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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2013 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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to continue these important services and none of us would argue about what it means to the quality-of-life for our residents to have nonprofits to be strong and vibrant of the city. another project that was funded which was also amazing was the language axis project. as you know there was a language access ordinance passed requiring city agencies to provide language access to very diverse, often monolingual residents. it was not executed well. the resources were not there and often times the staff that was hired, the capacity was for one language. someone in the back office it really didn't have customer service as part of their job. and so because we got funding last year we are piloting community partnerships and it wasn't enough. our ask was 2 million dollars and we would like to see
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500,000 dollars more this year to ensure that access to every one of the residence is made possible. we thank mayor and senior staff that came out to china town, it was remarkable. they visited an sro, people living in 6x10 rooms, this was a good one, this is run by a partner agency of the chinatown community development center. that was an eye-opener i think for your staff as they saw single residence in a well-run sro, 6x10, living in those conditions but what they didn't see where the private ones, where not just single individuals in 6x10 rooms but families in poorly run conditions. think about that in a 6x10 room.
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one of the needs that we brought up particularly for chinatown residents, those struggling with language access, when the language access is a good way to opportunities. if you're an accountant and have a professional background cannot speak a language you do not have an opportunity. your door is a low-wage job in a restaurant or grocery store and you don't have time because you are taking care of your children to be able to learn the language. our motto here right now with city college because it is a challenge, classroom-based, six years to become proficient to enter one of our academies.
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we are asking for an innovative way to lower the learning time to maybe two years or shorter. maybe with your office of innovation between tec and volunteers, and good academic understanding of what it means to do line with acquisition for our residents, it would make a difference in the lives of the families and the children. so those are our requests sts and thank you always for your support. apl (applause)>> thank you. before we get the public comment we have one more presentation but i want to take a moment to again mention that if you have public comment cards and you want to ask a question, please hand them to our staff. i want to thank my aid amy chan taking a photo there and michael kelly from supervisor farrell's office also walking up and down the aisle. one of the things that we want to do today because i think a
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policy priority for both the mayor, supervisor farrell, myself is thinking about the future of the next generation of san franciscans; we wanted to have at least a brief presentation from our young folks and i will like to introduce ric -- who has been running the city's summer program. >> good morning eric mcdonald, a couple of thoughts about our summer jobs plus program, our mayor and city leading the way in the nation responding to president obama's challenge to create opportunities for our young people. the last summer we set a goal of 5000 and achieved 5200. this summer the mayor set a goal of 6000, and we are charging hard towards that. we had about 800 people come last summer through us. we had about 175 volunteers,
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75came from city departments who did mock interviews, can indication skills, much management, all fantastic. we work with high schools to create the career academies like here at galileo, and attach those to vocational training and attached to the work academy at san francisco state and usf, and continued hospitality industry, we have a growing cadre of young people who are ready to step and begin treating citizens in our city. if you have young people send them our way. they can go to, or they can call 211 and get more information.
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what we want to do now is bring up briana white, to talk about the value of experience. we wanted get the exposure and access to the kinds of opportunities also blend industry and two quickly connect those opportunities to the value and import of what they do in their classrooms every single day. breanna white slut interest from last summer as a result of her experience to change her course in terms of what she wanted to focus on in terms of her career. please welcome brianna white. >> hi everyone, my name is brianna white, a student at san francisco state. that summer as a freshman i experienced my first internship at prometheus real estate; i worked at the human services department where my duties were to assist my supervisor and
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event planning for the employees and perform clerical duties. during this internship i gained a lot of experience, and also transferable skills that have a lot of impact on my success today. i also shadowed other employers and learn about property management, interior designing an asset management at prometheus. one of the special projects was breast cancer -- for the employees. also received great support from both my supervisor and her supervisor. as of now this internship has helped design to study economics and chinese and the future of our plans to pursue a career in asset management or mergers and acquisitions in real estate or investment banking. also prior to my internship last summer i was able to go to china briefly and intern in a company with skills that previously developed at prometheus.
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as a student trying to get into the business and finance group-- has help me to stand up from the crowd and develop skills that we use in future jobs and globally. thank you. (applause) >> at this point in time we will bring a public omment, this is the most important part of today's agenda from everyone's point of view up here. i'm going to call 5 speaker cards; if you could get up and line up behind the podium and take it one at a time. -- wanted to come up with district two. (reading card names)
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lineup here and everyone will have two minutes. >> first of all i want to thank all of you for all you do, mayor lee, supervisors chiu and farrell and all members of the department. among the many needs we face in the city i urge you to not to neglect generous funding of the arts. they enrich our lives. they bring in tourists and their money, and they're not just for the rich. for example in the opera i often get $10 standing room to enjoy the opera; that is available to anyone. i encourage that. for the arts. (applause) >> good morning everyone. my name is -- i'm here representing myself as a member of the district 3 but i
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also work with an organization. i had experience of single back to yet another family leaving san francisco for beautiful east bay. there are a number of factors that contribute families leaving our city, one of which is the assurance that children believe in excellent publication. what role with the city play going forward in ensuring that all children in our city, districts two and three and beyond have access to an excellent public education? that sets them up for the careers of tomorrow and opportunities for tomorrow as well. consider me a thought partner; and all my colleagues as well, will be happy to have a conversation with you.
