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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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threat. and then i'm not going to give you the full run down but there were a number of items that passed. one it is the mission acholic beverage. the sequa procedures ordinance which would handle the project modifications passed on final reading. and the formula for market street passes. 76 mission passed and the bicycle passed. and the ordinance that talked about the housing improvements passed. and there were 4 introductions of new ordinances i'd like to share. the first, you'll believe surprised it's another formula to talk about retailers.
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this would expand the definition of formula division to include businesses that have 11 or more unit worldwide and include businesses that are 50 percent or more owned by a formula business and expand the mrablt of the other use types that are not currently captured under our definition. it will expand the formula applications and require a report. so that item will be scheduled. eave already you are not talking about talked to supervisor farrell's office and they want to hear about the impact study as well as policies. in addition supervisor breed introduced a resolut that
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will support the prevention of the marcus books and urged it's current owners that will uphold the community. supervisor wiener introduced an ordinance that has to do with tax code to change the limits on the parking tax simplification from 5 to 10. this includes a planning amendment. and lastly as i mentioned inspire avalos split the file on his land ordinance uses. any questions? >> ms. rogers thanks for your report although we'll hear more about this later. what sort of other i'd say was he going to include >> i haven't seen the final
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ordinance by it includes gas stations and gyms and types of facilities we don't consider retail. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> we received an e-mail this morning. it speaks to land use asking the planning commission to establish further background to mc d and i'm probably not accurate on this >> yes, that's correct. it's an ordinance that was introduced by supervisor avalos it's not a planning code amendment but it is to require a report from this commission about how we regulate medical dispensaries. this report will be due lend e by the end of this current year we'll bring it in early december and it's really a piece of work
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that the planning department does and we'll be incriminating on that while you're doing it. thank you >> thank you. >> the board of appeals did meet last time two items on the project on mission street. the first was a jurisdiction request. the appellant thought to appeal the determinations on section on the shadow determination. one was the amendment to the implementation that the rec and park and planning to 1979. under planning code section 295 it doesn't provide for an appeal nor is it credit card a board or license. there's a city attorney that reenforces this but with a advise the staff rejected their
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appeals so they filed a jurisdiction request and sought the board to accept the appeals and the board voted unanimously to not accept the separate appeals. this would be separate on the preservation determination which was unanimously upheld by the board of supervisors last week as well as the eir. so that was resolved. then we heard the section 109 which is appealable and the board of appeals heard that appeal last time and upheld the planning commissions in this matter. we don't see a lot of the appeals another item that's
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similar is the office of allocation we don't see many of those and there's a city attorney memo that says the board optional needs 3 votes to over turn it not 4 vote. so i wanted to highlight this. the thirty 9 is a permit license or a permit or license and variances all those have to have 4 votes it says that in the charter so they just say the simple majority. i'll inform the board about that >> commissioners there was no historic preservation commission
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this week i believe the city attorney has a comment. >> president fong from the city attorney's office. i wanted to add my own presentation of alicia kerry were that he was on the lands marks board when i started in 1989 she was very good on the historic issues but she brought a practical approach because of her work in the field and she had a marvelous sense of humor. >> commissioners if we can move on to general public not to exceed 15 minutes. this is within the jurisdiction not to talk about the jurisdiction.
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however, this is your opportunity to aid the empathies specifically members of the public if you wish to commit on item 14 for case 220 for sixth street this is your opportunity to do so. with respect to other items your opportunity will be afforded when we get it that in the minutes up to 3 minutes. i have no speaker cards >> any public comment? >> sue. i think i've participated in every single zoning back to the early 80s and i met alicia kerry when she was the head of
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tenacious tenants. the sense ability she brought to those meetings and this commission is one that commissioners and staff all almost to ocher don't pay attention to. she was advocating for tenants on green con hill annoy everyone thinks that's upscale housing and the reality is we have upscale housing down. but i really appreciated having a person who lived in the neighborhood involved in planning issues that was advocating the tenants prospective. you have to pay attention to those. not all tenants are wise and not all people that advocate for them are wise. but when i read the paper we had
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a big battle on this area. the unit there are being 345shg9d for $6,000 a month. $72,000 a year. who affords housing like that. and you also read the same real estate sections that i
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>> face to toward me or the other way? okay. the green sheet is not ready for television sets but i'd like to have it put in the record at 1601 on larkin. this is the petition that we've
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started about saving the little church if possible and certainly using it for community use. we had a person do this photo and if you read what the reasoning is if we never collected a single signature it's a convincing petition but we started to collect some signatures. and the meeting we plan to let the neighborhood know is this coming monday. the issue is not monthly o mostly about the church but what is the presently of the neighborhood and developers. because neighborhood groups don't negotiate with developers they can't take money from
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developers according to the attorney who was the president of c s f m and the other people who are coming are also people who've been involved in the neighborhood organization two former supervising one on the cf m association. what can associations do and not do. so, anyway robert garcia had made a flier. now our flyers we have obscenity written on them now and the same kinds of things that were written on the church like tear down the church that church sucks and isugly.
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and so there similar. our presenters were interfered with. and the developer wasn't there so he get this and preceded to write to bob and i think it's mostly coming about at&t boxes although he was the director. in cleveland i got a letter and a phone call is why are you, you know, it's very disturbing >> yes face up ma'am. >> hi praise the lord.
