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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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a couple of things that they did say was that they would close the garage possibly if there is not any spaces available. it is not really a solution because when you close the parking garage, then you put foot traffic out into the area. we have seen that there is a trend that people wait until someone leaves so that they can get in this was a perfect example to me of the fact that there are not well thought out solutions here. the measure that was suggested by staff, this was not a plan by wholefoods. the other issue regarding bodie
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management, the traffic study was conducted between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.. the loading of the tractor trailers is to occur between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.. peak hour trip generation for the supermarket use occurred -- this was between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. this is unrelated to those used in the transportation analysis. the traffic volumes are low and impact is not anticipated to be significant on 14th street. there is no data to support to this. when i directly asked the developer this question, they did not have an answer and all of these studies were done on the evening peak hours and that is not when deliveries are
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happening. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. to take a moment to think the product group, they work well with the community and a number of changes were influenced in the building design. we are surprised by the lack of housing. this is a big disappointment to us. one thing that has not really been touched on, there is a number of pedestrians on improvements. we would like to see the project sponsor take responsibility for those improvements on market.
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those are things like -- correcting the current crossing across market and straining this out and if you other things that are in the community plan. putting the building aside, we have some significant concerns about the whole foods so this really relates to the large part of the retail. the traffic and load in concerns have been raised and well- discussed but we are concerned about the timing of the loading. i personally believe that the hours between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., this will be a disaster because that is when the traffic exists on that street. we believe that the project
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sponsor should be held responsible for mitigating traffic and issues that are operated by the project and that is why we support the initial staff recommendation to lay out some specific mitigation efforts that the sponsors should be responsible to try. we also strongly ask for a hearing in a year after the opening of the store to come back and look at the loading and queueing issues to see if the project's sponsors negations have been effective in dealing with these issues and if not, potentially modify the conditions of approval appropriately. are less concern is about the effects of all foods are nearby merchants. we don't have a specific recommendation but we are
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concerned that this project will adversely impact the neighborhood merchants and we hope that you will consider this in your deliberations. thank you. >> i will not be a dead horse over parking and traffic, i will just request that we take another look at to the issue of asbestosis and mitigation plan that it is in place and have that be more stringent and have a plan place that we have a course of action to follow. the epa has a zero tolerance policy for asbestosis and if it was up to them, there would be no digging in the ground. i would like to have something to monitor units.
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thank you. >> i am a worker honor at a remote retreat and i have been there for 18 years. we are a local and homegrown business. we have been around for 30 years. i am concerned about wholefoods and how this will affect local businesses. i have asked why your of not asked a local business to go in there. they are a union busting chain. local businesses, some seem to be able to get the upper hand here. you could use a lot of
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imagination. i am sure they would love the opportunity to expand. many home grown businesses can go in there. as i have said, they have been around for 35 years. i want the supervisors and the commissioners to think again what this is you are going to put in there and explore other options. there is a committee put together. i feel like we have been disrespected and businesses who are across the street, down the street, will also be affected. please, please, reconsider and also reconsider the lack of
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middle income housing. we are losing the middle income community. all these things should be considered. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a member of -- and i'm also on the board of the delores' neighborhood. this is directly across the street from this building so personally, i will be affected as much as anyone that has been in this room because i live across the street and i have to park my car in this area. so, this is going to change my life, believe me. one of my concerns is the mitigation.
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l development, we have three others going on literally within 200 feet of my window. i will be living in dust for the next five years. they will probably stagger these developments out. we will live in a construction zone with trucks coming at whatever time. not only will i be living in the building but after the whole foods is built, then you have the trucks and the parking. if that st., i know it will affect my life and i like the idea that you will come back in a year after the store opens and check on whole foods, because believe me, we have heard that the parking and the killing up for that start this -- for the
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store is sometimes really horrible. to keep them honest, i would like you to do this a year later to check. the size of the store is the next thing. we have a lot of small stores, i think that they will be impacted by this. if you are going to give this project and go, at least limit the size of the store so it does not overwhelm everything in this neighborhood. we all frequent these stores since we live here. i think it is good that the -- group has been very open to everyone. we have talked with them. i has been a part of the different groups. we have had a pretty good impact on what they are bringing as far as the building. i agree that it should be looked at as far as what goes in.
