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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2011 1:31am-2:01am PST

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it is 7.8%. sorry. the reason i have that number people, in less than one year -- that many people were employed. i think we're on our way to recovery. it has been exciting to me. that is why, after the election, we kept going. we want to keep that basis going. i have not taken a break. the excitement of keeping this foundation going is credible. with that unemployment rate announcement, i want to praise
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and thank our planning commission for their unanimous vote last night on passing the environmental impact reports for the america's cup. that is why mr. bartley is here today. we celebrated that night with a phone call to each other, said, good job. our economic office had been working hard with support staff, commissioners. as we went through those very time consuming public meetings, we meant it when we said it, that we would honor everything we wanted to do. monique more year is here to be part of this announcement. going forward, we think we have done a comprehensive response to the concerns that were raised, issues that were raised.
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we can now look forward to beginning to put the work together and start on the construction of our cruise ship, the signature work we wanted to do. celebrating the eir, a tremendous effort, and want to thank all the parties involved, particularly the event authority, organizing authority, the america's cup managing team, court staff, port commissioners, the president of our port commission, thank you for being here. they are here to join us as we all converged last night. this is a great milestone in putting forth the america's cup. in addition to the environmental impact report passing, which
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allows the port to begin its work on the cruise ship and the other agreements never wanted to move forward on, we wanted to let you know we have been working, but in addition to the eir, other important issues raised during the many important public hearings. we have the rest of our port commission joining us as well. thank you all for joining us. the excitement is growing. i think i have thanked the port commission five times now, and i will continue to. during these periods of time, there was discussion of around long term development rights. in particular, they had to do with piers 14 and 14 1/2.
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along with the good work of port staff, particularly with the event authority, through mr. berkley's considerable help and understanding of the concern that were raised, our offices willingness to work with him to find a solution, we would like to announce in cooperation with the port commission we have a solution. we have agreed to an exchange of development rights with the organizing committee, the event authority. they will be giving up their long-term development rights to pier 14 to 22 1/2 and will be offered and have accepted the rights to pier 54. i think that is a major agreement. a lot of concern were raised about views, the impact of
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developing in front of those marina piers. this has been a wonderful solution, took a lot of sensitivity on everyone's part to understand those concerns, while at the same time, making sure we've fulfilled the eir. we are working for different sets of hands as we are moving the acr event forward. i want to once again praised mr. barkley's participation. he is learning what it is like to do business with the city. he is learning, has kept a calm approach -- perhaps not at the beginning. there was a high level of
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anxiety. we have a lot of other decisions that need to be made, so it is my style to make sure that we set a foundation where we can talk with each other and present those challenges so that we can make agreements. each of us gives up something to having said that, this event is moving forward. the cruise ship terminal is moving forward. the races -- you will start to see the smaller boats in august. 8000 jobs. that is not just a promise. that will be a reality here. very soon, you are going to see
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their activity on pier 80, and there will be some public days where you can see the activity going on with the boats. i want to make sure that you see that, in anticipation. i have a third thing to announce today, but before we have everybody speak -- i told you we have several sets of hands working on economic growth in the city. some of you may have heard, the pac 12 media center is moving to san francisco. they just signed an 11-year lease at 373 third street. those of you who are interested in college sports, you all know that the pac 12 is the league
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for champions. they hold the highest number of n.c.a.a. championships throughout its history. that is a big deal, the media center. by way of background, they looked at other places when considering where they would go. clearly, there was a big push for hollywood, the l.a. area, with television studios, the brand of hollywood, but in conference with mr. scott, mr. stevenson, the head of the pack 1 12 enterprises, the future was san francisco because of our commitment to technology, being a city of innovation, and that the future of media is not just
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one dimension, it is multimedia. they are looking to penetrate markets and want to be close to where technology innovation is occurring, and that is mission bay. they also indicated something interesting that resonates with me. they did not just want to be a national media center, they want to go international. beingé7f is incredibly open for them. larry scott just came back from china. we hooked them up with our program. they want to have markets in the far east, men's and women's sports. i want to indicate just how excited i am about that and to let you know, names that our generation have been familiar with -- john elway, ronnie lott, kareem abdul-jabbar, jason
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kidd, tiger woods, they all came through the pac 12 colleges. if the digital media center is here, they will be coming here for their interviews, coming here to announce what they are doing, coming here to be entertained, as well as see their fans. we are on a good role. pac 12 is exciting to have here. so we have the unemployment rate reduction to 7.8%, the america's cup moving forward on the eir, and this key agreement with the piers and development rights, balancing what the public and port staff has been focused on, and then with our great partners
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in the ac event authority, and then we have this pac 12 agreement. they want to be broadcasting by next year. so with that, i want to welcome] >> i would like to thank the mayor personally. we are new here. we have not got it right all the time, but we are learning fast. specifically, with regard to the areas of piers 14 to 22. the mayor called me into his office and suggested to me that that was off the table.
