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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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♪ of life. in the name of god the father, amen. >> thank you. now i would like you to welcome the mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee. [applause]
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>> thank you, good afternoon, everybody. it's my pleasure to be here to join former mayor willie brown, and supervisor scott wiener and david campos, and the commission of the police department, and friends and staff and friends and family here to witness the promotion of 56 officers of our police department. you know many of you have heard me say in the city that we are the world passage, and rightly so. we are doing things that no other city is doing to lead the way. not just for economic recovery but job creation. showing the way. and our mission bay and biotech, the latest discovers and drugs, the cure of cancer with
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residents of san francisco working there. we host the biggest and best conventions in the world to bring people together in this great city to do things that collaborate with each other. whether it's business or medicine or research. we have some of the best research and diversity here that are anchoring the discovery. at the same time we host some of the best sports teams in the world. and you know that we are winning the world series and collaborative teamwork that we are doing. or trying to make five more yards in some super bowl. this is a world-class city. and because it is, we require a world-class police department. and by golly, with chief suhr and the commission, we have it with you, the men and women of the police department.
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and i can vouch with this, having hatraveled as mayor brow and witnessing all the other cities and what they are going through. there extreme jealousy of our city. we get the best people that live here and work here and a part of this great teamwork we are building in san francisco. and not just what we are presently doing. but building for the future. and in working for the chief and the police officers association. we have already established a six-year hiring plan. many cities across the country haven't figured out how to do that. we have did so. this january i was so proud to see 43 additional officers graduate from the police academy. how long ago have we seen that happen. we are investing in you, the
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police department. because we know that if we have a successful police department, one that is growing, and one that incurs faith and confidence from residents and friends and businesses. we will be that much more successful. it's my personal pleasure to join you today. i have a couple of officers i get to pin. they have sacrificed their time working with me on the security detail. they had get used to some weird things i had to do. whether it was eating chinese food and cheese cake at the same time. or trying to handle the very high levels of meetings i was required to attend. they were very forthright in their jobs and duties. and i have yet to get the pie in the face. you got to history for that one. anyway, i do enjoy working with the police department.
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the culture here is solid. the teamwork is no different than the best of the teams that work in san francisco. and someone, myself being a veteran of government in 23 years, i have always felt that our police department is not only the best but i am certainly very proud of each and everyone of you, of the whole police department. and today particularly the 56 who have earned these promotions. and have done all the things that you need to do to lead a department and continue leading in a best fashion. with that i offer my sincere pride and congratulations to each and everyone of you. and congratulations to the whole police department. continue to do the best you can. and keep us the world-class status that we are. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mayor lee for
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those very kind words. our next speaker is one of our very well respected police commission commissioners. commissioner susie loftus. >> thank you, everyone. on behalf of the san francisco police commission, president tippy tip tippy mazzucco and it's my great privilege to honor this day of your leadership. and not only the guys and women on the front row. but everyone who here. your families. if i can take a moment and thank you on behalf of the commission. for the sacrifice that we know you make every day. you lend us your loved ones. your family to go out and keep this city safe. and it's appreciated. and on days like today when we recognize these officers and
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deputy chiefs. this is your day. this is your accomplishment. because no one does anything alone. thank you for what you have done to make this day possible for them. and to the ladies and gentlemen on the front rows. what i want to say to you is this. i heard a statistic that in the next five years the patrol will turn over. in five years we will have half a different set of patrol officers. i did say that correctly. half of them will be new. i want to be sure, i saw the captain look at me like it didn't make sense. they will do that on the commission. and what means is that leadership matters more than ever. to whom much is given, much is expected. congratulations today and we look forward to watching your careers as you move forward. thank you. [applause]
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>> and now i would like to ask the chief of police, gregory suhr to come up and speak. >> if i could ask everyone more time, i think we short changed chanel silas on that national anthem. [applause] she actually stood in sergeant jerry darcy who laid world series fame and lore was going to sing, and has the same cold that everyone has, and channel showed up. i want to thank the families and friends that are here, and dignitaries. and the board of supervisors who are represented.
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supervisor campos and weiner, great friends of the department. and commissioner loftus, needs no introduction. and willie brown, tremendous friend of the police department. i don't know if we have been blessed to have a mayor more supportive in our hiring plan, than mayor lee. i appreciate everyone working together to support us here in san francisco. now to the matter at hand. we are privileged to be here of the 56 sworn officers that are sworn to the rank of sergeant, captain and deputy of chief. in all endeavors leadership is critical to success. as we move into the first half of 2013, solid and sound leadership as commissioner loftus spoke us is critical to the success of the san francisco police department that
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challenged our able to provide top-notch law enforcement due to staffing and budget challenges. this past year we were expected to do more with less, and this expected to be the new normal. not only did we persevere, we excelled. we went into the neighborhoods and heard them. we lived through one of the busiest december in san francisco, and a good january and february, we can talk about that play-calling later. we were relatively unscathed for the mission district celebrating the world series. we pulled together as a team, with one common goal to keep the city safe. this took leadership not from the top down but from the streets up. the senior officers and
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lieutenants knowing what was needed. it took the captains to be sure that their teams were willing to work as one. and again keeping the city safe. we did it like the champions we are. like no other law enforcement can, san francisco's finest. as each of you move in your new role, you will have the technology of advancements that provided for us locally and regionally and around the world. and we have issued laptops, courtesy of hp, thank you very much. and making our officers more mobile and where they need to be. outside and on the streets. as i have said often, we have four generations of cops now sifting through the department. and trying to figure out how to pull it together to keep the greatest city in the world
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safest. as we hire new cops over the next years, maybe more than in any time in the history, it will take leadership. i mentioned leadership, and not saying what it is. let me start what it isn't. leadership is not managing. not to take away from a good manager, but managers are not leaders. there is no leadership required when there is order and routine. management is what is required for routine order decisions but when order is distorted leadership is required. and already is distorted outside of san francisco, because it's san francisco. now the order in the department for reasons of progress are distorted by me. because it's about time. why i am upsetting the apple horse before the cart, sometimes we need to affect for progress.
