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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> good evening everybody. i have all the concerns that have been expressed here this evening. but i didn't come to talk about concerns. i came to make accommodations. i have lived in district 10 for 43 years. and i have been in more pot holes than i have years and life. but most recently in district 10, towards the end of san bruno avenue, near manzle. there has been a tremendous street improvement. and i want to say thank you for that. because i have ruined some tires running into pot holes. and someone talked about mcclaren park and the need for improvement of services up there. i wish mayor lee, that you would
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take the drive up manzle, you probably wouldn't go back. because the street is dangerous. so i want to say again thank you to mohamed (inaudible) and under your direction and the department of public works and the improvements you have made to the streets of san francisco most recently. >> good evening, mayor, supervisors, department heads. we have had a number of members that had to go, i am bradley weedmyer, i am from the home care unit workers. could our members still here wave to the celebrities here up front. thank you. we are here because we provide care for seniors and disabled in
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a needy community. we are facing state-wide cut this summer, july 1. we need help from the city. we are asking that with the new funding process that has come down, san francisco's budgeted this much for this portion of the ihss program. a new maintenance of effort is below that. and that's what the city now has to send for its part of federal, state and city-county money. we ask that difference go towards our members in an hourly raise. and also that won't completely cover the cut. perhaps we can go into the general fund. and let me point out, one the best reasons for doing that is because the lower waged workers spend the money in san francisco. spend in district 10 and district 11 and across our city.
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it's the best recycling of the money. you know these crazy austerity people are coming back at us, put this money back in the town. help our home-care workers help keep our seniors and disabled at home and happy and serviced. and while we are doing that, let's spread some money around and make sure that our economy is thriving in our districts. thank you. >> hi, good evening, mayor lee and cohen and supervisors and department heads and residents of bayview. i am janet, i have a couple of
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issues i would like to encourage you to consider. i recently met with steve kawa and mayor lee and john templeton about the development of african-american tourism. and mr. templeton submitted a proposal to provide a way to tap into those funds. and to also bring employment into this area. and to also give value to the lives and the residents of the people that are here. and also again provide a source of employment. the other thing that i would like to encourage you to do is as we have these huge development programs in the area. that are geared towards certain
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percentage of employment in hiring residents. that you also include professional services such as accounting and legal and real estate sales. and thank you for stretching the dollar as much as you have been able to. i know it's tough. we are counting on you to continue to do the good work you already have been doing. thank you. >> before we hear from supervisor farrell. i want to remind everyone in the audience, if you didn't get an opportunity to speak tonight. you definitely have an opportunity to speak with the supervisors. you have an opportunity to talk to other department heads at different times. continue, continue to advocate for your communities. and we apologize if you don't get the opportunity to speak tonight. now we will have the budget hearing process statements from supervisor farrell.
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>> thank you for hearing your comments tonight. it's great to hear from the community. and sorry if not everyone got a chance to speak tonight. wanted to give you a quick time frame in terms of the budget process and city hall. over the next two months we will have different departments and finance committee, it's open to the public. you are welcome to attend the the mayor and the staff will present the budget to the board of supervisors in early june. and we will review for a month. and we will hold hearings in city hall, again open to the public. and we aim to present to the board of supervisors and have it signed by middle of the year. please come and let your voices be heard. and thank you again for all of your comments tonight. thank you.
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>> and now we will hear from supervisor cohen and supervisor avalos and mayor lee. >> all right, i know there are some people in the audience that still want an opportunity to speak. i want to let you know, i will speak on behalf for you mr. avalos. but it's an opportunity that we welcome everyone that wants to meet with us, can come and talk to us about the budget. i want to appreciate everyone that came out. everyone that came out, it's important to be a part of this conversation. that's about it. there you go. >> thank you for being here, i will stay longer, we have to get home kids have homework. but i will stay longer.
