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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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opportunity when it comes up >> any member of the public wish to speak on our agenda. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners that places you in departmental matters. >> mr. fry anything under directors announcement. >> good afternoon, tim from the staff. the report was in your packet it's a short summer of the department receiving an award as i mentioned to you if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them about the event >> commissioners any questions? seeing none, public comment is closed. we'll move to next item >> item 2 the past event report. >> just a couple of items to share one on the cottages as you know a couple of hearings back i
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report there was should not u outstanding litigation. the good news is the court has disobey solved the stay of construction and the work can commence under the certify of appropriateness has begun and we'll keep you post on the outcome of the project. also wanted to let you know that the november 21st planning commission hearing the planning commission granted an estimation of a use authorization for the market street. this is the significant building under the planning code. this commission approved the aefgs for the project to the rehabilitation of the exterior including itself missing core in his on the building.
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the structure will be converted from office to 44 square feet hospitality use or the planning commission extend the authorization and added two things iowa's was iowa one what the acidity application to the filed and a number 2 the first construction permit should be fidelity wherein 2 years. that concludes any items that were before the planning commission recently if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> commissioner matsuda. >> could you give us an update on the building. >> our understanding right now is that there may have been work
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that exceeded an exterior permit the department of building inspection issued a stop order. we have a meeting with dbi tomorrow to get a better idea and i'll keep you posted on the outcome >> commissioners any other questions. >> commissioners that places you under x reports and announcement. >> i have to report. >> consideration of the draft anybody's for the architecture review committee meeting and the november 20, 2013, regular meeting. >> it's believed on the meeting meets for november 20th under the directors announcements mr. frier said shouldn't that be another name for cottages.
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>> do you see that on page 2 item b-2. >> indeed thank you. commissioner pearlman. >> i also had a correction on the bottom of page 2 under my comments on the last one it says pulling the janitor door slightly in front of the the door it didn't make sense it should be - >> so pulling the wall slightly in front of the the door plan. >> it didn't make sense otherwise. >> a very good thank you. >> and then same place under the minutes under my comments page 2 preferred that the painting -
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not require maintenance is the painting. >> preferred not - >> they're proposing painting or coating. >> duly noted. >> any other comments? do i hear a motion oh, yeah. any member of the public wish to comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. back to you, commissioners. . >> i move to approve. >> thank you. >> on that motion commissioners to approve the draft minutes for november 20th in evidence asia as corrected. >> commissioner matsuda. commissioner pearlman. commissioner wolfram and president hasz so moved, commissioners, that motion passes you under 5 questions or
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comments >> commissioner pearlman. i don't know if anyone saw on the news last night the marcus book store building they've come to an agreement that marcus book store can buy a the building i thought that was a review i wonderful resolution to a tense situation with 9 current owner and marcus book store. i saw it on the news they mentioned the historic preservation commission. >> thank you, commissioner. >> commissioners anything else. i'll say i went to cal grove and you'll see that come back i'm not sure what meeting the first
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one in january, i guess. but anything things haven't begun x gone as far array but they need what they need >> okay. >> commissioners if there's nothing further we can move on to items froepd for continuance. item 6 case no. 201391 a for montgomery street request for certify of appropriateness is for february 5th, 2013. >> i move we approve the continuance. >> second. >> on that motion to continue item 6 commissioner hyland. commissioner johnck. commissioner johns. commissioner matsuda. commissioner pearlman.