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everyone has been pretty much exercising their right to to tell you what their big concerns are. thank you. >> good afternoon, president miguel, members of the commission. i live on 14th street just east of delores street and i have been a homeowner there for over 27 years and i am a retired transportation planner. overall, i support the project. there was a few concerns and i agree with a lot of the prior speakers. one of the concerns is the truck loading in the morning. also, understand from the
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material for this hearing, the project sponsor has chosen to pay the markets for the infrastructure impact fee but might decide to pursue a future which would have streetscapes improvements and pedestrian improvements. i would have liked to have seen that resolved before we got to this meeting. there is some concern about potential improvements such as reducing a laying on delores street. i also agree that it would be good to come back in a year and assess the project and the effects on the neighborhood because i know some the projects in the city like get market and castro, one block was closed rather than the steady forever and ever. this was done to see how it
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works. there has been a lot of questions about lining up. it is good to come back in a year and to see what actually happened and see if any improvements need to be made. i think you for your time. -- i thank you for your time. >> definition, commissioners. thank you for taking the time to listen to everyone comment on this. i have mixed feelings about this project. on face value, i think that this is a model project for san francisco. i like mixed use, i like density. this is a better use of this
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space and what is there. what i have a struggle quantifying is the impact it could have on the local businesses that are in the neighborhood. not just including myself, there are many other businesses in the immediate neighborhood that are frankly worried. we know that after another wholefoods opened up, they saw a drop in sales. from what we heard earlier, during the -- portion of the hearing, we want to encourage locally-owned small businesses. we want to support them, we want to see them to rise and succeed. that is critical to the life blood of san francisco. i have been in the neighborhood
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since 1964. i know that a grocery store does not need 31,000 square feet to serve a community. we have 80 employees. all foods will have 175 communities in a space twice the size. i think that the developer can put it more variety in retail space in the project to encourage more diversity and locally-owned businesses to go in and drive off of the traffic that wholefoods brings. i think that businesses and grocery stores can thrive without parking. the transit density and a living density is so great, maybe there should not be parking said that the traffic and congestion issues can be mitigated very simply. all in all, i think that this is
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beautiful. i think that the developer does an incredible job of reaching out to everyone. he and i had many conversations about the project. they have done all of the right things but if there is going to be a one-year follow-up, the survey will be done of the local businesses to see the impact so that if any conditions need to be added to help support and maintain the thriving local businesses, that they can be done and also to inform us for future projects that could impact local businesses. thank you for your time. >> this is the first real test of the community, exemptions for
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area plans and that came out nearly a year ago there are hazards such as transportation. the main thing that you get when you were following the normal procedures is a transportation study. transportation study a month before is not enough. you have heard questions, how can people ignore the 14th and 15th street -- and not understand that 14th street is the way people get on to the freeway from this area. so, you have what everyone who is in this neighborhood says, you do not have accurate information on what the peak is. that is a huge issue you have between seven and nine. you also have a loading area
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which is taken over from a residential building. this is a transportation study issue. i would like to switch now and talk about my plans. because housing will have to be inflated from the whole earth -- wholefoods operation, we assume that they will take care of the noise impact. however, when the other projects are on the other side of market street came through, there was a real concern that the new owners would be formally notified in writing by the property holder or developing -- developer of the existence as a recycling yard. there has been other instances where people say, i did not know that there was a recycling operation there. this degrades my ascetics, foot
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traffic. there are people who do not like to see this in the area. we had a big brouhaha two weeks ago from the haight asbury population. we would like them to put in written notices that there is a recycling operation and whole foods can use and will not have to do on-site buyback because of the existence of one of the committee recyclers. i forget the latest, 3 miles, i believe. you don't have to have this in your building. at the same time, the people that lived there should be notified that exist and they are a good neighbor but we just don't want any complaints. thank you very much. question afternoon, commissioners.
