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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> good morning, everyone. thank you for being here. it's a beautiful day in san francisco. my name is joaquin torres the director of economic and work force development and
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the mayor's investing neighborhood initiative which is an office coordinates through out our neighborhood commercial services that our private partners bring to bear. it also includes something we realize in the city which is the central market economic strategy. one of those objectives is ensuring that central market is a center here in our city. all of us here are here today to celebrate a very important milestone of building up creativity in our city. to kick us off to talk about this achievement is our mayor, ed lee. >> thank you, joaquin. he works very hard and others that scour these blocks all the time working with all the residents
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and artist and small businesses have been wonderful. as many of you know i have worked very hard on the revitalization of market street. we have shown some success, but we've always said and i want to emphasize this, you've heard me say this before, the artist in the community led this effort to begin with. they took a lot of risk. so we've never allowed them to escape from our mind about the future of mid-market. they have always been in our sight whether they are living here, working here, we want to make sure they are staying here. yes, rents are rising because of our success, but we still should take care of
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everybody. this is our city 100 percent. today we are announcing one special effort thanks to the can an foundation, wonderful organization, and their collaboration with the community loan fund working with our offices and community base non-profits, we have established something that has been in the works for a number of months, but it's now established well and it's called cast. that is community arts stabilization trust. cast in short for theatre cast. everybody gets that except for those like me who are new to this. i want to be part of that cast because they are taking a concept that i think you will see repeated in other sectors. that is, when you are a subject and victim to property
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ownership, you have to change that around. so for the arts, kenneth rain an and the community loan fund, we decided to let us try to turn that paradigm around and become property owners ourselves for the benefit of the community arts program. that's the concept here under cast. rather than just announce it, we are actually announcing the ownership of at least two buildings they have already taken control over at 80 church street which is formally called the doll house. the ownership is now under cast as well as the luggage store. isn't that a wonderful thing to have control over your own destiny? [ applause ] it's kind of like somebody owning their first home, they have begun to own their own
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destiny. that's a small part but a very important part of the whole puzzle of keeping everybody on market street engaged and participating in this economic success. i want to say thank you to the rain an fund, thank you to northern california cal community loan program and the luggage store and to all the tenants involved in this building. right now it's not just luggage store, it's hospital house, the arts program that even the tech programs decided they would donate. we got a donation from visual arts to supplement the house and the representative for all the artist. a good portion that want to be here and stay here and continue practicing the arts for all of us. arts are part


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