsed the design of the building. they were outraged by the fact that the project sponsor wanted to put in a 31,000 square foot all food store on the ground floor. over the years, that has not changed overwhelmingly. our membership strongly opposes a store that large. we would more likely like
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something like 16,000 square feet, 6000 square feet of storage area. that equals 22,000 square feet with no more than 44 parking spaces. otherwise, we would be also delighted if the deliveries did not start on 14th street until 9:00 a.m.. i think that is a great counterproposal. i think a lot of people in this room do not realize that the planning department is also proposing to make dolores street one lane in front of the store. that would create a huge problem. 22,000 square feet or 31,000 square feet -- all the people driving into the historic mission dolores neighborhood and often bypassing to neighborhoods in the south, including noe valley, would have to deal with the bottleneck there. why you're not deciding on that
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issue today, -- while you are not deciding on that issue today, it is part of the project and should be considered. otherwise, we do support the design of the building. as you know, in the past we have supported additional parking. in this project, we don't. we support five parking spaces per unit. that is fine with us. -- we support 2.5 parking spaces per unit. that is fine with us. thank you very much. >> my name is jason henderson. i am representing the hayes
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valley neighborhood association. we have distracted a hard copy letter to the planning department. first of all, i want to acknowledge the city attorney's office and the defense of the market octavia plan against the e.r. -- eir whenever that was. thank you for doing that. hate valley neighborhood association has had a cordial dealing with the prado group. we've come a long way with the parking and urban design. we're pleased with that aspect of the project. as a concept, this project fits well with the market octavia plan. we believe it is actually a critical example of collaboration. our organization debated this project at length. there were a lot of concerns about it. we have come a long way. i do want to, as the letter states -- i do want to reiterate
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that we do have a big concern for affordable housing being built on the sites where the market rate housing is being built. i just want to echo the proposal that has been worked out where the land acquisition approach is sort of the second best solution to this. it is not what we really want. i am reminded that commissioner miguel is in the recent "spur" newsletter talking about the need for middle-class housing in our neighborhoods. it is a concern of ours. the spirit and intent of the market octavia plan is to allow the versed in come stratus is to remain in the city. -- to allow diverse in come -- diverse income stratuses to
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remain in the city. in the letter, i draw your attention to the difference in the language from the community plan exemption document to what is in front of you. i think the language has been diluted. we would like to see stronger pricing. we do see this as a precedent for other gross restores in the city. we would like to see some language in the planning code that handles forever future birthers restores. we would like to also propose that there be -- future gross restores -- future grocery stores. would like to also propose that there be new language in the planning code for grocery stores and that there be a follow-up yearlong monitoring and abatements study of the situation. finally, i echo the concerns
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about 14th street, particularly the bike lane and 9:00 a.m. start time for deliveries. thank you. >> my name is sarah perlinsky. i am the deputy director of "spur." we endorse 2001 market street. our experience with the prado group has been comparable to what others have mentioned. we have been impressed with the time and our reach they put into this. they came back to the project review committee on multiple occasions. they have been forthcoming. they have been a pleasure to work with. i think the project has
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benefited enormously over the multiple iterations that i have seen. i think it has become a really good, really strong project. we support the project for a variety of reasons. the main one is that we see it as a strong exemplar of what should be done in the market octavia plan area. we feel it is a strong embodiment of the plan. it is exactly the type of development we want to see in an nct district. we support this mixed use development at the corner of market street and dolores. given the transit intensive as of this location, we have been extremely impressed by the work the prado group has done on the parking ratios. they are not seeking a cu for
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the residential or retail parking. andy spoke previously to the biking facilities being proposed on site, bike parking facilities for the residential and retail. we think this is a great way to build a vibrant transit- oriented space on a premier corner of our city. as i mentioned earlier, we are very supportive of the design iterations the project has gone through. we like the entry and exit at the heart corner of market and delores, which we feel greatly increases the retail presence at the corner. we're excited by the cafe seating and feel this will enliven the important gateway to dolores street. we like the street furniture they're proposing. we like the way they are treating the corner. we are also very impressed with the porous nature of the design on delores that was not in some of the original designs. it is an improvement and has
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been made. lastly, we have also been impressed with the way they have responded to the concerns the community has brought up, and in particular i know there was concern about the property wall on the western side of the project, visible when one travels east. there were changes made to the wall to make it a more vibrant, exciting while to look at as well. we feel this project has been extremely well vetted. we are in support of it and hope you will be as well. thank you very much. >> my name is pat turra. i would like to ask if i can switch speaking positions with a colleague. he has a previous engagement and i can stay. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. peter cohen with the triangle
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neighborhood association and chair of the land use committee. we sent a letter on december 13 that outline some fairly specific -- that outlines some purpose of the points. we have had a nice project -- a nice process with this project sponsor. it has been regular, friendly, constructive, and sophisticated. we thank them for that and applaud them on good pieces of the project. the design has evolved nicely. we fought hard for a corner entry which is now in there. i know mission dolores spent a long time on the design. the residential parking -- we are happy to see that comply with the plan standard. the inclusion there is -- the inclusion rehousing -- our ideal is for on site. we believe in mixed income housing development. over market does not have units of any kind for middle or low income. market batavia -- market octavia
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puc has a resolution on that point. we have a tight geography. we are dealing with the same neighborhood. we hope to be involved in this group of that ordinance if it happens. it is down to be devilish details. we're not trying to throw cold water, but it does matter about the specifics. where we have landed this transportation issues. the transportation study only came out about a month ago. most of the community had bits and pieces of information. we've not had the full thrust of the information until just very recently. there have been very quick conversations happening, including out in the hallway earlier. for us it focuses on two pieces. both have to do with the whole foods operation. that will be the biggest profit generator on a regular basis. first is the commercial lending activity. there are 39 or more vehicles a day that will be dropping off
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goods, whether they are tractor- trailer's or small vans. we want to see that will vanish. -- that well-managed. we would like a one-year check- in with the commission just to see how it is going. it does leave us and i trust mode. we would like to see it is dropped -- it is brought back and demonstrated that it has worked well. the other issue is the parking for the actual customers. there is a lot of debate about the specifics of the queuing abatement. we do not want to micromanage. our request is to put on top of whatever you might come up with the specifics -- a one-year evaluation report and hearing at the commission to see how it goes, and data gathering along the way. we would like to see wholefoods be responsible for independent monitoring of the q and abatement to have an informed discussion here. thanks.
