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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2013 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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test, test test, test >> good afternoon let's a call to order this meeting.
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madam secretary kindly read the roll >> (reading role). >> thank you madam secretary good afternoon i did want to welcome you to the public utilities commission. even though public compete is important we do have a procedure and then we hope that you'll hear the second tone that will mean your minutes are up. i want tow tell me everybody about those rules. so approve the minutes of
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february 13th. sits been moved and seconded. any questions? >> hearing none motion carries and we'll vote. >> all those in favor? general public comments. this is an opportunity for the members of public to address those procedures that are not on the today's agenda is there any public comment? >> i want to make comments and on items (inaudible). i have information about this - >> thank you. i have 3 cards here. i'll call up mr. dick allen. good afternoon i want to thank
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all of you for scheduling a workshop. i have a couple of questions about the workshop we would like to know the guidelines so we'll know how to kick our discussions with you and also will be having an agenda for us to follow? i think that's a record for me and yeah. if i could get a response >> so we will actually have an agenda and we'll give the details of the workshop shortly. i know that staff is finalizing the agenda >> thank you, mr. tony lee. >> good afternoon mr. lee. >> good afternoon. this is the third meeting
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commissioner meeting that i've come to an this water matter. i'm here on behalf of my he parents who are the property owners. when i came in here the first time i mentioned that the policies were not to send the owners of the property any indication that the water bills were not being paid for literally 1 hundred and 35 days after the water was consumed. so in this meeting you mentioned let's look at the policies and those things seemed a little unreasonable. we would like to know if the proposed owners can appeal those pursues and since then you know, i have an entire packet full of
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stuff. i've spent hundreds of hours on that during this time there are several thousands of dollars of water consumption we still have to pay it and the policy was changed during the past several weeks. this confirms that there was something wrong with that policy. common sense also is if you're going to be responsible for something and you've not even told there's a bill awe you including for 1 hundred and 35 days that's 5 months later and you're going to be no evidence like that. if anyone here is substantial to
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that - who practices beyond you all. i spoke to the city attorneys and they believe that the 5 months would be unfair too. so at this point they're going to place a lien on our building i don't want to do. if the city commission is saying this is good policy we know there are an unfair policy that's since been changed even when there was an unfair policy we have to go to small claims court. i'm here again to inquiry what i can do. >> thank you, mr. lee and somehow, i think we should get this resolved.
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>> please yes, that's all i want. my parents bill is $8,000. my parents didn't know about this until 1 hundred and 35 days later and that's when the bills had awe included at that point. i don't know what to do i helped with the process. i helped them think about you know what are some of the considerations. i've spent hundreds of hours on this myself and basically, their telling me oh, well, it's too bad. there's no consideration given for that that's quite unreasonable >> i know that we're looking into it and i know the time in which the try property owner
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notified is of major certain i think the position that todd was referring to say it's your tenant we didn't elect the tenant you did. if they didn't take care of the bills the question is who should pay for it. should it be the person that entered into the contract with the tenant. and so i do understand we should have notified you but the issue is who is ultimately responsible for the tenant being there using the water and so should we the water department absorb that loss? i think that's the dilemma here in right now >> my on is i don't question the authority or logic even
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making the property owner immaterially responsible, however, when you have the right to lien the property there's a responsibility - there's a need to be even that much more responsible that were the property owner needs to know something is wrong. this isn't about the city can lien. if you're going to have a lien please have policies in force that we can know. and technology when we received that first lien notice i couldn't even get information on the bill she said you're not the owner of the water bill. i said are you kidding me, you just sent me this bill we had an
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argument about an hour. but the policy letting us know that could have been that could have been easily implemented and it wasn't. i think the p uc should absorb those costs or at least well, that's my opinion >> i guess i have a question and maybe it's i'm sorry. i'm with the attorney's office. because this is public comment i want to say we can't get into a dialog and policy without putting that on the agenda so the protocol is that you ask to have something calendared. if we continue to discuss this this rile - >> okay. my questions are for
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the santa fe. one question is if there's a precedent for this situation and two is what our lewd is as a commission what the recourse is? >> would you be kind enough to provide that. >> i'm -- if i'm able to meet with any party afterwards i'm happy to do that and talk unofficially. >> dr. jackson good afternoon. >> thank you very much. i'm here today because i'm getting a lot of calls concerning solar. and since i'm you're a representative on solar they
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think i can give them solar but i can't. i'd like to say on lunar day of this year, the mayor was at the swearing in thought late bill. i asked him the mayor that day what was he going to be doing about solar and he stated to me he's been talking with the director kelly and it will be fully funded but i'm hearing no fund. you see i'm here asking on your behalf because i have my solar thank god. and, you know, there was another program that was supposed to be a part of solar with the city but i haven't be able to get in
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touch with them and i'm hoping that if the mayor is watching we can get a change. my pe g bill is $40 and something cents a month. so will i please come up with something today or tomorrow and let people know that solar has rebounded >> thank you, dr. >> $40.42? >> good afternoon i too am here with my good friend dr. grand jury because a lot of us are really excited to hear that the
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mayor is in support of solar. you know, there's been a lot of attention that's done to all the process that pg e as created to get local folks hired. it's actively a program that's duplicate throughout the country. we're so excited that we're actually thanking him. there was about a dozens of us and it ballooned up to towing by the end of the day like screen lynn institute and local folks who have come to san francisco to innovate this program. we're so excited we're looking for the direction from the commission.
