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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 6:48pm-7:18pm PST

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investigative unit -- an incident may start as domestic violence and the child is missing, searches need to be coordinated and it goes into a missing persons frealm. the stalking can take place, we have an investigator within the domestic violence unit that will be coordinating with the stalking element of the psych liaison unit. the first offender prostitution program, contact can lead to crimes like the twenty fourth street corridor. it can lead to the development of leads with human trafficking as well. we are new ground, as usual, with the video you saw this evening into this new unit, sfpd is breaking new ground. commissioner turman: actually, commissioner kingsley's last
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question and the response was my question. i believe we are breaking new ground because i know that most svu's focus on sex crimes. çthis expanded six discipline areas, i know is part of the chief's vision as well. i also want to pay tribute to our chief because he has some brilliant ideas about some of the things he wants to see done. i want to thank each and everyone of you for creating this unit. it's a lot going on here. i want to make sure we are giving you the resources and attention you need to do all you are going to do. i know we were just created in october of 2011 and there are a lot of reports, but is it possible that after the end of
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one year, we can hear back to see -- not too dep iep in statistics, but i want to see how cases are developing. really, the ones on your plate you see most often. i suspect probably domestic violence and the financial crimes. with elder abuse or to some sense of that, there is an abused person involved in the financial crimes. is it possible to have you come back within a year so we can see a breakdown of how things are going and making sure that we are devoting the attention and resources to your unit? >> of course. that can be compiled, we will ensure that it is done. we tried to focus monthly on trends, it is always nice to look at trends and a long-term basis and try to make
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adjustments and personnel -- in personnel. every now and then, you will have a special case. unfortunately, you run across a serial violater. we have been very good at making those kinds of arrests. some of the investigations go across jurisdictional lines into local bay area. another thing we are going to work on is modeling after what the chief recently did with law enforcement in the bay area. our jurisdictions should know us face to face. we should be able to talk to svu or sex crimes investigator is in san jose. we work with them closely on some cases. daly city, morin county.
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we are in discussions of posting some kind of conference with of the local bay area, trying to get a sense of what we are looking at. it is important that our investigators have that type of network and that type of face- to-face. to think that these types of criminals only stay in the boundaries of san francisco is not a reality. we have to be able to work regionally and be efficient with that. commissioner chan: thank you for that presentation, it is really helpful. i know that i, along with president mazzucco, we were at the ribbon cutting. i think it is especially great that we have [unintelligible] there to welcome people from the community. a family-friendly space. and grouping those different groups together to do cross
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training, that as a time where the budget is getting cut. i wanted to ask about two things. or what is the juvenile issue. i know the used-- one is the juvenile issue. i know there used to be a juvenile unit that worked with -- a juvenile might commit a crime or be the victim of crime. i am wondering with the new unit, you focus on to the aisles as victims and investigators that are looking at juvenile as the people committing crimes. -- juveniles as the people committing crimes. >> you are absolutely correct, commissioner chan. a juvenile that have perpetrated some kind of crime, those are at the district
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station where the crime occurred. the investigative teams are investigating those crimes. we focus on crimes were the child as a victim, either sexual abuse or physical abuse. during the course of an investigation, if the team determines that that particular child is being abused, that becomes the high priority. whether it is a victim or a suspect, we need to stop that abuse. my office would be contacted, my investigators dealing with those kind of investigations would probably be a secondary role. or if it is severe enough, a primary role. it might be handed over to us for further investigation. what would child protective services stepped in and look into this particular case to make any kind of recommendation? we have that kind of working relationship with them.
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if that child as the victim or suspect, our primary function is to stop that abuse. commissioner chan: i appreciate that, it is something to keep in mind with this new structure because you have investigators s and thevu un -- and the svu unit in the way juveniles are worked. they experience both issues. [unintelligible] how is the unit dealing with the language access component? >> arlen vanderbilt leads the human trafficking investigations and is a true believer in the victim-based types of crimes committed in human trafficking and has had very little obstacles in regards to language
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issues that have come up during investigations. they are a primary concern in the investigation. we want to make sure that we can communicate with that individual and insure that what they are telling us it's the elements of the crime -- it fits the elements of the crime. i have not received any reports of their being issues. >> any further questions? thank you. chief, are you done? >> can we respond to the earlier report, too? i want to highlight the cip cases. there were too mentally ill people, what was clearly a suicide by cop. they wanted the police department to help them in the
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situation. the officers did not take the bait, and you had a drastically different outcome and to people that are alive because the officers did what they did. i am impressed by that and i hope that we continue to gather these stories and at some point we recognize officers not using force and using other techniques, especially cit techniques. the apartments will, as they should, and give awards for force, but there also needs to be a balance of awards for those that don't use force where it is not necessariy. it's just -- iwaw was personally excited when i saw those stories. i mentioned to the team about this officer thompson, picking his brain to see what was going through his mind and how he handled that situation. it was quite impressive how he
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handled that situation. >> ok. please call the next item. >> line item 2b. the occ director's report. >> good evening. the occ has no report to give this evening. it we were planning to discuss the budget, but i understand it is no longer on the agenda. >> any questions for the director this evening? >> director hicks is attending a function at the university california at berkeley. she will make that fine university even better. please call line-item 2c. >> commissioner's report. >> i have one report. in the joint meeting with the human rights commission, we have had some concerns, talking
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about general orders. i made a promise on behalf of the commission that if we signed anything we needed to look at that would affect the communities, that we would look into it. last thursday, there was a ninth circuit court of appeals opinion regarding an incident that took place in 2005, seven years ago, at the international airport regarding the graduate student on the no-fly list. there is in pending litigation against everyone from the fbi down to the police units. i was concerned about what i saw because i made a promise that as a commissioner, i would look into anything that causes me concern. i have spoken to the chief, the chief has a copy of the ninth circuit opinion. we have been working in a with the asian law caucus, one
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of the attorneys involved. they were one ofd8 the attorneys that presented this case and the ninth circuit. into this. i just want to let people know that we will meet our promises. commissioners, and the announcement? let's call the next item. >> i phone numbertem -- item2d, issues for other meetings. the parks district will be held out gratin street at the
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elementary school, and there will be a use meeting held -- youth meeting held on march 7. >> we will be meeting on friday morning with members of lthe youth commission and possibly someone from supervisor campos's office. we are looking forward to doing this. we will hear from the kids and the officers. it will be similar to what we did with the human rights commission, but it is a big step, because a lot of what we deal with is a juvenile. we have two experts on this panel. >> that is terrific.
