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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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academy. we submitted a document to the planning commission and it was before the deadline, i expect all of you have a copy. it was titled objection to the at&t mobility proposed installation of cellular antenna on the roof of jewish education. i will make the same points as in that document, however, i restructured it so i'm not going to just read what you have in your hands, but i will refer you to the document, the figures. they are the same four figures that you have. the onus is on at&t to show that the proposed antenna installation was safe for the public and it contains item g, the emission report, also called the radio frequency
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report. this was provided to at&t by a radio frequency engineering firm which served as an independent expert in this case. the powered density that it deems safe which is about one millo watt two centimeters square. we're not questioning this limit. it's not a separate discussion we're having today. we said that the proposed installation would exceed the limit 13 times. our conclusion contradicts upon close examination of the statement, we found that their calculations contained errors which led them to erroneous conclusions. we submitted a detailed analysis to the planning commission on november 30 and hoped that every commissioner now has a copy of that document before him or her. in that document will show the following -- the statement repeatedly talks about the beginning of the "the power
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density anywhere on the ground." we contend that the level on the ground is irrelevant and immaterial to the case. it is the children inside the school building, in particular on the second floor that are going to be eradiated from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 people that, is for seven hours straight every day and not a passer-by near the school on the ground level. by their own admission, at&t seeks this antenna not to improve the cellular reception in the street but to improve it inside the houses nearby. the statement of warden spencer who is an at&t engineer, his statement is part of the docket reads, beginning of the quote." although there is reasonable outdoor signal strength in the area, coverage indoor is weak and the quality of service overall is unacceptable." this statement shows that at&t is not concerned with enhancing
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the reception "for a person anywhere on the ground" but wants to improve the field penetration into the buildings in the immediate vicinityty of the proposed installation. the statement by gordon spencer is meant to justify the needs for the additional antennas in the general area, but it also shows that the school building is going to be the first building in the line of sight for the antenna beam. our own calculations show that the predictions are grossly underestimating the power density for the installation of the rooftop antennas. in their statement, e, name a 57-feet distance as a safe three-dimensional perimeter. our calculations show that the safe distance is 150 feet or three times the value they calculated. even if they were right and we were wrong and the 57 feet were the safe distance, the actual distance between the walls of
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the education and the school is about 35 feet. however, their calculations are indeed wrong and we showed the detailed calculations in the document we submitted and you all have. the antennas installed on the rooftop are to be 42 feet above the ground according to the docket. stated on the ground, the highest radiation level would be at a mere 4% of that established by f.c.c. yet elsewhere in that same three-page statement or after the of -- affidavit of safety they submitted it is 57 feet. there is no contradiction in terms between these two statements they have made in the same document. however, there is much left unsaid for you to read and discern between the lines of this statement. i'm going to help you to
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understand and interpret these rather technical statements. a directional antenna has a much different electronic field distribution as it can be seen on figure 4 on the documents you do have which i'll show here right now. can you please turn this on? this is a picture i'm referring to. this is how the field is distributed. this is directionality pattern. the field is sliced horizontally. i dug up the technical documentation for the actual antenna they're proposing to install and this picture showed the vertical bisection of the field. you see a very narrow beam here. so the field is shaped as almost like a knife blade. the brunt of energy is very
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narrowly directed slightly down. the equipment they're proposing to install can vary the direction of this beam. again, going by the technical documentation of the proposed installation, it could go down from the horizon as low as 13 degrees. they are proposing to put it at 4 degrees, the recent proposal back in march said 6 degrees. it's up to them. they can do it remotely. they don't have to send a person to the equipment to do that. so i'm going to go back to my text. so basically the main load of the field which is this will
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slice through the top floor of the school and maybe even the first floor, the rear end of the opposite end of the school, the first floor and that's where the maximum energy will be concentrated. so the statement stipulation that the three-dimensional perimeter does not -- i'm quoting, the three dismention believe area does not access any areas. this is not true. it does extends into the hebrew building and also on the other side of balboa because that building is closer than 150 feet. the statement by -- mentions that somebody named mr. david kelly who was contracted, subcontracted visited the site on february 9 of 2011. his qualifications are not
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provided beyond the phrase he is a "qualified field technician." the statement does not describe the equipment mr. kelly used. the date it was last calibrated, the test procedures he performed or whether mr. kelly has received any training for this particular equipment. in fact, the statement lacks any of the work that he had done on this date. any measurements are dubious. there is a checklist in item number one describes mr. kelly doing measurements of the existing directional onsite in the site of the directionth antenna. some directions are meaningless. this positions vertically as it does now does not at all radiate strictly downward. as you can see on the figures 2 and 3. this is the field distribution on the directional antenna that
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is there now. mr. kelly standing underneath on the ground, presumably, he cannot fly so he is measuring nothing because there is nothing. so stating that the measurements show that there is only one field of the f.c.c. limit, of course. either he knew what he was doing or he didn't know at all what he was doing. there were similar affidavits of safety sore cellular antennas. they provide the similar calculations. i have looked over many of them. after the antennas are installed and become operational, the radiation density can be measured, but no one has provided any evidence of such measurements have been done. may i finish the paragraph? vice president miguel: thank you. >> thank you. and the rest is in the paperwork you already have. vice president miguel: correct.