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thank you. apl (applause)>> my name is -- prieto, resident of district 2, i am on behalf of the groundswell of people objecting to the commercialization of -- on marina green as part of the revenue stream for rec and parks. people may have not noticed that every other week some type sporting event or out there event is taking place in that vicinity, it generates enough revenue as it is. we believe this restaurant will set another precedent regarding chaining the shoreline. for the supervisor and the mayor we hope that the legacy will be one where you preserve the open space and shore line,
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instead of building a restaurant on seismically unsound foundation. thank you. (applause) >> good morning everyone. my name is -- and i'm a student here at galileo. i'm here to talk about my education as well as the education of every student here at galileo. budget cuts have caused classes to become big and teachers are becoming layoff, this is a big concern for me and other students because education is very important to me and students are the future and without education, where's the future exactly? thank you for your time. (applause) >> (speaking chinese)
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(speaking foreign language) >> good morning everyone my name is -- i have now a user of rembrandt shaw recreation center; i'm grateful that they provide computers so we can use the service. thanks so much. (applause) >> i'm going to call five more folks from both districts two and three. (reading cards)
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>> good morning mary lee, supervises and department heads. my name is gayle gomez, a 20 year resident of district three; i run an organization that employs over 250 individuals here in san francisco the contributed economy every day. my organization and employees are excited by the 5.4 unplug and write and excited about the new businesses coming in ,in the ideas of expanding open space, around civic center and -- plaza. what i'm deeply concerned about today and what i want to speak to you about is why we're moving forward with the new economy, and moving forward with tech and business coming
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back, and concern about the most vulnerable san franciscans. one bedroom apartment is averaging 3,000 a month. median income has reached 77,000 here in san francisco. i'm concerned about the draconian cuts put forward by the department of health that will hurt many of my employees who rely on the systems of care of their own welfare for them and their families. i am concerned about the workforce system that is not addressing individuals with huge implement gaps. there is innovation being put forwardboth to the mayor's office from the various groups to reform the work for system; there are new ideas on how to get homeless individuals back to work. these are expensive options. i hope that in the age of innovation we take the risk to
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spend more and help those citizens and have the san francisco dream achieve self-sufficiency. thank you. >> thank you very much. bill bowen, district two. thank you for inviting public comment. and give ideas on how to spend more money; i'm sure it will be helpful to the people here. i like to shift a bit though, almost all the support most of the things that are being discussed, schools, health, public safety, parks and so forth. the ability -- 7.4 billion dollars is a pretty good-sized budget; we are projecting a 25 percent increase in cost going forward. we can't do that. there is in that much money and choices have to be made. one of the things that we don't talk about is the underlying cost of the system in terms of the compensation paid to the
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employees managing the system. we have 200-300,000 a year employees with overtime which is out of control in many departments , particularly in fire but elsewhere as well and we have a looming healthcare cost to the city which will torpedo anything that anybody wants to do in the out years. i would encourage the policymakers of the city to address particularly health care and the cost of the employment in the city. if we are going to deliver the services that people want to maintain the support of the citizens of the city. thank you. (applause) >> good morning mayor, supervisor farrell and supervisor chiu and department representative. i am amy chung representing elderly --
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our workforce programs and b top programs today. we look upon these public hearings as precious moments when our seniors can directly look at all of you in the your eyes and let you know that they really exist, and exist in a major way in every one of our districts in san francisco and mayor thank you very much for always listening to our seniors and to the providers who provide them services. many of us in the senior center, anderson and nutrition programs have come to various staff to talk about the infrastructure of senior services is breaking up in san francisco. we are an elderly city and county-- 19%, we don't even have enough money to support the services that
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we are providing to the seniors now, not talking about the growing number. i hope that you will hear from -- our one-stop center in district 3 about the need for workforce; you have heard me talk about needing restoration for all the nutrition programs and you heard from our senior about b top continuation and all the centers. i have three simple words: do not forget our seniors. thank you. (applause) >> good morning. my name is eleanor lori; i am actually supervisor farrell's representative on the advisory council on the commission of aging. it is a pleasure to be here with you. i am also here to talk about the need for computer literacy for seniors. in the past, this money has
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come from federal stimulus funds, gone into a program referred to as b top. we have been able through contracts with the department of aging and adult services, the living coalition campaigns, to provide computer literacy training in many different languages for seniors because think about it. yellow pages have virtually disappeared; if you want to find out where your doctor's office is, if you want to communicate with social security, if you want to find information from the city, almost everything now requires computer literacy; it is the second literacy. i'm calling from some effort from the city to help replace some of the federal monies that are not going to come for this purpose, for the purpose of