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-- >> good afternoon, commission. we have watched this of falls over time. this project is right within our sweet spot. we like two things about it that are significant to us. as you have heard extensive amount of community of reach, we like it when there is extended conversations with neighborhood associations to improve the project. that goes beyond anything that we can do and that is notable. the second thing is not going through the -- for parking. and our experience and in the projects we see, that is highly unusual and i suspect that this project might have made other developers uncomfortable by doing that. i think it is important to support a project when they stick their neck out in moving in the direction that the city
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so plainly needs to move. we think that not going for the -- is absolutely the right way to go. i will confess that the housing action coalition is likely to plagiarize the bicycle plan that they presented on this project. i will ask that we incorporate this to use in other projects that come before us. what we want to see is successful projects that get their funding and financed that have these attributes that we can then point to and say, there is a good example of a project that uses transportation, bicycles in a sensible way. funders, don't be afraid. this is a great project and i hope that you will support it.
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>> they do, commissioners. i am a property owner in the delores' neighborhood association. i have owned a house on delors for 16 years and i realize how much traffic that there is. i am really concerned about the possibility of delores street being made into a one main street. i think that there would be a lot of traffic turning onto delores. i am also concerned about the 14th street and the traffic that goes through there because i travel the street all the time. one way to delores and particularly in the morning, it is very busy. thank you for the opportunity.
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>> commissioners, -- >> president miguel, if i can just do some housekeeping, yesterday evening, the commission received a final copy of the review documents and i have copies here for the public as well. i want you to know that this included some minor revisions. this is a preliminary document that was published in november. i want to show you that those our editorial in nature. the only thing that i would mention is that any substance that is a revision is the excavation at the corner of market and delores.
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that is the change that has occurred as part of the finalization of the final review documents. thank you. >> before 7:00 a.m. would be our
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preference. it would be extremely difficult. >> we have talked about the noise of a loading. it sounds like to me that that window sat like the time there was a lot of traffic coming down the street. i have another question, this is in regards to the non automobile patronage. this is what i have heard. this store is slated to be around 30,000 square feet, is that correct? okay. i believe that your store at fourth and harrison is 48,000 square feet and half of the page as to not use vehicles. >> i would say that that is correct. this is 38,000. >> someone from your group has that information and that is
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what has been represented. on the franklin california store, 32,000 square feet which is a little bit larger than this. that is about 51%. when we look at these issues of problems with parking, i think we have to look at the number of parking places you have and the anticipated usage. this would be fairly high in this particular area. that would be my guess that is something that maybe someone can speak to. then finally in regards to the lan dedication that was propped up as an alternative here, my understanding is that in regards to the decision and other state laws, you cannot do on-site with a rental property because of that but you could perhaps do a land dedication and this is
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something that we don't have at this time but i believe that of that option remains open to you in the future. i think that you can opt to do one of sight at a future time. >> that is the intent of the legislation that was discussed today and also laid out in the letter that was written by the mayor's office of housing. the intent is to actually pass the legislation and then have this past and then it would be retroactive, i believe. this is as much as six months since the time it was approved. we intend to pursue this option to the extent that this is available. >> we did 1 today although we have to do another conditional use although we did a way -- a
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change in the way that the affordable housing was done. that might not even be necessary if this was to pass. okay, thank you. those of the main questions that i have except as someone would like to speak a little bit to mitigation measures for traffic as far as the amount of parking, there was some talk about having a valet. perhaps management as you do with trader joe's on masonic. >> i would add that if you look at the mitigation condition that is proposed, this is proposed as a tool kit because there are ballets included as one of the potential mitigation measures and there is a number of measures that is suggested but
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the mandate under that condition is to the extent that there is a make sure that things are working correctly. thank you. >> in closing, i think that this is a very very good project and i think that this is a wonderful land use, particularly when we contrast this to 30 or 40 years ago. of course, that was a different time and that is where things should be. png


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