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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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city of san francisco. mr. hike produced a handgun to a teller face and ordered her to put all the money in the paper bag as he held a gun to her face. officer simmons was inside the bank at which time he observed there was a robbery in process inside of the bank. officer simmons immediately notified communications and called for back-up. knowing that he was inside of the bank, officer simmons turned off his radio not to alert the suspect and knowing that dispatch acknowledged that he needed emergency assistance. officer simmons then developed a plan on how he would get closer to the suspect who was committing the robbery. officer simmons took up several different positions of
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concealment as he crept closer and closer to the bank robbery suspect. while doing this, mr. hike still had the gun out and pointing it at the teller's face. officer simmons noticed that hike start to shake erratically with the gun in his hand. and was concerned of his safety and the safety of the approximately 50 people in the bank. officer simmons drew his firearm but reholsterred because he was in fear of hurting someone in the bank or creating a hostage situation. after holsterring his firearm he got as close to the suspect to take action. he observed mr. hike turn his
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focus to the money being placed in the bag. at that point officer simmons knowing that he couldn't wait for back-up and not wanting to make the situation worse pounced on mr. hike very quickly. with total disregard for his own safety, he engaged in a violent struggle with an armed suspect. until he was finally taken in custody and the gun went sliding across the bank. officer simmons displayed outstanding bravery in the face of danger and finally his back-up arrived. his quick actions foiled a robbery that could result in the loss of his life and those inside and out of the bank. being alone did not deter officer simmons of his duty to protect the public. he did so
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with his own risk of personal safety and his actions displayed courage. ladies and gentlemen, officer simmons is awarded the silver medal of valor. [applause]
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>> officer michael simmons. [applause] captain mcfadden, please. and may i have sergeant dominco defida. >> on october 25, 2012, at approximately 1:30 in the morning. sergeant domenico was working as an investigator with the major crimes investigation unit. while conducting a robbery
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investigation, sergeant noticed a gray buick pass by him. he again noticed the vehicle as he surveilled areas around for possible robberies. as he drove the area, sergeant noticed that the same buick was traveling behind him and following closely. sergeant made several attempts to elude the vehicle behind him. though it continued to follow closely as he made multiple turns. and sergeant decided to make a u-turn to see if the vehicle would follow him and it followed closely behind. at silver avenue, the vehicle pulled up to sergeant's vehicle and fired shots and tristrikinge
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vehicle as he duck for cover. the suspects sped away north on bay shore towards industrial way. without hesitation or due regard for his own safety, sergeant pursued the armed suspects. he immediately notified dispatch and continued to pursue the vehicle northbound on the 101 freeway. the vehicle exited at caesar chavez and patrillo with the sergeant close behind as he gave out vehicle descriptions. the occupants fired at sergeant several more time as he followed undeterred in his actions to apprehend them. the suspect vehicle stopped on the 2500 block of bryant street. where the occupants jumped out
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and fled towards 23rd. sergeant exited his vehicle and took the driver of the suspect vehicle in custody by himself while he radioed the location of the other two fleeing suspects. sergeant continued for corresponding units for the apprehension of other two. he later observed two bullet holes in his vehicle that led to the apprehension of the other two suspects and two firearms. sergeant desenza continued apprehension of two criminals and his quick actions led to the arrest of the three suspects that otherwise will be a constant threat to the citizens
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of san francisco, i think that the best compliment you could give to victor is that you have family members in risk, you want him to follow up. sergeant dasenza is awarded the silver medal of valor. [applause]
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>> sergeant dacenza. his award was the last one for the evening and the chief will give closing comments and after that i will make an announcement. >> so we are almost home, you can tell from the tales you heard, that the phrase that comes from mind from that same "three musketeers" movie is magnificent valor. [applause] so they have made the mistake of allowing us into this beautiful hall. so we should keep control of it as long as we can. please, family, friends, everyone, let's celebrate these people that give no greater
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credence to the phrase, sf's finest than those accounts you heard. we will mill around and take pictures. i would ask that the group that received awards are since we didn't have room, if you would stay in your seats or the front row, we can get a picture of everyone, that would be a great keep sake before adjourning to the place for refreshments. with that, i will give it back to sergeant monroe, and thank you mayor and the commissioners and the captains, and for reading those, though captain mcfadden you cannot wound a car -- i will straighten that out with them later. again thank you again for coming. >> so can we please rise for the retrieval of the colors, please.
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>> another round of applause for the color guard, please. also a couple of final things. i have noticed that supervisor breed showed up from district 5. thank you, supervisor. and we have a reception at the top of the stairs. and si -- and i have been waiting to say this all night, in the all of antiquities. i want to thank everyone and the families and the officers who
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were not here that are out on the street doing what these guys do every day. thank you very much.
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