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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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please let us to live a good and quality mannered life in the city and county of san francisco. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. do we have any other folks here from [speaker not understood]? good morning, city officials. my name is eric wu. i am a member of the san francisco youth commission. the youth commission is a body of 17 young people ages 12 to 23, that advises the mayor and the board of supervisors on issues that affect the young people in san francisco. one of our priorities is actually the summer job plus program and supporting that and expanding that. currently there's still a significant population of job-seeking young people in our city that are currently unemployed and we hope that the
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city will collaborate with our -- with the nonprofit organizations and the private sectors in bringing more jobs to young people this summer. last summer, s.f. summer job plus program was extremely successful. we brought over 5,000 jobs to our young population. and this summer we hope to bring 6,000 jobs to our young people. and on behalf of san francisco youth commission and the young people in san francisco, i would like to thank the mayor and all those who have worked and collaborated in bringing jobs to the young people in san francisco. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. do we have other speakers? all right. with that, i just wanted to also take some time just to layout from here on out the process.
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so, the mayor, his team, and some of the department representatives will be traveling throughout the next several weeks to hold other budget town hall meetings throughout different districts. i know that the mayor's office as well as supervisor farrell have on their website information about where those next dates and locations will be. so, check those websites for the latest upcoming town halls. in addition to that, just wanted to kick it over to supervisor mark farrell. he's going to show a little about his budget priorities as the budget chair this year. >> thank you, supervisor tang. and i'll keep it brief, but i want to say thank you all for being out here today, especially those who spoke at the podium. you know, from my perspective, we are feeling a lot better as a city of san francisco. as i just mentioned to mayor lee, our unemployment is actually at 6% right now this month, down from over 9.8% just a few years ago under mayor lee's leadership we've gotten so far down the road. but we do have a challenge in the budget. as was mentioned before, we
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have a $123 million budget deficit heading into next year. but we're all committed as a budget here to you and everyone in san francisco that we will have an open and transparent process, that we will manage our finances in a very fiscally responsible manner going forward, and that our budget that comes out will reflect the priorities of all people who live here in san francisco. i commit that to you and i look forward to a long process and coming in july having a budget that, again, reflects all of our priorities together. so, thank you for being here today. (applause) >> there are actually a number of other people that i think had signed cards, but i'll make sure that any of the questions and comments that people wrote on the cards are given to kate howard and leo and the budget office so that they're integrated into the budget process. i also want to thank everyone for the very thoughtful comments. also, if anyone has any questions or comments for the
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budget process, please fill that out in the cards and we'll make sure it gets integrated. for my role on the budget committee as well, i think supervisor farrell has been doing a great job as a budget chair and we're looking forward to taking as much input in, not only for districts 1 and 4, but for the whole city. i also wanted to say that before i let mayor lee wrap us up today, i wanted to thank all the richmond district folks for coming out and speaking. i also see disability organizations like the fdr club and jonathan lions back there. i see merchants associations david heller and [speaker not understood], and others that are here representing our small businesses as well. and ray holland and nick baloney from the planning association for the richmond. and i see the director of the richmond area multi-services, which really provides significant and culturally sensitive and multi-cultural mental health services not just for the richmond but throughout the city.