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our process as a city needs to reflect the great needs we have here in district 10 and 11. and one thing we have is lots of senior and young people. and we have higher levels of poverty in this district. that our city needs to respond to. something that i am committed to work on and hear from more you on how i can be supportive. thank you. >> rather than listen to me, i will yield my time to you. please go up there now and give us your two minutes, okay. i got these two in front of me. let them finish. go ahead. >> my name is robert woods. i have been working in this community since 1972. working with avallo when he was mayor of san francisco. when i worked in the community,
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i saw the community working and making money. and not on their knees like they are now. and for anybody to be less than human, and you don't recognize that. the community is crippled and they need help. they need help. they don't need no promises, they need help. and i say to you that i didn't just get off the tomato truck today. this is something that we have been dealing with for a long time. and for you to come here and to deny us a chance to speak to this group. i am sorry that -- i do not like being ignored. especially when the community need help. and i say to you, whatever this
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community needs, give it to them. because number one i come out here every day and i teach a ged math class for adu. i ain't making no money. but i tell you what, it's something that i know that the community needs. we got six people who passed the ged test and no one really expected us to have that many people. so i come here every day to put in my time. because i look for the community that need my help. i am an architect by education. i spent time in the neighborhood. i director of housing for the city of atlanta empowerment agency. i been around. i been around. so i do not like what i see when
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i drive down third street. it don't make me feel good. if any of y'all drive third street and feel good? i say this is not the place for you. thank you. >> i want to thank you mayor. you know this is my community. espinola jackson, dr. espinola jackson's community. and when i raise my hand for them to pick up if one wants to have something to say. i had my hand in the air first, i don't know how i got behind. i ran behind for the speakers, they don't know the services we have in this building here in this community college. we have second language here, and no one should be ignored.
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everything was talked about except aids prevalent here in bayview hunter's point. we want to see a change in that and also in education, transportation. we have turk out in this community. our young people cannot go to school unless they are jumped upon. this needs to be stopped. and only you can stop this, and help our young people get an education each across town. someone spoke about the transportation. i want to say this, when that third street rail was built. they didn't finish it. they started it. it was supposed to go all the way to city college, but it didn't go there. mr. mayor, i want to say this to you, and i be finished because i can talk to you later ----okay,
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i will take you with me. i want you to stop using the te term war-time housing, there is no war-time housing in san francisco. they were all torn down in 1954 when the integration law was passed where we blacks can live next door to white folks. the public housing, san francisco redevelopment agency, they became public housing after 1954 for black folks. thank you very much, you need to know, and i want to give you the history of my community. because i have been here 70 years. thank you. >> all right, first of all those who spoke and sat through this and all the departments and elected officials. i want to thank everyone. it's been an intense night.
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we got a lot of feedback and a lot of viewpoints. we have to continue working hard. we will be doing our best. and please again feel welcome to give us your input and keep working with us. that's the most important thing of these town hall meetings, we need your input and we will do our best. and keep working with us. thank you very much. good night.
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>> if you are interested in our local city government and would like to work with 18 other
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enthusiastic citizens committed to improving its operations, i to improving its operations, i encoura man: 60-inch screen, high-definition. football season is coming up. you can watch it right here. what do you think? i'll take it. huh! huh! now, that's what i'm talking about. you're right. i don't need it.
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we have a packed agenda tonight. first we want to thank the southeast community facility commission for opening their doors tonight and their executive director, moses. thank you for opening the doors tonight. we have a very, very tight agenda. the goal here is for the community to be heard. this is not a question and answer time, but the goal is for the community to be heard. when we get to public comment, and you make your statements. remember we want you to be as concise as possible, because the department heads and the mayor are here to hear you. without further ado, i want to introduce mayor lee and he will
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open us up. thank you. good evening everybody. as stated eloquent ly, this is time for all of you in the community particularly focused residents of 10 and 11, to tell us in government what you feel passionate about. i want to thank supervisor avalos and supervisor cohen that it will be here in a minute. your budget chair is supervisor farrell, i want to thank him as he will have a lot of meetings. and i want to thank the different departments represented here. you can see them, we will have a chance to identify them in a minute. again we will give priority of time to the residents, to the nonprofits, to people who work here in the community in district 10/11, to express what you think our budget should
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reflect. this is an important part. this is the second of at least five or six we are doing throughout the city. to give people the opportunity to tell us what their priorities are. and then we will work those into how we make decisions about our budget in the city. i wanted to begin by saying we are better and better each year. doesn't mean we don't have a deficit. we still have a deficit in the budget. this year coming $123 million, and the second year in the budget covering 2014/15 has $256 million deficit. we are not out of woods. but these numbers are better than $500 million and $700 million budget deficits that we used to have a few years ago. our city is doing better.