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so i listened, and we went through a pretty neat process where we talk about what we were trying to achieve. the thing that made us really consider what this was about, we are not talking about a couple of years. potentially quite a long time. so we have to join with the city help us get things done that we want to get done for the benefit of all. anyway, i just want to say that it was a pleasure to work with you, mr. mayer, over the last several makes -- mayor, over the last several weeks to get this done. [applause] >> i know the port commission and staff, and the public must consider this. there are meetings on going, but they came down because we have engaged them in the discussion.
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it was important enough to make a special announcement. so thank you for being here. that is pretty much the information we wanted to share. we will open up for questions. >> [inaudible] >> again, we have had an incredibly open process. we have invited everyone to share their views. i cannot say that we are going to, 100%, deal with every issue in the way that people want us to. we showed our willingness to be reasonable, just last week, when we announced the relocation. we found them a location.
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they were so happy, they were dancing on the parking lot. gary, intelligent transportations, they willingly except in their relocation. now we have some more to get done, but we have evidenced that we can get this done and take care of everybody. >> [inaudible] >> we are always concerned about any effort that might delay our efforts here. our planning commission has done a good job. the compromises that we have made, in response to the public's input -- i want to emphasize that. one of the incredible things about our city, we pay attention to process, for good reason. we have an intelligent community of interests, especially when it
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comes to the waterfront. the port has learned that over many years. working with mr. barkley, we had to immediately pay attention and respect the public's input. we will continue to do our best, but i think, we have some solid confirmation we're headed in the right direction. i hope there are not individuals out there that have different agendas, apart from the success of our city, with this fantastic event we are about to give value to, and the long-term legacy that the event authority, organizing committee, the port and commission, are devoted to, to develop our water from, -- waterfront waterfront, which had
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the opportunity until this came along. >> [inaudible] >> with the expected agreement, a development agreement before the port, i would expect, knowing how important this is, knowing that it is part of job creation, we cannot wait to get people their jobs. that is why i lead with the unemployment rate. i am still not satisfied with 7.8. i want to get it down so low to show people, if you bring people together to make decisions, we can do an even better job. if we do not, we have the state telling us the triggers that they will pull, national
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policies, and if we come together, the port will act quickly to get the schauble stern in on this. i know that we cannot wait for the cruise ship terminal to show itself. >> there was a fire boat pier that fell into some disrepair. can you confirm that that will be raised? >> i cannot confirm that today, but i will certainly have a framework which you -- for you in the near future. we have some issues with staffing in the fire department, and that has to do with having a higher level of fire fighting ability, when the event takes place. we are trying to evaluate that, but we are paying attention to it.