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also i really appreciate all the senior and youth and family service agencies and child care and organizations that have spoken today. lastly, i wanted to thank the city department heads and reps from all of our departments for spending their beautiful saturday morning in this dark but great auditorium of the washington eagles. and i wanted to say that i hope you have a great weekend and a beautiful saturday and sunday and earth day as well on monday. and thanks so much to victor lim, [speaker not understood] and peter from my staff and supervisor tang's staff as well. but also our mayor's office of neighborhood service staff and our office of civic engaged immigrant and civic engagement and the mayor's budget office for making this first of our series of budget hearings a great one. so, now i'll let mayor ed lee wrap us up. (applause) >> thank you, supervisors. again, and department heads. this is the first of many town
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halls. i've given up pretty much my saturday rounds of golf to make sure that we listen, even though my doctor says i need more exercise. but anyway, i'm glad to do it. so, some of you who may have just participated here but didn't really know what question you wanted to ask but you got an issue, you're definitely invited to the other town halls. we have a full schedule. just because we hold it in other districts doesn't mean anyone from anyplace else can join as well. so, please, again, feel comfortable in talking with your elected representatives, your city wide officials as well as your department heads. this is all for you to get us the feedback in a direction for what we prioritize in the budget. i've heard a lot of things today. we're definitely taking them to heart. i want to note that one of our summer youth job seekers who
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was very successful in real estate. i'm going to assign him to work with your senior centers rent reduction issue so we have that instantaneous service right there. (applause) >> but i also want to say that with the question that was directed at me for the undocumented youth, first of all, what came to my mind immediately is we have a municipal id card to make sure that those who are undocumented get an official card from city hall. so, please make sure you're aware of that because something that i had worked on with a number of supervisors throughout so many years as our city administrator, and i want to make sure that works for everybody. having said that, we also fund a lot of community-based nonprofits to help us with the employers in the city. and this is why we have focused our effort with united way of the bay area because we do have
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nonprofits who can bridge the child's undocumented status to their ability to get a job. and we specifically fund groups to do that. so, please, if you have those issues, make sure that they talk with our family youth and children services centers as well as united way. as eric said, and i'm going to be very excited about this, because this year we're focused on 6,000 jobs for our youth, focused on the most disadvantaged kids of all different backgrounds, want to get everybody employed. as supervisor farrell says, it's moving even faster down to 6%. so, maybe we'll get down to that 5% pretty soon with the help of united way. and it's going to be a shared responsibility of departments, but we're going to push really hard on private sector because they're the ones that are experiencing the most success in our city right now. so, we're going to ask them to help pick up this great
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opportunity to work with our kids. i can't think of anything better than to have our youth experience the summer jobs because it pays for year after year after year if you get an individual to be focused on their careers. and that's going to help all of us focus on a better city. there's a lot of issues that we have documented here. we'll make sure they're incorporated into the priorities that we have. we've heard from seniors, we've heard from ihh -- from your work force, from the experience that you've had. we heard from youth. we've heard from people that need our help and all the gaps that we have and we'll definitely pay attention to that. so, again, thank you for giving up your saturday to join us. i look forward to seeing some of you in the other hearings. and, again, we appreciate your input and your guidance for our priorities. we have some questions?
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mr. hal? mr. mayor, i wanted to thank you for being here. [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]. >> okay. i'm sorry if we missed some cards. we meant to get to every single card that was submitted. so, our apologies if that happened. but i will say, david, if there's any question about our
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commitment to small businesses, you hear from me directly that we are investing in neighborhoods in a very large amount. my budget from last year and this year reflect a very strong consideration for neighborhood small businesses in our city. and i know of not only your leadership, but mr. carnilowitz's leadership. this is why we have an abundance invested in the leadership program. maybe if you have particular issues off line, we can do that after this, or if you want to have one more question, that's fine. [speaker not understood].
