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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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advisors and she clearly has been one who has been in my ear about what else we can do. because if we can help our public schools succeed many, many more filipinos who can't and don't go to private school can only succeed in our city with the help of the things we're doing to improve our relationship. so it's aspects like that or the record pace we're doing to reduce the domestic violence in our city. there are leaders from the filipino community we need the talent so it's our job to make sure those communities are strongly represented in our government, in our commissions and in our private businesses as well as our strong narrowed leadership. so i ask you to continue to make
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sure that the filipino community and all its leaders become strong ambassadors not only for diversity sake but it make sense that we create importantly more talent to manage this creative city of san francisco. and it's in that veiny want deputy espanol general ass lesson to come up as i present to you (clapping) our cities official pramgs dlurg you as filipino american history month in san francisco. congratulations
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(clapping.) mayor ed lee and ms. amity lee and commissioner hi draw mendoza and commissioner perez we're looking forward to our reappointment next month supervisors john avalos and jane kim and a distinguished guests friends. on behalf of the council general my wife and colleagues at the filipino general in san francisco and most importantly
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the filipino american community in san francisco in the bay area i'd like to express our deepest appreciation to the mayor's office and especially to you, mr. mayor for host this wonderful representation and giving us this proclamation. this is more than a celebration to close the most long celebration of filipino american history month. for this is a gesture for a oonlts time of the growing filipino american citizens across california and throughout the united states. this month has been a month of learning. that the dreams and life lessons that were passed down from our generations resonate what a far greater community than friends.
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this the the art museums and signing of a b 1, 2, 3 which requires the filipino involvement. we learned about the work they served to usher policies and attitudes that shaped the greater community we live in today. filipino americans were not ethic filipinos they were americaners they are americans and have lived their lives in the fierce deserve to be recognized as such. today, we wrap up our slkts celebrations in the heart of this city standing in the halls that our generations may not have imagined in their day.
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they broke their backs and offered their sweet and tears in the canries of the alaska and in the field of hawaii and in the streets of san francisco so the next generation could sit at the table what the rest of the community. that's a dream that's been released for some time now but it's important for us to understand and to continue to celebrate the tour of how our community came to be what it is today. thank you and good evening. (clapping) >> thank you so much. the council general's partner is a tremor partner and we
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appreciate their sponsorship. thank you, council general. what the deputy coincidental general was speaking about i had a father that served in the military. tonight it's my honor to recognize the san francisco filipino cultural center. the san francisco filipino cultural center will be on mission street and promote unit within the filipino community by exemplifying the diverse members through inclusive programming. the center will aim to a enrich the lives by providing a space to cultural the arts. the center will be working with the filipino community and other groups to develop the appreciation of the vibrant cultural of filipinos and it's
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neighborhood. at this time i want don to join me as we honor you in the cultural center in san francisco. (clapping) i want to have all the board members come up, please. >> thank you, very much and i'm honored. the board and the people have been working on the cultural center are thrilled to be at this point. in 2003 there was a town hall meeting at december i didn't carmichael we talked about how to improve the community south of market and one of the points that came out of the discussion was to institute listed the
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contribution of the filipino community in san francisco and the bay area. and so 10 years ago we are started out at the it was supposed to be on top of bloomingdales. that didn't happen and we had another opportunity to be right next to the metro ran that also didn't happen. for various reasons. we're not at 8 fourteen mission kit corner from the metro iron right between denny's and sam's liquor store. yeah, that's how we felt when they gave it to us. (laughter) >> but one of the strengths we have is to do a lot with a
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little. you can see the rendering observe architect has done and you'll start to vision listed it. one unique thing the center there's no design or programming direction for the first 3 years will be free rent and we're going to forward that to the community and invite everybody from the filipino community to come in and use the center at a very, very affordable rate. we're thrilled and mr. mayor congratulations, hope you have another 4 years and a supervisor avalos your work in the workforce for san francisco is to be appreciated eric mar also been a supporter. i think jane kim is here.
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april how are you . thank you (clapping.) >> congratulations once again to don marcos in the ac c let's keep it going. thank you hi draw thank you so much. and mayor ed lee thank you, very much for your words. i don't know if you guys know this mayor ed lee is part filipino. he's the only mayor, i know that's trying to get the warriors basketball here and he wants target here. we filipinos love our target. so right now we would like to recognize some of the filipinos
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that are morphs and sharks in our community. we're going to be presenting the filipino american awards where we have at this point the filipinos in all the corners of san francisco and recognizing the supervisors to give out the awards. our first supervisor is the latino george clooney i didn't >> inspires avalos. so happy filipino american history month everyone (clapping) it's great it's really great to see everyone here as
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representative of the district in san francisco with the largest filipino population it's quite an honor to be here and to give recognition to great social innovator and friend dorisy we would like to call you up to the stage ms. she's a a long time district resident. dorisy is a native san franciscan a first generation filipino american. her father was part of the legacy thought i hotel. her father's name is antonio. he was playing a special role as a janitor in detail city. he came across i won't say in the library are books from
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kufrlt innovators this year they're great poetry's that had tremendous impacts on dorisy and that impact has led to great work that dorisy has had in the filipino community particular at glide church where she's been a beloved icon with the great innovative services that the church provides for san franciscan especially san franciscans most vulnerable people. dorisy a communication and digital story telling and assures that the glides work continues it reaches and moves the key constituent sisters. urging the digital story
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techniques grand engagement and social media programs she motivates the glide to provide their many, many services. and actually dorisy has been schooling me how to use twitter as well. i'm sure she does for others. strategic marketing services she leads the original contents in house mike agency and oversees the work of architects and artists to assure growing social media. on behalf of our dedicated talents flip at glide in special recognition to our commitment to those in need and in honor to
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you're touching many lives i present you this honor (clapping.) thank you, supervisor avalos and congratulations dorisy. all right. keep it going. yes (clapping) all right. and now i'd like to bring up our next supervisor and this is the supervisor who's done an amazing job in district 6. yes district 6. she's also my favorite electric base player jane kim. i have to bring up april she's the real celebrity.