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>> can you say that there will be a fire boat there? >> yes, just the economics around the firehouse, we are not ready to talk to get. >> with the pac 12 occupying san francisco, the job impact? >> immediate staffing of the media center, 150 people. everything from folks like yourself, technical expertise, but they will also be looking for new talent. they are not satisfied with television. they want every kind of media ability and contents ability, to show the content that the pac 12 has to offer. they are even talking with universities to bring in the
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educational content. they are talking about new areas, but they know being in san francisco allows them to have partnership, with innovation, to talk through this. it will be different from your traditional media outlet. >> i wonder if there is someone who can put in easy listening english, the trade-off between pier 12 to 22, with 54 -- what is the practical effect? >> monique can speak to that. thank you for the question. >> first of all, i want to thank the opportunity to thank mr. barkley appeared it takes people who love water to love our bay,
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so we are so proud to have you here. because of that, they have understood the issues that were raised and have come up with creative solutions. we are blessed to have that as a partner. specifically to your question, we have made the commitment to move and long-term arena from one is a passive water area, an era that attracts people from all over the city, west side to to moving the marina to a portion of the waterfront that is more of a working waterfront, at pier 54. that portion of the waterfront, we are paying a lot of attention to, with respect to the potential development of seawall laot 377, everything happening n mission bay, and how we are
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moving forward with pier 70. this fits in perfectly with that, and we can not think the mayor and mr. barkley enough for working with us. >> within mission bay, where about? >> kelly's mission rock is a bit south from there. pretty much across from the old navy building in mission bay. >> is this the marina off of at&t part? >> no, the city area and they can -- contemplated a new arena. we are talking about moving back. >> [inaudible] >> so what would go there? >> it will remain a passive water base for everyone in joining the event. >> one other question about fund
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raising. [inaudible] i do not know if these millions of dollars had been raised, pledged. could somebody give us a fund- raising update? where are you with the amount of money that the committee has to raise to actually put this on? how are you going to get there? >> that obligation is on the america's cup organizing committee. and their initial target is $12 million by the completion of the process and board approval supervisors. we understand there are on track to do that. we look forward to hearing more the approval process. that will come forward as we put this package together so that
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people can say, we are bringing these events here in a way that brings the economic impact to san francisco, creates a great set of events. >> how much money have they raised so far? >> you would have to ask them. they have been working to continuously reach out to the philanthropic donor community, working with the event authority, their own sponsorship efforts. that question would be better directed to them. we are confident they will reach the initial goal and will continue to me to their objectives under the host agreement. >>ká> in terms of the event, a lot of that money is coming from development agreements coming from the port, as well as
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financing of the cruise projects. we have an excellent public- private partnership between the port, event authority to do that. >> [inaudible] >> what a great segue. please come to the port commission meeting across the hall after. it is exactly as mr. martin said. with respect to the cruise terminal project, port of san francisco with the city's assistance, the of an authority, are making it is significant investment in pier 14, 17, 29. the last time there was an investment was 1960. with respect to with they are talking about, piers 30, 32, the event authority will be making that investment, as well as 26 and 28. that leaves out probably another
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25 piers. we are working on that. we have the exploratory and project. we have forced city which has helped us with pier 70. we continue to move forward to take care of our wonderful waterfront. as you know, the port issued public debt last year, the first time in a quarter-century that we have been able to do that. it is coming forward in piecemeal, but it is coming, at last. 43 is under construction. they have gone from being a word about it to being annoyed about it. -- worried about it to being annoyed about it. the public generously supported the projects, as well as the vernon street wharf.
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that is where the closed pier 36 is. you will see construction on that quickly. and then there is the work in the mission bay near pier 54. thank you. [applause] >> the question when i started 11 years ago when i started doing resolution work is can anything be presented on a really low resolution device where it is potentially a digital image? can anything be presented that
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way? or will it feel cold and electronic? >> the imagery will change. there will be four different sets. it is a two dimensional image. it is stretched out into three dimensions. the device is part of the experience. you cannot experience the image without the device as being part of what you are seeing. whereas with the tv you end up ignoring it. i make gallery work more self
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and budget and public art work where i have to drop this of indulgence and think about how people will respond. and one of the things i was interested in the work and also a little fearful of, it is not until you get to the first and second floor were the work is recognizable as an image. it is an exploration and perception is what it is. what are you seeing when you look at this image? one of the things that happens with really low resolution images like this one is you never get the details, so it is always kind of pulling you in kind of thing. you can keep watching it. i think this work is kind of experience in a more analytical
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way. in other words, we look at an image and there is an alice going on. -- and there is an analysis going on. >> i would like to call to order the november 9, 2009 meeting. will the clerk please call the roll? >>


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