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>> honorable commissioners, my name is ted olson. i am a member of the mission dolores neighborhood association, a member of the mopcac, and a resident of the
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neighborhood. i would like to congratulate prado for meeting with us so often. it is obvious from all the other comments how responsive they have been in that regard. i also congratulate them on the idea of their web site, which has been an opportunity for the public to see what is being done, and particularly for the care which they took in making the project sustainable. like my previous colleagues from the market octavia plan cac, i am very concerned about the whole foods. first of all, i think wholefoods is an excellent business in itself. i commend them for their green and sustainable operation. but like my other colleagues, i want to make sure that there is -- that after one year we come back and reassess to make sure that the traffic is being handled well and monitored by
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them. this is a real concern both on dolores street -- you have to maintain the two-way traffic there without bottleneck in of the queues -- bottlenecking of the queues, and 14th street. we have to come back in a year. speaking to other grocers in the area, as well as to other places that they have them, a concern is if they have made any agreements with other grocers and stuff. i want to make sure those have been monitored and adhered to as well. i know that in some other cases there were some complaints that they were not lived up to as much. i want to commend prado also for their car sharing. this is something that obviously
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when we as the mopcac , for you next month with our joint report from the planning department -- when we come before you next month with our joint report from the planning department, urban car sharing has become a trend in the last decade. all the parking lots and gas stations in the market octavia plan -- if they go away, you're doing away with something that has had a proven fact of replacing on average a ratio of 20 individually owned cars for this service. as we build new developments, and a complement -- i compliment prado for use in cars sharing -- this is something you need to pay attention to. affordable housing -- i compliment them on their land acquisition.
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but deferral will complement and mitigate that. [applause] [laughter] >> mining is -- my name is chris hegland. i am here to file support letters from the lgbt center, san francisco architectural heritage, the castro neighborhood association, castro area planning in action, and the san francisco chamber of commerce. thank you. >> good afternoon. i come as a private citizen for once.
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i will be brief. my interest in this is somewhat selfish in that i am a very strong supporter of this project. it is largely because as a native of san francisco who is lived here for almost 60 years i am very familiar with that location. i have been a market street thousands of times. it will be immeasurably enhanced by the development of this project. a lot paraphrase the eloquent words of our representative -- i will not paraphrase the eloquent words of our representative from "spur." i have spent a lot of time on 24th and have seen the impact of the whole food store on noe valley. i must go to the street three or four times a week, sometimes on my car and sometimes to shop at the whole foods. i want to assure everyone in our experience whole foods has been a model never and has very
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effectively and assiduously -- and modeled neighbor and has very effectively and assiduously in force -- has been a model neighbor and havs very effectively and assiduously enforced their parking policy. thank you. i am andrea -- >> i am andrea inquist and represent the hoa of market street next to the project. while we are in favor of some development going into the space, our building is strongly opposed to this particular
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project on environmental and safety grounds we do not feel have been addressed adequately for us to feel comfortable with it. i know we are obviously a little more biased than most people because the project literally wraps around empowers over our building. we have huge concerns other people may not feel are worth addressing. our main concerns at this point are the large-scale excavations of naturally occurring asbestos and the effects of the traffic cuing which have obviously been talked about. in terms of traffic, it has been acknowledged from the planning department that the traffic study did not take to win into account -- not take queuing into account. we have not seen ways to eliminate it. just a list of possible measures. we assume this means there will be queing for up to a year as this is worked out and there will be a huge increase in
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traffic around our area, and traffic idling, which will lead into an increase in airborne pollution from car exhaust. since this was not taken into account in the traffic study, i assume the was not addressed in studies. this is probably going to push our pollution level beyond anything that is acceptable. all residences which he fumes. personally, i'm very concerned about emergency vehicles being able to access the building in a timely manner. we have had one large fire in our building so we are
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incentivized to have at fire trucks able to get to us. we have not seen a traffic measures that work in san francisco. even if they follow mitigation in the report, it will not be enough. we are concerned about asbestosis. we don't feel that these surge stringent enough and given that this is close to other buildings. just the general size of the project and others which would expose residence to asbestos. we feel that sponsor should provide a specific plan rather than general measures. bernanke. -- thank you. >> i am a member of the neighborhood association.
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i'm here to raise concerns regarding the time frame of this approval to to unresolved issues regarding -- and commercial loading management. while i support the proposed solutions, the language is vague and does not call for backup measures if parking fails. the specific measures leading up to parking is not well defined and finally the circulation of traffic around this problem has not been addressed at all. in any community meeting this monday night, many of the members of our committee had questions regarding traffic and the developer was unable to bring any specific


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