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>> okay. [speaker not understood]. >> all right. if everybody didn't hear, the question is some businesses that want to operate mobile and that's coming from the mayor's office what the rumor is. i can correct that's not true, but i do believe that people are submitting their ideas for whether or not mobile businesses can be successful here. i think it's a big challenge, to be quite candid with you, because we have a lot of people investing in the brick and mortar along our neighborhoods. we certainly feel that our investment right now, our priority has been to help them and to help them deal with those vacancies. in fact, i think we have an idea about making sure we, if
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anything, policy wise, we push ideas into the vacancies. that would be even better than try to operate on that basis. but anyway, we'll pay attention to that as well. again, i'm sorry if there are cards that were submitted that didn't get attention. we meant to get everybody covered. all right. thank you very much, everybody, appreciate it. appreciate it. (applause)
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welcome home, man. test, test, test, test, test,
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test, test ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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(clapping) ladies and gentlemen please welcome the voice of the children ken roy. good morning. thank you to our drum line and the warrior girls. i've had one the fun jobs i've been the voice of the golden state warriors. the bay area is warrior ground and san francisco. i know it's not the afternoon yet but have you guys had fun? we're the bay areas team we've played in oakland and san jose. we've got to get to a lot of
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things this past year was really special. i realized something was up in the season but we've broadcasted games and we'd be leading by 5 or 10 and this team had a certainty chemistry and what a combra great play off run? >> beating denver in 6 and giving the spurs all they can and doing that p that without the all stars and we're going to meet one of the guys. but second round of the playoffs it's the team that's built for a
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long run it's going to get alert better and better. and we'll do this year after year after year (clapping) so without further awe did i look at the screens here we're going to show you some highlights this amazing warrior season and a without being so prepared and the reasons so strong. we refuse to quit bringing you another season >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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this is it the a - i'm waking u. welcome to the news day. oh. oh. oh, i'm ready to rock you. oh. oh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm waking up. i'm waking up. oh. oh. welcome to the new day.
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oh. oh. oh. oh. ready to rock you. ready to rock you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh.
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oh, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping) oh, yeah. oh, i love that sound. i love that and let's warriors
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too are you ready for another nine hundred and 82 games. i want to introduce couple of of people we have with the warriors we have our sponsor and without them a lot of things do not happy from the chief of staff andrew. thank you andrew. in my hasty forgot mine. the president and ceo so glad it have you board with the golden state warriors. and we have our sponsor. the warriors have had a wonderful season we move forward to the west coast and had the
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first mba finals in the city. i want to introduce to you a couple of of legends. a couching guys that made basketball had a m happen in the bay. hall of fameer. if i remember nazi first recognition of san francisco was an earthquake. and i want to introduce this gentleman who played important the warriors and al is in the house (clapping) i'm going to let the current
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honorable mayor but i have to give a shout out to the former mayor willie brown that you that, please keep the movie previews coming. without further adieu mr. mayor ed lee (clapping) . >> how's everybody today? well, you got to know as we were walking up this gentleman whispered in my ear what are they going to do when we win the championship? you know what san
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francisco is san francisco is warriors ground ladies and gentlemen. i will begin by thanking our fourth president and all the members of the board of supervisors. anita who loves to watch basketball. i want to thank all of you for being here (clapping) >> charlotte was our great sponsor we are on your staircase thank you. well, as you know the entire san francisco bay area is so proud of our home team basketball heroes finder a great season wasn't it? thanks to the warriors all of us the fans
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enjoyed the playoff for the second time in 19 years. the seats were filled with fans and record breaking performance by stefano occurring i didn't and 54 points in a single game against new york mets and now households the record for any single assault weapon in the mba. gosh we had a lot to cheer the warriors fans stood behind the team and gave everything they had whether there were many points on the board or few no matter how many injuries they had to overcome from the
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rebounds of andrew the basketball i double score of my brother david lee to the exciting 3 points by the veteran to the impressive plays this team is to be proud of and to build in many seasons to come. the bay warriors has been the bay areas basketball team for 50 years. congratulations to the remarkable warrior season the entire warriors organization and to the ma many fans i'd like to take this opportunity to present this proclamation to rick for
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the entire warriors organization because today may 21st, 2013 is warriors day in san francisco. go warriors (clapping) >> thank you, mr. mayor. at the board of supervisors your honoring us today. mayor brown what's our critique. i'm not sure you can pull that one off. i was told you - we exceeded
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our crowd today. but to put that in prospective (clapping) . each one of those people recommended 1.3 shots. this is absolutely been a season of transformation in nothing else it was just two years ago that the guys brought the stadium and they put out a grand plan. now you might remember at the time that was greeted with a we bit of skeptical.
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from the very beginning this is a team that believed in itself. remember that december road trip phenomenon the road for 7 trips the team won 6 to one then came february david lee became the first warrior named as an all-star since 1987. and then on february 27th we saw a moment of it at madison square garden this guy scored 54 on the nixon. then the win over the next one and the country really delivered the