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vice president miguel: rabbi, laura, peter keene, elsa, hirsch. as was mentioned before, there is a one-minute time limit, that is not unusual in the second hearing of an item. >> sir, as a person of the church across the street, he has been waiting for three hours. vice president miguel: and we have been working for three hours. if he wishes to come up first as well. >> i would like to give him an opportunity to say a aye few words. >> the same amount of time as every -- >> he has the proper authorization. vice president miguel: the same amount of time, there has been no request for any block of time for anyone. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is george holtz and i
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represent the baptist church directly across from the hebrew academy. it came to my surprise also to learn that antennas will be installed and we are in direct part of those antennas. i was first told it was six and at&t and it was reduced to four. but two will be directed our direction and this is very undesirable for us. the reason is because every sunday there is a congregation of up to 150 people and small children and also people actually, immigrants came from areas like ukraine. they have been exposed to nuclear radiation and they have very weak immune system already and he is deeply concerned about those people. this is about 40% of our congregation.
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so would like to bring to your attention this fact also besides technical issues for our friends and neighbors across the street, hebrew academy, so please consider this and please stop this project. vice president miguel: thank you. >> thank you very much. >> san francisco city government, i would ask you not to install high frequency antennas on our church on balboa street in san francisco. it will affect the immune system. from my personal experience, i used to live in town which was located 300 kilometers consider chernobyl station. as a result of its meltdown, my health, i witness all the people suffering from horrendous illness and experience suffering.
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in short, i'm asking you to refrain from installing high frequency antennas on our church. thank you. vice president miguel: thank you. >> my name aelyse rue so. i live on 14th avenue. i'm not associated with the school across the street from me. i had anticipated having three minutes. i'm aware that you are meeting with the board of supervisors and the health department tomorrow and from november 3 hearing, you revealed that you're hamstrung in this situation where you feel powerless but to approve these antennas throughout the city because of the complaints of health being the primary issue of many neighborhoods coming to you saying we don't want these and yet you feel you don't have the power to say no. i am implore you that, you know, it's time to recognize that we need to have a new protocol in the city and the
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board of supervisors need to create some regulations on this issue citywide. there is a major proliferation of these antennas across the city blanketting our city and i am working with the "chronicle" and channel 7 news to bring this story to the public. vice president miguel: thank you. >> and people will be aware of what is happening here. vice president miguel: thank you. if you wish, you may just come up in whatever order you want. >> commissioners, besides myself, i represent the parents from the hebrew academy who like to bring to your attention so we have been involved when this change was made and instead of four antennas in different directions.