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commissioner wolfram and president hasz. so so moved, commissioners, that motion passes and plaza you and places you under your regular calendar. all the items under the consent calendar are countered to you been routine by the historic preservation commission and maybe acted upon any a single roll call there will be no separate discussion unless the public or staff in which the matter shall be removed and considered a separate matter. item 7 at 1021 hay street request for certify of appropriateness and item 8 at 1355 market street a request for alter i have no speaker cards >> any member of the public wish to call any of those items
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off consent calendar. seeing none, public comment is closed. back to you, commissioners. >> approval of the consent calendar. >> we have a motion and a second. >> thank you on that motion to approve all matters commissioner hyland. john. commissioner johnck s commissioner johnck. commissioner wolfram mraug so moved, commissioners, that motion passes and place you under our regular calendar for item 892013 point 63 at 8 hundred pier 7020th street historic buildings informational presentation >> good afternoon president hasz and commissioners i'm mark i'm the ports coordinator. i'm here joined by my port
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colleague indicating less than she's the port manager for the twolth street project and james madison from port development and mark holbert is the presentation architect. and in late 2012 the port commission and supervisors approved the long-term lease that will require to rehab those building they're the developer with the port in this project. the focus of today's is on the scope of the rehabilitation work. and those are the sites most significant 2rib9 resources. it's important you are aware of the many activities that the port is vans to achieve for the desire 65 acre pier site. some of you may recall an
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earlier presentation about the preferred master plan, which calls for the pier historic district. in that plan the port as nominated that to the historic register and the statutes you'll see in the near future was address in our staff report. also port staff gave a master planning report on the park which includes rehabilitation for the 2rib9 resources the like that. >> way number 4 and associated cranes. also the port with the planning department has been in our development partnering partners has been doing work to coordinate all the various pieces of the pier 70 in the
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interest of promoting orally and careful presentation and that's for the property. we'll continue to return to the historic preservation commission at key times to isolate input open the presentation aspects of all the work. i'll be valuable as will 0 indicating less than to answer any questions after the presentation. thank you. and mark holbert is next >> thank you. good afternoon mark holbert
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presentation architect. glad to be here. show you where we're at on pier 70. it's not a substantial amount of work. knowing there's a lot to see, however. pier 70 we've got the 23 historic building a cluster of 7 preliminary building on illinois and 20th centered around the large brick masonry machine shops that are the core of the pier 70. the right hand picture is the pier of 113 and fourteen an incredible industrial space the office building on the corner there's 3 hundred square feet to be addressed we're anticipating
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to moving into construction in the next 6 months and preceding over the course of several years thereafter. this is the cluster of buildings in our jurisdiction and the horizon street is illinois so it's the 7 buildings so the primary large one is up in the left hand corner and rehabilitation is the key of the grouping of the historic buildings. there is an urgency the buildings are not in good condition and one of them very dangerous condition, in fact, and all of them awaiting so it's something we've moving ahead to address. dealing with it will fundamentally we've got safety
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upgrades >> utilities and this is primarily a direct rehabilitation project there is very little change we're addressing on those building. building 10 is at the corner it's the original office building frederick mar it's a 5 story building that will be converted to office use. it's one of the firjz is the seismic work will be braced shield walls. we have interior with a wing of the old executive offices on the left is an imagination of that. we're proposing a main lobby will be rehabbed and restored
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and retained. otherwise the tile in the non-historic applications are going to be removed. we also one of the few changes is going to be a ramp at the front to make the front door assessable so it's easy to get up to that with a low ramp that's the one change to the exterior of the building. 102 is a powerhouse. it will be presumed a restaurant use it awaits it still has equipment in it that will take some sometime to remove. it's used by the adjacent shipyard. it, too will have some seismic works it has 4 giant turbines
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and we're removing 2 of them that's for the floor area. the trlz are in the basement and the electrical partitioned we're going to remove. we're proposing a deck off the back of this building that faces the exterior space it's reversible completely. one 02 gets a ramp but it's basically, no handrails encroaching on the front of the building. the next one is the revial building it's delightful and it's a constrained building it's been converted to a navy hospital in the 1930s. it has an additional off the
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back it will be a single office use. it is in in conjunction with the tenants. this building is role the last of ours at the moment. we're removing most of everything in the building expectation is the structural wall picture it had those backpacks put on it when it was a hospital the structure from the rear is in poor condition and the roof is being reconstructed. this is the corridor 10 fourteen and fourteen is a cluster of buildings it's two sections right in front of us is the eastern and western sections they were built separately and
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connected by the white building built in 19 fourteen. there's a long edition cross the right hand side of the building that has a rooms and locker storage. it is of great interest you see 1906 earthquake repairs. it was impartial collapsed. the building is a dignified space. this is a view of the sketch of the correct k connect or it will be a public at trump and it will be separated by the wings of a glass wall. the drawings starts to show the seismic. there's those delightful office