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we are concerned about how to fulfill that deficit. but we are also concerned about what is happening to seniors, what is happening to youth. what is happening to families. our open space. our small businesses. our environment. we are all concerned about that as well. of course i must say about our housing authority as well. so we are taking on a lot of responsibility and because we are and because we are very busy doing the work we are. sometimes we need your input to steer us in the right direction for what things you think are important. so we are open to that. and we want to hear from you tonight. enough speeches. let's get on with it. may i have a couple words from supervisor avalos and farrell. >> thank you. thank you mayor lee, and yes, i get to make a speech too.
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i am supervisor john avalos, i represent district 11, just over the hill. i want to thank the mayor and the department staff for being here. and i want to thank supervisor farrell, the chair of the budget committee to be here. he's got a very difficult task. but one that he will have help with colleagues on the budget committee and we will be joined by supervisor cohen as well. i have talked incessantly of needing a budget based on equity, on neighborhoods and their needs. in district 10 and 11, we have the most unique neighborhoods. we have a large senior population and youth population. and we have to look at our budget to support seniors and young people as best we can. we have growing disparities in
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san francisco and as the economy is growing and we lift all through the economy. and ways to have programs that reach into the community that provide opportunity for young people. and to have appropriate housing, that's something i am committed to. i want to hear your ideas of how to do that and strengthen the efforts. last year in district 11 we were able to fund projects for the parks and safety and to beautify the environment. and we had projects for young people as well. i want to grow in the commitments we made last year. we know the best way to support our young people with opportunity is to provide jobs for them. i am looking forward to see how to accomplish that with the mayor and my colleagues from the board of supervisors, thank you.
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>> thank you, supervisor avalos. i am mark farrell, i am the supervisor from district 2 and i am the chair of the budget committee. and it's an honor to be here with the mayor and supervisors. my priorities is to have an open and transparent budget process, that's why we are here. we are doing six of these town halls and we want to hear from each of you. and secondly to manage our budget in a fiscal and responsible manner. and lastly having a budget that reflects the priorities of all san franciscans, there are so many things needed in our neighborhoods and communities. and we want to address that in the budget. thank you for being here, and i want to be this night is about
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hearing you. i will turn it over to supervisor cohen. >> good evening, everyone, it's good to see you. the number one thing we need to keep in mind here, that the budget is one of the most single pieces of legislation that the board of supervisors pass. our budget is $7.4 million -- excuse me, billion -- that's what i said, billion, people. clean out your ears. i would never short change san francisco and say million [laughter] so you know what, i want to thank you for having such a healthy turn-out. this audience looks look and we have a good moderator. thank you for leading this discussion. last year we made significant
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investments in public safety back-filling investments that were previously made by the redevelopment agency, economic development and support for small business. this year i would like our city to make changes in education, and transportation and lighting and other quality of life issues that have a significant impact in district 10. i am looking forward to hear from each of you, those unable to get an opportunity to speak to the mic. you are more than welcome to call our office or e-mail the office with your suggestions for the budget priorities. thank you. >> mayor lee, and supervisor avalos and supervisor farrell. before we continue on, i want to remind everyone if you wish to speak, get comment cards from the outside. they will come around to collect the comment cards. i will briefly run through the agenda, and everyone be mindful