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i think it's particularly important right now you'll hear from some that folks who have been able to be put to work. it's we're seeing a potential for local job developers to work with solar instalders. we are excited to hear from the mayor. we want to get the money back into the program. if i could distribute this information to you >> next speaker please and hi i'm a solar analysts and i want
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to say i'm really excited that the mayor is supporting full funding of the solar program. it's really a blessing to be able to be a part of the program that is bringing our county together. i wanted to say because of the go solar program i've been able to be hired through that program and it's a blessing to be able to work with the county but has provided for myself and my family i'm a single mom. and i'm very much looking forward to hearing the decision of the commission from the program >> thank you for being here is there any more comment? seeing
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none public comment is closed. madam secretary reading the next agenda >> comments? >> you know to be perfectly frank this solar conversation is the first time it's come before the commission. i'm hearing all this public comment but i don't understand what the implications are and where the funding is going to be coming from from the p u c. i don't know if this is on the agenda so i want to put that out
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there. and it seems like the public comments are that we're going to be taking a vote and - did i miss something >> it was a matter of record in the file it was matter 5 in our last meeting and we're waiting on the general manager to give us some guidance. >> i'm looking at the city attorney. my understanding is the mayor plans to make an announcement this week about funding of solar so maybe, you know, we would want to wait until he makes this is announcement and we can talk about at that time. i have another question. we've been talking about the
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clean power program and i know there's monies allocated in there for solar and you know the solar program - i'm unclear sort of the conversation how it's evolving and emerging and i'm happy to wait until we get some more information from the mayor. i want to know if there's money to be allocated from the p uc >> i propose that - as i recall the go solar was funded as a pilot project. with this discussion or with the clean power sf it would be good
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to have a discussion about what remains to be proven in the project and if there are clearer conclusions whether it make sense to transition away from the pilot project to one that has more permanent basis. i don't know - i'd like to talk about the status of the ongoing project >> anything else on calendaring? is there any public comment on item 5? >> seeing none it's closed. item 6 other commission business. commissioners 1, 2, 3, 4.
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i do have something >> thank you. >> based on the recent i guess it was a sinkhole do we have a program like we do in our sewer program i'm not aware of that. >> yes, he do we increased our water main replacement program to address our old infrastructure so we're currently working on that we're prioritizing but i think we're investigating the cause of it and it maybe a little more of the age that caused this incident. >> he noticed we do call for report on the sewer inspection.
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i'd like to know how many miles we've inspected >> madam secretary please read the next item. >> item 7 report to the manager. >> we said to give a document in your package. >> good afternoon assistant for the water department. on february 27th we had a large wait main break and from that main break about 23 homes were effected and several vehicles as well. part of this is because of
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nature of that neighborhood it's in a bowl so water that leaks out there will just accommodate. the water damage was one thing but this case was highly suspect it was a very poor neighborhood for soil. so the effect of the water was one thing but what we're dealing with now is the effect of the water on the stability of the soils. so far 3 homes have been red tagged in the neighborhood. they're not big sinkholes but they're the size of a table so those homes are at risk. we'll be conducting investigations and we'll be
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replaying the water mains in the area that was effected by the water. and the soil that supports the water main we need to deal with right away. we've had 3 neighborhood meetings two of them were fairly impromptu. we want to assure the neighborhoods that any problems that were caused by your department we're dealing with that. it's going to take several months for the soil to finally stabilize there. and what we can do about that. we have folks out there everyday. we started letting all the


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