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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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speaker so the supervisor couldn't be here tonight but wanted to make sure i give a special shout out his words are thank you rock star. she's been active in serving as the director for the filipinos network acidic director and advising many organizations from the filipino caucus to the filipino association and helped to fund the filipino americans for progress. on behalf of the supervisor chiu, i wanted to thank you for your commitment to knapp public health and being an incredible role model. so thank you so much for all your hard work
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(clapping.). speeding i know there's other folks here. i want to say thank you actually to my mentors if it wasn't for my mentors mary lee and al perez and rebecca and rudy i didn't and all of you guys to invested in me and my generation i wouldn't be where i'm at today and use the same strategies to overcome things and be able to reach out to english community.
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we we were able to lied the biggest hepatitis best recollection projects. so thank you for your mentorship and a leadership >> all right. keep it going for giving me verify a rock star indeed. i'm personally one of her oldest groupies. okay. you know, it's amazing let's hear it for all our winners. all those today who were recognized. i've had the honor myself i'm a produce of district 6 myself working in the south of market area i've had the honor to work with women who shaped the community. i want to recognize them those are strong woman. we can applaud for them yes.
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raqeul works with john avalos and angelina. (calling names) man those are very strong strong women and i'm glad that we were able to recognize them. we have so many strong filipinos hero in the city. i'm proud to bring up possibly the next mayor. this guy is responsible for bringing one weekend in august bringing over 10 thousand filipinos to congregate at the center and please welcome mr. al perez
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(clapping (clapping.). hello, everyone and happy filipino heritage month. i'm the president of the arts exhibition. it's an all volunteer exhibition to promote the best filipino heritage through the artists. through our community cultural events we pope hope to foster community empowerment. we hold this ever august. i want to invite you all to come open saturday november 16th is the warriors filipino heritage night. i think the contributions or tickets are selling out fast.
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they opened another one on the 7. so sunday november 17th is the san francisco bulls filipino heritage night. in fact, we're here with the ray hide so get our tickets now. on saturday november 23rd we're working to put on our fourth custodial any show down so that's free admission and finally, there's next year february 23rd we're working with cal bears filipino heritage game. so you'll hear more about that. and just before i leafy want to thank everyone for coming thank you mayor ed lee and the office for services.
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thank you to many folks. and the rest of the wonderful city hall staff. and thank you to the supervisors and phil for the certificates of honor and thank you to the filipino consulate and their amazing crew for their support. also this event would not happen without the sponsors thank you to at&t and the public works f c. the food sponsors i hope you guys enjoy the food we have many in the filipino kitchen and social brewery and gold i didn't locks. i also want to thank the performing artists we have befrt
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cruz who sang the anthem and last but not least i want to thank the volunteers (calling names) so i hope you have a nice evening and see you next year >> thank you once again one more time for al perez. let's hear it one more time. thank you for citing >> i'd like to through a quick shout out to the studio in the south of market they're the only dedicated filipinos in the area. i didn't get a chance to introduce this man earlier. he puts together a fusion of music. please welcome them.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i hear you calling my name. so much i try to say. and so long i've lost my way.
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how do i get back to you. i hear you calling my name. if i please from the far of distance. what was the words to say they speak to me in vain from the day's that roam free in our space. i hear you. calling my name. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> i hear you. (clapping). ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪easier.
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>> do you know know your greg giving hurts from your wifi you may think that computers are kufz but when you know what you need it gets easier. a computer is made up of many different parts and each part as a specific job the k public works u is the brains of the compute. it's where all the work is done. current computers have multiple coarse it means it has multiple k public works ushthss working together as one. it hold all the information in the ram or hard or hard drive.
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it's the short time working memory for the computer interest it stores information while the computer is on >> the k f u is banning information backyard between the ram and the faster your programs are going to be run. if the hard drive can be cared the long-term america and you, store documents and movies >> the internal hard drives allow you to expand the hard drives. once you get on line with your expenditure it rewards or requires wifi and it allows you to connect without wiser the internet you have to have wiersz. the touch pad is how you send
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messages to the computer. the part of the computer is the o s is the operating systems. there are multiple operating systems available bus the most importantly is making astonish and windows. the major dividends can be boiled down to purchase. and making astonish is the programs you'll notice when you go do into the story e store they're more expensive they have you video editing and puc's towards office use and gaming things like that >> all those exponent are what you said into 3 general models the desktop the laptop and the tablet. the desktop is the home computer that you are desktops are good
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because their lower costs the downside once set up they can't go anywhere >> it's not something you're going to move around the other consideration is the screen side are you can have a larger laptop. a laptop is a potential computer and all the exponents are combined in a smaller passage. the laptop you can take to school and it's mobile. >> the laptop can travel with you but you should carefully consider how much travel you're going to do. >> the laptop are heavy they can have higher revolution if you want something small and a light hallway the table is new
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thank you it's lighter and has longer battery life. >> tablets are powerful but their abilities are more limited than the laptop and their nor for the internet or watching videos and laptops over word progressing and typing documents and using spreadsheets things like that. >> to figure out what expenditure is a good fit for you, you need to plan on what you want to do. >> there's a lot of things like e-mail and skype and being on facebook in fact, by you see seniors who are creating websites and doing graft design and having photograph. >> what programs will you be
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using or are you a casual suffer would you like to take it with you around town. >> it's great typing short e-mails by nothing extensive on a be tabltd. >> i need to be able to buy a good all around desk for $400 but if you very specific he needs the cost can go up. you want 2 gig hurts and at least 4 gigs of ram. those store your videos and documents. if you're looking for a laptop try them out in the store as they have any touch pads >> there are different types of
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of mouse's and there's voice activation. >> once you have an idea of what you need be sure to shop aaron and compare on line and look at the mustards website for refurnished computers that come with a warrant. and they offer computers for much, much less. purchasing a computer should not be securey you can slejtd/select a system that can get you
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