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it's great to be here her i get two honorees. i know that april resides in district leveling but we're proud of what glide does and congratulations to her. john and i had a arm where else and john one out with his good evening including i didn't looks. i'm proud to represent in the south of market in the tenderloin we have such a strong organized filipino community it's about more open space and parks whether it's stronger rec centers or public schoolsor more affordable housing. today, i want to honor someone
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who is the physical maufrgs of all you all our office priorities and that's roy. please come up. >> so i met ray any first years in office he's born and raised south of market he's a self-taught film photographer and he was guardians best of 2011 winner. navigate many of you have seen his black and white photograph he was one of the opening exhibitions documenting our people and residents and seniors and families and our residents.
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ray and his family moved here from philippines in 2003. he represents so many schools. he's an engaged constituent. he used his art to tell their own story and to make visible the children and ask the of sixth street. he was a guest lure at harvard and a commissions after the through the arts commission and worked with urban on the sixth street. he worked with the united players and republican sun's center. which is funded by the stabilization funds brought by many of you to build basic
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skills to prepare people for work and to support small businesses in consulting. when ray presented his photo exhibition in my. he said that when people walked into my office when others elected department heads and folks that are morphs and sharks he wanted them to see who we were serving everyday. ray that's story teller and an amazing young individual and man thank you so much for everything that you do >> (clapping) >> hi, i just ask for 30
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seconds or a mini want to read something. this means a lot to me. is this working? for as long as i can remember my mother instilled hard work and selfishness and most importantly culture. earlier this year for the first time in my life i moved broad and explored a new world and discovered when i am and why i am. i realized my deepest avenue missions first, i'm filipino born in raised in manila and second that i'm san franciscan.
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district 6 south of market sixth street. and last but not least i am an aftra and i'm going to embrace those identities. it goes without saying there are many deserving of this honor but i'm deep humid. i transmittal acknowledge those who came before me to create the foundations of which we all stand. i received this honor because i receive the messages it's not about one person or people like me or who share my experiences. so achieve some things we dare encourage in a society. thank you (clapping.) congratulations. congratulations ray. young man. that's amazing.
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okay. great. all right. next supervisor i'd like to bring up is from district one. please welcome eric mar (clapping.) thank you so much it's an honor to be here i am eric mar from the richmond district i'm at target as well. it's my honor to be surrounded by young people from the university of the san francisco organization. and they are so expiring in what they do and fair faculty to their advisors as well. but i taught at sf state before becoming a member of the board of supervisors and dan and many of the faculty from the folks
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that came out of the third world strike were combrooirg to me. there is a struggle here in the universities that is xektd and we stand on their shoulders. i think that this gentleman stands on the shoulder of bill and others from the hotel. they stand on the shoulder of phillip and others and i just wanted to say as and organized in the san francisco and serve the people it's my honor to be supporting them. so i didn't you have u.s. f and sherry (clapping.) we would like to thank everyone for thanking us and we wanted to continue to
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honor and serve the community. >> we appreciate every opportunity we as a constitute organization gets to serve our immediate community. so thank you (clapping.) i just want to say thank you. again. u.s. f used to be known as the university of spoiled filipinos but i think the work of those students this new generation is challenging that nickname. we're no longer the university of the spoiled filipino but socially oriented so thank you for your support. (clapping) >> thanks you guys. >> thank you.
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thanks supervisor mar and congratulations jay gonzales and u.s. federal and state the university of for purposes. we would like to bring up the representative for supervisor katie from district 4. please recognize deanna. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >>. i'd like to call up our district 4 representative on behalf of the supervisor katie tang.
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he's an exiled young man who's served in our district for 10 years. he's raised in excelsior he's truly a son of san francisco and committed to the population and our most precious population our children. from a young age he wanted to mentor and show the children manufacture in 2002 he landed a position at the o m i shelter as he led promising programs. in 2005 he landed a position where we works today and the children see his compassion and everyday he comes into work with a smile.
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in 2008, he launched a aluminate recording program that helped youth who write music excel. it goes to his own passion like many filipinos he's multiple talented in the arts and he's a gifted rapper. he opened up for other artists. so in honor of his efforts in the sunset neighborhood center to the children of our district we want to thank you for your work and commitment. would you like to say something >> thank you san francisco we're here baby. i want to thank a few words thank you uncle bill and filipinos thank you for the
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educational empowerment and thank you. i love you all (clapping.) all right. congratulations. now i'd like to take this opportunity please welcome amy khan. (clapping) >> hi, good evening, everybody. so on behalf of supervisor david chiu i have the special privilege of recognizing an incredible leader in the
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filipino american community tonight and that individual is ms. jerry verify and i'm sure you all know her. so genevieve please come up. she's the executive director of happy free san francisco which is a citywide campaign to make sure that we're the first health care champion for pacific eyeders in the united states. this campaign provides helping testing for ap i's throughout our city. the organization is also provides free health education and workshops about hepatitis b all throughout the city as well
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speaker so the supervisor couldn't be here tonight but wanted to make sure i give a special shout out his words are thank you rock star. she's been active in serving as the director for the filipinos network acidic director and advising many organizations from the filipino caucus to the filipino association and helped to fund the filipino americans for progress. on behalf of the supervisor chiu, i wanted to thank you for your commitment to knapp public health and being an incredible role model. so thank you so much for all


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