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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 6:18pm-6:48pm PST

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is there feedback on that? >> i know that everyone has concerns with regards to be a tight -- videotape and big brother watching. but we do not monitor the crime cameras in san francisco. the quality is often not such that the images are presentable in court. the private cameras, many of them are great. recently there were cases in the media where we made fantastic cases or corroborated other stories based on quality video. as a place of entertainment, it is not necessarily big brother watching, it is that no one is
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watching the cameras. but they do pay s big dividends later. i know that we are going to seek, in instances where there is, for lack of a better phrase, at risk of venues? where we might suggest or highly recommend the condition of video? anyone that wanted to have video, it generally makes the area safer. >> [inaudible] part of the future? >> i never thought we would have the internet. i will not say no. as soon as we had it and it is not cost prohibitive, there is nothing that you could rule out right now. >> [inaudible] >> we met with the answer to it -- entertainment commission. much has been made of the
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potential conflict of interest. officers not being able to work directly for places with a liquor license. i have discussed that would command staff. as far as i am concerned, we have been and will continue to hold the club's accountable for what happens outside. it seems fair that if you want to hire officers, like in the bayview, often the neighborhood or the area may have hired officers for out front, boosting patrol, violence reduction. whenever. i would support that. absent the city telling me in black and white that that is not something we can do, i do not think it is a good fight -- bad idea. >> [inaudible]
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>> pie in the sky, that is already supposed to happen. traditionally the beat cops work the business corridors. most businesses, absent the entertainment industry, they are closed by 9:00 or 10:00 at night. the lion's share of the foot beat officers work from 11 in the morning until 9:00 at night. we tried to take in the transit corridors. we get spread pretty thin when it gets to be midnight, 2:00 in the morning. certainly, valencia st. would be one of the areas. i am sure that he would love to hear more from you.
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>> [inaudible] >> i am happy to have that conversation, the problem is that we are down a certain amount of officers. when we spread the time out midnight shift, that is traditionally one that we try to catch up with by the morning. by extending the evening and the crowd, any potential problems with it, we spread our resources thin. at a certain hour, we roll up the sidewalks in san francisco. you are asking us not to roll them up for a while. absent staffing that we would
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like to have to do that on straight time, that will definitely be an ongoing conversation. hopefully the city recovers more than -- i mean, we are going in the right direction. but we need to replace the bodies that will head for retirement over the next three years. that is in progress. that is the answer to that question. ok? thank you. [applause] >> hello, everyone. you will hear from me a lot. my name is jocelyn kane. next up, scott wiener, the board of supervisors, like a ding dong i forgot that they were in recent -- recess. he will be here to talk about a cool project that we are working
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on. >> good afternoon, everyone. the supervisor left this statement on his behalf. "i am not in town while we do -- while we are in recess, but i am here in spirit. the sooner that we recognize in a brace the fact that night life is key to the city, policy makers to often viewed this as challenges to deal with, focusing on violence, drunken behavior, and the like. it is one of the things that makes san francisco unique and defines us. without these unique abilities to enjoy ourselves, it would not be san francisco. understanding and embracing this has been a priority for me as a member of the board of supervisors. engaging in the study of the economic impact as an entertainment and lite light industry, this study, which i
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anticipate will be completed later this year, will be providing a key policy tool. no longer will we be unduly focused on the negative. instead we will see the negative and the positive. i look forward to sharing this with you and working on it together. the commission does not have nearly enough resources to do what we wanted to do. the commission has done a very good job over the past year in focusing on its core mission. we need to make sure that continues to have credibility. finally, as we activate more public spaces, it is important for the entertainment community to work with our city department and make them interesting. thank you for what you do to make this town interesting and
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break. i will always be our ally." [applause] >> he is a lot shorter than supervisor wiener, if you know. again, thank you for coming. as the tgv is more bunched than i want them to be, but thank you for being here. i hope that you will take the time to turn around and find your permit officer and your venue. it is really important that you have a relationship. one of the things that we will do in the breakout sessions is talk about that relationship, shared space, and shared resources. that will be important to think about. in the meantime, i wanted to underscore the economic impact policy. we were hopeful to be more
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further along. i will ask that you be prepared to engage in that study when the survey instrument it's done. it will probably be an online survey that should be fairly easy. the more people that fill it out, the better the data we will have we think it will likely be in the billions. the more you that it involved and give the data that is asked of you, the more accurate it will be. i will leave it there. the other thing i was hoping to do today, just a power play instead of the actual web site. many remember when, about one year ago, we had some violence
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going on. the mayor shook a finger in city hall and talk about fixing the night life and policing yourself. it was passed by david shu, regarding promoters. it started a few years ago ended did not go anywhere. basically it wound up being a listing of promoters. so, we are pretty close to launching this website. it will look like that. not bad. it is super simple and it is one
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of those things that you sign up for this free. it does not create a good promoter list or a bad promoter list. it's simply is a list. san francisco has never had a listing or registry at all about who is in that business of promoting. the definition is pretty much anyone that does events at night time in san francisco. the biggest part of it for us, then use permitted by the entertainment commission -- venues permitted by the entertainment commission must use licensed workers. because it is something that you can use any time, it is simple
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to put your name in. not to block anyone, but this is the us in the city and how to get in touch with you so, it is pretty simple. lots of those men new forms. this page is public information. the stuff all along the bottom asks you about your former officers and more business information? that is not public and frisian
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is that -- so, if you are a venue and you want to check on a promoter that comes to you, this is what you will see. clicking on it will all of you to see, again, that public information. so, that other step will not be accessible to people in the account holder. a real promoter, i put that in. in the legislation the touch of promoters not on the list and consequences to that, but
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hopefully, again, this is not to get in your way at all, it is just to finally give us a list and that idea of who is operating in san francisco. you have a question? >> [inaudible] smaller venues [inaudible] >> white. so, the question, something i will talk about next, the new permit that be created, almost done this year compared is going to require folks to use this. i think that the answer is no. almost surely.