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on the school which i assume is going to financially save the school in the future, but besides to have all of this stuff, we don't approve this project. vice president miguel: thank you. >> hi, i'm also a student at the hebrew academy. the last time the commission saw a case advising the hebrew academy and the bureau of jewish education to try to negotiate a compromise. as far as the organization goes, this isn't the first time there have been disputes between jews. during the period of the hanukkah story which all jews will celebrate in the coming week. 27 years is almost as long as the hebrew academy has been negotiating with the bureau of
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jewish education over one thing or another. the hebrew academy is in the unenviable position of being the only unorthodox jewish academy in the area. i travel two hours to get it. allowing the bureau to put up antennas will allow a huge financial loss because of the significant number of parents who would withdraw their kids. that could threaten the future and we appeal to at&t and to the members of the planning commission. please don't put up these antennas. >> good ann, commissioners. i'm the co-president of the city council of hebrew academy. in second century rome, a man was executed. wrapped in a jewish scroll and set fire to. his death prolonged with a piece of wet wool placed on his chest.
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you may say a man needs to die a agonizing death has commented a horrible crime, nothing of the sort. he taught the bible. percentage accusations the roman invoked on the observers of jewish law. the romans forbade the spread of jewish bible and judaism itself. we come to december 2011. nothing of this magnitude is happening or being proposed to happen. the parents have no other choice but to take their kids out. this is a hindrance of the spread of judaism. i urge you to err on the side of caution so it won't be interrupted. vice president miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, planning commission. in the 1900's, the first act of blood shed against jews were carried out in the red army.
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attacks, it was so harsh it was difficult to count the loss of jews. it was determined by the theories and practice of the communist party. religious freedom and wanted to practice judaism. they couldn't thank god. thanks to america policy for religious freedom, we have the hebrew academy, the only school in north california that offers jewish opportunity the opportunity to study jewish culture and how it feels being a jew. it cause many of the friends to live because parents are afraid of the installation. you may ask, i do not believe in san francisco. it takes up to an hour to drive to the hebrew academy. you may ask why aren't there any other good schools in your area? i have made good friends during the five years i have been here. i ask you, planning commission, to not allow the antennas to go up for hebrew academy offers orthodox jewish studies.
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>> can you state your name for the record? >> i am olga. >> thank you. >> good ann, commissioners. i'm the co-president of the hebrew academy. the planning departmentives zoning around balboa and 14th avenue as an r.m. 1 residential neighborhood under the city's telecommunications service, facilities sitting guidelines on r.m. districts are the favored locations which is the lowest of the seven levels preference listed. locating this type of industrial commercial facility, the residential neighborhood. simply put, it is an industrial commercial use that is incompatible with existing residential uses. the only reason why schools, hospitals, and places and worship are identified as preference one is because a loophole was inserted in the 1996 guidelines for the wireless industry. this succeeded in preference
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one category with public structures like water towers, bridges, smoke stacks to the category of public use structure which includes libraries and health care centers. the undue influence of the wireless industry on the city of politics canned hide the fact that the at&t facilities. please deny this permit for this location, thank you. vice president miguel: thank you. >> good ann, commissioners. under federal law, at&t is required to prove that the jewish education society building location is the least intrusive means for addressing an alleged significant gap in its gap in the richmond district. however, at&t has not mentioned the alternative of network of poles in the richmond district. in fact, there were 43 such antennas located throughout the richmond district, some are available to be shared by multiple wireless carriers
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including at&t. in the map that i'm showing here, it shows the antennas in the richmond district which was created using the department of public work inventory of wireless facilities and the rights-of-way. they are operated by companies and can accommodate more than one wireless care carrier. at&t uses the antennas which has been confirmed by contacting the networks. without full discretion why it can't use the existing network in the richmond network, at&t did not meet its burp burden of proof. thank you. vice president miguel: thank you. any additional speakers? to reintree dues myself, i'm the secular principal of the hebrew academy. briefly, i would like to report that over the past month, the academy and the bureau of
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jewish education has a very good base to the point where the only remaining issue is the remealation of the lost revenue from the school of which i can say there is already lost revenue. i understand that the b.j.e. cannot afford to contribute towards this and that at&t has refused. the weight of this decision, therefore, falls to the commission. section 303.1 of the san francisco planning code for conditional uses states that the proposed user feature will provide a zone that is necessary or desirable and compatible with the neighborhood or community. since the installation of these antennas on the roof of the b.j.e. has a potential to destroy the school, this installation is clearly not desirable tore compatible with the community. on this basis, i urge you to vote against this proposal. thank you. vice president miguel: thank you.