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it's said that progress is never achieved by contented people. i believe we can always be better. times such as these will require many leaders to lead folks to the change necessary to get to a better place. such as the leadership i will require of you. i have said more times that i want us to be the smartest police department in country. and how we are seen by the young people in the city. officers that can't how lucky we are in a position to help people. how lucky we are to put on a san francisco police officer uniform. it's for this reason that i want the kid that sees a san francisco cop for the first time. we owe them our best. with this in mind, all the people that are selected today are tomorrow's leader. one thing i like about
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leadership to have talent and character and ability to think on their feet. and eagerness to demonstrate how to do it the right way. everyone on this stage has talent. and the secondary criteria. i am grateful to your family and friends for your tremendous character because they put that in the hard drive. you all have demonstrated the ability to think on your feet. and now i need you to have the eagerness and resolve as i do, that we can get there from there. and undermined by critics and obstacles. but we can move this proud department together. this no easy task as we are losing many senior folks as we speak. folks need to step up. we need officers to communicate effectively, and realize that interaction is a life's blood of
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policing. kipling said that we need leadership and we need to talk, and you can tell by the length of this speech, i like to talk. before all of this experience gets out the door and inside and outside on the community. there are those like me who still believe to be a friend means showing up for a person. whether you knew them or not. or when they asked you to or not. the children of san francisco need to grow up what we knew when we grew up in the city, that the cops are here for them. john wooden said that you need to have ability to teach them to motivate. this defines a leader. if you can't teach, you can't motivate, you can't lead. i asked you on the first day of
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your promotional training, to think of the person that you ranked. and each of you chose a leader as that person, because that person inspired you. and now i want you to inspire your charges to be a generation of leaders, just like that person inspired you. take a chance on them and encourage them to make the right decisions. and when it doesn't go for the grace of god as it should, support them. as your most admired mentor supported you. and encourage them to keep making thoughtful for the right reason decisions. they and you will be better for it. finally -- i bet everyone is relieved. i want to thank your family and friends for being here, and what you put in the hard drive of these promoted officers. it's how you cared for them what they are today. all of you did a great job. and i thank for the gift of
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these officers and the department and a great city. going forward these fine men and women that you love so dearly will need your support. as much is asked for them in their new positions. it will not be easy. we are all in this together, and we need to show up for one another when the time comes. and it will be those times. hopefully few and far dween -- between, but
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>> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for coming out to washington heights and the richmond district for this first of a series of budget town halls for our cities. isn't this wonderful to have the city department heads, the mayor, supervisors tackv and farrell with us this morning as well? i wanted to say that my role is to facilitate this to make sure that we're going to stick to time and that we can have you out of here in a short amount of time, but also to gather as much input as possible. my name is eric mar, i'm the supervisor for the richmond district. and i wanted to first introduce our mayor, mayor ed lee. thank you. (applause) ~ >> thanks, supervisor. i'll be very brief because the whole purpose of these budget town halls is to listen to our
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neighbors, our residents, to find out what you think matters in our city. i just wanted to put a little backdrop that a year ago when we started holding these community meetings, we had some significant budget deficits. and in years past they were even worse. now we've come through a lot of that and i'm thankful to all the department heads that are here because they worked very hard to work with me to find all the efficiencies, to make sure we balance that budget. clearly, the members of the board of supervisors and today we're focused on districts 1 and 4, but i want to thank supervisor mar, supervisor tang, and supervisor farrell for providing their leadership at the board because we can only make it work if the mayor and the board work together. but most importantly, we've got to listen carefully to our residents. and i want to begin by saying this has been a pretty intense week for all of us. you know, we all watched together the horrifying events
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that happened in boston. they don't follow too long from what happened in connecticut. and i just want you to know that i think i watched a lot with you about what transpired and i'm very glad that we're investing in our law enforcement, but we also have to invest in education. we have to invest in a lot of things as we think about how we could have prevented that kind of horrible activity in the boston marathon. and we will make our events safe, i assure you of that. whether it's mohammed looking at every trash can or officers making sure everyone is safe in our events, working together, every event that we have in our city is important to us, the public and the visitors and the residents be safe. and we have a tremendous amount of events that happen in our city. all through this summer rec and park has got huge numbers of events that draw a lot of people. that money will come right back
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to our neighborhoods as we all work together, along with the events that we have along our waterfront all year long, along with the ones that we know every year like the beta breakers. this year we have a deficit that's smaller than in past years. a year ago we were facing $170 million deficit. we have a 7.6% unemployment rate. this year and the next -- we do two-year budgets, by the way. this year it's about 123 million deficit for this next fiscal year. the following year of 14-15, is about $256 million deficit. so, we plan for two years, but we'll meet every year just to talk through it. and then we're doing really well on our employment. we have about a 6.3 unemployment rate. so, it's gone down another big percentage point. i want to keep driving that down. my goal is to get to the 5 or
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even below. that means a lot more people have jobs and create their own destinies. and i need to have that happen because government can't do everything. we'll do the gaps. we'll help, of course, with our seniors, our low-income families, our children need us to provide the programs. but we have to invest really smartly these days. and i think if there's any theme that all of us are working hard on is how to properly invest as our city totally recovers. and many of you will talk to us about the proper thing that we want to invest in that have long-term economic and social benefits for all of us. but i want to thank the supervisors for being here, but most importantly, thank all of you for coming out on this beautiful saturday at the washington ea