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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2010 4:10pm-4:20pm PST

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group that is are here today. they discuss the challenge of not having -- having the -- the facility out there not leased in some of the budget challenges of our department and our desire to put out an r.f.q. and things that tom talked about. so, you know, sort of time back -- back to the outreach issue. we came here today, you know, the item proceeded and said look, there are ways in which we need to do better on outreach. this happens to be one where there's -- there's well oaf a year's worth of communication back and for the. while maybe not everybody -- knew exactly what was going on at every time, there's a definite -- there's a deff fit effort by the department as tom said, we actually did post notices at facility. we put out a survey asking people what kind of usage they like to see in the facility. we have had a number of -- there's been a lot of back and forth about this. so, there was a history of payment.
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i think city college ran into financial challenges. i can't speak as to whether the department stopped collecting. i think because we have a great relationship with city college and we do believe in their mission. i think -- i think, as somebody said today, these are great programs. another thing to think about is -- you have a decision before you today -- but there are other opportunitys for us to continue to partner with city college on a program like this. you'll hear an. mation item that was supposed to come before this but because of the length of the hearing, president bule took us out of order to accommodate the people that came. but for six months, we have wean talking about the fact that we can't staff our club hows anymore. the budget impacts are very real. we have been searching where we can't identified community partner that is are consistent with our mission to help keep the space active. what we don't want to do and we do have a current -- a current tenant in laurel, that's
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different than callow hill but at cal holl hoe. at cal hollow, the choice cha is before you this tenant on august 16th which is where we cut oaf to the new model, the facility will be closed. we're interested in working with the community moving forward on -- on thinking about other creative ways to try to -- to -- to keep the spaces open. we have been -- for 12 months talking about the need for -- more community engagement and support and philanthropy. we just delivered a grant for -- to provide an extra day of programming at jolie rec center, which is not dissimilar from this. i could see additional grants for additional clubhouses. that's context. >> i have one last question, i apologize for that. i hear the department saying there's been conversations with -- with the current tenant and with the c. ccsf for a long
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time. there is a suggestion that we have heard for a continuance for another month, as i understand t the idea would be that the community would raise money for the current tenant to be able to afford the lease. i like to hear from the department how u think about the equities of that idea. >> part of the problem i think goes to what i had asked you about the seed situation. we had investigation on the seed whether we could charge rent for the programs. those programs are funded by state money. >> let me interrupt andcy, i think the proposal, there would be to the rec and park department. i like to hear from the department. do you think that -- >> maybe we should ask the city attorney if that's something we could do. >> there is -- the president points out, there's a distinction here.
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city college under the -- this is a noncredit course, it gets reimbursement from the state for the attendance. this is like -- >> like an a.d.a. >> it is like a parenting class. that's the decision. an education program either for parents or for the children is your choice. they can't they precluded from state law since they have a funding source, from charging the participants in the program. that doesn't prevent them or somebody on their behalf paying rent for the space they used. >> got it. >> commissioner sullivan, how do we feel about getting a donation to keep the city clean program in the states versus having language in action. if -- if the community a year ago or nine months ago or six months ago or three hawpes ago had come together to say we like to make a donation to keep the city clean in the space, we would have been thrilled. we would have been thrilled. we have been working very hard to make sure that the doors stay open on august 16th and all of
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our clubhouses. we have been working in gate faith with partners that match the mission as the park and rec department do so. we spent time on this. that isn't to say that folks coming at the 11th hour don't deserve to be heard. i do wish that when we had started connecting with the community about -- about the -- that folks really believed that it was true. we have spoken to members of the community and said, we attended those meetings, we heard you. until we heard that you were actually going to put somebody else in the space, somebody that could pay, we didn't believe it was going to happen. it puts us in a tough position. we have been out there trying to do what we been tasked to do, which we been telling people we were going to do and now people finally believe we have to do what we're going to do. we're saying, okay. you yow know what, if you come up with the money, we rescind on commitments we made to partners. so -- i would have been thrilled had they come forward a little
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earlier about a proposal like this. now it is really hard for us to ask these families, ask amory to put her plands on -- mans on hold when we have been negotiating for three months and everybody knew about it. >> before i ask the commissioner, the representative from supervisor alioto's office, i want to get a clarification on -- on the issue of the clubhouse going dark at cal hollow if the proposed he'ses don't go forward. that's not an option, the supervisor is comfortable with. nobody wants a dark clubhouse. the supervisor would like to see something -- something in the clubhouse. if -- i don't know if we could shorten the lease from five years to two years and give the community a year to start working on a plan but -- i also if i can correct one thing. mr. hart pointed out i incorrectly stated something up
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here. i hate being wrong but it was language -- >> don't we all. >> it is okay. it was language at play. it doesn't diminish my point. the point is supervisor alioto is a mother of though i'm a mother of two, we understand how great language this action is. we understand what they provide to the community. we're just bringing forward some concerns that our neighborhood groups have brought to us. dark clubhouses are not what we want. this is not what our neighbors want. and -- if somehow we could shorten the lease, five years is a long time and maybe do something with the community to take back our clubhouses, i think that might be an opposite too. >> thank you so much. >> commissioner lev tan. commissioner levitan: to what we talked about earlier, we're sort of living it here. douked a lot and it is not enough. it is he said and she said. i'm satisfied there was affair amount of outreach here. i think we have e-mails and letters that suggested the folks
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that aren't crazy about this knew something about it a year ago. this is something that the department has worked very hard on. that's really clear. i appreciate so much the efforts that have gone into this. i think this is an impossible situation for us. given or budget situation, as president buell said, this is splitting the baby. so i feel like -- the work of the commission, the work of the department in the last year has been really well thought out. i'm sorry if there are people that feel they haven't been heard. what i feel is -- i'm sfwatsed -- satisfied with the amount of outreach. i really like the idea of this program in these locations. i like the idea of something dynamic, not to suggest the program that was there before wasn't dynamic, frankly if they were there 40 years, there's a good chance i went to the program because i grew up there. my daughter goes to the playground and my new daughter will as well. i'm uncomfortable with the idea
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of the program being kicked out. i think that the work that city clean has done is wonderful. i might ask staff if there is -- is a place in the neighborhood where this program possibly could continue. so some neighbors. the only thing that comes to mind would be julius kahne. i'm wondering if that is something. i know members of the community have concerns, if that's something that could maybe allay concerns and still be a source of -- a source of -- for, for some of the folks that have used it. then before you -- before you become a tenant, i suggest that as a maybe consolation there to keep that program going. i think it is time to make a decision. they have waited long enough. i want to see us move forward. i appreciate the concerns of the community that it is a long-term lease. as we talked about a few minutes ago, if the city's fortunes