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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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having just a narrower apron across the front so someone in a wheelchair can get under the counter, having lever type hardware. here is lever type hardware, readily achievable. this piece of hardware cost $49.99. that's definitely achievable in thebusiness world. you are obligated to do reasonable, make reasonable changes and this is definitely one of them. in the toilet areas themselves, grab bars. if you are not doing a major remodel, just installing grab bars helps a lot of people, not just people transferring from chairs but other people who need grab bars as well, getting toilet paper holders in the right place, cheap, easy,
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reasonable stuff to do. >> one thing on this, don't put the toilet paper and the seat cover dispenser above the grab bar. if you think about it, you have to have space to put your arm. if the toilet paper is right above the grab bar, you just made it worthless for everybody. >> there is a higher standard for medical buildings, when you look at chapter 11 which deals with disabled access it says offices of physicians and surgeons and dentists and so on are held to a higher standard, and reasonably so. for anyone who is a health care provider of any sort, i think you need to take exceptional care to make sure you are meeting readily achievable barrier removal. this is muni selling tickets down at the powell street station, it has no lowered counter area, it has a number of problems. even a temporary use is
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required it meet these standards of accessibility, especially a brand new thing. this is what they call a cobon, a japanese model of sort of a small station. it should be fully accessible as a new facility. it's 1.30, i promised we would end at 1.30, we'll stick around in case you have questions after. thank you.
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