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tv   [untitled]    April 24, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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mayor lee: good morning, everyone. good morning, san francisco. it is great to see you here this morning. i would ask before we get started today, if you would join me in a moment of silence for the people of japan who have been so tragically impacted by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami there. if we could have a moment of silence please.
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thank you very much. good morning. welcome to the 2011 bay area council outlook conference. we have an outstanding agenda for you today. we have been doing this for seven years. every one of these has been very exciting. i think the program we put together is an extremely robust and eclectic program. i think we are all going to learn something. it is a place for action as well. the whole history taking place here, and outlook that results in real action out in the environment. we are really excited about the discussions that will take place today. they will be thought-provoking. i would be remiss if i did not remind everyone to please turn off your cellphone ringers so we
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do not have any distractions. there is one exception to that rule, and that would be larry bair. i hear that your ringtone is "we are the champions," and that one is ok with me. speaking of larry, the giants were pleased to share with us the world series trophy. [applause] the giants have brought so much to this city, sharing with us this incredible trophy. it is just outstanding. it will be at the giants' boost today when we have a break -- booth today when we have a break. you can take a few photos.
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but do not take it home with you. you'll be hearing from me from time to time today, so i will keep this short. to kick off our events and provide welcoming remarks, allow me to introduce our newest rock star -- mayor ed lee. has shown that he is a natural for the job. i have been closed to him for decades. he is the head of the human- rights commission. he went on to become the city purchaser. mayer brown appointed him to be the director of public works, and he spent several years as city administrator. i never would have thought that ed lee would be mayor of san francisco. because he is such a can-do kind of person, such a great problem solver, but i never thought of him as someone running a political institution, and san francisco is certainly that.
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but he has shown tremendous prowess in the job. i think he is perfect for it. most recently, his move to keep twitter headquartered in san francisco was a big thing and showed a major commitment to keep jobs here, and i want to thank mayor lee for stepping up and doing that. obviously, as san francisco goes, and in many ways, so goes the region. i really appreciate the work that ed lee is doing. if there is some way we can often -- if there is some way we can convince him to stay on, your suggestions are welcome. ladies and gentlemen, without further read too, welcome s.f. mayor, ed lee. [applause] mayor lee: good morning.
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thank you for that wonderful introduction. i just want to preface it by saying, when you get a call in your in hong kong, and that call comes from former mayor willie brown, it is hard to say no. i have taken up this challenge. i want to thank you, members of the bay area council, for your tireless work periods it is significant -- for your tireless work. it is significant this group has come together this morning around the critical issues of the bay area. education. infrastructure. sports. there is no issue more important today than the bay area's ability to compete and win business in the global economy. in san francisco, creating and retaining jobs has been a top priority, because that is what
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helps keep families in san francisco and helps them thrive. we are leading the way in education, health care, and the environment. for the past three months, we have made significant progress in making sure our business climate is alive and welcoming. let's begin with our central market payroll tax exclusion. yes. we have got a very important final vote today that allows us really to refresh our efforts, to rebuild midmarket street. and that is for the company that is so important, the twitter company. but not just twitter. twitter knows they are going to be an anchor for us and they are already attracting other businesses such as burning man, the cultural arts. you're going to see these cultural arts agencies, all live along midmarket. that is what we are trying to do. we're trying to make
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improvements to encourage business to continue coming to the area, and to create improvements for the whole area. the city is also working on improving blight. just last week when we had our first vote, not celebrating just because of twitter, we walked together -- with twitter, with the shorenstein group, and began at the noon substation on fifth street. we are going to make it safe for everybody. you are going to be able to walk that street and not feel the traditional fears you felt before. we are going to improve the blight. i am proud to be joined by some many great reporters and advocates. market street is in inderal in the diverse makeup of san francisco. we will make sure it becomes a
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bustling central locale for innovation. we are also thrilled twitter is joining us in central market. that stretch is going to be opened for change. it is not just to have twitter there. but as you know, and as events unfolded throughout the world this past beginning year and last year, we saw the product of twitter changing world of dance all across -- world events all across the international stage. after 3:00 today, we can simply announce that twitter is made and engineered in san francisco, with 400 million users across the world. thank you for your support on that. [applause] and of course, just last week,
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we simultaneously announced that burning man will be moving into the bay area, and already i am tickled with some invitations to go to burning man this year. i do not know if i am going to do that. but they just announced a five- year lease over 18,000 square feet to be located on midmarket street. that is a wonderful follow-up. there will be more to come. twitter has many other firms that will follow. you want to be there with the creativity they will bring to midmarket as well. these are great additions we have in the works. it is also no surprise that the 34th america's cup is coming to san francisco in 2013, and we are hard at work in preparing that event. as you know, we announced the people plan, the plan which will move some 200,000 people every single day, on march 31.
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two years out, we are aggressively trying to meet our commitments for this spectacular 2013 event. we are trying to set a new standard because we know that not only moving to hundred thousand people will be -- 200,000 people will be a challenge, but sustaining the events will constantly be our challenge. we are aiming to make the 34th america's cup the most transit, bicycle, and pedestrian-friendly as forcing event -- sporting event in our history. strategic adaptability and the positive legacy. anything we build must last all long time -- a long time, beyond the america's cup event. we want to make sure all our neighborhoods -- chinatown, the
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mission, and north beach, the south east sector -- all come for this event. we are engaging transit advocates, and neighbors, and the public, beginning to ensure that we meet transportation needs of the races, as well as our residents and commuters. we are doing this, as i said, the san francisco y, in partnership with the public -- the san francisco way, in partnership with the public and our stakeholders. the transportation plan is up on the website already. we will end -- we will wait until the end of may before we published the final document. between now and then, we will have a great amount of feedback. we are leveraging resources and enthusiasms to set new standards, and we will leave a
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positive long-term legacy. let me reenforce the america's cup is about bringing thousands of jobs to san francisco and generating revenue for our city. we are also working on one of the hardest topics not only we are facing, not only the region is facing, but the state of california is facing. that is pension reform. i am working hard with staff, labor groups, in my budget team. one of the most pressing issues we have to deal with is to make sure our city remains solvent through the hard economic times, like the ones we are still facing, and that challenges us to make sure we are still reforming the system. i still got everybody at the table. and we are about to launch into our reconfirmation in a couple of weeks. it is my hope that we keep the city together and we produce one
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ballot measure in november and the changes we have in pension reform our long term. that we fix it and we fix it for everybody for generations, so they will have a dignified pension system to work with. this all ties as back to investing in our neighborhoods and our communities. we can make the positive investments to keep our families in our city. and i want to make sure you here this, because i want sentences get to be the northern terminus for high-speed rail in the state. -- i want san francisco to be the northern terminus for high- speed rail in the state. we are committed to that. it will be the most beautiful terminal he will see in your lifetime. -- you will see in your lifetime. we are working hard to keep the city together. i find every day, people are
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telling us they want jobs. they want their dignity to be reflected in having a good job. i cannot do it without making sure we have unity at our board of supervisors. i am very mindful that every single day i have a private meeting with each member of the board of supervisors, a different member every other day, talking about what they need, treating them with respect, making sure the dialogue is open. and this new-found unity will help me as i enter on my first one-hour discussion with the board of supervisors. wish me luck. [laughter] because i do think we need positive dialogue in this city. the fractious times are over with. we need a unified dialogue. i have every faith that this unity will bring about the success that wean are known for --


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