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>> will baby -- will they be discussing this? ç>> that is part of it, to hear from the sros. they are trained, so they will have of presentation. >> if you have any other suggestions, we are meeting friday to plan for the joint meeting. if you have any suggestions for what we should bring top, please let us know. >> anything you would like to add to the announcement? hearing none, i am asking for public comment on all these items. >> my name is kathy black, and i am the executive director, and i
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could use the whole evening to tell you all the ways we partner with the police department, but i do not have all evening, so i want to tell you thisñr is the ninth year of of having actual advocates on site. it is our 35th year of being around, and that is pretty exciting, and they have included a partnership with the police department. i really want to thank everybody involved for taking into account concerns about safety. it is very important to us, and i cannot thank you enough for having a secure and safe place and a great waiting area for the children. i' also want to acknowledge gene
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and the lieutenant who led that unit for such a long time. git is remarkable. the city and county of san francisco received a grant to train officers on recognizing and investigating cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking against victims 50 and older, and low- cost debt is a lead on that. but -- and la costa is the lead on that.
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they have done an unbelievable job of training over 501st responders on how to identify victims later in life, and that complements the scu, because there is a transitional age where victims are not identified in the same way, and just remarkable job. we are really pleased to be featuring the scu on our web site. the svu is probably getting reviewed a lot, and right now,ç and we are a partner with the police department on a proposal to increase the number of
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inspectors with a proposal to the california office of emergency services, and i am very hopeful on that, and i would say i would also be really have been -- and really be happy to bring back a number of victims who have already been responded to, and it is our remarkable story about what happens when someone is there to talk to somebody, and you realize the victims but were meeting are victims who are not connected with other services. these are not people calling hot lines and receiving services of other community based upo organizations, and a remarkable number of them also pursued a
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permanent restraining orders, which is a great safety net, so thank you so much. it is a great presentation, and i enjoyed our partnership, so thank you so much. >> lt. michelle jean was in charge of domestic violence, and i keep forgetting about the special victims unit. she was instrumental in scenery -- in figuring out the logistics and was instrumental in the bryant street case, so she is pretty special. >> thank you 3 much. >> any further public comment? >> thank you for letting me speak. i just have questions.
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çone, i like the video, but abt six months ago i asked about the suicide rate of police officers. i never got any answers buyer, and the film brought up the fact that gave police officers to commit more suicide -- that gay officers to commit more suicide. secondly, on the dui, it seems like the problem is that the tests go on for 15, 20, 30 minutes, and if you would like to give the test over within five minutes, either lock the guy up or let him go, not just have it go on and on, and before
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long, he is pisseed off, and you have a problem. looking at the power point, i have a couple questions, because then you really combine all of these into one unit? they will all be combined into one unit that can handle about, because it seems like the problem is completely different related to children and child abuse and seniors, and here we have everybody under one unicom on and i am not clear on whether that is possible, because if you go over a series of time, i can tell you for the record that we just had an elected sheriffs were one of spokespeople brought
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up to 1000 unsolved murders in the city and county. we do not have enough detectives. we do not have proper procedures to solve these types of crimes, and i go back to about 2002 when i wrote about how i had been picking up prostitutes who were talking about a serial killer, and i got by from the police department, and they said there was no serial killer, and they picked up the man who had been in my taxi twice talking about what he did to women. they only got him for one murder or attempted murder when there were four or five women involved, so the question is can you put all these people into one unit and solve all these problems? i doubt it. that is my statement. >> any further public comment?
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hearing none, public comment is close. these matters are off calendar due to the fact that they will be meeting with the mayor's office regarding the budget tomorrow, so that brings us to item number five. that would be adjournment. i think tonight we should honor the officers who presented themselves, showed themselves in the video we saw tonight. it is something to be proud of, and i want to adjourn in their honor tonight. i would also like to adjourn in the memory of those who did not think it would get better, and hopefully we will change it, so do we have a motion? >> so move. >> thank you.
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>> the question when i started 11 years ago when i started doing resolution work is can anything be presented on a really low resolution device where it is potentially a digital image? can anything be presented that way?
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or will it feel cold and electronic? >> the imagery will change. there will be four different sets. it is a two dimensional image. it is stretched out into three dimensions. the device is part of the experience. you cannot experience the image without the device as being part of what you are seeing. whereas with the tv you end up ignoring it. i make gallery work more self and budget and public art work
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where i have to drop this of indulgence and think about how people will respond. and one of the things i was interested in the work and also a little fearful of, it is not until you get to the first and second floor were the work is recognizable as an image. it is an exploration and perception is what it is. what are you seeing when you look at this image? one of the things that happens with really low resolution images like this one is you never get the details, so it is always kind of pulling you in kind of thing. you can keep watching it. i think this work is kind of experience in a more analytical way.
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in other words, we look at an image and there is an alice going on. -- and there is an analysis going on.
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