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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2010 11:54am-12:00pm PST

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supervisor alioto-pier and i agree on certain outcomes and intentions. the whole lesson learned should never have happened, and we would want any other district stations to go through what we have experienced years ago, even though they may have been extraordinary circumstances. if there are judgment calls being made at the time where it is not addressing needs of that type, both reactive and preventative, this is why it is important that we have something on record speaking to the popularity of beat patrols. 90% wanted it, 79% polled.
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so i think that this is important. we shored this up with a level of commitment, and let us not forget, many laws have been passed that are not necessarily well-enforced, and this tactic, putting lawo n the ballot helps ensure we will see another series of commitments that have not been on the ballot previously. supervisor campos: thank you very much. i want to thank all the memebrs of the public that have come out, the police chief and assistant chief, thank you for your comments. we look forward to working with you. thank you, supervisor mirkarimi, for your leadership.
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please call the next item. clerk: item number 5, promoting good government by prohibiting dual office holding in a city elective office and elected board of a political party county central committee. >> thank you. the proposal is an ordinance to prohibit city office holders from also serving on members of political party county central committees. this does not impact ex oficio members at the state or federal
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level, commissioners, or department head. the proposal states one individual that holds city office cannot hold party office at the same time. these two entities are already separated by law in several ways, and this will ensure they don't overlap. you are bound by strong ethics laws, electronic reporting requirements, no corporate contributions, and strict rules on what we cannot door say in -- do or say in this building. the purpose of the proposal is to eliminate the potential for conflict among individuals who hold city elected office and
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political party office. there is a way to do this that i am trying to staet. -- state. in the drafting process, the mayor's office worked to craft a proposal for ethics goals without running foul of these constitutional protections. i just say with the current supreme court having a recent ruling allowing limitless participation by corporations, it is not best to try and get in front of ourselves, so we opted for the city attorney's advice to go for this prohibition on office holding. there are 3 ongoing cases in the
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country establishing an arc, an establishment of the legality of these prohibitions on dual office-holding. there is a "legitimate interest" in protecting integrity with these prohibitions. we have agreed with the ethics law revision, and that in tur