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this is relevant to places of entertainment and it does not name limited live performance venues. these are people with extended hours from the entertainment commission. let's [inaudible] >> no. thank you for the question. we have written disclaimer language. this is not a list of good promoters or bad promoters. this is simply a list. i will make it in red. there will be a disclaimer to that of fact. it does not take the place for venues and venue owners, managers, to choose their promoters likely -- to choose
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their performers -- promoters cautiously. you are still running around bar and security team. those are required. so, the answer is no. ok? >> [inaudible] >> it is not capable of editorial. i do none know that that would be a good thing, necessarily. it speaks to the need for you guys to speak to one another as well. because this is a person business, out of people business, we would be in an awkward position.
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and as always, as you might remember, this commission was a big experiment. this is also an experiment of sorts. we have never done this before, a way to know who is out there and somehow we will give you feedback in the process. >> [inaudible]
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>> white. let's -- >> right. >> [inaudible] >> maybe we should put this up here, somewhere link. we should probably do that. it is a fairly specific nightclub promoter definition. it is not supposed to be people in the park singing happy birthday to each other. it is very specific. we do not want to make it such that it starts with the kind of promotion that the city of san francisco and nightclub has seen problems in.
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primarily it is people using places of entertainment at 10:00 p.m. or later. so, i hope that is helpful. >> [inaudible] >> the consequences of having a problem. if you are a promoter and you have a problem that requires the city to come, the consequences are that, possibly, it will be required for you to continue to operate as a promoter, you may have to get event insurance or a variety of other things that might be imposed. does that make sense?
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let's [inaudible] -- >> [inaudible] >> i am hopeful that in the next month or two we will do version 1.0. i am sure that we will get some bugs and we will fix it, doing 2.0. in a couple of months i want to push this to be raised, and it is very close. after today we might have to beef it up a little bit. >> [inaudible] [no audiojustify the actual dat? >> it is not going to be a listing of where someone is working. simply -- are they registered.
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it is your obligation to make sure that you are using someone who is registered. >> [inaudible] >> this is not for venues. this is for promoters. they all have to use registered promoters. if you are not, you are out of compliance. beating out of compliance, you will get a visit from vaj. it is not a good thing to be out of compliance. he is really tall. any more questions? hang on a second. >> what happens if the venue was
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also the promoter? >> to me that is not promotion. not in my book. you could register yourself for the hell of it. then you would be in compliance with yourself. yay. [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> they might be. the point, of course, is even if they are someone who is not a corporation or business in any way, they can still register. is that simple. it does not have to be a business. of course, if you are doing business in san francisco as a promoter and business, we will strongly encourage you to
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register with a business certificate. to do all of the things that you guys do as small businesses. certainly, we will encourage all of those folks to do that. if it is someone that falls into this category once, again, this is not hard. this is free. this is super simple. i am sure that we can work it out, if it is not a required field, depending on what you are and are not. you can see. cy, how about that thec -- ya, -- cya, how about that? mickey? there is no dumb question.
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>> [inaudible] >> that is a good question and i do not have a good answer. the fact is that this was the best that we could come up with to figure this process. sure, mickey mouse can sign up and make a big number. we are hopeful that every one, being irresponsible, that that will happen very little, if not ever. it is not a pair of five list
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and let's do it. debate, let's go. >> [inaudible] >> bright. right. >> [inaudible] >> the point, of course, is i have never said in my mind who is ultimately responsible. guess who it is? you. not the promoter. at the end of the day, stuff goes downhill. it is on you to make sure that you use promoters the to contrast and the to manage, essentially. it is a partnership.
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hopefully not -- here is the key, i will be going home to my dog now. you have got to work with these promoters. at the end of the day, the same consequences are going to hold. >> [inaudible] >> i understand. >> [inaudible] >> right. it would be great if it was like yelp for promoters.
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unfortunately, we are just not going to be able to do that. more than legal reasons, we cannot put in the place of liability. that just will not happen. i will encourage you guys to make one up on your own. i will take one more question and then move along. >> [inaudible] >> to go back to that. go back one more. one more.
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i suppose that we just, if you are asking about places i have worked, ok. i will ask. i have got the hook. i will move on [laughter] -- i will move on. [laughter] how're you doing? are you awake? ok. this is exciting for us. for me, anyway. we started the entertainment commission in 2003. the police were issuing permits forever and ever before that. basically, we had one permit for everyone. that was the same permit that 1015 and the singing waiter had to get.
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that is not right. if it is expensive, it takes a long time. it is not the right thing for everyone. we were finally able to create, with the help of the small business commission and a bunch of other people at city hall, a new permit. it is called a limited live performance permit. you can see that we did not use the word entertainment. that was on purpose. it is for live performance only. what that also means, and not everyone is happy about this, at the moment the legislation does not cover dj's. i do not want to debate that now. we can debate that later.


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