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i live right next door to the you going good hotel and i sat on the board for 4 to 5 years. i got to see about the building for 2 had the $3 million or somewhere in there. i voted on some things that it would be low income housing and not affordable housing. what's happening is that i think mostly housing is about this building and the city came out and talked to me one time and i told them about the grounds how it's been kept. they said they'd put poison down to keep the rats from coming
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into our building. the side of the building they - when they tear this building down it's going to create a lot of problems for the seniors because some have respiratory issues. the planning commissioners won't come out and talk to us so we can figure out how to secure our building because our building it looks good but there's gaps in the doors and everything where rodents can get through. and, you know, i'm scared we lose a lot of people because we're seniors and stuff i'm scared. all i want to do is have
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something come out and talk to the resident in our building about the safety and what can they do about when they get ready to tear this building down. i have to start now because i might not be around much longer. i'm fighting for the residents and the noise pollution there's like 3 on the left side there's 3 people that really can't handle that noise and air pollution because they have respiratory illnesses. i need someone to come out send somebody out there to talk to us. please. >> thank you. thank you >> any additional public
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comment? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places you under item 10 by travel before i start i wanted to introduce this topic a few weeks ago and they wanted some current information current traffic in the city and you requested a presentation by the sf travel. i'm pleased to introduce the president of sf travel and from the office of economic workforce development >> thank you, commissioners and it's my pleased to talk about the hotels and demand and what
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we see going forward. to give you a little bit of background the current made up of our visitor in san francisco is very different. we're very positive and that's why our economy is doing well especially, since the visitors contribute so it's important for the tourism in this city. currently our visitors are made up of four groups one is meetings and conventions which is about 20 percent of our business and the leisure does the business and a transient people are coming here for meetings and that also includes
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airlines cruise and stuff. last year, we saw about 16.5 million visitors and they generated $19 billion in our economy. she support 16 thousand jobs and that doesn't include the small business owners that benefit from a small percent of their income. it contributes over $16 billion in pay role. we face losing a potential demand in economic opportunity because the moscone center search-and-seizure is at capacity. the moscone center is not large. in fact, there are two single hotels that have more rooms and
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space than the moscone center hover it's the most demanded convention center. it generates overnight hotel stays. to give you an idea chicago convention center is very successive. our clients are asking for additional exhibition space they want more. 21 percent of all revenue is generated because of the convention center. independents study showed between 2010 and 200179 we lost $2 billion in direct spending
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because the center was not big enough to generate the business. moscone center will recovery money from that. currently we're at capacity for our conventions. they can't grow anymore and sometimes they lose business because they ant accommodate the expectation pr and we're looking alternative sites. losing our convention would have a significant impact. when a major convention comes into town it impacts business
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some folks can't come back to this city. we've heard from another airline operating out of western canada they're not adding another flight because we don't have the space for visitors. and it could be worse without accommodating more hotel space. it's a public-private partnership it's usually and the committee voted to charge an assessment on hotel guests. it's about a $500 million project and that will add up to
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85 hundred square footage and plus give that special space by connecting moscone north and south to add 25 hundred squeegee. the improvements will make the building more neighborhood friendly and make the sidewalks more pedestrian friendly and make it connect in a neighborhood of south market street. the plans are underway and we should have the plans done and we're excited about what that center could mean to the city and a region. looking at how san francisco is doing in hotel occupancy. according the smith the research firm in the nation this year their forecasting our occupancy
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will be 31 percent. it's an increase of 1.7 percent over last year with an average daily rate of 6.5 percent. revenue for a room is a trend that hotels use it's most important in the affordable is up 2.7 percent. to give you an idea the project it 66 percent u.s. and 81 almost 82 percent in san francisco. this is being felt citywide. this that is right give us a snapshot of what it looked like in may of this year. with incredible cup u occupancy
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that take into account the mid of the year. the fisher's what have area had 62 percent occupancy and 65 percent is really an incredible increase in occupancy that are rivaled by new york city. this gusts a forecast in our convention bookings for going into the foreclose. this chart is hard to understand but between 2012 and 20024 we're above our pace and in terms of conventions of rooms booked so the demands for san francisco will continue to be strong because we're booking a larger
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percentage of greater rooms going forward. to so long as the economy stays strong we'll continue to see this pattern of growth into the future. what our concern is that we need alternatively to see hotel development in and around the moscone center to meet the demand. it can't be a successful engine and for the posh of additional revenue not only jobs but tax revenue into the city. we see we need hotel near moscone 6 hundred rooms minimum with 23 hundred squeegee within about a 10 minute walk of moscone center.
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san francisco is a walking dissemination d it cuts down on traffic in the neighborhood. we need smaller hotels between 1 hundred and 2 hundred rooms also hotels in underserved neighborhood. there are neighborhood that needs hotel either because of a tourist nature or people coming for hospital stays in our neighborhood we need to see additional hotels there. we are working with the housing and economic development to identify and see some of the hotels that may, in fact, brown be in the that i'm. what we're doing with the city and a san francisco traffic and working with the city of san francisco is making sure we're looking forward and identifying the needs of the hotel growth as
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the city develops. we want to make sure there's zoning in the morgan con area that supports the needs. we want to encourage the hotel development in the study area. we want to see the sfmta investment policy to identify hotel development as a benefit to the city. sometimes when our looking at a project the hotel may not be the most viable project to the site but it has strong benefits for the whole city. i want though make sure we keep it in mind. and the other zoning is important. we can't build out without continuing to make san francisco's economy strong going forward and support for the
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hotels in those underserved neighbors neighborhood. there are demands to go out not humanely developments but if smaller neighborhoods that have needs that would benefit the businesses in this neighborhood. this presentation is to give you an idea of the hotel demand in san francisco and as i said it's contributing to our strong economic growth but as the city i develops in the future that hotels around moscone is on top of mind and kept on the charts. that's the end of my presentation >> thank you. open up to public comment first if there's any.


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