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continuing computer literacy. you've heard from a representative of self-help for the elderly and you heard from mr. santiago about a way to provide new forms of education. i am asking that these funds be added to the city's budget, thank you very much. (applause) >> hello good morning. my name is stephanie greenberg. president of -- neighbors, and resident of district 3 f almost 20 years. i'm here to request funding for the greater broadway area for addressing safety and quality of life improvements as well as for area revitalization. i want to thank supervisor chiu who has been unwavering in his support for our efforts
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and i am grateful for the cooperation of the police and many city agencies for their assistance in addressing crime and safety issues. i respectfully request for funding to ensure that the police have the necessary resources the key president, families and visitors safe. in addition funding for better lighting on our dark corners and even darker alleys in washington square park would be beneficial. under the city recognizes the value of revitalizing key commercial corridors, historical influential artery in the heart of the cities commercial district, and at least five distinct neighborhoods. over the time the area has become blighted; while progress is being made to curb crime the area needs revitalization you to the perception that it is unsafe because it is nothing to offer the community. when was the last time that any of you
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spent time on broadway or even up grant avenue? partially due to the stigma of runway to find ourselves requesting assistance to change the perception of the area to attract visitors and locals it to nice our local businesses. we should celebrate the history of the neighborhood, and the people who made their mark here and call the neighborhood home. i hope you allocate funds to develop strategies to create a viable and safe . arts and cultural corridor which celebrates the history and diversity along with public safety improvements art education project such as murals, historical markers and lighting will go a long way in area renewal and will assist with creative strategies to attract illnesses and services to the area. thank you so much for your consideration. (applause) >> thank you all very much. the next five speakers we have -- (reading cards) both district two and district
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three. >> good morning folks. my name is jane -- i work with opeiu local 3. i represent hundreds of members who work in some of the nonprofits you have heard about today and who live in both your districts supervisors, and that's why i put myself down for both. i want to talk to you briefly about the cuts to the department of public health. i want to say that over the last couple of years we have seen great leadership of the department of the department health and i don't think the city for that. we have had some real innovation and thank you mr. mayor for supporting us also in some of our street outreach
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programs in some of the dreck services in on the both of you supervisors have seen the effects of that in your neighborhood. but once we bring these vulnerable folks into our services, we have to have a place for them to go in some of the cuts we are seeing are going to return those same folks to your streets and i asked one of my colleagues in the budget coalition to come up on this briefly with my. >> hi jennifer -- coalition of homelessness. last year the mayor and the supervisors invested wisely in trying to shore up our emergency homeless services. that's been tremendously successful at it has increased safety dramatically and we have backup numbers to talk about that. we also put in 1 million dollars in homeless prevention. in those efforts 1300 households were prevented from becoming displaced. this were seniors, families, people with aids, whole host of
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folks, only met 15% of the need. this is incredibly important. also incredibly important that we do the remainder of the investment needed for safe and dignified emergency services and that we also invest in an additional 100 subsidies -- so housing is affordable to the very poorest san franciscans. thank you. (applause) >> hi. my name is marilyn -- i represent with (indiscernible) in the crossfire of -- it was clear that the battle was not just about the street is also about the road that we as a community choose to take. folks for polk advocate for the infrastructure for public space and public discourse.
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despite i have years of outreach by the smta, hundreds of thousand dollars have already spent for almost no progress. delays will further drive up the cost to both the economy and to civil society. we are demanding to maintain an effective status quo which is simply not an option. the current rate of coalition costs an average of 23 million dollars a year not including legal and administrative costs. apart from the terrible human toll -- the actual rental value of the land use for polk's on street parking suppression three -- the year. the city collects -- for parking on polk so we are subsidizing almost 1,000,000 dollars a year to the very few who get there by car. it has the potential to become
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the prime destination for san franciscans and visitors alike. it's a wonderful opportunity that we won't have again for another 30 years. if we ignore the trend about future needs, will not be able to maintain a competitive edge and liability. finally a part of the local economy that is overlooked in the street fight are the many workers who are lifeblood of districts two and three and other parts of san francisco who are the lifeblood. they tend to our businesses, are homes and public institutions and our children. many are starting to pay off student debt of their expected in the future to bear the economic burden of their elders. bicycling offers an affordable, sustainable means of commuting.
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we can find it within ourselves that it is also safe. polk street is also bikeway that will continue to be used regardless of what proposal is implemented. history shows that the most lyrically expedient path is also the wisest, and the most courageous one and it is usually the least costly in the long term. mayor lee, supervisor farrell, supervisor chiu, the many people that polk represents, -- thank you. (applause) >> hello everyone. my name is dan holligan, president of russian hill. i will also talk about polk
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street. we have been meeting with members of the safe polk street and the biking coalition. we need leadership to reduce the polarization and the negativity and we are looking at this as an opportunity to do something positive, there could not be another opportunity for another 30 years. satisfy the needs of the bicyclist, merchants, pedestrians. like to see more leadership in producing that positive framework instead of focusing on the negativity. thank you. (applause) >> hello. my name is janine lockard (sounds like) mayor lee, supervisor