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>> is the overhead on? ok. i'm laura and i'm a parent at the hebrew academy. i'm here again to object to the antenna installation at 6601 14th avenue. the neighborhood is a unique neighborhood in this overhead. it has beautiful homes from the 1920's, the hebrew academy, the russian orthodox church, apartments all surrounded by a beautiful green belt. the bureau of education itself is a 1920's building with a beautiful facade. we are learning about historical preservation here. i have strong objections to proposed at&t antenna installations. objections run a different range of concerns, very strong objections. people who go to church and school in this neighborhood have a strong attachment and are spending much of their unpaid time to defend it.
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is the overhead on again? i see. let me show this exhibit. this can be seen from the street on balboa here. the neighbors are dismayed that the antennas are going in and we respectfully ask that the gap in coverage does not outweigh the potential downfall of this project. vice president miguel: thank you. >> hi, guys, this is my second time. i'm a parent of hebrew academy. i'm objecting to the antennas. this is the first time i'm wearing these glasses, i need it. it was interesting to me. i spent a lot of time at city hall. i finished jury duty a day ago and one of the things we talked about is we have to prove that he was guilty within, without any reasonable doubt. so i thought to myself, this is the same kind of thing, if you have any reasonable doubt about this where you know that it might be some potential of harming some kids then, you
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don't want to take that responsibility upon yourself. as a matter of fact, one of the jurors that was sitting next to me was working for verizon, the company. i was asking about this. he is said, you know, you're just the person i want to talk. he said, i'll tell you something, it's very unclear, but you definitely have the right to question and worry about this. that's all i can tell you. so here i am and again reasonable doubt. and the last time -- vice president miguel: thank you. are there additional public speakers? >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm humbled to stand in front of you today. i was said i could have three minutes. i pray to god that the one minute is my little clock. but i won't be able to finish this, finish behind you.
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we plead with you. i'm simply only a mother. this is a classic case of david and goliath, what at&t may do many good things, it is clearly the big goliath in this case. our school has been in business the past 42 years barely able to survive financially. no computer lab to speak of, yet it has consistently been able to produce academically excellent students with moral values, human ethics for 42 years straight. ladies and gentlemen, small businesses must be supported, protected and shared they stay in business. it's frightening to see that the city and economy would look like if small businesses are not supported by you the city. dear people and god forbid, it is not the best location for at&t antennas. they're just not needed, not there and not at that location. with the parents, the neighbors, with the children
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that spoke all last month we ask you to please stand with our public power and courage -- vice president miguel: next speaker. >> to just say no, continue next speaker. >> my name is jerry, as everybody else, i have a daughter to goes to the hebrew academy. i'm just going to continue what the previous speaker has said. we ask that the he can members and servants of the city to please stand with us and have the courage to do what is morally and ethically correct so we can go home to our children and say thank god, we live in a democracy and remind them that they and their voice matters, that the city officials heard you, they care and do what is right in the best interests of its residents. we ask that you remove the antennas that have been installed without anyone's knowledge or approval back in 1997 and deny at&t installation
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of any antennas next door to our kids. thank you. vice president miguel: thank you. >> i have kids at the academy. i'm going to continue. these antennas do not go up at this location for every party involved. look so bad in our beautiful city. investors will be happy to donate and support their causes. you will do the right and morally ethical thinking, our kids will be safe and happy. we the parents, neighbors will sleep better at night. they will continue to do what they do best and one day an
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investor will support them financially. it may be even a powerful that will give back and help the underdog. thank you. vice president miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is morgan and i work at the hebrew academy. i also have served for three years as an electronic and engineering training sergeant in the army. as the academy director, this will cause the school financial damage and loss of current and future students. on a personal note, as an educator, i am shocked by what i'm seeing here today. it seems we forgot we have higher goals than money in our pocket and a price tag on our kids' head. as an israeli, i am heartbroken and very sad of the action of the jewish education and at&t. most of all i'm ashamed that we are today fighting f t


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