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structures inside the building that will be rehabbed as well. this the the scheme of the building to tie into the existing building. it is a robust seismic scheme but a necessary one for it the danger of the building. this is adding the messing in the minds. the goal is to keep this central of the goal and identified features. we use the cranes as a way to skweth. the truck loading using that oongsz storage wing it's a paper
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street you michigan is along that street we're going to use that for industrial uses. industrial uses especially the unique warehouses this is 115 and 16 unique warehouses that were designed in 1916 and 17. they're in need even if definite attention. we're putting in new uplifting, however, that's called folding doors that are the big loading doors on both sides of those buildings so those are useful industrial structures. there's the loading from the west side of this building a service scheme will remove a section of the concrete wall so
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we can stabldz those be building. there will be a mess then inside those believe for the floor area. the last of the building this is building 14 this is the only world war ii building from the 40s first year it's a series of sheds this year this is the side fabs west our proposal is to get loading doors and windows as well and stables the interior. lastly we have a space in the core of 113 and 14 and 15 it will double as an active space but definitelyly be an urban outdoor space and it connects to
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the 13 and fourteen. i'll leave it at that >> thank you. commissioners questions for staff response. commissioner wolfram >> i had a couple of questions one in the documents it said that you're getting historic tax credits so i want to make sure where you are in the process. >> i'm sorry i didn't mention that, yes we've just initiated questions and posed to start part too early in the spring so we're in discussions with the park service and port. >> and each building individually. >> we will have a single application. i know it's under a single application had he have individual building amendments they're looking for >> and then a couple of other
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questions. one is who is the structural engineer >> the structural engineer i always get his name wrong. >> and then. >> i did get it wrong. >> eaten in building 102 you said there will be some seismic work what is the seismic solution. >> we don't have a scheme again, it's kind of tenant driven it doesn't need a lot of seismic upgrade so there's not a scheme per say. >> and 102 and 4 what's your approach to doors. >> we've done a good survey on this this is mostly repair some selective not much new at all.
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at 102 some removal to access the deck and otherwise retention repair >> and roofing. >> roofing is repairs largely selective replacement 1013 and fourteen is a corrugated metal right now otherwise again repair and selective replacement. >> and in terms of your mechanic scheme. >> yeah. we've penciled out a general approach to mechanical. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner pearlman. >> i do have one question because i love this area i've been there many, many times. the core gaited metal that has the rust is it going to be stabled or taken away
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>> there's two places i mean on the roof of 1 fourteen 13 and fourteen is not in good condition. but on fourteen we're not necessarily doing that that's really the rust >> elevational. >> there's a lot of pictures of details and obviously not stable. >> we put in new doors and rape windows and stuff like that but it doesn't need to go anywhere. >> thank you. commissioner commissioner johnck and a yes. i want to clarify a comment and question. is there going to be public comment on this >> yes. >> i'll comment later the
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question i have building 102 showed partial demolition and partial removal of equipment. >> there's those gigantic turbines that's role what we're talking about. two of those are going to be roermd for the floor and two will be retained on site for interpretation >> oh, for interpretation great. oh, it was a comment related to my question i'm excited about what you're doing so the idea of keeping the equipment is an important part of the project >> i'm mark the coordinator the port has prepared historic documentation of the turbines so we have information value for
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the archive purposes. >> great, thank you. >> commissioners any other questions seeing none, public comment is closed. we'll opening any public comment on this seeing none, public comment is closed. and back to you, commissioners. commissioners, anything else, commissioner wolfram >> basically i want to say double congratulations on the work and to the staff of the port. i think it's the most exciting project we have in the city today and i'm looking forward to seeing the future success >> thank you commissioner wolfram. >> i want to say it's a fantastic project i'm glad this is happening if you don't do it soon they won't last long. i'm glad you're getting the tax credits and it's important.
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i would maybe request if at some point we could get drawings because this passage was a little bit thin in terms of material we've seen the photographs and the drawings are a little bit thin. we understand it's a full rehabilitation project but when you start introducing mechanical and structural they have an impact especially to buildings to scale so withhold to see a more complete package. >> thank you, commissioners any other comments? seeing none, >> moving on commissioners will place you on item 10 at 151 liability street certificate of
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appropriateness. >> the certificate of appropriateness for liability street is a contributing hill district. the proposed project is a proposed change in use from one to two dwelling unit to the construction of a garage and construction of a new concrete stair and rail primary facade alterations including interrogating a new pedestrian entryway and stair wall on the first floor and replacing a door with new windows and as well repairing and replace selective windows on this the exterior facade. the trellis would be


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